Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? What would they do? How would they look? Why do we need them?

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  • 2 votes

    Auto-Updating Maps

    I think it would be great to create a map that, once explored, would update the map continuously without additional user input. However, there are advantages to the traditional static map, so I thi...
  • 1 vote

    Remove Dye Block

    They should add a new block that lets you remove the dye from a piece of wool, and then you'd be able to use that dye on something else.
  • 3 votes

    Miner TNT

    This half slab TNT block would be a perfect tool for tnt mining How it works- When it explodes it makes a 5 by 5 unsymetric hole it doesnt brakes minerals and works underwater Also the crafting ...
  • 3 votes

    Furnace trap

    If you put TNT in a furnace it will cook then explode   
  • 5 votes

    Fire Sight Potion

    Since you can’t see that well when you’re swimming in lava, why not make a potion that allows you to do so.   Fire Sight Potion Ingredients: 1 Potion of Night Vision with 1 Magma Cream More Info: T...
  • 1 vote

    Different Level Enchantments have Different Colored Text

    There are many levels to enchantments but they should have different colored text depending on how powerful they are. So say that you get a Looting 1 enchantment book, the text would be white becau...
  • 2 votes

    Campfires are Slabs Too

    Campfires seem to be a slab like block so I feel like they should be. This would be amazing for new building ideas such as crates of wood!
  • 3 votes

    Lectern Addition: Colored Book Text

    So the Lectern, one of my new favorite blocks in game but there should be something else added to this block besides just placing down books. When you open the Lectern, multiple players can still r...
  • 1 vote

    Change item ID's

    The item ID's for Lily of the Valley (lily_of_the_valley) and Heart of the Sea (heart_of_the_sea) should be changed to something easier like valley_lily and sea_heart as it is unnecessarily long.
  • 3 votes


    What if? Minecraft Lighting, could strick sand, to make glass? Well, in reality, to get glass, you have to use sand. That is a feature already in Minecraft. Sand+furnace=glass. But, there may be so...
  • 1 vote

    nuevas armas de combate

    ya conocemos las armas clásicas del juego espadas, arco, hachas, ballestas, tridente.pero me gustaría que haya más armas de combate y que solo tengas 'magia' con encantamientos sino serian simples ...
  • 1 vote

    machadinho (hatchet)

    colocar que quando você quebra uma árvore com um manchado ela se desmancha inteira
  • 5 votes

    (Bedrock Parity) Java cauldrons should now have special functionalities

    Composters are going to become a cheaper yet more effective version of the cauldron for redstoners, allowing redstoners to just replace all cauldrons with composters in their circuits. Although thi...
  • 3 votes

    Shulker Lanterns (long-range lighting & mobproof block)

    Us builders know how annoying it can be to have to place torches or some form of lighting everywhere just to prevent mobs from spawning and/or make things bright. Sometimes, it just looks better to...
  • 2 votes

    Louder Bells

    I was tinkering around in the new 19w03a snapshot, and I had an epiphany, When the villagers hear the bell they come to it right? But what if by using tools like axes it lengthens the area and effe...
  • 0 votes

    Edible blocks

    Edible blocks would be made with 6 wheat (three on top and three on the bottom of the grid) 2 sugar(left and right of the middle part of the grid) and 1 egg(in the very center) and the recipe would...
  • 4 votes

    Make all crafting blocks rotatable

    The new utility blocks in minecraft have really nice texture, and could be used very well in decoration in a house. But in many cases, the block you place is in a wrong orientation. This is because...
  • 7 votes

    Fertilized dirt

    I noticed the upcoming compost barrel, and I like the concept, but I think it could be better. It's going to compost some crops into bone meal, which I get, as it's the game's fertilizer, but it do...
  • 2 votes

    The vegetables rot with time

    with the exit of the snapchot 19w03a and the added one of the compost block I suggest a new mechanic, that the vegetables and / or food decompose with the passage of time (1 hour of the real life o...
  • 1 vote


    We need more berries than the red ones, like blueberries. Blueberries are similar to the berries but can be eaten twice as fast as most foods (like dried kelp) and restores 1/2 hunger point.
  • 3 votes

    The ability to write on paper. Writing letters, notices, etc.

    I think it would be a good idea to have the option to write letters to other players. No one in the real world would write a letter in the form of a book, and it would not make much sense to. How i...
  • 1 vote

    Bring back floating sand

    One of my favorite features was placing a 2-high flower down, putting a sand or a gravel on top, and breaking the bottom block. One day, for an unknown reason, it was removed. I think it's for the ...
  • 1 vote

    Axes are too overpowered

    i just realized a WOODEN AXE does more damage at a faster speed than a stone sword. I feel like axes are meant to chop wood, not one shot sheep. Please fix, as i feel like swords will be underused ...
  • 2 votes

    Asphalt Blocks

    Asphalt would be a great new block to build with on the ground outside buildings and for city designs. However i only really thought about it when considering Tar Pits as a new struture. Tar Pits: ...
  • 3 votes

    Obsidian Inserts

    If you want to make an explosion-proof base in Minecraft,  you have one option:  obsidian, which is not the prettiest of blocks.  I suggest an obsidian insert that can increase the blast resistance...
  • 2 votes

    Grass slabs

    It would be great if there was grass slabs and grass stairs. I feel like it would be awesome for us users that are big into building towns and houses to make it look more realistic and for effects. 
  • 1 vote

    Striped log

    I think when you stripe a log you should get a stick and than if you want you can craft with striped log and a stick a log again...
  • 1 vote

    Sticks (Handle Change)

    I think the tool handles should not be made out of sticks. This is because with a new update the only way to make sticks is with bamboo, and its hard to find bamboo.
  • 3 votes

    Ink Sacs as Piston Grease

    Add Ink Sacs to any Piston to grease it up and reduce its noise Same with fence, door, trapdoor, chest .. useful for making hidden contraption. idea from u/Rhett_Arty  
  • 7 votes

    Editable paintings just like signs

    I'm Chinese and I really need something to make some big Chinese characters! I tried signs but it's too small and I tried to make characters with full blocks but it's too big. I just really need ed...