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    Nathan Hohnbaum commented

    They can call it the seasonal update.

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    ClayGoddessSari commented

    I would rather add a fall seasonal biome (and either a spring biome or some flowering trees to the flower forest) than have the world change so drastically all the time.  The biggest problem would be winter, as I can only imagine that the water freezing rules from the snowy biomes would apply across the world.  This would mean that you would have to protect your important water from freezing as if you were in a snowy biome in any of the temperate biomes.

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    Ian Sommer commented

    @NathanHohnbaum going into the idea of a seasonal update they could also add in fruit trees bushes with it

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    I was thinking about this myself.

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    StarKittychu commented

    Yes! But, Why more mobs in winter? Please add that. I love the idea! I support it! Also, in certain seasons, mobs will look different. Wolves might have a white coat. Amazing idea.

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    Ian Sommer commented

    Maybe strays would spawn in winter instead of regular skeletons, and perhaps even a new winter type of zombie, and if you wanted it even more realistic 3 moon cycles could go past because that's about how many happens in actual seasons

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    WindingTheRopes commented

    In the winter, trees will loose most of their leaves and will just be covered in snow. 

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    Damion Kennedy commented

    All season

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    PoptartLemon commented

    OOOOOOOOOO. YAAAASSSS. This is such a cool idea! I think that in the fall, they should have leaf piles. In the winter, it snows or rains more. In the summer it rains, and in the Spring, more flowers would be around!

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    VanimaPermai commented

    the colour map of the oak birch and dark oak leaves will change their colour to more autumn ones in October similar to how the chests textures change around Christmas
    Spruce leaves woald stay the same as there evergreens 

    (links that don't go anywhere get removed ~ nb)

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    CactusWrangler commented

    Or there could be a rare drop of seasonal sapling variants from trees so you could grow seasonal trees for their special leaves or wood types. Kindof like what the Biomes O Plenty mod has already to an extent.

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    CerealBarrel702 commented

    Lets get love for a Season Update!!!

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    Java Dragon commented

    The seasons just change the biome temperature: 

    • Spring: the same
    • Summer: + 0.8
    • Autumn/Fall: the same
    • Winter: - 0.8

    That would solve the problems with snow and rain. 

    Also, I think the seasons should change every 3 moon phases. 

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    BeadyBelt91864 commented

    during winter, all leaf blocks (except spruce) should become branch blocks that just drop sticks


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    Java Dragon commented

    @BeadyBelt91864 That’s a good idea. Something like deadbushes.

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    blizzardfox99 commented

    I think seasons should have a system where all biomes and foliage are effected by temperature. 

    Seasonal biomes:
    Spring stuff can actually grow randomly, snow melts
    Summer it becomes hot you need to drink more water now then ever(add drinking system)
    Autumn leaves change color and leave tiles start to clutter the woods
    Winter snow starts falling when and if it starts raining then it starts stacking.

    Hot biomes:
    they don't get cold there is dry and wet seasons. Where wet seasons it actaully starts flooding if it's tropical otherwise it's just dry.

    Cold biomes: snows year round

    There should be a cap per biome how much snow tiles of the height it can snow I recommend 10 blocks lolz.

    How to solve the issue with chunks. Look at my suggestion for chunk simulation where the chunk can decide how much snow to add/remove or how much flood to add/remove. 

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    Java Dragon commented

    These ideas just get more and more awesome!

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    Evan Bookout commented

    Deserts should not be excluded from this change if it is implimented.

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    Java Dragon commented

    Evan Bookout Yes. During Autumn/Fall and Winter it should rain a LOT in deserts.

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    I also think it should change what types of crops you can grow easily. So, make fall crops (pumpkins, potatoes, etc) grow faster in fall and slower in other seasons, same for other crops/seasons.

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    Evan Bookout commented

    Henrik Mittelholzer you are missing my point. It should not rain more in deserts. The seasons depend on what type of desert it is. A subtropical desert will be hot and dry year round, while a temperate desert will be cold in the winter and hot in the summer. I’m guessing Minecraft’s desert is a temperate desert given the cacti and the dead bushes. The desert is not flooded with rain in spring and autumn. In fact, Minecraft’s whole temperature system is a bit flawed and will need to be changed if sasons were to be implemented.

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    whiisperer commented

    A small sort of write up of my own for this topic I did before finding this post.

    All biomes receive a sub-class state for seasons. (( Example: Forest (Winter), Forest (Spring), Forest (Autumn), Forest (Summer) ))

    Certain biomes will be the same year round, such as icy mountains always snowing and being frozen, or deserts, savannas, mesas, and rain forests never snowing.

    Depending on the season, there would be mechanical and visual effects in certain temperate/mid range biomes such as plains or forests, with effects as, but not limited to.

    -Trees lose their leaves, turn grey, something (Maybe change to a mess of sticks/branches as their texture? No longer dropping apples when broken, only sticks sometimes) 
    -Snow falls instead of rain
    -Crops grow slower or not at all
    -Night lasts longer
    -Maybe other texture changes, like more yellow grass
    -Maybe mob changes, like the spawning of 'frozen' slower but more damaging zombies? Take extra damage from fire.

    -Rains more often
    -Leaves return to normal
    -crops return to normal
    -Snow and ice melts
    -days return to normal length
    -Some trees may have blossoms?

    -Days last longer

    -days return to normal length
    -Leaves on trees become shades of orange, red, etc
    -Trees gain a light particle effect sometimes of falling leaves
    -Maybe other texture changes, like more yellow grass

    Would be optional as a yes/no thing in world creation as "Seasons Mode" with sub options for "Normal Seasons" or "Long Seasons" With normal seasons likely being around 3 moon phases, with long being 5-6 moon phases.

    ((And as a roleplay server owner, it'd be really nice for some way to adjust the length with data packs or plugins to better suit server needs like mine.))

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    CaliberTracer commented

    Games mechanic wise I feel though it should be a toggable feature, like an on and off feature to decide if you want to use it. Also, I think two ways the game could detect the season is by time zone differentiation, manual entry, or by the national day the season starts depending on the country. I’m all for this idea, it’s been in my mind since 1.7, when mods really took off but I never found one That incorporated this.

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    Daviguistk commented

    not all biomes need to have winter and summer, hot biomes, no winter, cold biome, no summer

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    bcross408 commented

    The idea of seasons is a great one. I really, really hope that Mojang gives Minecraft players the option to play with seasons. It will make the game more dynamic and interesting overall.

    I've seen a few winter ideas regarding leaves. Some suggest no leaves at all while others suggest a gray tint. I would advocate for leaf textures simply turning white, as if the snow was coating any remaining leaves. I think, along with snow on the ground, biomes would truly become a winter wonderland of sorts. Also, the only biomes to not see snow should be: deserts, jungles, savannahs, and mesa biomes. The rest should all see snow! Swamps should perhaps not see snow, but maybe experience occasional ice, with the water and ponds freezing up? 

    The ideas for the other seasons I have seen sound spectacular, especially autumn. 

    As seasons has become more and more relevant in the Minecraft community, many people have expressed their interest in this idea. Seasons youtube videos have garnered thousands of likes with many people expressing their love of this idea. I hope Mojang listens! 

    I sincerely hope Mojang puts seasons into the game in 1.15. I do not believe that seasons should take up an entire update themselves, but should be added to an update that's planned in the future (hopefully 1.15 so we get them soon!)

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    Ela Jain commented

    yes. this has crossed my mind. voted X^B

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    xTheEpicPixelx commented

    Some people might not even like the seasons, so make it a toggleable thing, like flat worlds. It would be awesome if there was a complete seasons menu, like you can lock it at one season, make the seasonal mob changes and/or crop changes optional, and maybe even make it so there is a /season command!

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    CurdledComb441 commented

    Plz Mojang add this Its going to lead more players to buy the game!

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    ◢ ◤ Augusto Lobo◢ ◤ commented

    That' a REALLY NICE IDEA! There is a mod called Serene Seasons that does almost the same thing, but having it in the vanilla game would be much better. But is would have to be good, realistic seasons changing, colors, temperature... I've always wondered about having seasons in minecraft.

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    PolarMammoth commented

    I think seasons could definitely work if done carefully and correctly, here’s how I’d do it. Each season would have a smooth transition for the changing textures of the grass and the leaves, each seasonal phase lasting about 200 minutes or 10 minecraft days. Player placed leaves would not change, however saplings planted by the player (once grown into trees) would change. TL;DR at bottom
    **Winter:** Most tree leaves (except spruce ones) would take on a branchy texture (dropping only sticks) in most biomes except jungle and hot biomes and grass could appear frosty and have slippy properties in most biomes (except hot ones or jungle) Snowfall could occur in cool biomes, be heavier in snowy ones and eventually melt in spring (snow layers already melt in biomes that arent cold in bedrock edition, however there are no actual seasons so it’s not the most useful feature for now). Crops wouldn’t grow at all without bonemeal, hunger would go down 1.5 times quicker in winter unless you’re next to a heat source, perhaps cooked foods would provide greater saturation in winter than non cooked foods? Husks could also be prevented from spawning in winter and maybe snow golems could spawn in random places too? Water would also freeze over except in hot biomes and jungle.

    **Spring:** Currently Minecraft is in eternal spring, the only differences to current minecraft could be blossom on most trees (pink or white) (not jungle and spruce ones, nor ones in deserts.) Creepers could be strongest in spring, their damage dealt increasing by 1 or even 2 hearts. More passive animals would spawn in every biome and crops could grow faster and have a chance of not using up bonemeal when bonemealed.

    **Summer:** Creepers (being plants) could burn in daylight (except in cold biomes) and strays would be rarer due to the heat but husks could have a chance of spawning in most biomes except for cold ones. In cold biomes it would rain instead of snow and Steve’s hunger would not go down as quick but getting set on fire would last longer. The leaves on trees could be a vibrant green (alpha minecraft green) and the grass a wheaty colour in most biomes except cold and hot ones. Maybe in hot biomes sudden fires could occur and thunderstorms be more common.

    **Autumn:** Rain would be far more common and so would all the monsters seeing as it is the month of Halloween, endermen would rarely spawn however due to it being a wetter month. Crops would start to grow slower (an early sign of winter approaching) harvest season and leaves could break and disappear faster after chopping all the wood on a tree. The grass could gain a brownish muddy top texture and if under certain trees a leafy overlay.

    **TL;DR:** Essentially the only thing really changing each season would be certain mob spawning rates, the colour and/or texture of grass and leaves, the chance and location of downfall (snow/rain) and the rate at which hunger or saturation goes down.

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