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(May/June 2018) Featured Topic: Underground!


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    Put the 3 by 3 crafting gird in furnaces. It will allow for new recipes like these:

    • gold and iron arrow heads (recipe is the same as the bucket, only it's up side down. makes 10 due to the size of the ingots.)
    • axe head (the axe recipe without sticks.)
    • pick axe head (pick axe recipe without sticks.)
    • hoe head (I think you get it by now lol.)
    • blade (or sword head.)
    • shovel head
    • chicken soup (raw chicken, water bottle, and a bowel. leaves behind an empty bottle after cooked.)
    • beef soup (same as chicken soup, but with beef.)
    • pork soup
    • mutton soup
    • different kinds of fish soup
    • rabbet soup
    • beet root soup
    • veggie soup(carrot, potato, water bottle, bowel)
    • rabbet stew (same as before, but with raw ingredients.)
    • beef stew (same as rabbet stew, but with beef)
    • chicken stew
    • mutton stew
    • fish stew
    • beet root stew (same as before)
    • veggie stew (carrot, potato, bowel)

    Plus anything else you can think of. ores can go anywhere in the grid to be smelted, plus, meat and baked potatoes are the same as well.

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    A Cave Boss Batle

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    Gracious community and Mojang Development team,

    Thank you for the opportunity you have given me, and everyone else here. I want to consider this all one idea as it all revolves around the nether and optimizing it. I would now like to share my input on this month's theme: The Underground.

    Looking through the comments under this thread, I've noticed that the nether is scarcely mentioned. I believe we need to refresh on the nether, and though changes have occurred back in 1.10, that never added any new flare to the nether. Which is why I propose this: What is preventing the nether from having microbiomes?

    I know the nether is supposed to be comprised of generally cavernous structures, with seas of lava and towering fortresses among them, but for what little stretches of land there are I could totally see crags of rock, perhaps a new one; grayish in tint and standing among other pillars of stone. Inside said microbiomes could have increased spawn rates of magma cubes, blazes, and perhaps even wither skeletons!

    Continuing to develop this idea on the nether, There are fruits to be found in the over world, and even the end too! What is stopping the nether from having a tasty crop of its own? You may be asking yourself, "Well what about nether warts?" I have not overlooked these ever-precious brewing ingredients. I propose another crop, or perhaps a snack crafted of nether warts, magma cream, and perhaps even undead flesh. I lean more towards a crop of some kind, but I still need to develop that portion of my idea.

    I suppose I'll add my concluding thoughts as I don't want this to be a monotonous, long, overlooked thought. Naturally generated structures. Let's be honest here. The nether is a little lack luster. Find a fortress, get some warts, farm blazes, head home in preparation of the end. In our vast oceans of lava, and especially following the Update Aquatic, there could totally be ships to be raided! There are already end pirates (those nasty levitating creatures) and soon to be fallen ships, in the over world oceans, perhaps throw some Illagers on board with heaps of loot, loot tables similar to that of end cities.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

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    make ALL sounds create echoes depending on how deep in the caves is the source of it. It would be great.

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    This update needs underground villages...

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    having played Minecraft for years now I have a few idea's for how to improve the underground locations.

    Lighting Changes

    so one of the big things I think that would improve the undergound. is dynamic lighting to the torch item you hold in your hand. adding the ability to mine with only one torch but doing so making it more risky. the light wouldn't prevent mobs from spawning but allows a more atmospheric feel to exploring cave systems.

    New Dungeons

    so the old dungeons with the mob spawner are nice, but having more themed ones would be nice, especially in conjunction with a further suggestion. basically have the blocks be different. maybe have more underground structures that spawn different mobs. for example. the traditional dungeon spawns zombies. but if your in a desert and find a fossil there can be a change that it is hollow inside and it will spawn strays or husks. or even have something similar to the Keep where the end portal is but with each room presenting a new mob with another chance for good loot. how ever having only 2-3 rooms in total.

    Underground Biomes

    so this one is a BIG one. instead of just having dirt gravel water lava and a few stone varients. why not have biomes specific to under ground. they don't need to be huge. just have them scattered to change up the feel of the explroation of caves and ravines. an example. if your in a jungle have the ravines have a change to have vines and large trees at the bottom. maybe even have grass or cliff ruins built into the side. inside some of the ruins could be loot and mob spawners.  while also serving the purpose of adding more variation to the underground pallet.

    Several mini underground biomes could be

    Desert areas:

    underground oasis ((a large opening with some trees and a large pool of water surrounded by grass. Vary rare and has floating sand that has a small opening leading to sunlight))

    Fossil Wastes ((Fossils are more common but smaller and without a distinct shape))

    Buried Pryamid ((basically like the pyramid above but has a spawner with husks or even a new zombie varient Mummy))

    Jungle Areas:

    City Runes ((Ravine))
    Overgrown Cave ((more over grown. lots of grass and vines. even some leaves and small trees.))
    Aztec mines ((more leaves and stone supports instead of wood))


    Nether Portal Ruins

    a type of small structure that would be fun to stumble upon is broke nether portals ((missing a few blocks)) with a rare chance of finding an active one. it would give players a reason to explore the nether more. and having random portals spawning in caves would make the world feel more alive.

    Stalagmites and Stalatites

    Simple and would add more atmopsphere.

    More Craftable Stone Blocks

    this is kinda nitpicky at this point but as this is my last suggestion I will keep it short. while I love using many blocks for builds the one thing I feel is under appreciated is the lack of stone block crafting. especially around andesite diorite and granite. adding more crafting for them would make them more appealing. so for my last suggestion. add in Stair half slabs and pillar varients for all the stone blocks. it would bring more reason to the underground and even adds some freedom to making more structures underground.

    This concludes my suggestions, I hope that you don't find it too much and that at least one of my ideas has given you some fun ideas for the update. ^.=.^ either way I am looking forward to the underground update.

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    The Nether needs an overhaul. We need more plants, mobs, biomes, terrain, and structures there. The End needs these things as well.

    As for the Overworld, we need new passive and hostile mobs that spawn exclusively in caves/underground areas.

    Another feature I'd like to see: large lakes inside of giant caverns. In these lakes would spawn passive mobs including cavefish, and perhaps hostile aquatic mobs towards the bottom.

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    HiIAmGOLDEN commented
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    People that play minecraft probably had the problem of *being lost down in really vast cave systems*, and I really want caves to have *different looks from biome to biome*, or even have different biomes dedicated for caves! I have a few ideas.

    1. *Different Kind Of Stone In Different Areas*
    A lot of people would agree with me on this; Stone, Andesite, Diorite and Granite are just not enough. They don't help in navigation (like the main point of this suggestion) because they're scattered in different places, what you can do is create more varieties of stone in different areas (for example, limestone would be great in certain areas that are close to water.) the limestone could also be used for building, for it has a unique shade of gray, it sure will be useful for building, it could have associated limestone bricks, slabs, stairs or even walls maybe (I'm talking broken limestone, a limestone counterpart of cobblestone, or you can call it something else I guess.). Marble would also be a good addition, a rare block that would only show up in (I don't know) areas real deep down under sea level maybe. It could have a beautiful white color and have associating bricks, stairs, slabs, etc. with the block as well.

    2. *There should be some kind of map or compass or an escape rope that brings a player to the surface*
    It clearly says it, an *ESCAPE ROPE* would be perfect for desperate situations when you're in immediate need to reach the surface, but it would be a challenge to craft. It could be crafted using a different kind of string dropped by some different kind of spider, a string that would be more sturdy than the normal string the spider drops. A Giant Huntsman Spider (a legitimately real creature) could appear *rarely* (making escape ropes really challenging to work on) in very dark places underground and boast a larger size than the typical spider, he could walk slower but deal so much more damage and cause nausea or something, when killed he could drop 1-4 spider eyes and 1-5 "Cursed String" or something like "Hunter String" or "Sturdy String" or whatever. Then a lot should be gathered (like 6) to craft a typical rope, the rope will be useful too because it will act like a ladder, but every block doesn't need a barrier block to hold on to, just like vines but you can climb them smoothly, they will only need one block to hang onto and they could be built down to be a climbing rope. But when you collect a lot of these ropes you can grab yourself something like a blaze rod or a potion of night vidion, I don't know and put it in a crafting table then put many ropes with it then ta-da! You have an escape rope!

    3. *Special ores in special places underground*
    Minecraft clearly needs more ores than it already has, an overgrown cave could randomly generate under jungle biomes and contain a huge amount of gold and a new ore *copper* that can be used to craft armory and weaponry but can be used most effectively in redstone for they can be crafted into blocks and *can transmit redstone signal through itself*, this would be useful for redstone contraptions, for it would remove random holes that are way too hard to patch up, there should be more ores of different varieties that can transmit redstone signal, but in different colors and textures so players can fit these kind of blocks in builds really easily, but these ores should still be available for crafting weaponry and armory. Ores like aluminum could appear in very low temperature biomes, like ice spikes or things like that. A made-up ore special for minecraft should be created as well.

    4. *I would like to have Titanium in the game as well :D*
    Titanium could be an extremely rare ore (rarer than diamonds) that would be stronger than diamonds. A full set of Titanium armor could have more armor points than the maximum can provide, there should be like more sprites of armor points made specially for more armory like titanium, it should also have tools and weaponry that could reach amazing heights (lolwut) a titanium pickaxe could break obsidian like how an iron pickaxe breaks cobble walls. It can also have a total of 5000+ uses. The titanium axe could break 2 blocks of wood at a time for it's impact. A titanium shovel could dig as fast as you can dig in creative, and a diamond sword could deal around 9 or 10 damage.

    upvote this please

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    LmaoDraft06 commented
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    There are a TON of things that could be added to the underground aspects of Minecraft, here are all my ideas that I want for the underground.

    A Cave Update: This is probably something people have wanted for years. The games more "Craft" than "Mine". If this were to happen, I have some ideas for the title of the update.

    1. The Wonderous Underground update

    2. The Cave Update

    3. The Underground Expansion Update


    Cave Biomes: This needs to be added. There are a ton of biomes that could be added to caves for instance...

    1. Desert caves: These caves would consist of sandstone and sand. The dungeons in them would be made of different types of sandstone

    2. Sone variant caves: Caves should have the chance to be made of mostly granite, diorite, andesite, marble, and limestone (More on marble and limestone later)

    3. Jungle Caves: The caves would be found in jungles, and would have cobblestone on the walls instead of stone. These caves would be "Overgrown" and would have grass, vines, and sometimes even melons scattered about these caves. Bats would spawn more often in them as well.

    4. Icy Caves: In freezing/cold biomes caves should consist of ice, packed ice, blue ice, and snow.

    5. Prismarine Caves: Underwater, there should be a rare chance that a cave is made of prismarine and dark prismarine.

    Tar: This is just something, that I think is a good idea. Tar would generate below Y=40. When you stand on tar, it gives you slowness 5 and takes away your ability to jump. They would also be perfect for traps!


    Azurite: A new ore that's a little purple, and a little blue. It cannot be made into armor or tools but would be overworlds equivalent to quartz. 


    Prismarine ore: This ore can only be found in ocean caves, it is slightly rarer than iron, but when you mine it you have a chance to get 2 different materials. Sometimes when you mine it you get 2 prismarine shards, others you'll get 2 prismarine crystals, and if you're lucky, you could get 1 of each.


    Stalagmites: These would make caves more alive. There are different types of stalagmites, for each biome. There would be sandstone, red sandstone, ice, stone, granite, diorite, andesite, cobblestone, limestone, and marble variants of the stalagmite.


    Limestone/Marble: These would be new types of stone similar to granite, diorite, and andesite. They could be made into polished versions as well.


    Stone variant slabs/stairs/walls: This one's simple Polished stone variants, and regular stone variants should have slabs, stairs, and walls.


    Stone variant bricks: Granite, andesite, diorite, marble, and limestone should have bricks, chisled, cracked bricks, and mossy bricks variants. These would also have slab, and stair variants.


    Torch Lever: Is it a torch? Is it a lever? BOTH! The torch lever is a lever that looks like a torch but acts like a lever. This would be great for hiding things.


    Bone Torch: A new type of torch that's made from a bone. It would also have a lever variant.


    Cave Creepers: These creepers would act like normal creepers, but would spawn below Y=50, and would have a different texture depending on what biome that they are in. They would take the texture of a surrounding cave block, for instance, snow for the icy caves.


    More Dungeon Variants: Dungeons should come in different variants depending on the biome they are in, and come in different sizes. The first one I don't need to explain, but the second one I do. The dungeons we have now should be considered, small dungeons, but they could also be medium and large as well. The medium and large ones would have more loot, more rooms, more secrets, more spawners, and maybe even better loot. They should have 1-3 torches/bone torches in them, but there should be a torch lever inside it as well. The torch lever should open up a secret door, to 2 different things, a ton of mob spawners, or a bunch of loot. The torch lever thing is only for large dungeons.


    Mossy Sandstone: A new mossy version of sandstone, that's all it is.


    Mineshaft Variants: Mineshafts should be made of different types of wood, depending on the biome above it. For instance, acacia wood, for an acacia biome.


    Stronghold Variants: Strongholds should be made of granite bricks, andesite bricks, diorite bricks, marble bricks, or limestone bricks, and prismarine bricks depending on the biome. 


    Miner Villagers: These villagers would spawn in villages. These villagers would actually have good trades. You could trade for loot from dungeons, ores, maybe even some blocks, or stalagmites. Similar to the farmer, this villager actually does something! The villager would leave the village for 0.5-3 Minecraft days, and would go mining! This villager would also have its own building. In this building, there is a chest, and in that chest, there could be minecarts, rails, pickaxes, maybe even ores. The building would also look like a mixture between a mineshaft, a village home, and a blacksmith. If there's no cave near the village, the villager would mine under it's home. It would also spread the wealth, or the ores it finds with fellow villagers.


    Nautilus Shell Fossils: This is more like an ore than a fossil. It's a single block and it's more rare than diamond. It's only found in ocean caves, plus when you smelt it you get a nautilus shell.


    Nether and End caves: Caves in the Nether, and in the End. The Nether caves would have quartz, and gold ore inside of it, and the End the caves would have purpur ore inside of it.


    Purpur ore: This is a new ore that spawns in the End, and when mined gives you a material that is used to make purpur blocks.


    Ore Background Changes: Ores, before mined, would take the texture of the block that surrounds it the most. For instance, if there's sandstone surrounding it, you would find an ore block that has the texture in the background of it that looks like sandstone. When mined though, it would keep the background texture it had when mined. In the creative inventory, there are two types of the different ores, the original stone background, and one with no background. The one with the stone background would have the same name, but the one without a background would be called the environmentally friendly version. The environmentally friendly version would do the background texture thing, but if they are in the air they have the stone texture.


    The Instant Furnace Enchantment: This enchantment is for pickaxes, axes, and shovels,  and would instantly smelt any block that can be smelted. For instance, it would turn sand into glass, or iron ore to iron ingots, even logs to charcoal. This enchantment would be very useful.


    Gold ore in the Nether: Gold ore should spawn in the Nether, it would explain how zombie pigmen get their golden tools.


    Bone Fossil: Another block fossil. This one is as rare as gold, and when smelted it gives you a bone. 


    More Fossil Types: In the End, there should be a dragon fossil, and in the nether, there should be a ghast fossil.


    Underground Witch Huts: It's a witch hut that's underground, and looks a little different. It's bigger, has loot, and has more witches.


    Large open areas: In caves, there should be large open areas, great for underground building.


    Silverfish Infested areas: Inside caves, there should be random spots that have a bunch of silverfish in them.


    Bat Caves: These are caves infested with a bunch of bats.


    Drill Power Enchantment: This is an enchantment for shovels and pickaxes when used, it mines a 3x3 area.


    Ore Compasses: This is a rare compass that's only found in large dungeons, and very rarely in miner huts in villages. it has variants for almost every ore. It comes in gold, emerald, diamond, prismarine, nautilus shell, redstone, lapis, azurite, and quartz variants. The rarest being emerald, and the most common being prismarine. These would come in handy when mining.


    Dark Prismarine Bricks: This a block for the prismarine themed stronghold that's found underwater, and can also be crafted. It would be a really cool decoration block as well.


    Furnace Minecart Uses: Furnace minecarts need a use, and you should be able to use them to smelt things, and when it is smelting, it would give you a speed boost slightly faster than an activator rail and would go even faster when on an activator rail.


    Rails Underwater: Rails should work underwater, but they would move the minecart much slower, and furnace minecarts wouldn't work.


    Hot Blocks Deep Underground: When you are really deep underground you should find magma blocks, lava, obsidian, and warm obsidian scattered about.


    Warm Obsidian: This is a type of obsidian that has an orange tint to it instead of a purple. When you step on it you deal damage as well.


    Underground Villages: These would be villages that are underground, made of entirely stone, and rarer than normal villages. They would have a lot of miner villagers, around 5 per village, and would have the other villager types as well. 


    These are all of my ideas for the underground! Hopefully at least one of these gets added to Minecraft! ;)

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    everblue22 commented
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    Different underground biomes would be cool, like crystal water caves, Gypsyte crystals would "grow" out the walls (this takes hundreds of years IRL so they wouldn't actually grow) the whole cave would be filed with water.

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    Pocket qaz commented
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    NIX ON PIGMEN ATTACKING....  But I'd be OK with them tending to get in the way while mining (YouTuber Xisumavoid often complains about Zombies already doing this accidentally, imagine how careful you'd need to be when their AI requires them to be between you and the nether gold you are mining. )

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    Pocket qaz commented
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    A lot of the new ores and crafting sound like various mods already available.  But the resistor idea sounds good as a new crafting block.... 3x3 of bottom three a base (either Stone or cobble or even planks) a Redstone dust in middle #5 position and one to five resisted value blocks in any place of the remaining empty spaces   i suggest two values (1, 3)which gives a 1 to 13 range plus 15 which could be cheated to 14 since a resistance of 15 is always 0     ..  This has a benefit of never worrying if too many blocks are in resist slots because if second value were 4 or 5 then values of 20 or 25 would be possible and possible coding bugs could ensue.    The main question would be which blocks to use .  That depends on how expensive/cheap one wants to make the resistor. I'd even think allowing ANY slab and stair to be used, as long as they match block type  with slabs = 1 and stairs = 3 this fits Minecraft lore/theme since a slab is half a block and crafting stairs uses three half blocks each ... If the base is  whole blocks of the same material, then you even have the ability to visually change resisters by making the look according to the type of slabs, stairs and blocks used .  Just like the various doors, trapdoors, slabs and  stairs already in vanilla. 

    I also think the vanilla resistor should have symbols on it to indicate it's resistance. (Just like real electronic resistors). Not color bands but how about two pixel __ for a slab in recipe and  a three pixel angle (an __ with another pixel on top of the first pixel looking like a squat L)

    This works even with 8bit vanilla blocks as including a one pixel space the 2x3 grid would display as 7x5 of the 8x8 face  Granted would look much better done in higher resolution but it can be done in a vanilla 8x8 style thus not feeling like a mod.

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    Pocket qaz commented
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    don't think the writer thought this one out . He obviously likes mods like hammers and vein miner, but the proposed 10x10x10 would mean that any tool less than diamond would break first use without the full area mined and a diamond pick has 1400 durability i believe? Well it would break half way through it's second use (10x10x10 = 1000)

    Anyway, I vote no.... Just add vein miner if you want that feature


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    Rententee commented
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    Here's some more suggestions. 


    If you add cave biomes (sandstone caves for example) there's going to be a problem with ore colors. The normal ore texture isn't going to mix well with sand-or other stone types and adding ore for all of them is going to be annoying. (How would they even stack?)


    So I suggest the ore texture changes atleast with the biome (like grass) or even better, if possible, with the surrounding blocks. The way it would work would be, when an ore generates next to a different stone type it uses that stones texture.(If it's next to multiple it's random)


    When building, if you put a stone down next to a stone type it will change to that texture and stay that way, but if you put a stone type next to an ore nothing happens.


    Adding this would make room for many possibilities.


    You could make granite, diorite, andesite and other new stone type pockets (Marble, limestone and basalt) rarer and way bigger. So you could have caves made of these stones and still have ore in them. This would already add more variety.


    This would be amazing for the underground cave biomes. A frozen cave would be made of frozen looking, slidy stone blocks, ice and snow. The ore would generate touching this icy stone and would turn to that texture. For hotter magma caves the stone texture would have magma veins going through and the ore would change. Overgrown caves would have stone coverd in vines and the ore would change. Etc.


    Other suggestions I have.


    Spider cave. Just full of cobwebs,spiders and loot. 


    Dragon cave. Way to finally add the red dragon to the game. 

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    Shujinco2 commented
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    I think the Diorite, Andesite and Granite we find in caves are a bit boring in use of building. I think these need their own stairs and slabs, at leats in the polished state.


    I would love to use these three as building material, but am stuck using only their block forms. This will make it more interesting to mine these resources out instead of mostly going unused.

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    UnlistedMonk commented
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    We need more detector rails. Rails that can tell the difference between a chest cart and a rail cart. This way we can separate chest carts from rail carts.

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    UnlistedMonk commented
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    Directional rail. We need to ensure carts are going in the direction we want them to go. Make a rail that will let carts go in a specific direction if powered. 

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    UnlistedMonk commented
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    Directional Detector Rail. Will detect the direction of a cart and will output a Redstone signal if it is in the player set direction.

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    UnlistedMonk commented
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    Locking Rail. Will stop a cart when powered. When powered will let the cart pass or let it continue in it's original direction. Powered rail can't reset a stopped cart.

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    UnlistedMonk commented
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    Embarking Rail. Will automatically load a player, within some player set radius of the rail, in a train if there is an empty rail cart.

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    UnlistedMonk commented
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    Disembarking rail. When powered, will automatically unload players from a train when passed over.

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    UnlistedMonk commented
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    Auto coupling rail. This rail will couple carts together to make a train.

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    Daveyt04 commented
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    I have six ideas for the game. Four are for the caves, two are for Update Aquatic. The ones for the Update Aquatic are the ones I would LOVE to see in the game.

    Cave Suggestions:

    1. Underground rivers and lakes. These lakes and rivers would be in big caverns and would be filled with unique animals, eg: blind cave fish and cave lobsters. They would also have luminous plants growing.
    2. Cave Centipedes. These would crawl around caves and underground passages and would try to "bite" people and the "bite" would poison the player.
    3. Health Gems. Deep underground, players could find the ore to this rare gem. When mined it will drop one health gem, more with a fortune enchanted pick-axe. When your health is low you could "eat" this gem and your health would go up significantly.
    4. Collapsing Mine Shafts. These would be generated structures that could only be found in deserts. They would be like normal mine shafts but with a sand roof which would collapse when a players walks over a hidden tripwire hook.   

    Update Aquatic Suggestions (removed- please stay on topic ~nb) 

    I would love if my ideas were considered and would be thrilled if my ideas were made into actual game content.

    Thank you.


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    I think I would like to have a backpack called the miners pack which will only pick up ores and other materials found in caves. It would be created with one chest, diamonds, gold, iron, hopper and 4 leather..

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    3 new underground dimensions a granite andesite and diorite dimension to make the portal you make a checker borded nether portal shape that's made of obsidian and granite andesite or diorite and then placing lava in the middle opening a portal to a dimension full of special blocks of granite andesite or diorite but also some special and dangeres mobs in minecraft

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    ChiliFrog149 commented
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    Lapis is kind of useless. You can only use it as a really expensive dye or in enchantment tables. I think we need more lapis use. Maybe lapis armor or tools.

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    ChiliFrog149 commented
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    Wouldn't it be cool if Egyptians were brought into minecraft! There should be a new weapon called the flail (pharaohs whip thingy). It would do 7 attack damage (same as the diamond sword). It would be crafted like this:

    We need more use for lapis. There should also be a crook (pharaohs staff thingy). This only does 4 attack damage but you can use it to summon a pharaohs and it would be crafted like this:The way to summon the pharaohs is by finding a tomb. A tomb will be a new generated structure that generates in caves under deserts. These should be just as hard to find as dungeons. It might look like this:in the chest would be your ordinary stuff in chests:
    To summon the pharaohs you go into the tomb and hit the tomb (the gold and lapis one) with the crook. This will summon a pharaohs who it you kill have a chance of dropping the Pharaohs Headdress (the gold and lapis thingy on the pharaohs head). This item if you wear it will give the same amount of protection from a diamond helmet and also it will give regeneration when you wear it. 

    the final item is a weapon called the khopesh (curved swords),. This item will do 7 attack damage and last longer than an iron sword. It would be crafted like this:

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    I would like to have a hammer. This hammer would break 9 blocks at a time but would have a cool down. It would be crafted with 2 obsidian, 4 ores like iron or diamonds and one stick.

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    Imagine exploring a cave in Minecraft and a zombie comes at you not very harmful but what if there was a cave zombie. This mob would only be found underground in caves and would be little bit harder to find than a regular zombie. This zombie would make the the stone or ore above you fall down and smash you. He would look like a regular zombie but stone would be in graved in his skin.

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    Minecraft in my opinion is lacking mobs for underground. I was thinking of a couple mobs that could really add something to the game. Mabye lava spitters, the lava spitter spawns in lava and will spit little flames at you. The lava spitter will look like silver fish but red and will die when not intact with lava.

    Another idea is the undead miner, the undead miner is a skeleton combined with a zombie for looks. The miner has a pickaxe and uses it to mine blocks and throw them at you. This mob only spawns in mine shafts and will attack other undead miners.

    I was looking through ideas and saw stuff about new dungeons but what about a dungeon keeper. This mob will spawn around dungeons and will attack you if you head towards the dungeon but if you back away he will not attack. This mob could be a perfect way to check if you are near a dungeon.