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  • 3 votes

    lily of the valley

    le muguet ressemble à un perce-neige qui est une fleur de montagne. pour moi, le muguet doit se reproduire dans les collines, la toundra ou la taïga extrêmes  
  • 224 votes


    By planting acacia saplings in a 2x2, it should create this, a baobab
  • 30 votes

    Moss stone slabs and stairs

    It's rather annoying how cobble and moss stone both have walls but only cobble has slabs and stairs
  • 1007 votes

    Fruit Trees and Bushes

    I believe you should include bushes with berries and add trees for specific fruits in your next update.  
  • 804 votes

    Palm & Coconut Trees (was: Palm Trees)

    There a few different types of trees in Minecraft but I think one that would really liven up the world, and that could fit well with the new Update Aquatic, are palm trees. They could only generate...
  • 191 votes

    Add More Signs (Variants/Types)

    Add More signs into Minecraft like you did for buttons, pressure plates, trapdoorsSpruce Sign, Acacia Sign, Dark Oak Sign, Jungle Sign, Birch SignsThese would make a great feature added to the game.