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(May/June 2018) Featured Topic: Underground!


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    I would like frozen caves that spawn under snow biomes. This cave could have a frozen cave spider that would have a 10% chance of dropping a frozen spider eye which would be used to make something like a potion of freezing. The potion could be used to freeze entity’s. Or the cave could have frozen shards that could be used to make frozen tools like a ice sword that does 7 damage.

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    I would like to be able to attach a lead to a Minecart and drag it around. So you could have a minecart with a chest or furnace and carry it with you through caves.

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    I was thinking the bottom level(y=5-1) is a bit boring. So I thought the bottom level should have magma blocks, more lava,nether rack and than there will be lava and bedrock from y=1-5. Just too make it look like your near the earth's core.also I was thinking since the Aquatis update is almost here. I think there should be aquamarine ores that is found in underwater caves and ravine because it make sense. But the ore could spawn in caves that is not flooded but under the ocean too except there are less ore. The should be used to make ocean themed armor or weapons or something different.

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    I think it would be great to have a pickaxe enchantment called smelt. This enchantment would allow ores you mine with you pickaxe with smelt on it automatically be smelted.

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    More gemstones like:




    -Watermelon Tourmaline (green and pink in color)



    More metals to mine such as:





    This would make the underground fun again and make it more colorful and lively. 

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    You should add new ores like :

    Copper , Tin , Silver , Platinum , Tungsten , Lead and Bronze.

    The power should be Diamond > Platinum > Tungsten > Iron > Silver > Lead > Bronze > Gold > Tin > Copper


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    The undead miner!

    It will be a zombie wearing a miners helmet( which you can craft with 5 gold bars and a torch ) that glows. It will( the undead miner ) have 25 hp and it will always hold an iron pick. The iron pick will have a 13,5 % chance of dropping and the miners helmet 6 % chance of dropping.


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    Minecraft caves are pretty boring right now, since all the cave walls, floor, and ceiling are almost always made of stone. The caves should be made of different materials in different biomes, or have some other none-ore blocks placed randomly, a few examples are:

    • Snow and ice in snowy biomes
    • Sandstone in deserts
    • Red sandstone in mesas/badlands
    • Prismarine in oceans (scattered randomly)
    • Coarse dirt in savannas (scattered randomly)
    • Moss stone and cobblestone in mega taigas (scattered randomly)
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    Well, sound physics similar to Sonic Ether's would definitely improve caving.

    As for environments, I'd love to see some glowing deep underground/underwater plants/crystals. Such things make the overall mood more mysterious and exciting. An underground mushroom biome (probably with the mushrooms glowing) would also work. Knowing that Minecraft's a blocky game, a new resource called bismuth would fit in nicely as well.

    Another thing - the lighting engine should be rewritten. We have been asking for this for years now, yet nothing seems to be happening as of now. Support of colored light would be nice to see along with it. And there should be an option to have unlit places be pitch-black.

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    There should be crystal caves that are really rare and bright. When you destroy a crystal it drops crystal shards that are used to craft crystal which give a bright light. The crystals should also have different colors so if you combine a dye and crystal shards you get a different colored crystal which has a different color light. There should also be certain mobs that spawn in crystal caves like crystal zombies or crystal golems.

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    -New lights (glowing lights [colored])

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    Ok i may be just a random person but i think you might find interesting.Now to start things off worms,two diffrent mobs"mother worm" and "worm",Heres how the regular worm could work.Worms should be able to help with gardening so maybe the shovels if you use shovels to get dirt some times you find a worm and that worm could be placable on gardens to make crops grow faster and water the gardens crops so you dont have to put water near gardens.Heres how the mother worms could work, these hostile mobs can ONLY be found in caves if one sees you and attacks you there are no effects but its fast so basically its a larger version of silver fish and it also takes as much damage from a player as an iron golem does, the mother worm can also be tammed,thanks for reading this and i hope you take it into consideration.

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    Hi. Can you please add crowns and tiaras? that would be awesome. you could use gems and metals!

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    Oh boy, here we go...

    1. More realistic underground

    It would be a nice addition to have some stalagmites and stalactites. Both can be up to 3 blocks high and if you break the "base", other blocks will break too (kinda like cactus).

    2. New mobs

    1. "The Lost (soul)". It spawns in mineshafts and other underground structures. It looks like a ghost, it is pretty quick, but weak and gives mining fatigue or slowness when hit by it. It drops a soul fragment, which can be used to craft souls. Meanwhile, if you surround a seed with 4 souls, it will make a nether wart and if you surround sand with 4 souls, it will make soul sand.

    2. "Void Monster". It spawns in caves near bedrock. It is strong and burn in sunlight. When killed, Void Monster drops an item which can be used for haste potions.

    3. "Undead Miner". This mob can be met in mineshafts or in other (maybe new) structures and is a mini-boss. When player gets close to the miner, they receive blindness effect (similar to Elder Guardian giving mining fatigue). Also, when hit, miner teleports behind the player and/or he throws pickaxes at player.

    4. "Miner". This is just another variation of villager. They will sell some stuff from underground, like diamonds, lapis, etc. The last trade can be a map of stronghold or another underground structure.

    5. I think that bats need to have some more use, not just exist. They can be hostile and/or drop something useful, for example, a bat wing, which can be used for levitation potions.

    3. Miscellaneous

    1. Foggy weather. idk, just y not.

    2. New enchantment. I still didn't some up with the name, so let's call it "potato". It can only be found in dungeons. "potato" can be put on pickaxes and (maybe) shovels. This enchantment can break 3x3 area. Also "potato" can break only stone (including diorite, etc.), ores and netherrack (for pickaxes), sand (all 3 variants), [coarse] dirt and gravel (for shovels). This enchantment is not compatible with efficiency.

    3. Coloured light souces. Colored crystals or redstone lamps would be cool.

    that's all.

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    I think Minecraft could use Rubies, Sapphires and Topazes

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    Ever since i started playing Minecraft (Beta 1.6.6), i haven't seen many improvements on the Underground and the Ores with their respective Tools, with the exception of Emeralds, which at the moment still only serve the purpose of currency in Minecraft. I always wished there was more to mining/caving than looking for these very few ores that Minecraft, after all these years, still has.

    The easiest way in my opinion to make mining more interesting again would be adding New Ores and Tools and rebalance the current ores to fit with the new ones. My vision for the ores would look like this:

    • Copper [Speed: 5 | Harvest Level: 2 | Required Harvest Level: 1 | Durability: 192 | Armor Points: 10]
    • Iron [Speed: 6 | Harvest Lv: 3 | Required Harvest Lv: 2 | Durability: 256 | Armor Points: 12]
    • Topaz [Speed: 7 | Harvest Lv: 3 | Required Harvest Lv: 2 | Durability: 384 | Armor Points: 13]
    • Silver [Speed: 8 | Harvest Lv: 4 | Required Harvest Lv: 3 | Durability: 512 | Armor Points: 14]
    • Amethyst [Speed: 9 | Harvest Lv: 4 | Required Harvest Lv: 3 | Durability: 640 | Armor Points: 15]
    • Gold [Speed: 10 | Harvest Lv: 5 | Required Harvest Lv: 4 | Durability: 768 | Armor Points: 16]
    • Sapphire [Speed: 11 | Harvest Lvl: 5 | Required Harvest Lv: 4 | Durability: 896 | Armor Points: 17]
    • Platinum [Speed: 12 | Harvest Lv: 6 | Required Harvest Lv: 5 | Durability: 1024 | Armor Points: 18]
    • Ruby [Speed: 14 | Harvest Lvl: 6 | Required Harvest Lv: 5 | Durability: 1280 | Armor Points: 19]
    • Diamond [Speed: 16 | Harvest Lv: 7 | Required Harvest Lv: 6 | Durability: 1536 | Armor Points: 20]

    Obsidian would then require a Pickaxe with mining Level 7, so you still need diamond tools to mine it. Also this way, the progression to diamond takes a lot longer and you can't skip many ores since you always need a pickaxe with the right Mining Level so you can progress further to Diamond.

    The gems between each of the standard ores from the list (Topaz, Amethyst, Sapphire, Ruby) serve as a much rarer alternative to the standard ores which always first need to be smelt, while the gems don't. Like Diamond you only need to mine the gem ore and you get a gem which you can immediately use to craft new tools. Great for long mining trips where you don't have much inventory space to carry a furnace with lots of coal to smelt all the stuff you found.

    The gems are almost as strong as their ore counterparts. Only slightly stronger in durability, mining speed, damage output with swords/axes, etc. And since they're much harder to find than the metal ores, they also should have a much higher enchantability. Like Iron has for example an enchantability of 10, while Topaz has 15, so always 50% better enchantability than their metal ore counterparts while being 50% rarer than their metal ore counterpart.

    The next thing would be way more complicated and harder to make, but i think it still is something very important that Minecraft needs, and that would be Underground Biomes.
    Ever since the release update 1.7, which added all those biomes that made Minecrafts overworld much more interesting again, having caves that fit those biomes is a great addition. It would make seeking out for specific biomes way more worth it, especially since you also would have those cool looking caves in these biomes.
    My suggested underground biomes would be:

    • Overgrown Caves, which generates in forests, birch forests and roofed forests and the ground is mostly covered in coarse dirt, new moss dirt, some grass here and moss stone. There are also trees spawning in and their leaves would cover almost the entire top of these caves.
    • Jungle Caves, which of course would only generate in jungles and consist mostly of vines, moss dirt, moss stone, some special underground jungle trees here and there, many mushrooms, etc. grass can also grow there. 
    • Swamp Caves, which are mostly flooded and have new mud blocks which make you sink and suffocate. These blocks can only spawn in swamp biomes and their respective caves and nowhere else. The caves are also like the jungle caves mostly covered in vines. Giant Mushrooms can also spawn in these caves but only when they have enough space.
    • Sandstone Caves, which would generate in Deserts and as the name says, consists mostly of Sandstone and Sand. Tombs, ruins,  and dungeons generate here and fossil structures are way more common to find.
    • Terracotta or Red Sandstone Caves which generate in Mesas, mostly made out of Red Sandstone, Red Sand and all kinds of Terracotta that can be found in Mesa Biomes. Just like the normal sandstone caves they generate ruins, tombs, dungeons and more fossil structures than other biomes.
    • Icy Caves, which generate in cold areas such as ice plains/mountains, cold taigas and ice plains spikes, and consist mostly of packed ice and new ice cobblestone and such. Strays spawn way more often in these caves.
    • Volcanic/Magma Caves, which generate where lava would normally be. It consists mostly of magma cobblestone, magma blocks and of course lava. The magma cobblestone blocks emit light and you can stand on them without taking damage unlike on magma blocks
    • Crystal Caves, a rare cave biome which consists mostly of Crystal Blocks, a new Block only for that Biome which can be used for decoration, the crystals glow slightly too. Maybe the crystals can be used for other stuff too?
    • Glowy Mushroom Caves, also a rare cave biome where huge and small glowing mushrooms grow, the ground is covered in blue glowing mycelium, which can only be found in this rare biome. The glowing mushrooms can only grow on the mycelium found in that biome and they glow bright enough, so that no monsters can spawn in these caves. The glowing blue mushrooms could serve as a new brewing ingredient.
    • More technical caves like underground rivers and underwater waterfalls which can lead to enormous underwater lakes.

    All of these underground biomes i listed here, should be rather rare and not too big in size. They can't generate beyond their biome border, so you can't find small portions of a jungle cave in a desert biome for example. They're completely bound to their biome they spawn in.

    That's all for now, i could come up with way more than this, but then i would sit here for several hours. And sorry if this post is way too long. xD

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     Simple, torches should have dynamic lighting, where they still emit light if you're holding them. (Maybe lava buckets could do this too?)

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    I wish that radiation was in the game and the radiation, like in realife would change the colors of some types of gems.

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    Ok, I came up with some uses for the magnets I suggested, so that's why this is on topic.

    Metal detector
    Used to find ores or treasure

    Magnet minecarts
    They would be better minecarts. You could make later in the game with magnets. They would go faster because they levitate on rails.

    Someone here already suggested slime rails that could go on walls and on the ceilings, so rails on the walls and faster minecarts would be amazing for rollercoasters. Building loop de loops and upside down rails would be really fun.

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    The only thing that i think Minecraft really needs are New and Balanced Ores, Tool Sets and Armors, so the gap between iron and diamond tools isn't so unnecessarily huge. Gold Tools could also need an upgrade, expecially because while it's realistic that Golden Tools aren't durable, Minecraft itself isn't that realistic to begin with so it definitely wouldn't hurt making Gold stronger than Iron but still weaker than Diamond.

    Large Random Procedurally Generated Dungeons would also be a great addition to the underground, because the current ones are only premade structures, which never look different. The only thing that's randomized in these structures is the loot, which isn't that great anyway, but still. I know that there are technically already large procedurally dungeons in Minecraft, but the Strongholds are so abnormally rare

    I think having very difficult and large procedurally generated dungeons, which can go from the surface all the way down to lave level, is something that would make Minecraft so much more exciting and interesting again. It also would be awesome if these dungeons could have special themes applied to them, like Ice Dungeons, Fire Dungeons, Sandstone Temples, etc.

    Or you could make it so the deeper you get, the more the theme of the dungeon/temple gets apparent or make it so, when you reach lava levels, the dungeon/temple becomes very dangerous with lava/fire everywhere, and lava/fire traps and obstacles.

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    I feel like we need underground biomes.


    This wouldn't be like a normal biome (you push f3 and see the biome) since caves are underground it would interfere with the biomes like plains, forest etc. So these could be anything from different block varients underground to different ores!

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    Large caves should be added to Minecraft. But it wouldn't fit under 64 (if not, less) blocks. They need to lift up the space between the surface and bedrock to about 100 and expand the and double the height limit. Another idea is that Mojang has confirmed the addition of a "Red Dragon" coming to Minecraft as a new boss in the future. A large cave filled with stalagmites and stalactites would be perfect with a pedestal around a radius of 10 blocks in the center. On that podium should stand treasure which consists of iron, gold, emerald, and diamond blocks, along with a new block: The Ruby block, which is the first time the player encounters this block as ruby ores don't spawn. The player should be ready for a serious battle. As they approach the pedestal, when they are just about to get within mining range of the precious gems, the ruby block, which one of them stands on top of the pile of crystals and gems, emits a light which sends a beam up towards the top of the cave, and then stops, and around the cave, on 10 carefully placed stalagmites and stalactites (facing each other, stalagmites on the bottom and stalactites on the top of the cave) shoot a beam of light to each other and stops in between them, causing something like an end crystal, but slightly different and red instead of purple to spawn. They all shoot light towards the center of the room, all in sync and then when all have shot the center, the ruby once again shoots a light towards the ceiling and stops going forward half-way there, and it emits an explosion which gives the player blindness for 3 seconds. When the player looks up, it now sees the "Red Dragon" soaring through the cavern. The precious blocks are now encased in a cylinder of red glass, which is unbreakable, and that won't disappear until the dragon has been slain


    Red Dragon Statistics:

    Health: 250 HP (125 Hearts)

    By the way, the crystals heal the dragon, so take those out first if you want a chance at beating this beast.


    -Fire Breath. It will launch a fire ball at you.

    -Fire Barrage. It will fly to the center of the cave, and spin and launch fireballs in many areas. It is a modified version of Fire Breath.

    -Claw Grab. It will fly down to you and you will be carried by it to the highest point in the cave, and then you will be dropped and fall, likely to your death if you aren't equipped with armor with serious enchantments. Also, when it is carrying you, you will take half a heart damage every 5 seconds it is carrying you (like it's claws are hurting you while you are in them).

    -Rapid Charge. It will come down to you at a fast speed and deal a lot of damage if it manages to hit you.

    It will cycle through these attacks, using Fire Breath most of the time. It will use its more powerful attacks when low it is at low health.

    Drops: Tremendous amount of experience, and a Red Dragon Egg (they should change the current dragon egg to Ender Dragon Egg) which has a red texture. You will also be rewarded with the blocks.

    Ruby Block: It can be used in the base of a beacon and also to power one, and can be used to make Ruby Tools and a Sword (no armor). They are stronger than iron but weaker than diamond in both strength and durability, leaning closer to diamond in stats.

    Red Dragon Egg: Like its cousin, the Ender Dragon Egg, it is useless and it is only used for display.

    Red Crystals: Can be crafted like an Ender Crystal, but in stead of an eye of ender use a ruby (9 from a ruby block).

    Re-Summoning of the Red Dragon: It will give you more than enough rubies for more than 10 rubies, and just place them on the stalagmites. It will use the same processs as when first encountered.

    I left this here to just say it, but there is the exact same post somewhere. Vote it!



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    A few days ago I posted two topics; one which was unfairly told to be put in another section (even though it was already posted to the section they asked me to post it to) and another that they told me to post here for easier access to it. It refers to "The Underground" as a brand new dimension and could bring RPG players to the minecraft scene. Here is the full article I posted:

    Additional Story Elements (Hardcore) with Underground Overhaul (was: Sandbox Story)

    Am I the first to come up with this idea? Very well, I'll have to make this really good if I want y'all on my side. The idea I am thinking of is just a small one, but it will change the game in a very big way. I simply want some sort of story and character to minecraft. You can make your own using mods or commands, but I want a built in story.

    You were created by magic and have to level up in order to gain the strength to carry certain items. Your first set of items you may carry is anything that is wood or less. Coal is impossible to pick up and stone is still a little too heavy for you, but with the experience of mining the coal you'll gain the strength to pick it up.

    With your new tool (stone) you will be strong enough to break harder ores. As you mine coal ore it will slowly give you pieces of coal that you can carry. You must craft these into the bigger coal which can be turned into your most valuable tool; the torch.

    The torch has given you the ability to keep mobs at bay (hostile mobs are afraid of light level 8+) and gives you sight as you wander the terrifying depths of caves. You must begin to build a home, but try not to make it out of too much wood or else it may burn down from your best tool's unknown ability. After building your new home you'll have to hide there and store away some goods for the time being.

    Once you have slept a night away you may then head below the coal line. You have gathered enough strength to gather some iron pieces which need to be turned into ingots. After you have created your first set of ingots; you must make an iron tool and weapon. Having these will keep you safe in "The Underground."

    The Underground is a very scary dimension that was created by placing torches in a cross and setting fire to the most central block. The rift will only be open for a few days, so gather all you can before hauling back home with your new gems.

    The gems you have just acquired will aid you in crafting better gear. The better gear will make you able to move faster and break things easier. There are five gemstones that give you these new abilities, but each have their own way of doing it.

    Amethysts will slowly drain the life of passive mobs in order to give you stronger arms and higher movement speed.

    Rubies will slowly drain away your own life to give you a much higher strength and movement speed. (Ruby is the best, because it harms you to make you stronger.)

    Topazes will slowly decay random items (or stacks of items) to give you a weaker version of the ruby improvements.

    Emeralds will remove random ores around you to make your arm strength higher and your feet move faster.

    Diamonds will kill hostile mobs swiftly at the cost of half life and will make you faster if you are moving on the surface of water.

    Once you have conquered that dimension; it is time to head onto the next one. The Nether is a very scary place, because it has five creatures that you will only see there. (Endermen no longer spawn in the overworld.) If you conquer this one, you may have to take a very long break.

    Your strength needs to be at its highest and you'll need several different gems before you head off to the final dimension and beat the final boss. You will receive a random letter in a random chest that tells you to walk in a specific direction for 500 meters. (east, west, north, south) When you do so, you'll be greeted by a guardian.

    This guardian won't be too happy to see you, but he will not attack you; unless you attack him. Descend into this guardians cave temple and be greeted by the corruption portal. (Changing the name of the End to the Corrupted Islands.) If you can defeat the dragon and win the day, you are free to roam and explore forever.


    This is more-so a change for the way Hardcore is played. If Hardcore mode was like this then you would get a lot more RPG players to want to play this. It'll be one life and one epic story.

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    Since I believe I am too focused on our caves of Minecraft I'll be posting something else here that might help my original idea a bit better. Adding "rifts" instead of portals would make the game a bit more fun. We could use specific underground elements to make these rifts and they would only last from 10-60 minutes. Another thing is the rift could close if you leave the minecraft world and hop onto a new one. Just saying that making rifts instead of actual portals would make the game have a more dynamic setting. Unless you were in creative of course.

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    There are some good ideas in here.  

    I like the idea of a Quarry structure that spawns with villages rarely. Brilliant idea Cup o' Joe.

    I really hope cave biomes become possible.  Here are a few I'd suggest:

    1) Underground Pond:   Stalagmites, Stalactites ... with eerily still water.  A great block would be something that is iridescent  ... or gives off a soft glow ... allowing players to see without a torch.  I base this idea off the Dragon's Breath Cave of Namibia in Africa.

    2) Underground Mushroom:   Many games do this, and for good reason.  Mushrooms enjoy low light.  I'd suggest a large cavern with mycelium and a new mushroom to differentiate it from the mushroom biome above ground.

    3) Underground City Ruins:  There have been many underground cities in the history of mankind.  Having a large structure of houses, rooms, etc. that mimic these ancient cities would be cool to explore.  I'm thinking sort of like Cappadocia in Turkey.

    4) Petroleum/Oil Biome.   This is a naturally occurring feature of our planet.  I would never suggest Minecraft develop cars and factories, but perhaps there's a way to incorporate the substance without resorting to an industrial age.  

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    Deeper Ground Dimensions
    - Can only be found in mineshafts
    - Activated when used a coal or something like that
    - Opens the 4th world (Overworld, Nether, End,.... Underground)

    What to find?

    1. Some kind of a cave spikes, hurts you when you go close like cactus

    2. More Ores, of course
    > Copper
    Worst than iron, stronger than chain
    Attacks 4.5 in sword
    Tougher durability than chain
    > Amethyst
    Toughest among all
    7 attack damage, (15 attack damage : Sharpness 5, slower attack speed)
    Efficiency increased
    > Ruby
    Tougher than iron, worst than diamond
    5.5 attack damage, mid speed attack speed
    > Sapphire
    Same as ruby
    > Titanium
    Tougher than diamond, worst than amethyst
    6.5 attack damage, slow attack speed
    Efficiency increased

    3. Abandoned Cave Station

     You can get loots like from dungeon, but with additional treasures


    4. Mobs

     > Dusty Skeleton

     Came from deep, stuck in long time, covered in dust, and shoots you spikes, dealing 1 heart per difficulty

     > Rocky Zombie

      Caves eroded, this guy was covered in stones and rocks, and will hurt you, dealing 1 heart per difficulty. Also the sword isn't useful here, pickaxe is the best killer for here

    > Stranded Excavator

      Do not know the way, become lost, became crazy. Neutral, will shoot you small explosive when provoked, you can trade with it

    > More Cave spider

      You know this

    > Caveman

      Tamed with TONS OR BUNCH of stones, you can make him the backpack of your cave, can't go in over world


    Other than these, (gathered some other peoples idea, and compile them to one comment)

    > Minecart connector - to make Minecraft connectable, reduces 5% Minecraft speed per connection.
    Lead + iron ×5 + 2 iron bars = Minecraft connector

    > Minecart Chest, Ridable : Make minecart have less storage than the normal, (since you occupying 50% of it) also reduces speed by 10%
    Minecart + Chest + Wool = Minecart chest, rideable

    Minecart  with Chest + Wool = Mine cart chest, rideable

    > Minecart with handbrake, - stops Minecraft in a middle of speedy travel, perfect for transportation if unpowered rail is unavailable
    Minecart + Stick = Minecart with handbrake

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    Incoming paragraph list of ideas

              New interface block the GRINDSTONE:
    Crafting recipe? Diamond next to a stick with quartz above the stick surrounded by cobble... wheel spinning animation when on?
    Flint = 16 smelts
    The grindstone kinda brings back the stonecutter" functions like a furnace or a crafting table
    diorite -> polished diorite
    Granite -> polished granite
    Andesite -> polished andesite
    smooth sandstone -> chiseled sandstone -> sandstone -> sand
    Gemstones -> gemstone dust
    Flowers -> appropriate dyes
    Mushrooms -> appropriate dye
    Ink sacs -> black dye
    Cocoa beans -> brown dye
    Cactus -> green dye
    Chorus -> purple dye
    chiseled stone bricks -> stone bricks
    Coarse dirt -> dirt
    Gravel -> sand
    Wheat -> flour
    Logs -> stripped logs

              New generation:
    Natural cobble and mossy cobble "veins"
    Stalagmites and stalagtites blocks
    More gemstone ores
    Clay veins
    Roots? When close to surface?
    Caverns an 18×10×18 space in cave generation is an open space with life... Could have a hidden chest somewhere with mining loot,

           Caves reflect above biomes?
    Jungle caverns are more green. mossy cobble, vines, maybe even moss stone a new block.
    Deserts have sandstone veins?
    Mesas have various Terracotta veins?
    Clay veins in swamps?
    Mineshafts and strongholds have woods from above biomes, different wood shelves and crafting tables?
    Mooshroom biomes have mushroom caves? Mycelium on the floor? More mushrooms to convert to dyes?
    Ocean caves can have kelp?
    Coral & pickles can generate in ocean caves?
    Tree caverns have above trees and grass, flowers?
    Ocean caverns in warm oceans only contain coral, pickles, kelp?
    Mushroom caverns have large mushrooms and mushrooms?

              New functionality:
    Torches in off-hand light up around u? Off-hand functionality? Double tap for mobile devices? Left trigger for controllers?
    Miner's helmet? Attachment for your helmet? Jackolantern/torch + any helmet?
    Regeneration potions reverse to wither potions?
    Poison resistance potions reverse to poison potions?
    Charcoal and coal make black dye?
    Mushrooms convert to dye?
    Smelt stone to stone brick
    Smelt stone bricks to cracked stone bricks still
    Get bark from stripping wood, bark can be replaced back on logs
    Have to strip each individual side of a log or grindstone it all off
    Furnace minecart pushes other minecarts
    Bake flour to bread
    Bark = 1/4 smelt
    Log = 3 smelts

             New items:
    Furnace minecart
    Stone rods (can function as sticks)
    Mossy stone block? I mossy cobble but stone
    Colored mushrooms, maybe even luminoucent ones?
    Birch, spruce, etc. Crafting tables and bookshelves
    Miner's helmet
    Poison sac? Poison gland? (from cave spiders)
    Poison resistance potion (brewing with poison gland)
    Charcoal blocks?
    Gems, gem ores and gem blocks?
    Root blocks
    Stalagtites and stalagmites

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    • improve minecart with furnace
    • ability to connect minecart with chains craftet with 3 iron in a row
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    Try adding a actual underground biom with new mobs that spawn there. Alot of people would be interested in that.

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    Make it sound like if you wall down a cave hallway, the cave echoes.