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    SuperCreeper404 commented


    Add smooth granite, andesite and diorite which spawn naturally in the world or can be made by smelting granite, andesite and diorite. Also it could drop normal granite, andesite and diorite, just like stone drops cobble. Also, add granite, andesite and diorite bricks and smooth variants of bricks that can be crafted by placing 4 granite, andesite and diorite/ smooth granite, andesite and diorite, like stone bricks. The crafting recipe for polished blocks could be 8 blocks around the crafting table, similarly to a furnace. Possibly add basalt blocks that appear near lava and marble that appears near snowy biomes and have the same functionality as granite, andesite and diorite.

    Ores and tools:

    1.Add the ability to repair tools using emeralds. I know we have mending, but this would be a good way to repair weapons at the start of the game and would more functionality to emeralds.

    2.Lucky gold tools. Gold tools are pretty much useless, so adding fortune and looting could make them better.


    Miners could spawn in underground camps/mine shafts. They could mine for you and trade ores/blocks. In the start they could give you blocks and when you upgrade them, they could give you access to ores and then more advanced ores.

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    SucramGamer007 commented

    There needs to be more uses for emeralds; the only use so far is to make blocks or trade with villagers (which sometimes is not really worth it). Maybe update the trades with better ones and make an armor/weapons set for emeralds!

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    RiptideDolphin commented

    They should add a new underground thing which is a huge-I mean HUGE as in the size of a 60 high and 250 wide radius-cave with stalagmites and stalagtites. Inside should be the Mojang guaranteed future boss-the Red Dragon.

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    LapisKnight123 commented


    Fantasy ores such as Mythril (darker than diamond but lighter than Lapis Lazuli type of blue) possibly Lead (not sure if this was already suggested), and maybe the ability to "fuse" 2 ores together and get a new one (iron + lead = DarkIron, a stronger iron, but slows you down when wearing armor of that type)


    More golems ('nuff said here), ancient guards (mob that spawns in the ancient tombs, they have a chance of dropping ancient spears, which when equipped you can reach enemies from 3 blocks further than an sword, they start motionless, but once you walk in their line of sight shown by a blue line, you can mine under them and such) Ancient Behemoth (1500 HP, but doesn't do much damage, is able to summon ancient guards that are pre-awoken, drops ancient tusks that can be used to upgrade tools, by crafting a diamond item and an ancient tusk you'll make a war tool, diamond hoe + ancient tusk = war scythe, diamond axe + ancient tusk = war axe, ect.)


    Ancient tombs: an underground mesa biome with maze-like corridors, levitation pads (new block that when you stand on them you gain 5 seconds levitation, craft with 1 shulker shell + stone pressure plate redstone, shapeless) will also spawn here, ancient guards (as stated above), and a new boss: the Ancient Behemoth

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    coba56 commented

    add an enchant that makes it when you mine an ore you get hast and it could be called miner heaven and the cured enchant of that would give you mining fatigue and it would be called curse of the underground

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    coba56 commented

    you should add a fuel that you make with coal and paper. What it does is it smelts stuff faster and runs out quicker. For the coal you can find it under ground (duh) but the paper  is a bit harder so you should add a plant (maybe called cave grass) and what you do is you get 6 of the item it drops and put it into a crafting table to make paper.

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    MOSSPOSS commented

    shovel+pickax+slime= shovel-pick so you don't need to keep switching tools when mining

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    MOSSPOSS commented

    there could be an enchantment for pickaxes and shovels that can mine all of the blocks in a 10 by 10 by 10 aria so if you mine dirt all of the dirt in a 10 by 10 by 10 aria will be mined. but it will take away the same amount of durability as if you mined the blocks your self

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    MOSSPOSS commented

    another type of stone that looks nicer than granite or diorite


    e.g: marble, limestone, chalk, portland or bath

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    wolfieaprilwolf commented

    I hope mojang will add this


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    iFellowFox commented

    Caves and ravines are a bit boring to walk around through until you find ores. Caves and ravines should have stalagmites and stalactites to spice up the tunnels a bit. The cave walls should also have much more variety. Even though we do have diorite, andesite, and granite, it would be fun to have new blocks like calcite, limestone, gypsum, dolomite, aragonite, etc. With these new blocks, we can also have new ores like rubies, sapphires, amethysts, etc. These ores can also be found more in certain biomes. In the certain biomes they are in, villages might replace their emerald trades with the ores that are common to them. Villages near ocean biomes could trade for pearls, villages near or in biomes with rubies could trade for rubies, etc. 

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    DawnSparkle99 commented

    I would love to see wide open caverns with stalagmite and stalactites everywhere, perhaps as a dungeon where there are two monster spawners instead of one and some slightly better treasure chests, another structure kinda like the end fortress would be cool as well, perhaps a variant of village that's underground? with villagers that are miners, and trade you ores, tools and weapons, and with underground gardens with just beetroot in them, these villages would be mostly made of stone and cobble and stone bricks, some of them could be mossy.


    also maybe a new mob: "Cave dweller" that would live in a small hole in the cave with a fire and one chest he guards with his possessions inside, kinda like a witch but fights with a stick or stone shovel, this could be kinda like the igloos but underground ^.^

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    EXTERMINATE1857 commented

    We can already smelt wodden tools... but what about handles on others? (EX: Iron Pickaxe)

    you could smelt a the iron pick and be left with a pickaxe top witch when crafted with 2 sticks can remake that iron pickaxe. It can also be used for a trade with a miner villager who can also trade ores, railway supplies, stones, and pickaxes from wood - iron.

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    RedRobbie7 commented

    if this should be in the mobs section then i'm so sorry. I think the cave should have CAVE THEMED mobs and I don't really mean by stone zombie or stone skeleton or anything like that but I think something like um, well you know what I mean, like you know how your doing update aquatic and your doing FISH and stuff like that, just something like that for the caves.

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    TheRealPotatoe1 commented

    more golems. 

    1- stone golem: a lot more chunky than iron golems, and stronger. also has ability to throw full stone blocks that will place themselves on the ground once thrown. when throwing it will take damage, but can regen by consuming stone blocks by touching stone and breaking it. guards the end portal as a final boss of the stronghold.

    2- prismarine golem: looks like a iron golem made of prismarine with a prismarine guardian for a head. torso has visible spine with spikes on and can shoot beams similar to guardians. it will generate water when on land, and is the final boss of the ocean monument located in a cavern underneath filled with water and coated in prismarine.

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    KINGHYDRA912 commented

    I think a really nice addition in terms of biomes would have to be glaciers. They would be made out of packed ice and blue ice, have dirt scattered throughout, and could either be their own biome type or could be littered above and below ground throughout the other cold-related biomes. These will also have hidden treasures inside, such as frozen villagers (thus adding in new villagers or just using the Nitwit villager as "Cave villager"), or large mineral deposits, or even pockets of water.

    Gameplay mechanics I'd like to see would pertain to villages and villagers. Some new structures that would be really cool to have would be underground colonies (underground villages basically), mineral deposits, and hidden miner rooms that can act as dimension rooms or treasure rooms. Another gameplay mechanic that would be cool to have in game versus coding it in with commands would be random events, such as droughts (which brings up another thing about farming, where crops can die if left out in the sun, or if it gets rained on it grows faster, things like that), meteor strikes, monsoons, solar eclipses, glacier melts, landslides, etc. Visual effects like lunar eclipses and super novas would be cool too. Another nice gameplay effect would only come after implementing the new set of dimensions described below.

    New dimensions I would like to have aren't necessarily dimensions, more like inner Earth access. The new dimensions would be "The Mantle" and "The Core". These can be accessed through little holes in the ground. These holes lie under lava and/or magma blocks in caves and/or deep warm oceans. These holes lead to "The Mantle". A new set of fire-related mobs would dwell there, but the blazes can live there too. Since the core can't be reached from the over world and "The Mantle", there would be little clues that someone else has already been there, left remnants of technology that could get to the core. New items would include radiation suits (radiation poisoning would be added into the game, basically a mix of both the poison and instant damage effects, taking away half of your current health and then killing you slowly, slower than poison, but can actually kill you, not leave you at half a heart), special underwater armor, special fire-resistant suits (Not the same as fire protection), and special tools to dig through the bottom of "The Mantle". There would be "soft spots" in "The Mantle" that allow for quicker access to "The Core". The Core consists of a lot of lava, and a ton of metals. There would be a floating ball randomly placed in The Core that holds many precious metals. This also means that new gravity gameplay should be added too, such as magnets (lodestone in every over world dimension). The lower you go, the slower you go as gravity is stronger the closer you get to the source.


    I'm a little lazy to split this into many suggestions so if anyone wants to split this up and put it on the right feedback page, please do, just credit the original ideas to me please.

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    DiamondDanTDM11 commented

    I think you should add more rare ores similar to diamonds and gold. Like silver, Ruby's, pearls (sea caves) and copper. and you can also add more rare ores that can only be optained in the nether caves which makes the nether alot more interesting.

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    GrassboyTheMan commented

    Underground "villages" full of Dwarves.

    And Dwarven Hammers.

    Dwarven Hammers break blocks faster than the Pickaxe, but they complete destroy the block resulting in no loots.

    Dwarven Hammers are also strong vs. Skeletons, Skeleton Horses, Wither, Wither Skeletons. Basically, anything that is made of bone.

    Dwarven Hammers could also be used with the Anvil to create "Jeweled" Tools and Weapons. (Lapis, Emerald, Redstone) A jewel adds a different type of enchantment. Each swing of a Jeweled Tool or Weapon expends Experience corresponding to the level of the Enchantment.

    Thanks for reading.

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    BraverBadger620 commented

    i think that there needs to be a secret under ground village with villagers equipped with swords


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    chachario commented

    Minecraft has a lot of means of transportation but in the caves, it is limited to minecarts and speed potions and ender pearls. I suggest that we add a new way of transportation in the caves to make an exciting time for players who are done with mining that's why I chose to add two things heavy boots and light boots.

    What are these items do first off they are enchantments which can change the player's movement. 

    Heavy boots these make the player sink faster down into the water and not be able to swim but instead be able to jump like if you were out of the water and combine this with depth strider you would move slightly slower than swimming however if you have a speed potion you will move faster. I believe this would be useful since underwater caves exist and its hard to navigate downwards this method this would increase peoples interest in going to underwater caves and going underwater in general. I also believe that this will give Minecraft mapmakers a way to have underwater parkour.

    Light boots these make you light as a feather with this you can run on water for 3 to 5 seconds and float back up to the top of a body of water this also allows the player to perform a double jump helping to cross those big gaps in a cave instead of using scaffolding blocks. I would choose to add this to the game for the same reasons as the heavy boots it allows the player to go throw caves and underwater quite differently than a normal play and obviously parkour.

    Overall I hope you consider adding these two new enchantments to bring life to old items so life to feel new. thanks for reading.

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    iMachineNine9 commented

    Minecraft needs caves to be more exciting in my opinion, I mean its got mine in the name and thats like the most boring part of the game (in my opinion).

    Here are some ideas: underground villages with new villagers called miners. Who you can trade a pickaxe for a certain ore, or another villager who could eventually after a few trades give you a map of a certain layer underground (like 0, 12, 0,) to show you where ores are, possibly new ores for new armor and weapons, and finally (best for last) geodes (in the real world geodes are a type of circular rock found underground that is empty in the middle and can contain various minerals like different types of quarts or amethyst) that you can find near lava that have three possible drops: nothing, quarts, or amethyst used as a trading gem like emerald but for underground villagers like miners

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    MerryCarrot7703 commented

    One Idea: Desert biome tombs

    These tombs could be under rare pyramids in desert biomes and be filled with booby traps, statues gold, diamonds, a bunch of loot! These tombs should resemble the real life tombs under pyramids in egypt. These could be far underground below pyramids (maybe a staircases that lead down to tombs).

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    Androswald commented

    At bedrock levels, you can find special caves that does not have any ores, it has only crystals, those crystals are very rare and very hard to get with a pickaxe , like obsidian , it is hard to get and you can only get them by a diamond pickaxe ,they are used for gigantic chests(not in size, in as inventory squares), they are with the same recipe as a normal chest but with crystals, crystals can do great lightning in your house if it's night, find them in nether but they are really rare too , and a staff  that allow you to be nearly invicible for 5 seconds when you're attacked (nether star required ).

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    Dalegendci commented

    I wish there would be like a killer bat underground. Like the killer rabbit whoch just appear 1 in 1000 rabbits. Then there could be also like an abandoned drill hole where players could enter so that the potion of slow falling can also be used. And there's an abandoned drill which is full of Zombie Miners that kills players with a pick axe and can dig up stones if you hide.


    And there should be like a glowing mushroom forest underneath the overworld and there would be a like a glowing friendly mob there. And there would be an another item that this type of mob will drop that can add a new light source to minecraft

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    twinkleye1208 commented

    I think you should make a monster that spawns in only caves and more like that. If you want it can have a pickaxe and when you kill it it will drop a type of ore and his pickaxe, which can be any type of pickaxe. And for the special part when you kill it 10 times you will get a golden Apple instead of a pickaxe.

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    crispfry182 commented

    throw-able sticks of dynamite 

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    crispfry182 commented

    a miners helmet that allows you to carry a torch on the go

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    Hyperlight2007 commented

    I feel like the Caves should have the underwater pools close to level become springs. Hot ones to be exact. These springs can give regeneration, but you can't be in the water for too long, or else it will burn you. I also believe that the Nether and the End should also have more ores. Nether Quartz is cool, but what about a name like Netherite? A material stronger than diamonds, or Chorus Armor, where you find Chorus Ore on the End Islands. These pockets of ore can form from the plants decomposing. They can also be a rare material in the End. Again, this can be the new End game material, giving players a need to come to the End way more often. However, Diamond Armor has a full bar of Armor points, so I think the new armor sets should have special abilities. These are just some of my thoughts.


    Also, Can we have more Minecraft Music? Like Underground sounds? That'd be AWSOME!

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    crispfry182 commented

    tethers so you don't get lost

    climbing ropes for ravines and steep caves

    backpacks for more storage

    shiv tool for ores so you don't run out of fuel

    cave dwelling villagers

    bedrock should be mine-able for a better grade then diamond

    falling through the void should teleport you to a random part of the world

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    crispfry182 commented

    Chorus tree-houses that have endermites