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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.



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    Vedat YILDIZ commented

    Maybe an item which replaces chest plates.

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    Backpacks made from leather should be possible in survival to have extra space. If this makes the game too easy then it should be a cheat option

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    JustNrik commented

    My idea:


    [L] [L] [L]
    [L] [L] [S]
    [L] [L] [S]

    L: Leather
    S: Leads


    • They can store everything except Chest (Including Ender, Treasure, Shulker Boxes and other Backpacks)
    • On death, they will be put on the nearest solid block in 5 blocks of distance. If no valid blocks are found, all items will be dropped
    • When dropped, they don't drop as another item, they will be placed instead. They are still entities though, so lava and fire will burn the backpack, drop and burn the items as well. They are also affected by gravity and they will drop a % of their total storage based on the height, starting from 5 blocks with 10% of total inventory + 10% per block. 14 blocks will drop all items and destroy the backpack
    • They can be placed by the player normally as well as they can be placed on armor stand
    • They have a storage size of 9 items.
    • They can be accessed with a shortcut key, just like normal inventory
    • They must be wielded to access to them
    • They can't be stacked
    • They have to be picked with right click, breaking them with any tool or sword with destroy the backpack and drop all items
    • They can be stolen be endermen, beware!
    • Ranged attacks have 25% probability to make you drop the backpack, Melee attacks have 15% probability
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    Yasmin Beppu commented

    Sinceramente, eu adorei essa ideia! Seria um máximo ter uma mochila para guardar teus itens! Pois assim economiza espaço em nosso inventário

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    iSkepticalHD commented

    Hi, I'm iSkeptical :) I'm new to posting here, this is my first time. I hope I'm doing this right...

    My reason why I think this idea would be a good idea to add into the game.

    Ok, I think backpacks is a necessary item for the current direction MineCraft is going (Lots and lots of new blocks) and is making inventory management difficult. 

    A lot of youtubers I watch (Mainly Hermits) that play a lot of survival, all make repetitive/similar comments on how hard it is to manage inventory, although they have chest fulls of shulker boxes.

    Making backpacks an early game AND late game item would be beneficial to people who either like to mine for long periods of time, or loves to build in survival. The more and more types of resources are gatherable, and more items to craft, the harder inventory management is becoming.

    My Idea on how to Implement them

    I think a level 1 backpack should be able to be found in Dungeons, Temples, Mineshafts, Fortresses, and Strongholds. Level 2 & 3 backpacks have to be crafted with a special item. [Fox Fur] a drop im proposing for foxes.

    My Idea on how they should work

    I believe this item should not be OP. Which means, it does not store items itself, like a shulker box or ender chest, meaning if you are killed, the backpack plops out everything in them, or if the backpack breaks or is removed from the backpack slot, your items will plop out. I propose a new item [Fox Fur] to be a rare loot table like of the Rabbit's foot. You can upgrade the Backpack with a similar recipe style of upgrading the map, 8 fur and the backpack in the middle. 

    Level 1 backpack would have a durability of 133 (A golden chest plate) [Common Backpack]

    Level 2 backpack would have a durability of 241 (An Iron chest plate) [Heavy Backpack]

    Level 3 backpack would have a durability of 529 (A diamond chest plate) [Reinforced Backpack]

    They can only be upgraded with the fletching table.

    Backpacks should be able to be enchanted with Mending and Unbreaking. My idea is that every time you take damage, or take the backpack off/on it should decrease its durability. Making backpacks destructible and vulnerable to items, makes players think twice about keeping all their shulkers and valueables on them in person instead of in a chest/enderchest. 

    [Note] I believe that the difference between level 1 and 3 backpacks will only have a change in durability and not in inventory slots.

    The backpack should be equip-able with a new inventory slot, the backpack slot (B), which would be right above the offhand slot.

    How much space should they have? I believe they should have 27 slots, same as your current inventory minus the home row (1-9) 

    By clicking button(s) next to the crafting recipe book you can easily swap between inventories of the backpack and your inventory. For instance right arrow key or a chest icon (1) would be your inventory and left arrow key or a backpack icon (2) would show your backpack inventory.

    [Note] Switching between views of backpack and inventory does not alter or change crafting ingratiates active, and items in the home row (1-9) are not changed unless changed manually. Basically acting as a live second inventory without the home row.


    My idea would give us more inventory managementt in a non over powered way and add a use to the fletching table and a new drop to foxes to maybe make them more useful and not only cute. 

    So I hope my comment is helpful, and I hope I followed the forums rules. I'm really sorry if I did something wrong. Again I'm new here.

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    MORTALGANG commented

    Sounds like fun


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    You should have backpacks because you can carry them around in your inventory. They make it easy to access things you might need later but don't need right at that moment.

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    Mr Tador commented

    Nadie se fija en los cofres del end :''c

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    Maybe it acts similarly to a shulker box, but only with 9 slots, like a dispenser.

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    If they were to add backpacks, then it should be a chest item(unlike the shulker box), and it extends your inventory by 9 slots(Way less than the shulker box). When unequiped, the backpack drops all of its items, so NO infinite storage(but the shulker box can do that)! Its a win win for backpacks and shulker boxes!

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    It's a really good idea to me, meaning more space and sulker boxes can't be in a backpack but backpacks can go inside the sulker boxes

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    joibasta commented

    If implement it should be crafted with:

    Rabbit Hide(Three on top, two in bottom corners), String(The mid sides), an Iron or Gold ingot(Bottom Mid) and a chest or something similar(center). 5 Rabbit Hide because it can take time to gather and harder to mass produce, string because string, Iron or Gold Ingot for the button, and the chest or other for showing space. Bags should only extend your inventory by 9 spaces.

    It either should replace your chest armor or be contained in its own item slot like armor or the shield. This would make it so you can only use one at a time making you switch out the bags from your inventory.You can not stack bags inside each other just like Shulker Boxes.

    Dyeing bags would be fun and gives variety.

    I understand Shulkerboxes are end game and would make them pointless. But it's a survival game and people should have more options for inventory. We don't need bags but it would be cool. I'm sure Mojang can balance them to make sure Shulker boxes are not pointless.

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    creepperklr2 commented

    Af first, it appears realistically, your hot bar is your “tool belt” and your inventory is about the capacity of a backpack, much more than pockets alone in real world could carry. At first it seems that strong more inventory would me unrealistic. But then I realized, this is Minecraft. The most iconic mobs are MCs own suicide bomber (Creeper), apocalyptic brain-chewers (zombie), and fleshless clunkers with archery skills (skeleton). What am I talking realistic here? The number of blocks in the game has increased over the years, by quite a bit, but the inventory hasn’t. There should be an early-game method for increasing inventory a little. Even 1 more row seems fair.

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    I am in complete agreement that a backpack for early game extra storage is needed!

    Yes, shulker boxes area available for late game but, not everyone is able to or wants to go to the end to get them, and backpacks are a good option for those people!

    I am one of the people who use shulker boxes and I don't want anything to replace them at all, but as someone who mines most of the time and also builds early game I would love to have the ability to have a backpack like the one I am describing below.

    Backpacks should:

    • Require a new equipment slot, maybe above the shield slot?
    • Must not be stackable in inventory.
    • Have only 9 item slots or 15 item slots like a chest has on donkeys and mules.
    • Store all items except other storage items (chests, other backpacks, enderchests, and shulkers).
    • Be made of leather only using the same layout (shown below) as @JustNrik said in their comment and not able to be upgraded. That way backpacks stay usable for early game and not as desirable for later game use with the use of shulker boxes.

               L = Leather                                          L L L
               S = Lead                                              L L S
                                                                           L L S

    • Be required to be worn to be accessed (accessible through a hotkey and maybe also the inventory) and upon removal from the player, all items in the backpack will be removed to the main inventory or dropped on the ground if the main inventory is full. This should work similarly to the way a chest works, as chests are only accessible when placed and items are dropped on the ground when a chest is broken.
    • Be affected by gravity and upon death of the player, all items from the backpack should be dropped on the ground with a % of damage also applied to the backpack.
    • Have a % probability of damaging and/or making you drop the backpack resulting from ranged and melee attacks.
    • Be able to have mending and unbreaking enchantments applied to them.
    • Be able to be placed on armor stands the same as elytra.
    • Have a possibility of being taken by Endermen.

    There are always ways of making things better. So, please be nice to each other and enjoy the game!

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    machandler commented

    Backpacks should be added.

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    a back pack would be a nice earlier version of a shulker but having it take an armor slot instead of just sitting in the inventory.

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    Jove Rogers commented

    I really don't think the player needs more inventory space. I'm mostly into the early/mid-game survival, and I hardly ever run my backpack full. And if I do I know it's because I'm playing the game wrong, and I'm probably carrying a lot that I don't need.

    Consider for a moment, survival/roleplay-wise, what your inventory is. It's basically a 27-slot backpack. I always call it ‘my bags,’ not ‘my inventory.’ The 9-slot action bar is what you can carry without a bag.

    My idea is the player ought to be confined to just their hotbar at the start of the game, and crafting a wool knapsack allows them another row of 9 inventory slots, then crafting a proper leather backpack allows them the full 27. The backpack goes into a backpack slot (like your offhand) so you can wear it with armour. Your 27 slots of inventory are contained in the backpack's data tags, so you can take it off and swap inventories with other players or keep them in your chests. You can have your building inventory and your combat inventory and nevermind because now it sounds exactly like cheaper shulker boxes.

    So on second thought, the data tags ought to remain attached to the player. Upon removing the backpack, the items drop to the ground. At this, the pack just becomes a necessary requirement to having inventory space at all. A hinderence. Now I'm all for a new challenge to the survival aspect of the game, but I know not everybody is, and more importantly we like having MASSIVE amounts of stuff. Sooooooooo.....

    Cue the Ender Backpack! Crafting recipe is really cool: maybe a backpack, a frame of blaze rods, and an eye of ender. It allows you 4 to 6 rows of inventory space, essentially becoming your Heward's Handy Haversack.

    For the really early game, there's the woolen knapsack. It would relieve some of the difficulties of having only 9-slots until you can get the leather together for a backpack.

    Allllllllso having 9-18 slots at the beginning of the game would hinder the ability to rush headlong into a mining expedition and obtain iron by the end of night one. Mining takes a ton of inventory space, and the player might be thinking "Damn, I should've got a backpack before I started this."

    Also consider for a moment the uses of leather. There's armour, item frames, and books.v Personally I manage 9/10 times to skip having any leather armour at all, before I get a full suit of iron plate. Leather comes more into play in the mid-game when you start enchanting and need leather-bound books.

    This idea totally allows for the late-game shulker boxes to retain their total usefulness, it adds a bit more of an early-game challenge, and it adds a mid-game reward—the Ender Backpack—to balance that challenge <3

    EDIT: Grammar & spelling—I must have written this while sleep-deprived.

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    Evan Bookout commented

    A backpack could be sort of like putting a chest on a donkey or a llama. Limited storage, and you need to sacrifice some armor in order to carry it around on your back. While equipped, it could add a separate window to your inventory for "backpack storage," sort of like, well, on a llama or donkey. You could carry it in your inventory, but that would sacrifice easy access to items on the go. Backpacks would be leather brown originally but could be dyed like armor. You could also place a backpack down on the ground or on an armor stand. Plus, they would look really cool! Also, no backpacks in backpacks.

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    Evan Bookout commented

    Jove Rogers that is a great idea!

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    PopularPython commented

    While I completely understand why people are worried that this would replace the use of shulker boxes... you have to understand that some of us dont want to rush the game and go kill the Ender Dragon. So a backpack would be helpful for those is us that want to play the game without killing the dragon right away. I will take months just mining and building without killing the dragon.


    While going through these threads people are talking about limiting the size. And sure I could understand that but I wouldn't only make it 9 more slots. I think it should be about the size of your inventory or maybe like 15 slots. But it could also be an upgraded item and everytime you upgrade them the size or inventory space could increase as well.

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    volrix005 commented

    I feel like we could come up with a better implementation than just adding a whole new item and item slot for backpacks. Shulker boxes provide great new ways to store items, so maybe we could link a shulker box to your inventory so that you could access it without having to place a box, use it, then break it.

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    AGENTVIDEO commented

    moi je vote pour avoir des sac à dos pour en avoir un sans commande de plusieurs couleurs

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    ACWavelength commented

    I think that 'backpack style' items should be early game but worse versions of shulker boxes. These types of item would have less slots than the shulker box, and would only be able to store one type of items. For example; a quiver can store 8 stacks of arrows max. A 'sturdy barrel' (a barrel in centre with iron in all corners) would only store fish (cod/salmon), with max 8 slots. 

    Another Idea is a 'tool belt'. this could be crafted using 8 leather and one gold block, and could be combined with any chest plate/leggings using an anvil. then, a player can left-click on any tool to put it on their toolbelt (the tools would then show attached to the player' armour). The tool in your hot bar would then go a faded colour and appear above the inventory slot it was in. this can be done for a max of 9 items. left clicking on an inventory slot with a tool above it (in the toolbelt) will put the item into the player's hand. while tools are in the toolbelt, other items can be held in your hand. taking off the armour with the belt on takes the toolbelt and it's items off with it. a toolbelt can be equipped and used without being on armour.

    maybe I went O.T.T with the toolbelt but the 'backpack style' items is something that can be added in different ways, so can be anything.

    I hope you add this, it would make early game more fun (and gold more useful)

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    this would be very helful

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    Well let's see if we got backpacks in the game then what is the use of shulker boxes? It's a No from me sorry.

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    My idea for a backpack is simple, but I think it’s balanced. Instead of just being a shulker box you wear, I’d give it limited space. Like, say, five slots. Its purpose is to hold utility blocks, such as a bed or a work station. It can occasionally be found worn by zombies, and possibly sold by leatherworkers, but probably isn’t craftable. Not only do I think it’d add some more balance, but I feel the game needs more loot in general.

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    I agree that as more block variations are being added, inventory spaces are sometimes getting more and more clogged, but usually this is a problem later in the game and i have lots of chests by then. I never really feel like i need more blocks in my inventory. It would still be very convenient if backpacks that expand your inventory did exist, so im all for it, but i wouldn't say its a priority for me.

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    SawBoy000 commented

    I think they should make it so you can open up skulker boxes without placing them down otherwise add no backpacks or anything

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    I think backpacks would actually be a great idea to add into the game. Many will argue that shulker boxes defeat the purpose of the backpack entirely, but that’s simply not the case.

    Backpacks would be an early game item, therefore needing to be very limited. This could be done 2 ways.

    The first way is by making backpacks only having 9 (more or less if necessary) inventory slots, like a hot bar. This would make them useful for only carrying around a few extra things, not a whole chest worth.

    The second way is by making backpacks only usable when equipped in the chest plate armor slot, like the elytra. This would create what is, in my opinion, a fair trade off between extra inventory space, and armor.

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    Live4God150 commented

    I've been wanting this for so long. It'll make traveling players and trips much more convenient and worth the adventure even more.