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(May/June 2018) Featured Topic: Underground!


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    StegCo01 commented

    Add some metal ore, smelt it for a shard of metal, 5 metal shards for a chain. Smelt the metal shards for some steel. My point is I want chain armor to be craftable. Metal weapons and tools could be useful as well. Along with metal blocks. Yes, we may have plenty of minerals, and metal adds to the collection, but I personally feel that I would play the game more often with metal in it. 

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    I believe that underground rivers would be neat having it's own fish that only spawns underground

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    BungieHelp05 commented

    I'll keep it short honestly I think we should have more underground dungeons than you find using maps or from above ground entrances these dungeons should be really large and take a good amount of time to compleat including new monsters and boss like mobs, the dungeons should also follow the way Minecraft was built; to allow players to build so large rooms for boss fights to allow players to fight as they would want to large towers for archers or high ground up close combat. the loot should be rare to each dungeon and rewarded only from beating bosses with some supply chests scattered around. 

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    I was thinking if there was new potion that lets you see ores for 2mins. Also with torches in caves the give small light when your holding it in hand or off hand, be helpful when mining. Also i was thinking adding snakes for desert biomes, such has rattlesnakes, or desert owls that live in cactus. also you can add different types of cactus  

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    nikoskon20031 commented

    What if chunks would be saved in 16x16x16, instead of 16x256x16??? This could be great for implementing new cave biomes! For example you could have an underground glowing mushroom biome like not a part of plains or desert, but actually a separate biome! Also this could be extended to have floating biomes, but this is not a part of the topic :(. Thats my opinion.

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    maxplayle04 commented

    Have underground transport (eg blocks for building metros etc)

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    Other than adding more metals, more gems, I think Mojang should add a large cave varient about 8-10 blocks in width. It would have stalacites and stalagmite (a new block or just made from stone) and maybe even some small water ponds to make the cave more realistic and more detailed.

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    Rententee commented

    I think we need a new boss, new structures, new mobs and new items so here's my suggestion.

    Add underground biomes like many people have suggested, frozen caves in cold biomes, sandstone caves in desert biomes, overgrown caves in jungle biomes, magma caves in mesa biomes (or maybe a new magma biome? (volcanoes? )), crystal and mushroom caves(would look cool with a new lighting system (dynamic lighting) (a lot of cool different colored light blocks)).

    Then add big, randomly generated, correspondingly themed temples to those biomes, consisting of corresponding blocks, loot, enemies and traps. Some of those traps could be arrow traps that use fitting tipped arrows and another trap would make a new type of golem corresponding to the temple. Other traps could fit the temple theme like fire traps in the magma temple, suffocation traps in the sandstone temple, etc.

    The main loot of the temple would be an item used to make a boss summoning item. This boss would be multiple entities with attacks related to the different temples. I don't know what they would drop but I'm sure you guys and gals can figure out something cool.

    Random stuff

    Hookshot are cool and good for caving. It would just swoosh you towards where it landed.

    A big hole. Just a massive steep cone-shaped hole going almost to bedrock. It would be really rare. You could use it to find ore, get in to caves, base building, it would be cool to look at and fun to fly down.

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    THAtgAm3s commented

    hi everyone, i am new here but i have some ideas. 

    A diamond blade could be like the trident but not enchantable. you can only craft it by using 1 stick and 1 diamond in a shovel shape but with one less stick. it may be rare, but you can find rare structure : miners nuclear protection centre : adds auto smelter + lightable torches. it has a auto smelter (extremely extremely rare) intantly smelts everything. has a one block hole from top of world. adds quick smite: does extra 5 damage underground when jumping (10 second cool-down) only with diamond blase... diamond blade only works underground and when in an obsidian room.

    (extra spacing removed ~nb)

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          I think you could make caves ore change depending on the biome above biome and the blocks change to. All give some examples.

    1.  Plains should have lots of iron, redstone, coal, gold is the same, diamonds, emeralds, and lapis are more rare. The cave would have some vines but not a lot.

    2. Desert should have lots of iron, gold, diamonds, coal and redstone rarely spawns emerald and lapis don’t spawn. The cave would have a lot of sandstone and granite. Lava is more common and water is rare.

    3. Ice biome have lots of emerald,diamond, and lapis, gold and iron are same, and redstone and coal don’t spawn, cave have lots of obsidian, diorite, ice and snow. No lava spawns and water spawns commonly  

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    Benwilk105 commented


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    A new ore for the End dimension that goes by the name of Radium. Radium is a new ore that has the same stats of iron tools, besides them being more durable. Radium tools would also give special effects. For example, when you hold the sword you get swiftness. Or jumpboost when when you wear the boots. The strength of these effects can be upgraded with enchanting. When a radium item is placed into an enchantment table a special enchantment called Radeon will show up, and this increase the effect by 1 or more depending on what level the enchantment is. For example, Radeon 3 increases the effect’s power by 3. Radium blocks will also have a new use in red stone. A Radium block will power everything in a 5 x 5 x 5 area around the block, this effect will be disabled when the block itself is powered. I think radium would be an epic addition to the game! Thanks for reading, have a good day!

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    we should add 

    -iron, diamond and emerald apples

    -new boss battle, the boss is called the turtle king. he's a red turtle and uses fire power. he lives everywhere. he spawns in caves and after you defeat him you get an egg which says The Turtle King and when you place it, it takes 10 Minecraft days to hatch the egg. after it hatches it becomes your pet. he eats emeralds iron and diamonds.

    -add emerald armor

    -new dungeon where you can get really op diamond armor

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    StodgyCross4 commented

    Moles would dig out dirt to make one block holes about half a second every time and would create long one-block tunnels, just to avoid players and hostile mobs. This behavior would be annoying to any players, especially if players are getting dirt. So to make up for this annoying behavior, they would be hostile to slimes (the closet thing to worms in Minecraft) in swamps (so the population of slimes there would be under control), despite moles being only rabbit-sized, and slimes would be scared of and inherently does from moles, since slimes are substitute for worms in Minecraft. They could be bred with slime balls to breed more moles and, therefore, less annoying slimes.

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    CalebDoezVidz commented

    Maybe you could add more gems/ores to make more armour and weapons, that would be cool (ex: amethyst, different coloured diamonds, pearls maybe for ocean caves or ocean ravines, peridot jasper and more!) Different caves (ex: desert caves, ice caves, lots of ore caves, cobblestone caves, under a village there would be a cave with a few homes under there with minor villagers to nice ores and they would trade pickaxes for stuff like ores and gems, etc.)

    Please add these features

    (off topic content removed ~nb)

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    I think we need to have like, secret mine shafts with zombies and spiders, and I also think we should have new items, like lanterns and stuff like that. I actually kind of like the idea of torches glowing in your hands. That would be pretty cool!

            Your fellow minecrafter,


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    OH YEAH.

    Can you also add special items that can only be found in caves? Like bat ears, or spider legs, or something like that. And new potions too. And can you make it so that if any mobs are in somewhere dark, they can’t really see? Thanks!

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    Frappuchino77 commented

    Mushrooms need an update

    When you see mushrooms in caves you usually just walk past them and ignore them. What if the big mushrooms that you can make from bonemeal spawned naturally in caves. Mycelium could spawn in caves very rarely too. Also they can release a puff of smoke that gives a poison effect. Maybe a green mushroom could be added that gives jump boost if you eat it.

    Ghosts in caves

    A new ghost mob could be added that spawns very deep underground. It can go through walls and it can leave ectoplasm behind that when walked over slows down players (like soul sand) if the ectoplasm is collect you can eat it to get a sort of ghost-like ffect that allows you to travel through walls.

    Miner's Helmet

    This can be crafted with redstone dust and gold ingots. It could act like torches do when being held in optifine. The light follows you wherever you walk. This could be more of an mid-game item.

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    Chestccjer commented

    potion of slime- you can bounce of any block like a slime block and stop bouncing by pressing shift it can be useful in ravine if u want to get to the other side.the higher the level the potion is the higher u can bounce.effect-bounce, can be brew with slime ball and awkward Potion

    slimed ender pearl-it can bounce off block one time allowing u to travel farer and tp to place u can't never tp with a normal ender pearl 

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    here are some of my ideas for  "The Underground"!


    Make lava pools on the surface have a new type of lava, cool lava. This lava flows much slower, and it's texture looks like it has pieces of obsidian in it while the lava under ground is the same lava we are used to, only you take more damage from it. Also, make any water near lava evaporate like in the real world.

    Repurposeable aesthetics:

    Stalactites and stalagmites:

    Forms from dripping water or lava and grows over time but is also naturally generated in caves. These can be new hazards for caves increasing fall damage 2x . They can also be mined and used for base defense, or death traps for multi player servers. these blocks can also be used to make a spear, witch in turn will introduce different spear strengths. For example: you can use 3 sticks to make the lowest grade, the wood spear, 2 sticks and a stalactite, or stalagmite, formed from calcium salts, witch comes from dripping water, to make a slightly stronger spear, 2 sticks and a stalactite, or stalagmite, made of obsidian, dripping lava, for the third strongest spear, then the strongest would be the trident. You can also use 2 of these blocks and thier full block counterpart to make a stone, or obsidian, pick axe.

    Native tribes around the world would that live, or lived, near volcainos colect, or colected, obsidian shards to make spiers and arrows so I think, if you add these blocks to minecraft, the addition of different levels of arrows would make sense.


    poisonous mushrooms:

    gives the poison effect first, then adds nausea, then slowness, then blindness and stops after 30 to 40 seconds when the player is at half a heart, dang, after reading this back, it sounds brutal lol. This mushroom can be brewed into a new potion and drank to get the new advancement; slow and painful, or smelted to remove the effects.

    structures and caves:

    Mine shaft improvements:

    1. Break rooms. this it where miners went to smelt ores, take a break, or to fix their tools. This new room comes complete with loot, a map of the mine shaft, a crafting table, a furnace, and a skull! great for moments when you run out of food, tools, resources, and sanity!
    2. Replace gravel with wood planks to keep the mine shaft looking nice.
    3. Add occasional skulls laying on the floor here and there for dramatic effect.


    Stronghold improvements:

    1. Increase endermen spawn rate in and around the stronghold's chunks, including inside the stronghold.
    2. Add a super rare loot room with 5 silverfish spawners under the lava below the portal. It's got to have good loot with that security!
    3. Add a bed room. If theirs a library, someone must have lived there.
    4. Make a new villager that spawns in the bedroom and has the normal player model. and let the skin be changeable using a command that searches for a skin in some folder, then has you choose the file name and auto saves it to the world's folder. This would be great for fan made maps!


    Hot springs:

    Hot springs can be found on the surface, attached to a cave system, or in it's own little pocket, but are rare. This special water can regenerate your health as you step into the warm, soothing, pool of relaxation. It will also cool into regular water when put it into a bucket or bottle, but can be reheated in a furnace. Now I want to take my own soothing bath!

    Ores and other materials: 

    tip: make diamonds and quartz capable of generating around lava pockets, tubes, and lava filed ravines. It only makes sense seeing as their formed as a result of intense heat and pressure in real life. diamonds should also generate in the nether because of the pressure and heat.

    Clear Quartz:

    Can be found where ever normal quartz is found, sometimes mixed in with quartz veins. When made into a block and placed, hostile mobs will try to avoid it unless your right next to it. If you put the crystal in your off and, hostile mobs will hesitate to come near you, or try to get away if you sprint toward them. Clear quartz will clear any negative effects if the player is within 5 blocks of it, but reduces the effects of enchanted items as well to give it a fair balance. And, so it isn't too op in sea temples and the ender dragon fight, cause it to turn into regular quartz after a short time in and around those areas. the texture would almost as clear as glass but with scuff marks. and make it possible to turn then into panes as well, this could look good in builds! I got the ideas for this from the real life history of clear quartz crystals, witch people used to believe it was ice that didn't melt. it's said to be used to keep evil beings away, have healing properties, and block magic spells.


    I know what your thinking "redstone already exists in Minecraft!" Well, just hear me out. Have redstone ore drop redstone instead of redstone dust, but can still be crafted into redstone dust. Red stones can be used to make these items:

    1. redstone torch
    2. redstone block
    3. redstone dust
    4. redstone charger (charges until it reaches level 30, twice the maximum redstone level, then releases it in a quick burst then starts recharging. The max charge can be changed in increments of 5 by right clicking the device.)
    5. piston (the redstone replaces the iron and the dust goes in the same slot. may need to change the texture for this one.)

    Here are some new redstone dust recipes as well:

    1. piston
    2. red quartz dust (redstone dust mixed with clear quartz dust to increase the distance a redstone signal can travel by 20 blocks. great for large redstone contraptions, but you only get one dust per recipe. The clear quartz is is used to keep the signal from disbursing into the air, keeping it contained it the redstone.)



    An ore that you leave alone. Leaver' right there!




    remove the eyes from spiders that spawn in caves, they don't need them in the dark anyway.

    Hostile mobs:

    1. whip spider: Spawns in caves, some mine shafts, and rare spawner rooms. the whip spider will use it's large pincer looking mouth to grip it's victim, immobilizing it while it feasts. can be killed like normal spiders.
    2. Cave dweller:A creature that has no eyes or pigmentation because it only lives in caves. It uses antennae to listen for it's pray. This strange creature also uses clicking sounds to hear the shape of the cave, like echo location.

     Passive mobs:

    1. Cave fish:A small fish built for a cave life stile. the lack of light means that they don't need eyes, or color for that matter, in fact those features use up too much energy, energy that they need to survive due to the small amount of food they find. They use moving water to feel any obstacles that may be present, similar to echo location. 

    thanks for reading my post, I aprecimate it.

    (extra spacing removed ~nb)

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    smaller slimes should rejoin back into a big slime if they are not killed

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    There are so many great ideas here on the board.  The one thing i can think of is an update to the furnace minecart.  It seems to be the most unused item even before the advent of the powered rail.  I'm not sure why, but i think that some tweeks would make it useful.

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    Add Guinea pigs. Because they can be pets. They can be tamed with apples. They can help alert you if a hostile mob is within 20 blocks by high pitched squeaks. They can help in caves by sniffing out ores within 8 blocks by running to the ore.They have 4 heath points. They will follow you when tamed but they cant sit and stay unless you give them a carrot. You can find them in the plains,oak and birch forests, near burrows(holes with over hangs).

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    You should add,

    --New armor like redstone armor that can power stuff within 10 blocks

    --A spider helmet which gives night vision and the ability to climb up to 20 blocks

    --A new giant spider boss battle which if you defeat you can get the spider helmet and other items you can't usually make or obtain

    --A giant cyclops which are located in dungeons and if you kill it you get its eye you can turn it into a potion which makes you big for 2 or more minutes

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    rmanawesome commented

    You can find hostile wolves that will attack you only if you are wearing no armor because they know you are weak.

    Monsters that spawn by expensive ores to protect it.

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    rmanawesome commented

    weak slimes roaming around that grow in water if in a ravine

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    ProudF1re commented

    Add a mob that is indirectly a threat

    Maybe add a mob that can erode stone and make paths for other mobs to attack the player but is only capable of doing it with stone and only in a specific Y coordinate. It is mostly passive but sees you as a threat and it tries to get help from other mobs. It can drop an item to make a tool that can quickly mine, or a of hand item that gives surrounding mobs glowing effect includes players to see their location like the spectral arrows I imagine it having a cool down.I got that idea because the glowing effect is rarely used, and that I imagine the mob I'm talking about is aware of any other surrounding mob in a radius, I want this mob to be like a supporting type to add something different that doesn't attack you directly.

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    One of the things I think you should add to caves is limestone. Limestone is a stone that would only appear in a 15 block radius of a water source and can only spawn in caves, also limestone can’t spawn near water that the player places, it has to be natural water. Limestone can be mined with any pickaxe and when you break it you harvest it but when you break it water appears at the spot you broke it at,( the reason for this is because it spawns near water and water can get soaked up into the stone, that is why all my mentions of limestone will be water related, it’s because it has water inside it) Limestone can be turned into a decorative building block for structures. Also if limestone is touching dirt with seeds in it or with a sapling on it the plant on that block will grow 25% faster because of the minerals that are in the limestone, also instead of having water to grow you plants limestone can because it has water in it, also villages have a chance to spawn with limestone on the farms. You can’t place fire on limestone because of the water that’s in it. If you get an empty bottle you can fill it up with the water in limestone, but you can’t fill up a bucket with the water in limestone because there isn’t enough water in it. You should also add little underground rivers and small lakes so that limestone can spawn more frequently. In those rivers and small lakes you can find moss it can be mined with anything and give you half a hunger bar. Also blocks with moss will make you slide if your running because it’s slippery. Also the water in caves should have a slight darker color just for looks :) Another idea is stalagmites and stalactites. Water will drip from them and bats will also sleep on the tips of them, they can only be mined with a silk touch pickaxe, and limestone can spawn in a 5 block radius of them. Another idea is chains. It’s a simple feature to mainly make it look better, but chains can spawn in strongholds and other cave structures and you can mine them with any pickaxe, you can also climb them. They can hand on the walls like a 2D thing or hang from the ceiling as a 3D thing. Also mobs can climb the chains. Also chains can be smelted into iron ingots, but you can’t craft chains. Another idea I have is that mushrooms can spawn on the ceiling and you can place them on the ceiling. Those are all my ideas for now, I hope you like them and maybe even consider adding them. These are some changes that would make the game look better but also help it’s gameplay.

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    Titanic110504 commented

    I would like more Realistic caves, which could include stalagmites, stalagtites, more ores, and I also think cave biomes would be cool too, like you guys did to oceans but a little different, so for instance there could be caves that have fluorescent mushrooms and a special ore only found in a certain cave biome. Basically just all around better caves...

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    Eaglestrike49 commented

    We should have Large peaked mountains that contain villages and large watery cave systems below it. These villages would have large glowing mushrooms, underground rivers, and buildings on stilts connected via road bridges.

    In the caverns there would be stalactites, stalagmites, gems and new ores along with limestone along with edible moss. There would be large rivers and lakes there. The cave water would be poisonous and contain mutated fish and alligators. The cave water could only be picked up by a lead bucket otherwise it will burn through and destroy the bucket.

    In the villages the villagers would be dwarves and trade special weapons, armor, lanterns (portable light), and tools along with minerals and alloys that could be stronger than diamonds.

    You would also have the chance to find dwarves castles under ground that could contain a new boss battle against a Fire Dwarf. He would throw lava and be very tall. when you defeat him you get the dwarven crown which allows you to locate minerals underground with easy and makes the trades with other dwarves a much better deal.