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(May/June 2018) Featured Topic: Underground!


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    EsfoNL commented
    • improve minecart with furnace
    • ability to connect minecart with chains craftet with 3 iron in a row
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    Sam Jhonson commented

    Try adding a actual underground biom with new mobs that spawn there. Alot of people would be interested in that.

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    Captain Kcaz commented

    Make it sound like if you wall down a cave hallway, the cave echoes.

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    how about theres a mountain thath hass a deep fall and if you fall you must face monsters that whant to kill you you must go throw 5 places snowdine waterfall hotland and the kings thrown room its like undertale but in minecraft and if you played undertale there are 3 diffrent whays to get out from theer genocide pacifist and nutral

    ruins:a broken down monster village

    snowdine:asnow village for monsters

    hotlands:place if you you fall you will fall into lava

    the kings throun room:you must go throw something like the ruins but its all gray then you whill be judged in the judment hall'its befour the kings thrown room and if the judgment is finished there will be a nother room with 7 coffens with human soul then after the judment leaving the soul room you must fight the king and again if you played undertale you will know what will happen next then you will exit the undergroun with riches gold iron diamond and emralds

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    Nox cgt commented

    Placing a tool/piece of armor in an Anvil with a specific item allows the player to customize their equipment with bright colors using existing materials and new gemstones found beneath the earth.

    The issue for some colors is that minerals of these colors already exist, namely Redstone. This was the reason rubies weren't added, so I suggest Redstone Crystals. Redstone Ore has a small chance of also dropping a Redstone Crystal, which could also potentially have some special uses in Redstone machinery, much like Nether Quartz.

    Color Material
    Red Redstone Crystal
    Orange Topaz
    Yellow Gold Nugget
    Green Emerald
    Cyan Diamond
    Blue Lapis Lazuli
    Purple Amethyst
    Magenta Garnet
    Black Obsidian
    Grey Iron Nugget
    White Nether Quartz

    Redstone Crystal-Embedded Iron Sword

    Emerald-Embedded DIamond Pickaxe

    Garnet-Embedded Golden Helmet

    Wouldn't this result in hundreds of additional textures?

    This could be avoided by having hard-coded overlay textures that change color based on the material used. So the overlay textures would just be grey images that have different shapes to go over different items and armors.

    This system of embedding gems in equipment items would provide players with the ability of customizing and personalizing their stuff.

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    Thomas Dycus commented

    Glowing fungus blocks and other bioluminescence.

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    redwolf10105 commented

    Mineshafts. The Abandoned Mineshafts already exist, so why not Unabandoned ones? They would have no cobwebs, functioning rail lines, minecarts everywhere, and a new mob (The Miner) which actually expands the mine. The Miners would ride minecarts to the center of the Mineshaft, and put the loot in chests. There would be different types of Miners:

    • Guards: Guard Miners protect the central area, which is where ll the mined items reside
    • Crafters: Crafters make tools, furnaces, crafting tables, chests, and ore blocks, as well as smelting ores
    • Builders: Builders make the wooden supports, as well as the central mine areas with storage, The crafters would actually give them the items
    • Miners: Armed with pickaxes (Iron), these are the ones who actually do the mining

    During world generation, 13 by 13 rooms would be generated. These would be 2 stories. The first floor would be 2 blocks tall. Each wall would have a 5 block wide tunnel for mining, and a double chest centered in the 4-block area between the tunnel and the wall. These chests would be double-stacked, making a total of 16 double chests. In the center would be a 1 by 1 pillar, with ladders on every side. There would be torches throughout the room. On the upper story, the walls would be surrounded with furnaces and crafting tables. The Mining Camps would generate with 1 guard, 4 miners (One per tunnel), one crafter, and 1 builder. The miners start with 1 iron pickaxe, 32 torches, and 1 stone sword. As they mine, they collect materials which are deposited into the chests. The crafter makes new pickaxes, torches, and swords using these. Hostile mobs would attack Miners, so the miners get stone swords to defend themselves. Every 100 blocks of tunnel, the builder would make a new Mining Camp, which would spawn 3 more miners, 1 crafter, and 1 guard. The guards would have iron swords, and become hostile to anything that harms a Miner or the Mining Camp. Miners would only have 8 slots for mined items, and would return to base to place items back in chests often. Minecarts and rails wpuld be the main transportation method, and the Builder would place them along every new 100-block tunnel. Unfinished tunnels would not be equipped with rails.

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    Captain Kcaz commented

    I think before adding new ores or maybe while you are adding new ores, they should increase the chance of finding the new ones, just so they don't have to make the ores rarer.

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    Captain Kcaz commented

    They should rubies! Heres how they add it instead of removing or editing redstone. Maybe Ruby has a dark red variant of the emerald ore but it drops rubies which can be used to make better tools, Ruby Pickaxe will mine 2x2 areas of blocks and has the durability of iron and mines the speed of stone.

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    Captain Kcaz commented

    So, in the combination part of new ores! If they add silver, maybe combining silver and gold ingots will give you an electrum ingot, which can be crafted into an Electrum Block which gives a signal of 30 powered redstone.

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    i think u should add new gems such as:



    and a new boss called the fire dragon which lives underground at level 8

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    Captain Kcaz commented

    Along with the idea of adding stalagmites and stalactites to the caves in the overworld, I think they should add a nether variant of the two in the nether, for example "Magmite" and "Magtite". Magmite would spawn on the ground of the nether and burns you if you touch it and Magtite would spawn on the ceiling of the nether and burns you if you touch it. Just another way to make the nether a little more interesting.

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    Nick abundis commented

    Zombies and skeletons in caves could spawn with pickaxes maybe some that spawn can have a pickaxe and some that do not

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    Kevin Shi commented

    Just to point out something and no offense intended, to people suggesting to add bronze ore, there is no such thing as bronze ore in real life. Instead of being mined from ore, bronze is made by combining copper and tin. So Mojang/Microsoft shouldn't add bronze ore, but instead a crafting recipe involving copper and tin or a block that combines metals.

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    Rebecca Hibbs commented

    Here is my suggestion, changes to how furnace minecarts work and a new minecart, plus crafting table changes and 4 new machine type blocks! right now the furnace minecart is pretty useless unless you can't find gold, which is pretty easy to get and most people just make powered rails first before even thinking about furnace minecarts anyway, but i think we should change them to act like furnaces, kind of like how minecart chests act like normal chests. this would allow you to smelt items on the go, and like chests furnace minecarts would work with hoppers, a hopper on the top will put items into its input slot, a hopper on the side will put items into its fuel slot, and a hopper below the track will take items out of the output slot, pretty much like how non-minecart furnaces work. this would allow you to compact automatic systems, so you no longer have to have a giant auto smeltry connected to a chest minecart, but the furnace minecart will smelt and transport the items at the same time. now for the new minecart, the crafting minecart! it could as be called the workbench minecart, as crafting table minecart doesn't really roll off the tounge that well. at first it might seem pointless, why would you need to move a crafting table around? well it is because this would not work like a crafting table would, atleast the crafting tables we have now. no, but its about time to make minecart fully automatic, so both workbench minecart and crafting tables will have a new button which will toggle on and off "imprinting mode" this mode will make it so items you place will stay in the crafting grid but won't go out of your inventory, but when click on them like you would pick them up they would stop being in the inventory, kind of like a blueprint and like how alot of automation mods handle auto-crafting tables. while it is in this mode you are not able to craft anything with it by hand, but connecting hoppers into it will automatically craft, how will this work? well in "imprinting mode" 2 inventories will also pop up on the crafting table, you can place items in one and the crafting table will use them to auto craft items, and it will output into the other inventory, i don't feel like this is overpowered because the recipe book does the same thing practically in a single click and it is toggleable like the recipe book. hoppers connected to the top and sides will take items out of chests and put them in the input inventory in the table, a hopper connected to the bottom will take outputs from the crafting table. i don't feel like this is very diffrent from minecraft because brewing stand and furnaces already do this, so why not crafting tables? it is also not neccesary to do this in any way so if you don't want to use the feature you don't have to. and this is where the workbench minecart comes in, you can automatically pick up raw items from the mine, craft them on the go automatically, and have your finished goods stored safely in the chest. the last 4 items are the most risky to be added and will also enable you to fully automatically automate the game, the first item is what i call a "harvester" and they could be diffrent based on what job they do, I.E treecutter, farmer, miner, etc. they would be expensive to make and could also possibly require you to give them new tools or they will stop working, and could also need fuel to run. this is another place where the auto-crafters could come in, the harvesters will harvest materials and then the auto crafter system  will turn them into tools for them to use, and the harvesters could mine coal to fuel themselves, it could be possible to also upgrade them into "robotic harvesters" which use diamond tools instead of iron, which the normal harvesters could use, which means the robotic miner is the only one that can mine obsidian. these upgraded harvesters can be really expensive but they will be able to move to the recources and can be set using a new type of item like a "programming device". this device would also be fairly expensive to craft. you can use this to set a "gathering point" for the robot harvesters with by left clicking one point and left clicking again on a diffrent point that will make a square, all harvesters will harvest blocks from right in front of them to 3 blocks higher than themselves, but the robotic ones could detect if there is valuables, i.e extra wood on a tree, coal, 4 tall sugarcane, and harvest them aswell. so keep your robotic harvesters away from your floating log hut or coal ore mansion. once the robotic harvesters harvest something, and their inventory gets full (1 chest worth) they will go to a hopper or chest you set to them by right clicking it with a programming device, by the way you could bind a programming device to a robotic harvester by right clicking it while the programming device is unbound and left click on empty air to unbind it. the next item is some form of redstone wiring to replace redstone that can go up walls vertically, or just allowing redstone to go up walls vertically, the redstone wire could take extra recources and redstone dust itself would be unplaceabe and only used in recipes, but redstone dust could also just go up walls, its a more simple edition but it would make redstone so much easier to do. the next one is a pipe, either to replace a hopper, or make it to where pipes can only work if conencted to a machine and you cant drop things directly into a pipe, and a hopper can be connected to a pipe. aswell as hoppers still used for redstone contraption purposes. pipes are basically hoppers but they have the ability to make items (and maybe fluids if a pump is added into the game, and a drain block is used to let it out. showers, anyone?) to travel up the pipe upwards. hoppers will still work so as to not break existing redstone machines, but pipes will allow things to be more compact and (as with the pump and drain suggestion) could make things possible that just can't be done yet. droppers will also directly dispense into pipes like hoppers. this last one goes with the pipe idea, a filter pipe. filters are not impossible in minecraft right now, but they are really hard to do, clicking on a filter pipe will allow you to set a list of all items that can go through, and will have buttons that allow you to allow all types of that item, i.e all planks, both types of sand. as long as if they are put in a crafting recipe they work the same way. this pipe would also not allow fluids to flow through it, as fluids are impossible to put in the whitelist, unless they are inside of a bucket. one last suggestion is if a cow stands on a pump milk will go through the pipe and if there is a chest with buckets in it connected to that pipe with milk it will fill up the buckets, this would also work with other fluids and other buckets.

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    There should be new rocks and minerals in the mines

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    Make minecarts connect to each other if they are close so two people can get in and the first person drives himself and the second person. Make mine shafts more common.

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    In mine shafts, make more rails that actually lead you somewhere and mine shafts should have rooms too that are a little bit more common. Add random rails in mines, mine shafts and in general the underground and they should lead to caves or mines with lots of special minerals like coal and iron. Other mines should be rarer and should be filled with gold or diamond. Diamond, gold and iron/any other  shiny minerals should glow and give the two blocks in front of it bright.

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    As some people have already said, ruby ore would very easily resemble Redstone ore. To remove the resemblance a little, ruby ore and all rubies should be more pink than red.

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    Cave Zombie that steals your health on hit

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    Indseta05 commented

    I love minecraft! But after playing Minecraft since 2013 I’ve felt a long time that there should be more ores in minecraft, we have all the traditional ores, but I feel like more ores would make lots of people happy. The new ores could be used to create tools that may be lets say, slower than diamond mining but longer durability. My request is more ores.

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    Nick Backes commented

    -Different kind of caves like ice caves, crystal caves, hot firy caves or highly vegetation caves would be a great addition to normal caves and the new underwater caves that are new in the aquatic update.

    -Different colored crystals! They rarely generate in every biome, but each biome can only generate one particular colour! Crystals are sparkling in the dark. The crystals could be a crafting material for a new type of Item: Magic rings! You can place these rings in a new equipment slot (maybe you can wear two at a time in two slots). The rings can get you effects like doing more damage, getting more resistance (fire, fall damage, explosion etc.), greater distance with sword and shootable/throwable objects (arrows, snowballs, trident) faster swimming/running/mining speed, getting 10% more experience, the player will emit a light, bigger inventory and such effects.

    -Echoes and cave ambiance is kind of missing. No, not the cave sounds, more like a permanent thing, when you are deep enough and there is no sunlight.

     -Cave exclusive mobs! There need to be some more than cave spiders and silverfishes in my opinion.

     -A Dungeon like structure (not the Minecraft dungeon, more like RPG dungeons) with traps, new monsters, a maze-like construction, chests and attacking mimic chests. There could be different obstacles to challenge you to pass. similar like the water temple, you can't destroy blocks, but you also can't place any! At the end there is a bossmonster waiting for you. after defeating it, you will be able to destroy the blocks and place blocks in the area of the dungeon. I would call it "big dungeon"

     -There is a mooshroom. Now how about a gray "cave pig". You can feed it the "cave truffel" that only generates in caves. The truffel takes really long to reproduce (like the other mushrooms, but there is no big variant of that mushroom) so it takes longer to breed the cave pigs. It drops iron and gold nuggets and rarely an iron ingot, gold ingot, emerald, diamond, redstone, lapis lazuli or coal. They get 3x more damage from picaxes. The cave pigs can only be found in a rare type of cave (truffel cave).

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    - underground & caves overhaul (ruins, traps, dungeons, hundreds of new cave architecture and maybe some sort of biome system, unique locations, unique monsters, & hopefully unique loot that doesnt just make mining meaningless ie. add diamonds to chest)

    i think new ores is one of the last things needed in minecraft, but i think there might be room for a few more only if they all have a purpose and are never useless

    -an wonderful dream for me is for there to be another 32 blocks to dig downwards, a deeper world just adds alot more potential and depth(pun)

    i know im late to the conversation, but i want this stuff

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    Mc Rat commented

    I think what everyone wants from an Underground is one big thing: Deeper Worlds

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    Porter T commented

    you need to have the underground be truly treacharous, cave creepers(bigger blast range) and undead miners (along with villager miners) would add a lot. right now they are just a badly lit area with little to no danger. you also need to have unexpected generations, not just world generations, 

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    would be nice to have underground biomes

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    Mc Rat commented

    Hot Spring example pic

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    wizkid744 commented

    I'm a little late to the party, but I have a few ideas that I think would make exploring underground... epic.

    General ideas:
    - Mine maps; buy them from cartographers and find them in minecart chests within mines. (Only show the mine you are in)

    - Spider spawners should randomly generate in caves rather than just mine complexes.
    - Spiders should lay eggs (similar to turtles, but on any surface.)

    Cave openings: <link>
    Ideas on how to improve the transition between overground and underground

    Underground topography: <link>
    Ideas on how the underground spaces that form cave systems could differ

    Caverns: <link>
    Ideas on forming larger spaces underground and what they could hold

    Mines: <link>
    Ideas on how to make mine complexes a bit more interesting

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    Calev Berger commented

    @unlistedmonk, lead is harmful so maybe you could make a poison potion with it.

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    elkstra commented

    I think we could add different cave "biomes" and it would add to the variety of caves. Here are my biome suggestions.

    -A big open area, near bedrock, that may have mineshafts going across it.

    -An underground Illager bunker/base type thing

    -Mushroom caves that would spawn in the mushroom islands and maybe in plains too.