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  • 64 votes

    Ghost Villagers

    these ghost villagers are things that spwan at there village and are only spawns when a villager dies.  
  • 39 votes

    Death clone

    A Mob that is not hostile at first but when killed will shape shift into you and will have the same items as you do and will be able to use the weapons you have(if you have any). when killed it wil...
  • 48 votes

    The Ability to convert Zombie Villagers to Drowned

    In 1.5, the ability for zombies and husks to convert to normal drownded was introduced and it is a great feature to give people more of a reward and a way for a drowned farm. But one feature not im...
  • 18 votes

    Ilager spys

    Ilagers atack vilagers so why not hawe a rare mob that spawns in villages and kills vilagers when they are not looking.Thi mob would look like a normal vilager with pail skin. When you would kill h...
  • 19 votes

    winged enderman

    it stays out of sight, and has phantom wings. they fly around at night taking blocks under ground. if you are wereing a uncarved pumpkin on your head they will take it , but if it is carved , it wi...
  • 35 votes

    Nitwit Dialog

    Nitwits don't do anything.  So have them say silly nonsensical quotes.  It doesn't add anything to Minecraft, but neither do Nitwits.  (But people love them!) You go up to a Nitwit, attempt to inte...
  • 141 votes

    Pets for Villagers.

    What if some Villagers owned pets? Imagine walking into a villager home and they own a cat to keep creepers away, or a dog to protect themselves, and the dog will attack you if you attack it’s owne...
  • 25 votes

    Notch as a boss

    Make Notch the overworld boss that is the hardest to beat. It would give the player a Notch cape which would make him/her respected among the minecraft community.
  • 8 votes

    The Invisible Man/Zombie

    The Invisible Man or The Invisible Zombie (as you want that it get called), would be a mob that only appears in the Mineshafts, it will slowly go toward you as any zombie, but the problem: you can´...
  • 22 votes

    Learn With GOLEMS

    Golems Golems are safe to say useless. Although they help villagerss they need an upgrade maybe have a setting where you can make friends with them and talk back, this could help teach your younger...
  • 21 votes

    Tame golem and new attack

    Golems are useles to the player (ok they hawe one use grinding ) So here is a way to make them beter: After geting a golem you need to give him 5 diferent flowers to tame him.Now he is your golem y...
  • 62 votes

    Pixies and Fairies

    Hello! A quick notice if you don’t know who I am. I’m Star, but you can call me Kitty and I love Minecraft! Ok, let me state something. Fairies and pixies are pretty much the same thing, but fairie...
  • 19 votes

    Mangled vindicator and nekromancer

    I propose 2 new mobs for the ilagers.The nekromancer looks llike the iluanger with a grey robe and kull helmat . He has got 50 helth and can not be shot with a bow . He spawns mangled vindicator wi...
  • 48 votes

    Sword masters

    You can add sword masters to Minecraft which drop swords that cannot be crafted and can only be obtained by either killing or trading with the sword master. Each one would have their own dojo and a...
  • 27 votes

    Dimension specific golems.

    In the overworld you have the snow golem and the iron golem. I think they shouldn't be able to exist outside of the overworld, and that there should be specific golems for each dimension that shoul...
  • 33 votes

    Update to Witches

    I think witches should be neutral! Now before you go all crazy and say: "What? Why? What purpose would this be? well... I think witches should be neutral when you leave them alone. The Witches...
  • 54 votes

    Vampires and silver

    Add new ore:silver ore and new mob:vampire Vampires spawn in dark caves and have the ability to turn into bats to blend in . The silver ore spawns below ground level y=40 and and silver tools can k...
  • 45 votes

    Phantom jockey

    Phantoms could have a small chance to spawn with skeleton riding the it
  • 373 votes

    Change Village/Villager mechanics to allow them to survive

    Right now villages are basically doomed to death without our immediate intervention.  This suggestion is a group of changes that would make villages more likely to survive and recover after a zombi...
  • 61 votes

    Pig Villagers in the Nether

    The Nether is crawling with zombie pigmen and various mobs that want to kill you. Why not have a passive village of friendly pig villagers in the nether. Their villages would look exactly the same ...
  • 87 votes

    Swamp, Woods, Forest Mobs: The Lost and Forgotten

    The Lost is a mob that only spawns in swamps, woods, and Forests. The Losts are ghostly women who actively hunt down the player.  They deal 2 hearts of damage with each hit and give them slowness. ...
  • 24 votes

    Black Villagers

    Let's be poticacaly correct! XD
  • 144 votes

    Adventurous Villager (Red robed)

    Unlike the Villager who just hangs out socializing with other Villagers, the Adventurer Villager would roam around the overworld in Minecraft. The Adventurer Villager would be an extremely AWESOME ...
  • 54 votes

    You're a Wizard Evoker!

    Yes, the title is confusing, but I can explain. You know how when a villager is struck by lightning, it turns into a witch, but what if when an Evoker got struck by lightning, it turned into a trad...
  • 31 votes

    How to Implement the Illusioner into the game

    The Illusioner is a pretty cool mob, in fact, it's one of the best mobs, but it's at risk of disappearing from the game. In contrast to that, I decided to come up with my own ideas for the Illusion...
  • 24 votes

    United Nations Armed forces

    every soldier from every country around the globe  
  • 45 votes

    Stronghold Mob: The Sentry

    Strongholds are one of the coolest overworld structures, but it feels like a poor lead-up to the End and the dragon boss fight when you have to confront a bunch of pesky little silverfish.  The who...
  • 30 votes

    The Notch Knight

    Dedicated to Notch, there should be a secret structure located under deserts called the Notch Mansion, where inside there are new npcs like the villagers: The Notch Knight will trade with you simil...
  • 49 votes

    Fix and Re-Add Giants (or the "giant zombie" mob)

    Currently the giant is a mob in-game with no AI.  They were dumbed down for being "overkill" or hard to program at a height of 12 blocks.  You should either give this mob another chance o...
  • 19 votes

    The Exile

    The Exile is a new mob with black particle effects that covers his body and his face so that all you see is his piercing red eyes and his iron sword. The exile will damage you with his laser vision...