How can we make the biomes and dimensions you explore better? What biomes or dimensions are we currently missing? Why do we need them and what makes them unique?

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    Ready to talk biomes and dimensions? Here's how to do it! (Start Here)

    Where do you want to travel next in Minecraft? How can improve our existing biomes and dimensions? Biomes are regions in a Minecraft world with varying geographical features, flora, heights, temper...
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    Some painter

    How bout u ad a world painter to minecraft pe? It could make a great difference in building HUUGEE EPIC STRUCTURES
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    creeper dimension

    this dimension has 4 creatures creeper,slime,iron golem,and guardians this dimension will have a wither storm in it the portal will be found in the sky or built by 12 mob skulls surrounding 1 slime...
  • 1 vote

    Ether Dimension

    Hello, mystic here. We all need a new dimension but i had this CRAZY idea! How would you like to go to the Ether? I literally went crazy on this one. Now, i already know you guys are going to ask m...
  • 7 votes

    Updating the Nether (new biomes, new mobs, new plants, treasures)

    The nether can feel like a chore after a while once the exploration section has been removed. Hence, I propose a rework of the Nether which I will present in this post. New biomes: (The names are n...
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    (Java Parity) Remove barrier below void

    In Bedrock Edition, there is a random invisible solid barrier around Y=-40. This breaks parity with Java Edition for seemingly no reason. Please remove this barrier.
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    Separate Jungles into Jungle and Deep Jungle

    Regular jungles would be less thick and easier to navigate. It wouldn't have as much bushes on the ground. The Deep Jungle would be in the center of each jungle, surrounded by the regular jungle. D...
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    Update idea: Geographic Update part 1 Above ground

    A update which will basically update the overworld, both above and below ground Overworld surface: 4 unique mobs for each part of the overworld not based on it for every single biome because that w...
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    Nether Overhaul Part 2: Nether Plains

    For Part 1 go check it out: You will understand what I am talking about better. I think ...
  • 16 votes

    Roofed Forest Overhaul!

    As announced at Minecon, biomes will be receiving updates individually now, which I think is pretty neat. One biome that is in serious need of an update is the roofed forests. They are so densely p...
  • 3 votes

    Tabletop mountains biome, like the ones in South America.

    The tabletop mountains in South America are very beautiful. Look up pictures on Google, they are stunning. This could be a rare biome and it spawns in the Savannah or an accurate  biome. It would b...
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    Arid Shrubland/Grassland biome

    Ancient reddit post that I'm bringing back with some newer ideas. The arid shrub-land is kind of a cross between the savanna and the desert, with it's own unique ideas. Let's start with some crude ...
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    Actually Fixing the Nether, I hope

    You get your 14 Obsidian, grab a flint and steel, summon a purple ominous gateway, step through and see.... nothing but red, glowing red below, and pigmen shuffle around.... Why am I doing this aga...
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    I think there should be a large biome, as far as the eye can see. (and farther) a prairie. it has Native American settlements, (I got inspired by Laura Ingnles Wildler (I got spelling wrong somewhe...
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    The biggening dimension

    It uses 8 emerald blocks in a diamond pattern witch takes you back to basically the world when you started exept there is a portal that brings you back. It’s for when you take up a lot of room in y...
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    Transportation to the Nether

    Dear Mojang I am a Minecraft fan. My name is FunnyMode. I have a suggestion on nether transportation to add for the game. Here it is:  Here is what I think should be added to help transport to the ...
  • 4 votes

    Mushroom Island Needs a Total Revamp

    Mushroom Island... A serene island filled with giant mushrooms, no hostile mobs, and mooshrooms. What a perfect place to start Minecraft. Except it's not.  Mushroom Island needs a total revamp. It'...
  • 2 votes

    Void village

    There could be a void village that would hang from bedrock. The villagers would get from place to place with bridges. Since bedrock is vary far down ther would be a portal made from cole blocks tha...
  • 3 votes

    Complete nether overhaul (links enclosed)

    The nether needs some reworking as right now it is only useful for a few things and seems like a chore to do stuff in rather than being fun to explore and having more of a purpose.  I have seperate...
  • 3 votes

    (Java Parity) Nether should use the full 256 world height.

    Previously the height of the nether was due to real limitations that the world has had, only allowing for a height of 128. Now that these restrictions are gone, I believe the nether deserves access...
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    A new ocean biome

    It' small and rare. It's (insert some kind of minecraft thing here)'s/s (Any shape). It's variation of bermuda's triangle. It would contain much magma blocks. It would suck boats. It would be a gre...
  • 4 votes

    More Storms!: Part 3 Hail

    There should be more storms added into Minecraft but I think I know why they don’t add in any more for one reason. They don’t want the players builds to be ruined be say a tornado but with lighting...
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    Deserts should have 4 different sub-biomes or types of generation

    Deserts should either have 4 sub-biomes, or the biome generation would select between these 4 types randomly. 1. Dunes and nothing else 2. Dry - Pretty flat, lots of sandstone and dead bushes 3. No...
  • 5 votes

    Multi Biome Superflat!!!

    Super flat survival challenges has always been a popular and fun trend and I personally always had enjoyed watching and challenging myself to survive and change the flat world into my own. But ther...
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    More Seaweed Forests on Bedrock Edition

    In the Bedrock edition, we have few algal forests compared to the Java edition, so I wanted you to add more algae forests
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    Island villages/island biome

    The Island biome would be like the island in star warz the last jedi and would inhabit island keepers who you could trade with like villagers and sometimes a big "main dome" would spawn a...
  • 3 votes

    Nether Overhaul Part 1: Shrouded Forest

    To start this off, the Nether needs an overhaul because, it hasn't been updated for a while and it's boring when you go there. Why is it? It's because we go for the some old glowstone, nether fortr...
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    Real physics dimension

    A dimension where phishics exist what I mean is a place with real world phisics with no floating blocks, a place where you have to be carefull with everything you build. It would make the game a lo...
  • 4 votes

    Tropical islands

    Tropical islands being added to the game would be a small but fun addition. They would be islands that would randomly spawn in the ocean. They would have palm trees like the ones in this post https...
  • 3 votes

    Biome: Haunted Forest

    more mobs spawn at night than normal creeper and spider mobs spawn during the day and attack dogs are always angry at you, can't tame villages of illagers   light is dimmer here, always raining   w...