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  • 16 votes


    u can do evry thig that spidrman can do  
    needs info
  • 142 votes

    Baker/Chef villagers

    There should be another villager profession, or even 2, a baker and a chef, who collect the necessary ingredients for various food items. The current farmer one is okay, but it would be better if t...
  • 34 votes

    Sky Villagers

    the sky is empty it will more fully if theres a sky village their trade special items but more rare like enchantments and their wood houses are blue their dont trade with emeralds only with diamonds
  • 25 votes

    Ice Wizards

    You can find a ice wizard in the ice biome. But don't come close or he will ice you. When iced you are frozen for 5 seconds. And when the ice wizard is dead he will drop a ice wound the wound can f...
  • 14 votes

    Villagers farming setting

    I would like to see a new setting to toggle villagers ability to harvest collect and plant crops. This way you would be able to have mob griefing off but still have villagers farming for you
  • 31 votes

    Intelligent/Player-like NPCs

    Hello! please add NPCs that are intelligent and live as a player.
  • 24 votes

    Tool smiths should sell diamond shovels

    Really, the title says it all.  Weapons smiths sell both diamond swords and diamond axes, so it would make sense for tool smiths to sell diamond shovels along with diamond pickaxes.
  • 17 votes

    Drowned spawn places

    Have you considered the Drowned spawning in and around the underwater villages and shipwrecks (like guardians and ocean monuments). Makes sense from a narrative perspective, makes getting tridents/...
  • 22 votes

    Iron Golem Improvements for Villages

    Iron golems should do sweep attacks, have resistance against projectiles, and/or be able to regenerate in villages Since most mobs attack Iron Golems, they can often get killed pretty quickly; they...
  • 93 votes

    Farmer, Fisher, Fletcher, Butcher, Leather worker trade suggestions (was: New villager trades)

    There are some trades that seem needed but missing from the game. The goal of this suggestion is to make trades more consistent, make some of the villagers more useful, and make some of the least n...