Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? What would they do? How would they look? Why do we need them?

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  • 276 votes

    (Start Here) Unblock your creativity!

    Here are types of feedback posts you're likely to find in this area: suggestions for new types of blocks ways to improve existing tools new things that can be made from existing things (think diff...
  • 363 votes


    (Admin note: Discuss backpacks and implementations here. Please keep your feedback civil and constructive.)
  • 474 votes

    Calling all Chefs (this is the food and recipe feedback thread)

    Chefs of Minecraft! Let's revive this thread with your best recipes and new food ideas. We have read a fantastic list that received over 850 votes previously, covering: new types of cookies fruits...
  • 7 votes


    Currently in Minecraft there are potions that affect players and mobs and enchantments that affect items, so why not add spells that affect the environment? To cast a spell, you need a lectern, whi...
  • 684 votes

    More types of plants / trees

    Hi ! I feel like minecraft is lacking in typoes of plants you can find, there is bassicly : Trees, grass, flowers and food There should be a little bit more to add to the generation : - Smaller tre...
  • 535 votes


    able to make Smores on camp fire  
  • 649 votes

    Fruit Trees and Bushes

    I believe you should include bushes with berries and add trees for specific fruits in your next update.  
  • 466 votes

    Bed-sheets with banner designs

     Banners have been a great feature in Minecraft and recently will be linked with waypoints for remembering locations (amazing feature) - Beds introduced new colours not long ago making room designi...
  • 540 votes

    Palm & Coconut Trees (was: Palm Trees)

    There a few different types of trees in Minecraft but I think one that would really liven up the world, and that could fit well with the new Update Aquatic, are palm trees. They could only generate...
  • 177 votes

    Concrete and Terracotta having Slab, Stair, and Wall Variants

    I really don’t like how you can’t craft concrete slabs and stairs. That basically means that we don’t have ANY colorful slabs and stairs. I really wish Mojang will add this because that would allow...
  • 275 votes

    Berry Crops!

    We should crops but are berry. The seeds can be found by breaking grass or leaves and you could get berries such as huckleberries, StrawBerry, ThimbleBerry or BlackBerrys and much more!
  • 288 votes


    Held torches should provide light or maybe a craftable lantern to carry or lighted helmet equippable 
  • 28 votes

    Nukes (was: More explosions!)

    Maby thare could be more types of tnt like ones that are stronger or ones that cause fire or ones that can stick to walls when ignited and a “nuke” that when explodes it has a mushroom cloud and ha...
  • 156 votes

    (Java Parity) Shields

    Can Minecraft Mojang please add shields to their XboxOne/Windows 10/PocketEdition. It would complete my desires to play Minecraft more and pay for more realms on this edition. I would also like to ...
  • 246 votes


    Rice is the most widely consumed staple food (especially in Asia), it should be in Minecraft too. Rice seeds can be obtained similarly to obtaining wheat seeds, by destroying grass. But you can onl...
  • 191 votes

    Emerald armor & weapons (was: Emerald Weapons)

    I think it would be cool if there was emerald weapons and armor. Its weapon strength should be in the middle of wood and gold. Its armor protection should be in the middle of leather and gold.
  • 273 votes

    (Java Parity) item frames: on ceiling and floor

    why cant you place item frames on floor/ceiling on console???    
  • 155 votes


    By planting acacia saplings in a 2x2, it should create this, a baobab
  • 240 votes

    Larger Boats (was: Update Aquatic Related Items (Edited))

    The first I guess item or items, I’d like to see are larger boats. I really get tired of the old row boats. I’m not sure how big these would be but they could look like old pirate ships maybe like ...
  • 200 votes

    Double Jump Enchantment for Boots

    An enchantment I think would add some fun to the game is an enchantment for boots that allows a player to jump again once while in the air. This could be helpful in gaining flight from ground level...
  • 228 votes

    Potion of Levitation and Glowing

    Like the names suggest, add a potion that makes the player levitate this could be done using the upcoming potion of slow fall brewed with fermented spider eye. Then to obtain the potion of glowing,...
  • 75 votes

    Sleeping bags

    When you go travelling, it is annoying to sleep in a bed and die, and never find your home again, or have broken the bed to continue travelling, and respawn some random place in the middle of the o...
  • 123 votes

    Making Minecarts more robust (pushing mobs off tracks, faster top speed etc.)

    Minecarts could be greatly improved if they were more robust. Currently, they are the most expensive (and time-consuming to build) transportation method, but have a number of issues: A mob that ge...
  • 31 votes

    Return of the stonecutter (In-depth Ideas #4)

    Hello there! I’m MacchuPicchu96, and I’ve been playing survival Minecraft for five years now. I have quite a few different ideas (especially but not exclusively concerning Java Edition) to share on...
  • 24 votes

    Titanium sword

    It should have 10000 attack damage. to defeat huge bosses. and the blade should be purple. and the handle should be green. you could also summon lightning by trying to build with it. and it has 20 ...
  • 81 votes


    Cloaks can be put in a cauldron with a potion in it. The potion soaks into the cloak and gives it the effect. You can wear the cloaks and it will give you the effects without the particles.
  • 89 votes

    Add Shield Enchantments (edited)

    Every weapon and armorpiece has one or more enchantments except, the shield?  The enchantments can even have similar properties to that of the sword, bow, or armor. You should add: -Firebrand: sets...
  • 137 votes

    Add Rare Relics to Minecraft (to accompany the Totem of Undying)

    You should add rare items/tools/weapons that help build onto the mystic side of Minecraft.  I'd like to see more of the magic you find with the magic illagers and ender pearls. -Destroyer's Crown: ...
  • 109 votes

    Auto Crafting Block

    I'd like to suggest a new technical block for auto crafting items.  It should work in a similar fashion to a furnace in that it takes an input of items and requires fuel of some type to operate. Th...
  • 20 votes

    Allow Bubble Columns to Pass Through Some "Less Solid" Blocks (Like Beacons do)

    With the addition of underwater bubble columns that both push and pull on the player, up or down, some fun, creative mechanics can be taken into play.  However, there is one drawback to the creativ...