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  • 49 votes

    (Start Here) What is this category about?

    What is considered a humanoid? Humanoids are Mobs that walk on two feet and walk and somewhat act like a Human. This category is for feedback regarding the following mobs, and suggestions that fall...
  • 1 vote


    so there s a new illager called the gravitor who wears a gold necklace with a gravity gem (red) on it. he can change his gravity. he lives in a gravity castle which is somewhat like mc eschers hous...
  • 1 vote

    Villagers using xp as currency

    I think the villagers should use xp as currency and the wandering traders keep using emeralds since they are rarer than xp
  • 1 vote

    Cartographer Villagers & compasses

    I noticed while playing that my Librarian sold a compass. I think it would be a better idea to have Cartographers sell compasses instead. It just makes more sense considering the purpose of a compass.
  • 1 vote

    Villagers & Nether

    What if you made villagers unable to go into nether portals unless moved by a player.
  • 3 votes

    Iron Golem awareness during raid

    Village raids are great, but it's frustrating when the fight is going on at the time square, and you have half the iron golems mindlessly patrolling a couple of [village] blocks away. What I see ha...
  • 4 votes

    Illagers Pose Too Little of A Threat

    My friends and I got a simple log wall up around our village and apparently that is technology that the Illagers never discovered. Every raid now consists of them standing outside and happily eatin...
  • 2 votes

    Villagers and DoMobGriefing

    I have recently come across a problem, I like to play a casual survival where I have mob griefing off but villagers will not reproduce if that is turned off. Farmers won't farm and no villager will...
  • 0 votes

    Diorite/Andesite Trading (Mason)

    Have the ability to trade raw andesite and diorite with the Mason Villager like how you do with granite
  • 2 votes

    Voodoo villagers

    I was thinking that the swamps looked a bit boring and was lacking content so I was wondering what if there was a voodoo like villager that has a staff and shoots poison spells and other defects to...
  • 1 vote

    the pusher

    gray humanoid that is the same shape as the player exept 2 block long arms. when it sees a player its arms will go short and it will chase the player. when it bumbs into the player its arms will go...
  • 0 votes

    Change Iron Golem Drops

    In the new 1.14 update, iron golem farms got massively nerfed, with iron golems only able to be summoned at certain times under certain conditions. To allow for the new villager mechanics to contin...
  • 4 votes

    Zombies Becoming Skeletons

    So one time, I read a fanfiction Minecraft book and it said "after a few days of rotting in the overworld, a zombie will become a skeleton". So I'm like "Hey, that's a good idea!&quo...
  • 2 votes

    pirates, ships and "dark market"

    simply add a traveling pirate ship where you can trade with xp instead of items, acting as a sort of confidence for an illegal traders, this can bring to minecraft a nice addition to the aquatic up...
  • 6 votes

    Wandering Trader (Destroyer of crops) Make him less destructive, Please.

    Wandering Trader was a neat idea.  It is nice having visitors to my base in my single player world however people that have a complete lack of respect for the time and effort I've put into building...
  • 1 vote

    Improve food chain

    Zombies should turn a villager to a zombie villager then if attacked a second time turn them to a zombie so they can’t be saved. Zombies and zombie villagers should attack pillagers. If a pillaged ...
  • 3 votes

    The Tillager - The illager families very own evil farmer

    Now this might seem like some joke or excuse for a terrible pun at first, and it kinda is, but I asked myself, who tends to the illagers farms they have in their mansions? So I thought of evil farm...
  • 3 votes

    Villager trade writted books

    Will be interesting if the villagers can trade written books. Obviously, how much be interesting be determined by the text in it. Could be a history, a daily, instructions for something or a myster...
  • 1 vote

    Illagers Professions

    Mojang could add illagers with professions, like the villagers. Like: Cleric Illager. His powers or weapons souls na based in the profession.
  • 5 votes

    Villagers upset by breaking/taking their stuff

    I find it odd when I enter a village and take their items without their approval and yet they don't care nonetheless. Especially when I break in or decide to tear down their house and they just loo...
  • 2 votes

    Illager foorman

    ###Description This would be a new variant of illager found in the illager outposts, it would don a helmet and carry a new weapon: the glaive, which can be found in all of the usual materials you c...
  • 2 votes

    Dungeons Villagers

    they will trade you 64 Emeralds for one End frame 5 Diamonds for a 2 eyes of ender 5 emeralds for a saddle and 1 book with 10 Emeralds for a enchanted book (any enchanted book).They are rare to spa...
  • 5 votes

    Shepherd Villager Trade: Turn 1 Wool into 4 String

    I was thinking how currently you can't turn wool back into string, like you can do with many other materials. But I also thought that it would be potentially unbalanced, at least for early game. So...
  • 4 votes

    Villager Skulls + Pillager Friendliness

    I had a thought about how during a raid, Pillagers drop banners, and so I got to thinking, what if you could switch sides and fight Villagers by killing one during a raid, dropping a skull, making ...
  • 2 votes

    Horses can carry villagers

    Sometimes moving villagers around is a pain. Perhaps if you run into one with a horse you can move them around! Then to remove them from the horse just interact with the villager and he will jump off!
  • 5 votes

    Villager Death Messages

    Villagers, especially named villagers, should have death messages. I can't even tell you how many times I've lost a maxed out villager to raids or mobs without even knowing that he died which leads...
  • 1 vote

    zombie skelly

    if a skeleton picks up rotten flesh it becomes half zombie half skelleton and it would have a sword in the zombie hand and a bow in the skelleton hand.
  • 1 vote

    villager and illager heads.

    when you kill a villiger or illeger with a sword enchanted with looting they will drop a head. when you wear an illager head you can trade with illagers. you can also put heads on villagers and ill...
  • 5 votes

    Iron Golems should have a patrol schedule.

    I'm thinking that they should travel around the perimeter of the village, and occasionally come back to the center, instead of wandering around aimlessly. Of course, finding a baddie will always ha...
  • 1 vote

    We need a way to defeat the Pillagers and win in another way!

       Pillagers just were added in 1.14 (at least at the time of making this post) and I thought they were cool, but I realized how easily you could go through the game and not encounter any. I wonder...