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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.



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    This sounds like a really cool idea, but I'm pretty sure it was clarified that Mojang doesn't want to add anything to minecraft that's in lots of mods. It would be better if they added something like backpacks but still distinct enough to exist along-side with the whole backpack mod but sadly, i don't think they will.

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    concon moody commented

    Yeah and you should be able to wear them or put them in your off hand!! Can’t do that with shulkers!!!   ;)

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    i like the idea of backpacks they would be like an extra inventory that you carry in your first inventory but how would you access it  and how many slots would it take up in your first inventory

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    RealSilence43 commented

    They should only have about 7-9 slots, and you can only carry 1 at a time, but yes.

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    CheeryJeans53 commented

    I think there should be something better than them box that you will die for because you have bet the ended and then try to them boxs and kill them be killed so i think there should be backpacks

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    Need to carry more storage without making a chest? The backpack will help carry more storage


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    justmeish1997 commented

    I think we should have backpacks, I am a very nomadic player and hardly settle in one area for long. I think a balanced way to implement backpacks to make it less OP would lend itself useful to the game.

    It can only be carried on the chest-plate slot when it contains items but in inventory when empty. This will make you have to choose protection over extra storage.

    Crafted with 8 leather and a chest.

    Upgrade-able with 8 iron, 8 gold, 8 diamond for later game size increase.

    Each respective upgrade allows a little more armor protection than the last and allows you to enchant later in game. But still offering less protection overall compared to the chest-plate of the same material.

    I often end up getting a Llama or Mule to help but that isn't always useful, backpacks could make the adventurous nomadic style of play much more entertaining.

    Shulker boxes are useless in this circumstance because you pretty much have to complete the game in order to be able to craft them. Backpacks would be a better early game solution.

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    dark blox219 commented

    I think the backpack would be good if it wasn't a creatable item and the player could only find them in dungeons, strong holds etc.

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    GUYS! just stop fighting whether or not backpacks and shulker are the same because it is stupid!!!! Also I always run out of room in early game because I like to explore so it would be a good addition for people who are like me.

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    ajurebear commented

    I've been playing Minecraft since it was released for the XBox 360 in 2011. I've played on the 360, the computer, and now I'm playing on the XBox One. One of the first items I thought that Minecraft should have is the backpack. The backpack would take one inventory slot. The player could only carry one. The backpack would add nine inventory slots. The backpack would be created by placing eight pieces of leather in a circle, as we build chests. It was a simple idea for a simpler game. I think, as this simple idea, it would still work.

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    No, we already have inventories dude.


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    Krista Dawn commented

    we really need backpacks


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    its god more spase

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    DaGamer10101 commented

    What if you wore it where you had elytra, and it was crafted with a chest surrounded by leather? This would be great for early game expeditions while a shulker box requires you to beat the game.This wouldn't be too overpowered because you could only have one. Great Idea!

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    leondsl commented

    Shulker boxes are already there in endgame. Mid game Silk Touch pick and Enderchest are sufficient. Early game Nether portal and horse let you bring your stuff home fast enough. There is a backpack for donkeys already where you can do exactly what you are asking for: have additional space when traveling.

    No need for additional slots from my side, please learn to manage your inventory a bit. My tip: carry a book-n-quill with you, and a stack lumber. When full, write your coords into the book, make a crafting table with the wood, make a double chest with the wood, put everything into the chest and move onward. Pick it up later (when you have Enderchest / Shulker box) by reading the coordinates in the book. Just don´t loose the book.

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    SoliderMobius commented

    Hello! I totally agree with your idea and I would love to see backpacks in minecraft because shulker boxes are not that easy to get

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    leondsl commented

    Ok, there is one backpack idea that I would approve of: In case that we make eating different kinds of foods valuable for the player instead of just having him chunk tons of steaks, he somehow would have to be able to carry those different types of food with him. In that case, a "lunchbox" would be something where he could stock different food types instead of blocking ~12 slots in his inventory.

    Let us assume, food rots ...


    ... whenever a new season starts (maybe 3 moon cycles) ...


    ... and instead of healing us for a small portion, having eaten different kinds of food during a day increases our health recovery speed for that day - we would have to directly heal us with consuming healing herbs and healing potions for recovering health directly ...


    ... (this would also need sand to recover, for we would need to make more health - throwing (for faster usage) - potions) ...


    ... this would leave is with 2 backpacks:

    - a "lunchbox" to contain different kinds of food during a season, to improve our basic health regeneration rate

    - a "potion box" (maybe a belt like in Diablo 2?) to bring along larger amounts of healing potions


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    I think bags/backpacks/quivers are certainly something that's been a long time coming. Upon equipping one in the chest slot the player should get maybe 3 more item slots above their off-hand slot (shield) to mirror the armor spaces. This would make them more balanced since they cant hold tremendous amounts and they'd need to be equipped in and armor slot to be accessed. I think this would be especially useful for quivers, giving the player 3 ammo slots. It'd also be nice if these slots allowed the stacking of potions or larger stacks of ammo items that normally go only to 16, like eggs or snowballs. 

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    Pascal Anema commented

    I think backpacks could work pretty well and their addition will become more and more required as minecraft keeps getting more and more different items.

    In my opinion could this work two different ways:

    1. Backpack is an early-game-item;
    It takes one armor slot (chestplate
    would make the most sense) and won't
    be too cheap, nor too expensive (yes
    gold, no diamonds); when you remove it
    from your armor, all items inside it will
    drop to the floor.

    2. Backpack is an end-game-item; it works
    the same as the example above, but it
    will retain its items once unequiped
    much like a shulker box; the recipe
    contains a shulker box.

    In both examples I see the backpack as an extention to your inventory, everything past the 27th slot will go into the backpack (so you'll have a double chest of inventory when you press E)

    I think backpacks shouldn't be like a shulkerbox but in item form (like a lot of mods do), because that's too easy and OP, especially if shulker boxes aren't required to craft it.

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    Calev Berger commented

    @ThornlessPort83, it will not be like this, it will expand your inventory by 9 slots with no upgradable version(s).

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    I 100% like the idea for backpacks they should come in different colors and sizes and some should be able to give you potion effect like regeneration or conduit power or something and in order to get shulker boxes you have to go to the end and fight the ended Dragon and go to the end city I hate going exploring or mining and running out of inventory space it's so annoying when there's things you want but don't have room in your inventory for them I think that you should be able to make as many backpacks as you want

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    zoeyleb commented

    maybe something like wearable backpacks mod were its a nice looking backpack you can color along with a open and close animation as well as you can set it down on the ground and possible hold your items on death like a gravestone wen you die

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    Mc Rat commented

    I think you should be able to equip a Shulker Box to your chestplate slot, and it would expand your inventory to double the size. And it would be balanced by the fact that you can't have armor in that slot at the same time.

    All the items inside the box would automatically display in the bottom half of your doubled inventory in the correct places

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    I dont think Backpacks are too needed in minecraft
    I know its hard to carry tons of items specially when looting in an adventure or mining in a cave but it breaks the game.
    If its going to add, it must : 
    Be hard to craft like 2 irons 6 leathers and a chest in middle.
    Give 5-15 containers
    Can carry one

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    I honestly think they should add backpacks in mincraft pe.

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    Coolcraft3000 commented

    how about backpack holds 9 items loses durabilaty when used. to access storage you  crouch with an empty hand and hit the use key or trigger to access the storage and would fit in the shield slot

    to stop people from having a thousand backpacks at once you cant have backpacks in backpacks, and just wouldn't be able to pick up two at all

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    BlownSketch48 commented

    Ok. So here are my thoughts
    1)shipper boxes a super late game and they don’t really help you if you just need that last little bit of iron.
    2)I think backpacks would be great early game especially if you plan on traveling or going on large resource gathering sessions.
    3) the backpack would be great for aesthetic reasons
    4) the back pack shouldn’t be 2 over powered (maybe on add and extra row to your inventory space)
    5)maybe add shulker boxes to upgrade the backpack and have separate tabs of inv space?

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    Sachels not backpack

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    Shulker boxes may work like place-able backpacks, but they are only available in late game after defeating the enderdragon. So i feel backpacks would work great for early game, but, to even it out, backpacks would have to have less slots than a shulker box.

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    HyperLynx01 commented

    See the Quark mod for an alternative backpack implementation, which remains balanced and less powerful than Shulker boxes. I think this is a good solution