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Please read the pinned post on creating biomes and dimensions. Please put items for the new Mountains and Nether Updates in their proper categories. Remember portals are structures, that includes Nether portals.


(May/June 2018) Featured Topic: Underground!


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    For the adding biomes part I believe that a "abandon city/village" should be added to the world generation. The abandon city would be a village or city (when I say city I mean like with sky scrapers and supermarkets and public parks) that is deserted. the village would consist of broken homes fire, mob sponers, and secret underground entrances or bunkers with surviving villagers.  you might notice that I have been saying village in the last couple of sentence fragments; this is because if a city would be too big to be randomly generated instead the idea could be Implemented to villages. 

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    Imagine tuning into a desert temple, only to find yourself surrounded by dangerous Scorpions... but it's day, so you can hardly see them, sense only the top of their tails stick out through the sand block they hide under. Scorpions could be the Day and Desert variant of Spiders (hostile at day, peaceful until provoked at night), exept, scorpions and spiders would always get into fights when within an 8 block ratios. Normal scorpions would come in Sandy yellow, red, and caramel orange, while the poisonous cave scorpions would come in black, black & white striped, and dark brown. They would drop poisonous stingers that could be used to double the savage or time of positions of poison, or for a completely new posion.

    Imagine how they could be used for maps and mini games.

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    Minecarts able to couple to one another

    Who wouldn't like to be able to finally be able to couple Minecarts together? I think it would be great if we could use Leads on Minecarts to chain them together. Another way to add this feature would be to add chains to the game that could only be found inside mine-shafts. This would get rid of some of the annoyance caused by minecarts going the wrong way (or just getting in the way) when trying to use multiple carts at a time, which would also save players' time having to go travel by foot just to clear the rails every so often.

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    Cave Paintings

    This would be a nice thing to add to caves for decorations. You could find rare "painted" blocks with all sorts of designs for each stone variant block (at least stone and sandstone). The designs could include 1 representative texture for each tool and mob in the game (you could exclude creepers and withers, sense the sand and redsand blocks already have them), hand and foot prints, and enchanted book letters. These blocks would be great for collectors (the archeologists in the community) and even better for mapping and mini games. They could also be combined with banners, so that you could customize waypoints on maps by placing a banner near a hieroglyph to give the waypoint the design of the nearest hieroglyph (within a 7 block ratios). For natural generation, a villager design could be used to represent a nearby village,  a mod design could be used to represent a nearby Spawner and the type, etc... Players could also find all the other designs in reveans and random caves. This would definitely encourage people to mine in "MINE"craft. :D

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    Goldmormon32 commented

    A new cave diemension with a boss at the end of a huge cave or you could make the caves a rare structure similar to the strongholds at the end have a giant creeper or dragon 🐉 and include a story at the end maybe something to do with it and the ender dragon include a ore that is better than diamond at the end of it all. Make the walls out of a new type of stone called dark stone. Make dragon armor that can be made from scales you find in side dungeons along the way. You could make the place the dark cave biome. And when you are done you a Portal could open up to a realm called darkcaveland with demons and hostile mobs but, with great rewards this new realm will in culde dungeons and new blocks trolls and what ever else you guys want.


    next, with the rails you could add trains 🚂 and new rail textures that are 3D make it so the carts can hold gems 💎 or valuables you find will mining make it so that they can hold cattle the trains could also have a head light and please and miners gear that has a head lamp and can grant you hast and night vision 

    next after that, add bears that could dwell in normal caves and some times cave men, add a ice cave biome with polar bears in them 


    another idea is that you could add a lamp that is fueled by coal and a flint and steel, add a camp fire and a tent so that you could camp in the cave depths. Add rope blocks that are like a 3D ladder and if you go to deep in the cave you will start to lose air


    mojang it would be amazing if even one of these things is added to the game plz I understand if some of these ideas are crazy but plz

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    Mole Rats

    Mole Rats would be the obvious animal to add to an underground themed update. I think they would be perfect just as a new animal addition for Vanilla Minecraft, sense not too many people seem to know very much about them.

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    stalagmite and stalactite

    stalagmite and stalactite would be perfect for traps. They could be used to double or even cripple the amount of damage dealt by fall damage while being safe to walk through... unless you jump on them, and depending on their hight. Basically the opposite of Magma blocks. They could spawn in caves near water.

    Imagine trying to get over a ladder with Stalactite right above you to knock you back down. :D

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    Innerindia commented

    Their should be a update on minecart furnace....we need something that can automate the entire mining railway system..

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    It would be nice to have more ore possibilities for every dimension with more ores specific to each one, especially the End.

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    Wouldn't it be great of we could find mob heads in the mossy Mob Spawner dungeons. It would make it so much more worth mining in MINEcraft. :D

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    I know Dirt slabs where scraped, "due to them making a mess on mountain sides and grass wouldn't connect properly", but I'd be surprised if that would still be an issue. An easy fix would be to just have them spawn only on top of dirt/glass and increase the length of the grass textures to run into at least half of the blocks.

    Dirt slabs would be perfect for the game, sense jumping around just to get from place to place (especially with auto jump) tends be just annoying and it would also help builders blend their projects better with terraformation without having to make a mess of things.

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    L8destroyer commented

    mabey you should add the core where there is a ball of obsidian that have lots of rare ores inside but a ton of lava

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    creeperbird13 commented

    what about, double chest minecarts, to transport more ores. these ores are of course: gold, diamond, iron, emerald, coal en redstone. but also tin, topaz, platinum and more. 

    maybe a new boss. it is in a room like a stronghold. the room is like a treasure room, with gold, diamonds etc. what the boss would look like? i don't know.

    what about a Axolotl, rare animals you can catch with buckets like fish. you can put them and fish in new fishtanks, or in cauldrons. axolotls would have to colors, black and albino.

    different types of bats. like a dangerous vampire bat.

    we should get miners, villagers with other trades, these guys trade miner helmets. miner helmets are like a portable torch.

    maybe volcanos, with more volcanic blocks and minerals.




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    RobotZap10000 commented

    How about being able to "leash" minecarts to one another to create actual locomotives!

    Although I wouldn't use leashes to do this, maybe ropes that can be crafted with plenty of string?

    I already know this is possible in vanilla Minecraft, but only with using rather complicated commands.

    This would be really useful to create lines of chest minecarts for easy item transportation and better roller coasters!

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    GamingArchway commented

    I think there should be new ores with new gems and metals as well as crystals with new blocks however they wont have tools or armor however they will be traded with villagers for things like spawn eggs or monster spawners

    also the crystals will also come similiar to sea pickles and turtle eggs.and can be mined using a wooden pick but there will be crystal blocks which can only be mined using a diamond pick.

    glowstone should also act as new dye on sheep which makes them glow.It does not change back unless it has hit any water

    mining updates can mean only one thing a miner villager which can actually mine and trade with you

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    1: In mineshafts you could find a mob called an "Undead Miner" which is a zombie that looks like a miner but holds a stone pickaxe and they could have a 5% drop rate to drop a miner helmet. 2: A cave biome called "Deep Caves" where you can't breath unless you have a miner helmet which allows you to breath in the Deep Caves. 3: Copper armor which is like gold armor but has longer durability. The copper can be found by mining copper ore at levels 25 and below.

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    Ivan01785 commented

    The mountain biome that rise to up to 256 blocks like everest,on the top of the mountain, theres a new boss like frozen wither or anything


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    1: One thing that has interested me for all my life are the hills and mountains in China covered with vegetation. There are also many rivers and lakes in the valleys next to the mountains cliffs and hills. You could also find many ores in this vast biom like Peridot, Agate, Blood Stone, Amber Cinnabar, Corundum, Sapphire, Zircon, Diamond, Garnet, Nephrite, Jade, Turquoise, and Opal. There would also be tea trees growing here.

    2: Everyday I wonder when Minecraft will get new ores here are some ores and ore crafting recipes that I think would improve Minecraft. Jade and peridot could be a scam for villagers so you would not have to use emeralds. Now emeralds would have a use they could be used to create a rhombus shaped portal made out of cubes that is activated by placing a pearl in an item frame on the top of the portal. (you could get a pearl by harvesting oysters.) (oysters would be a new item and mini block.) Once you did that the portal would be lit and take you to a dimension with a gigantic tree in it that had different ores and gems growing on it and other trees smaller than the big tree growing that would grow only one ore or gem. Some new gems would be Peridot, Agate, Blood Stone, Amber, Cinnabar, Corundum, Sapphire, Zircon, Garnet, Nephrite, Jade, Turquoise, opal, jasper malachite, sardonyx, onyx, salt crystals, Smokey quarts, rainbow quarts, silver, gold, copper, rohdonite, fluorite, rutile, and carnelian. You could find these in different bioms. All of these (except salt crystals) would be able to make tools like swords, axes, hoes, shovels, and pickaxes. Salt would be used in food recipes.

    3: Last but not least animals and mobs for the new Chinese biom. Maybe you could find a new kind of villager that harvests the tea trees. Eagles and other birds a mythical dragon that guards a palace on a hill that you have to defeat to get inside and different types of cows, chickens, and pigs on a small farm near the palace with a villager with them. Pandas would be for a different Chinese biom like a bamboo forest that was covered with mist. There would also be mist in the Chinese hills biom. These are my ideas and suggestions for the new updates that are coming. 

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    Yijods commented

    We need VILLAGERS with MINER jobs! There should be a mine in some villages, and a villager (or more) that mine. They trade stone and it's variants and minerals too!

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    Have there be different cave biomes. Have the caves look different depending on what biome they are located in. Ex. Have the caves under a forest have grass, dirt, trees, and other green blocks in them. This would make caving and mining a lot more interesting compared to regular repetitive mining in the game today.

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    We need more cave creatures like more spiders or bats and lizards ect

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    LolJaylen11 commented

    It would be great too see a active mineshift run by villages

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    As of more trapdoors, pressure plates, and buttons, you should expand that to chests, bookshelves , and more to make dungeons look better. It is great if there was more "life" in there, as caves sprouting out of a jungle will have leaves, and foliage for example. You should also make more variants of certain blocks like andesite bricks, diorite stairs, and granite walls. Also at biotite, a block similar to the other full-block stones, (eg. Andesite) that is black and does relatively the same thing as the others. And there should be ores that can spawn in those blocks, like coal ore in doirite. The Nether however, its boring, so maybe add gold ore in there because, how did the zombie pigman get their swords? Maybe add more to it, because the nether is desperate for an OVERHAUL.

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    AzureNekomimi commented

    An idea that I've had would be to add an open area deeper in caves that has a lot of mushrooms, the problem is that the area has poisonous gas that you could light with a flint & steel to cause the gas to ignite and quickly spread the fire, getting rid of the gas temporarily, as well as igniting and dealing damage to whatever is currently within it.

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    ProtoMario101 commented

    I dont know if you guys already have a generation system capable of this but can you add UNDERGROUND biomes. I would love to see a system where there could be many biomes underground that change how the caves are formed and give a more diverse feel to the underground. 

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    aaaksiwkis12 commented

    We should more cave variants that you can find in the caves Like a whole area like a buffet world type inderground in like 3 chunks straight

    and we need more ores like amethyst which we can make tools from to be better than diamond tools

    and copper that may have electricity things maybe more advanced than redstone 

    or maybe pearls

    and you can add a lost miner villager that can trade ores and he wonders underground 

    and another variant of slimes but grey and when you kill them they can come back together so you need to kill them faster

    and there should be quick sand pits underground that works like the cobweb and you have to dig your way up or it may drop you in caves or in lava

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    Bluestar5101 commented

    Machines that can mine ores, cut trees, and a seprate one that can maybe turn one item into another but for a price(but you cant turn bad materials into good materials like dirt to diamons). I dont know what it would be but maybe add more gold in a world and make gold coins? And the better the item the more gold coins you need. Items could have a tier to determine how many coins it needs to make. Like, tier 1 needs 1 coin, tier 2 needs 2 coins, or you could have iron coins for extra so like, tier 1 needs 1 iron coin, tier 2 needs 1 gold and 2 iron, tier 3 needs 2 gold 5 iron coins ect.


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    Cave Ins:

    A chance for unsupported stone blocks to fall when given a block update (mining, tnt, etc.).  Along with the danger of suffocation, falling stone blocks could hurt the player, dealing significant   This would add a new danger to mining, as you'd have to be careful while mining, and add a new reason to never mine straight up.  I've seen stories of miners working in mines when suddenly the roof caves in on them. 

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    Add smooth granite, andesite and diorite which spawn naturally in the world or can be made by smelting granite, andesite and diorite. Also it could drop normal granite, andesite and diorite, just like stone drops cobble. Also, add granite, andesite and diorite bricks and smooth variants of bricks that can be crafted by placing 4 granite, andesite and diorite/ smooth granite, andesite and diorite, like stone bricks. The crafting recipe for polished blocks could be 8 blocks around the crafting table, similarly to a furnace. Possibly add basalt blocks that appear near lava and marble that appears near snowy biomes and have the same functionality as granite, andesite and diorite.

    Ores and tools:

    1.Add the ability to repair tools using emeralds. I know we have mending, but this would be a good way to repair weapons at the start of the game and would more functionality to emeralds.

    2.Lucky gold tools. Gold tools are pretty much useless, so adding fortune and looting could make them better.


    Miners could spawn in underground camps/mine shafts. They could mine for you and trade ores/blocks. In the start they could give you blocks and when you upgrade them, they could give you access to ores and then more advanced ores.

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    There needs to be more uses for emeralds; the only use so far is to make blocks or trade with villagers (which sometimes is not really worth it). Maybe update the trades with better ones and make an armor/weapons set for emeralds!