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Please read the pinned post on creating new biomes and dimensions. Remember that individual items, mobs, and structures should still go in their own categories - this is not a category for entire updates.


Underground: Topography


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    I like it, perhaps we can have a few new cave blocks, like stagamites and stalacites. These would form near underground rivers and other water sources. Mining them could give a special type of mineral.

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    Here are some more ideas:

    • I agree that andesite, granite and diorite shouldn't be found in clusters. I think it would be more realistic to find them in strata!
    • I propose diagonal crevasses in addition the horizontal ones suggested by wizkid744! And these kind of crevasses could go well with strata.
    • Less ravines / vertical crevasses, and some sinkholes instead! Some of them could be filled with water or vegetation.
    • Craters and volcanoes, including underwater ones. On the surface, they can be filled with water too, or with lava. They could be entries for caverns when not filled with lava.
    • Underground rivers should be made as if water carved the rock, and there should be many more of them. It would be very fun to explore (by swimming or on a boat) networks of tunnels half-filled with water. Most of these rivers would be flat and horizontal but some of them could be more like torrents or even waterfalls. Some of these rivers could also be found at the bottom of ravines.
    • A vast cavern with many colums, a little bit like an underground palace, would be a new mysterious place to explore!
    • Last idea, of which I am proud: vast and deep porous zones, with as much stone as empty space, more or less like in a sponge. I think it would be very amusing to explore, some jumping skills could be useful, and most importantly a sense of direction, because it would be very labyrinthine.