How can we make the biomes and dimensions you explore better? What biomes or dimensions are we currently missing? Why do we need them and what makes them unique?

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    Ready to talk biomes and dimensions? Here's how to do it! (Start Here)

    Where do you want to travel next in Minecraft? How can improve our existing biomes and dimensions? Biomes are regions in a Minecraft world with varying geographical features, flora, heights, temper...
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    Mais portais que leve para cidades tomadas de monstros com descobrimentos e muita aventura com muitos tesoros e itens fantasticos.
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    Swamp Update needed

    Since we just had the taiga updated, I think we need the swamp updated next. Like having crocodiles or maybe fireflies. Plus we really need mud in the swamp becuase usually we only have water so mu...
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    minecraft is the best game in the world but needs a now biome like rock place  
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    Gustavo Henrique

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    Treasure dimension

    You go into the portal and find a map. The map leads you to a treasure guarded by a boss
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    The Flora Dimension

    Full Of Dark Black Blocks That Have One Of The Most Creepiest Mob The Phantom 
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    "Below Bedrock Dimension" (with Spider Temple)

    I think that only 3 dimensions are not enough. I think we should have a new dimension called: The Bedrock Dimension. This dimension will be only made of bedrock and a new block called void. Void is...
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    Mound (Cave Biome)

    The Mound is a biome that spawns in-between the rarity of ice spikes and mooshroom island. It looks like a Mound made up of coarse dirt, grass, dirt, and mud (a new block). The biome itself goes up...
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    Swamp oak trees

    I am not asking for another block or type of tree in this post. I only ask that when I plant an oak tree in a swamp biome, it grows to look just like the other naturally generating oak trees in the...
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    [Bedrock Parity] Forest biome: Add the fallen trees and vines to Java

    Bedrock Edition Forests have an exclusive feature: Fallen trees, and vines growing from trees.  This is a feature parity request: They should be added to the Java Edition as well.
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    Re-add Gravel Beaches

    This would re-add a beach variation where beaches could have a chance to be made of gravel instead of sand. Otherwise they'd be the same as normal beaches.
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    The RAREST biome of all: the StarBiome

    What if you were exploring and you came upon THE END OF THe WORLD... Literally. It's the literal END of solid blocks. What if you could jump off into the STAR BIOME. Little stars/islands made of th...
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    Hot Spots in the Nether(Part 1/3): The Biome Itself

    Important: The blocks and items will be in their own separate posts according to the rules of Minecraft Feedback. You can click the highlight text to bring you to their posts.   Normally when fire ...
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    Snowless Tundra

    There is taiga and snowy taiga, but there is only a snowy tundra and no tundra. I think that should exist (while you can find flatish, dark green grass areas on top of mountians sometimes, its not ...
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    End Islands sometimes generate at different heights

    The End Islands should generate at different heights sometimes, instead of them all being at the exact same height level. It looks kind of boring in my opinion. This would make them look more inter...
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    Сhange in climatic zones from north to south.

    Good day! I apologize for English, I write with the help of Google translator. Recently played in survival and for a very, very long time could not find the desert. And I thought that it would be m...
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    Kaiagon Dimension

    This dimension would be optional to go to but has good resources. To make the portal you would need to use diamond block and gold block. It looks like the nether portal but is made of diamonds and ...
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    End biome

    After defeating the end dragon (once or twice) a new biome would appear in the overworld that looks like the end. The sky would be tinted black. The ground changed to endstone (but not all the way ...
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    Citrus biome?

    I want a citrus biome pls because it can have oak trees and they can grow citrus fruit and citrus fruit can be a new item.  
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    Dragon Biome

    I would like to see a Dragon Biome that has many different types of dragons such as fire dragons, water dragons, ice dragons, forest dragons etc. The biome should have dragon eggs and also differen...
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    Biome Variation (beach): WETLANDS

    Beach is one of the most empty biomes, so what if we change it some times? Wetlands is a variation of beach with some medium water bodies near the sea (like a small lake); here, the player could fi...
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    Olympus/Heaven dimension

    My idea is a dimension that takes place in a bright sky with golden clouds and no ground. It would be like the End, but pretty and more heavenly and always daytime. Scattered about would be floatin...
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    End Island Void

    The end already has a void surrounding the main island, but what if there were more gaps? The voids would spawn in the end island sections. The voids could have the possibility of an end ship spawn...
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    Desert Update Part 1: Small Features and Dungeon Overhaul

    I feel that the desert is just sort of... boring. Even with the new update coming out I think the desert lacks a lot of things that could give players more reason to actually GO to the desert. Feat...
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    Darkness biome for Nether! (Possible new mini-boss)!

    The Nether has pretty much just one biome, so another one would spice it up. I propose the Idea of having a Nether biome that when stepped in, gives you blindness. This would be less severe blindne...
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    There should be "ore chunks" where certain ores generate more

    Certain parts of the minecraft world should generate more ores than other areas, similiar to real life. Much like biomes, there should be "iron biomes" and "coal biomes" where u...
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    Lower Gravity in the End

    With everything floating in the void as it does, I suggest a lower gravity in the End than in the normal dimensions.  It would be keeping in the tone of everything, with various floating islands, t...
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    Canyon (minor biome)

    The canyon, a minor biome, would run through mesa biomes and possibly others. It would connect to a river at one end via a waterfall, then continue running its way through the biome until it reache...