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  • 27 votes

    [March 2019 Official Feedback Topic] Doing more - with ore!

    We’re ready for our new feedback idea thread!  This time we want to talk about ore, and the different, specific things we can do with ores that already are in Minecraft. Show us your recipes!Show u...
  • 334 votes

    (Start Here) Unblock your creativity!

    Here are types of feedback posts you're likely to find in this area: suggestions for new types of blocks ways to improve existing tools new things that can be made from existing things (think diff...
  • 176 votes

    grappling rope

    Crafted with two string and an iron pickaxe it would have twenty uses and only goes up sixteen blocks each use with a cooldown of two seconds
  • 292 votes

    Double Jump Enchantment for Boots

    An enchantment I think would add some fun to the game is an enchantment for boots that allows a player to jump again once while in the air. This could be helpful in gaining flight from ground level...
  • 0 votes

    Biome Tool.

    A Short Description, But I Think A Biome Painter Tool Should Be Added. You Right-Click It'll Come Up With  A Biome Selection Tool. You Choose Your Biome Type And Paint It In The Current Biome. It H...
  • 2 votes

    Eggs should be cookable and edible

    One of the things that surprised me the most when I started playing in 2012 was that I couldnt eat eggs. Eggs should be able to be cooked and eaten.
  • 1 vote

    Usable camera

    Dosent it bother you when other player can sneak to your creation or something else. Well I ah e an idea .....CAMERAS I think cameras can keep you seeing those that wanna sneak on your creation who...
  • 1 vote

    Knitting and Pillows

    When you kill sheep you get wool blocks but what if you got string so you have to knit string into wool and you knit pillow cases and then fill the case with feathers in a crafting table. The bed r...
  • 2 votes

    Scaffolding floats to the top of water

    For really easy building ontop of water.
  • 4 votes

    Animals and Campfires

    Maybe animals can drop cooked food when they die on the campfire
  • 3 votes

    Light Air

    Light Air is functionally identical to a regular air block, but with the exception in that it emits light, with the light level being controlled by the blocks' blockstate. The Light Air block would...
  • 16 votes

    Berries should be incorporated into the Cake recipe

    This would give berries a little bit more of a use and give players some inspiration to have a berry bush garden. This idea also makes sense because of how the new cake texture for 1.14 already has...
  • 172 votes

    You can put fish in fish bowls

    The fish bowl can be a size as a block and you put fish in them
  • 67 votes

    Carpet upgrades

    Carpet is a nice decor for floors but you are limited on where to put it. Why can't it be places on stairs and slabs. Or on blocks that don't take up the block it sitting on. Such as doors, fences,...
  • 0 votes

    Make the mod treecapitator an enchantment.

    Due to the form and hight of sorten trees often its very bore and teddious to acquire big amounts of wood.The enchantments actualy in the game isn't enought.But you can put an enchantment only for ...
  • 1 vote

    Magma slime block

    Like a normal slime block, but after landing on it, the player flies back to the height of the jump.
  • 4 votes

    Dirt slabs

    You've recently added different slabs to Minecraft. But... You didn't add dirt slabs. Dirt slabs would be useful for making rooftop gardens, making hills, and so many other things.
  • 9 votes

    (Improve) Locking Chests

    Add(Improve) the ability to lock chests, since this has kind off been implimented: Chests (and maybe other inventories and doors) can be locked with a key that can be crafted with gold. To lock a ...
  • 247 votes

    (Java Parity) Shields

    Can Minecraft Mojang please add shields to their XboxOne/Windows 10/PocketEdition. It would complete my desires to play Minecraft more and pay for more realms on this edition. I would also like to ...
  • 2 votes

    Novas lajes e escadas no minecraft PE

    Eu imagino que todos estão pensão em novas decorações e eu também adicionar novas lajes e novas escadas não seria uma má ideia né?
  • 20 votes

    (Java Parity) Furnace XP

    We would like to have the furnaces store xp like they do in java.
  • 1 vote

    Cross play

    Cross play- PS4/Xbox/pc/phones Make it able so Xbox PS4 and pc can play together
  • 703 votes

    Bed-sheets with banner designs

     Banners have been a great feature in Minecraft and recently will be linked with waypoints for remembering locations (amazing feature) - Beds introduced new colours not long ago making room designi...
  • 2 votes

    Wall Torch holder / Sconce

    2 iron nuggets + torch= 'Fancy' looking wall sconce / torch holder. Maybe also an even fancier version, with gold mixed in.
  • 1 vote


     The book in Minecraft kind of boring so why can you combine a book with any colour dye in the cracking able to make comic books!  In comic books when you're making them if you hit make picture can...
  • 1 vote

    block setter block destroyer(redstone)

    you can equip the block destroyer with diamond tools (or other tools) and its will break the block on facing! and the block placer place any block (good for farms)
  • 3 votes

    Nether Pot

    Currently, while exploring Nether Fortresses we may come across loot chests made of wood. This is not really coherent with the steril hell-ish dimention that is the Nether. Thinking about what coul...
  • 5 votes

    (Bedrock Parity) Leather Armor for Horse

    Add leather armor for horse in Java Edition version? enjoy that are adding multiple items, and this item is only present in Bedrock Edition.
  • 8 votes

    Fishing gives prismarine

    Add the ability for you to have a chance at fishing up prismarine shards. You would not be able to fish up prismarine crystals. This would increase the diversity of minecraft fishing items a decent...
  • 0 votes

    Xbox live

    Não precisaria sofrer para jogar com amigos e entrar em servidores se retiracem para ter que jogar on-line entrar no Xbox live