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  • 37 votes

    (Start Here) What is this category about?

    What is considered a humanoid? Humanoids are Mobs that walk on two feet and walk and somewhat act like a Human. This category is for feedback regarding the following mobs, and suggestions that fall...
  • 1 vote

    Baby Villagers take longer to grow up

    Currently all baby mobs grow up after 20 irl minutes. I think that's too quick, and baby villagers should stay as babies for at least an hour.   Why: I think baby villagers add some more atmosphere...
  • 1 vote

    Trader Illager

    this illager can trade with you about weapons , items he can stop partrol and raid if you make him contentment ! if you hurt him , he'll attack you   
  • 0 votes

    Villager and Golems Often Fall Into Holes

    Villager in my village was lost one by one, then I realized they all gathering in caves and can't go back to the village. so can you reduce holes or caves generating in villages or make villager ca...
  • 36 votes

    How to Implement the Illusioner into the game

    The Illusioner is a pretty cool mob, in fact, it's one of the best mobs, but it's at risk of disappearing from the game. In contrast to that, I decided to come up with my own ideas for the Illusion...
  • 63 votes

    Villager frightened when player wear zombie head

    Useless addition so essential, but it would be nice if the player wears a zombie head, the villagers are scared as with a real zombie
  • 7 votes

    Higher level villagers should restock trades more often

    In the latest snapshot the whole trading system changed. Villagers now restock their trades twice a day, and most trades can only be done 4 times. This is a huge problem in cases where you need to ...
  • 237 votes

    Pets for Villagers.

    What if some Villagers owned pets? Imagine walking into a villager home and they own a cat to keep creepers away, or a dog to protect themselves, and the dog will attack you if you attack it’s owne...
  • 56 votes

    Nitwit Dialog

    Nitwits don't do anything.  So have them say silly nonsensical quotes.  It doesn't add anything to Minecraft, but neither do Nitwits.  (But people love them!) You go up to a Nitwit, attempt to inte...
  • 126 votes

    Swamp, Woods, Forest Mobs: The Lost and Forgotten

    The Lost is a mob that only spawns in swamps, woods, and Forests. The Losts are ghostly women who actively hunt down the player.  They deal 2 hearts of damage with each hit and give them slowness. ...
  • 47 votes

    Creeper Boss, Zombie Boss (was: More Bosses)

    In Minecraft,  there are only 2 bosses so far (unless you count the Elder Guardian). In a future update, 1 or 2 bosses should be added. I think there should be a boss for the Creeper because it is ...
  • 4 votes

    add baby villager trades

    Please add baby villager trades for specific items/ they have bargains (because they don't know better). Maybe they could have a chance of having one of their parent's professions.
  • 1 vote

    The Sandman

    Just as the phantom hunts for players who refuse to sleep, the sandman hunts for the lazy. What: Sandman mob who appears if a player sleeps within the first 5% of the night cycle for several days i...
  • 9 votes

    Villagers should sleep

    Whenever it is night time villagers should fall asleep, but they will wake up during attacks. it's simple but it might make them feel more alive because now they never sleep.
  • 586 votes

    Change Village/Villager mechanics to allow them to survive

    Right now villages are basically doomed to death without our immediate intervention.  This suggestion is a group of changes that would make villages more likely to survive and recover after a zombi...
  • 5 votes

    A better way to assign professions to unemployed villagers

    An issue that became apparent to me when testing out the most recent snapshot, as someone who has made heavy use of barrel blocks in my builds intended to house villagers (whether the structures we...
  • 48 votes

    Underwater Villagers (Gillagers)

    Besides villagers or the famous Illagers I think they should have underwater villagers also known as the Gillagers (get it? Gill/Villagers)
    needs info
  • 8 votes

    Villagers surrounding the player

    When you first enter a village, all or most of the villagers should surround the player in a type of "excitement", hoping they can trade with the player, after awhile of wanting to trade ...
  • 5 votes

    New Mob/Random Event: The Purifiers

    Similar to the Wandering Trader, the Purifiers spawn randomly anywhere. They are a group of 3-5 Villager-like mobs in Gold Armour, riding Horses that are also clad in gold. They each carry Bows, an...
  • 2 votes

    The mountain roamer

    In my opinion the great mountains of Minecraft are very desolate and need something to make them special. This is why there should be a large and powerful boss similar to the iron golem accept it w...
  • 6 votes


    We all know that villagers can turn into zombies. So why not the opposite? How about a rare villager that appears in only a few villages and can heal tamed mobs, Villager Zombies, and heck, even pl...
  • 4 votes


    Note: Zombies are humanoids, at least that's what I know...      It looks like a Drowned, it acts like a Drowned, but it is not a Drowned! In fact, quite the opposite! Engulfed are basically Drowne...
  • 1 vote


    So every one knows creepers came to be when mojang coded pigs into the game, so why not have a rare mob that has a low chance of spawning that has the body shape of a pig and the textures of a cree...
  • 3 votes

    Desert villages spawn golems

    At present iron golems don't spawn in desert villages due to them not being a mob that is able to spawn in desert biomes. Considering the dangerous nature of deserts it kinda makes sense that they ...
  • 0 votes

    Pigman priests

    What: The last, rare remnants of the pigman nation, the pig priests. Why: people love the zombie pigmen but adding a full race of pigmen, like the current villagers, would make them lose some of t...
  • 2 votes

    Stone Mason changes

    I think that the stone mason villager is great, but I do have a few suggestions for changes to it. First off, why is the master level trade for a quartz pillar? This trade doesn't make much sense t...
  • 4 votes

    Witch Trading

    what if witches wont attack you when wearing a pumpkin head and let you trade with them for potions and ingredients. the logic behind this is that the pumpkin head can be like an occult mask symbol...
  • 12 votes

    Pillagers Burn Down Buildings

    The new pillagers were anounced at minecon 2018, and I think that they should be able to wolololo like the evokers and summon flames and catch villagers houses on fire. This could also catch villag...
  • 20 votes

    Farmers accept beetroot

    Farmer villagers should accept beetroot and one of their first tier trades as they accept pretty much every other crop.
  • 13 votes

    Potential Village Popularity Revamp

    This is a modified version of u/SquidGamer15's idea which was originally posted here:   Instead of ...