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  • 26 votes

    (Start Here) What is this category about?

    What is considered a humanoid? Humanoids are Mobs that walk on two feet and walk and somewhat act like a Human. This category is for feedback regarding the following mobs, and suggestions that fall...
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  • 370 votes

    Change Village/Villager mechanics to allow them to survive

    Right now villages are basically doomed to death without our immediate intervention.  This suggestion is a group of changes that would make villages more likely to survive and recover after a zombi...
  • 143 votes

    Adventurous Villager (Red robed)

    Unlike the Villager who just hangs out socializing with other Villagers, the Adventurer Villager would roam around the overworld in Minecraft. The Adventurer Villager would be an extremely AWESOME ...
  • 37 votes

    Reform villager trades and trading mechanics (In-depth Ideas #9)

    Hello there! My name is MacchuPicchu96, and I’ve been playing survival Minecraft for five years now. I have quite a few different ideas to share on this forum, but there are a couple of principles ...
  • 141 votes

    Pets for Villagers.

    What if some Villagers owned pets? Imagine walking into a villager home and they own a cat to keep creepers away, or a dog to protect themselves, and the dog will attack you if you attack it’s owne...
  • 54 votes

    Mermaids PLEASE

    Mermaids, I mean why not!!! What if you could find Mermaids in the seas of the MINECRAFT! That would be AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!! I think that there could be a mermaid town near the prismarnie temple. ...
  • 61 votes

    Pig Villagers in the Nether

    The Nether is crawling with zombie pigmen and various mobs that want to kill you. Why not have a passive village of friendly pig villagers in the nether. Their villages would look exactly the same ...
  • 45 votes

    Stronghold Mob: The Sentry

    Strongholds are one of the coolest overworld structures, but it feels like a poor lead-up to the End and the dragon boss fight when you have to confront a bunch of pesky little silverfish.  The who...
  • 21 votes

    Give us storm trooper mobs

    Wonder that be cool!
  • 33 votes

    Update to Witches

    I think witches should be neutral! Now before you go all crazy and say: "What? Why? What purpose would this be? well... I think witches should be neutral when you leave them alone. The Witches...
  • 87 votes

    Swamp, Woods, Forest Mobs: The Lost and Forgotten

    The Lost is a mob that only spawns in swamps, woods, and Forests. The Losts are ghostly women who actively hunt down the player.  They deal 2 hearts of damage with each hit and give them slowness. ...
  • 24 votes

    Black Villagers

    Let's be poticacaly correct! XD
  • 72 votes

    Ender Villagers

    There needs to be new mobs in the end, so why not ender villagers. These villagers would be able to trade stuff like eyes of Ender, end crystals, and if your lucky dragon eggs. The villagers would ...
  • 39 votes

    Villagers rebuilding

    Essentially, after a zombie attack, or if the village is destroyed in any way, maybe you would see the villagers rebuild the place, like putting up new doors, or repairing houses that got damaged i...
  • 10 votes

    End Version of the blaze

    Im thinking that a end version of the blaze Named Razer  drops end Rods and shots you with Dark Fire Balls and the fire color is Purple or black
  • 8 votes

    Nether Boss The Lich

    This boss should be activited when after you defeated The Wither. He spawns in a new dungeon type in The Nether. He would be an undead sorcerer who mainly focuses on summoning undead mobs to help. ...
  • 35 votes

    Nitwit Dialog

    Nitwits don't do anything.  So have them say silly nonsensical quotes.  It doesn't add anything to Minecraft, but neither do Nitwits.  (But people love them!) You go up to a Nitwit, attempt to inte...
  • 25 votes

    Notch as a boss

    Make Notch the overworld boss that is the hardest to beat. It would give the player a Notch cape which would make him/her respected among the minecraft community.
  • 54 votes

    You're a Wizard Evoker!

    Yes, the title is confusing, but I can explain. You know how when a villager is struck by lightning, it turns into a witch, but what if when an Evoker got struck by lightning, it turned into a trad...
  • 34 votes

    Add Living Pigmen Tribes (edited)

    You should add living pigmen variants not as villagers or traders (the original, failed concept), but as warriors (like their zombie counterparts) that spawn in wool tent camps in plains, tundras, ...
  • 39 votes

    Villager frightened when player wear zombie head

    Useless addition so essential, but it would be nice if the player wears a zombie head, the villagers are scared as with a real zombie
  • 8 votes

    The Mythos Dimension – Humanoid Mobs

    If you found this post directly, please refer to the hub post (link) before reading. =3   Tree Folk: The tree folk are the villagers of this dimension and drop nothing if killed.  They have a few d...
  • 13 votes

    AI Players in Single Player Mode

    If you add AI players in minecraft, then single player mode won't be boring and people get to interact with the AI and much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 6 votes

    Scholar Villager

    Scholar: Sells very powerful and or rare enchanted books, buys books and paper as well as ink.  
  • 15 votes

    Drowned Turtle Jockey (was: Drowneds)

    you know baby zombies can ride chickens so what about  baby drowneds riding turtles.
  • 45 votes

    Phantom jockey

    Phantoms could have a small chance to spawn with skeleton riding the it
  • 12 votes

    Brewer Villager

    Villages, they don't have much of a use. I mean they're great and all, but people really only go there to loot blacksmiths, and I guess trade with cartographers. But what if there was a brewer? Thi...
  • 15 votes

    Mini-boss: The lost miner (Mineshafst 2#)

     In the mineshafst there are rooms with dirt i think there should be a mini boss in these rooms. This is a pail viliger in a gaint metal mech he is in the turso of the mech . He is traped in the me...
  • 8 votes

    Additional Currency for Trade (was: Growing villages)

    It is necessary that the trade improves, there is another currency to exchange with villagers, there is an option to change or buy what you want and that little by little the villagers will build m...
    needs info
  • 64 votes

    Ghost Villagers

    these ghost villagers are things that spwan at there village and are only spawns when a villager dies.