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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.



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    GGGame717 commented

    Ya hay muchos tipos de almacenamientos... también está el mod de mochilas en otras versiones de minecraft, pero pues si me gustaría ver las mochilas oficiales de Minecraft y más en Pocket Edition.

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    Yeah craft a backpack and a chest plate and a elytra and you get awesomeness backpacks would add a couple extra rows of inventory

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    Tim Quinn commented

    While Shulker boxes add extra inventory, they are very late game and do not make the player look like any more of an adventurer.  Backpacks and campfires make the game feel like more of an adventure, campfires were added and look perfect, now we need backpacks.  Crafted with leather and string, the backpack is made to extend the players inventory while traveling.  Backpacks can take up a chestplate spot, or there could be a new option to have it on with chestplates.  Backpacks will make you feel like more of an adventurer while exploring the vast world of minecraft.  In my opinion, backpacks are a necessary addition to the wonderful game of minecraft.

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    Ok So there are multiple things that I have to mention with this.  

    First off as many people have mentioned before, Shulker boxes. Some people think it's hard to get to the end, kill the dragon and go on an end city raid. But from the start of a new world to the point where you can get shulker boxes if you seriously aim for it shouldn't take you longer than a day or two.

    If you still think it's too difficult, I get it, not everyone is good at combat but there are four different things you can do to keep extra storage with you, 3 of which doesn't even require combat at all.

    1. Keep an Ender Chest and a silk touch pickaxe on you. Doubles your inventory, if you die the items in your enderchest is safe. CON: You have to go to the nether and kill both blazes and endermen to make it.

    2. There are three animals that can carry items for you. Llamas, Donkeys and mules..  Llamas only spawn in extreme hills biomes so you have to go searching for that, they also have the smallest storage capacity. Donkeys have bigger storage capacity (15) but are just not that fast (5.6 blocks/second, slightly faster than the player) Mules can be just as fast as horses and have the same storage capacity as donkeys.

    3. The slightly less practical way, but something that works well in mines is minecarts. You can always find coal while you're out mining, it doesn't work great for caving unless you have a central area you come back to to store your loot before you run off again.

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    I get that shulker boxes can provide extra inventory space but they are difficult to obtain. You have to go to the end which takes along time. I sometimes find myself travelling across the world but I can carry everything I need. Even if the backpack had the same space a a shulker that would be fine. Thanks

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    i will be wearable on the chestplate slot and maybe a 3X3 crafting table and the crafting will be a shulker box and rabbit hide so it can be used in the game more because it can be only be got from rabbits and the only use is crafting leather and really thats just a waste of time

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    Strebicusy commented

    I think backpacks are a good addition and should have an extra slot like the elytra should. (Same slot?) They should be crafted with 1 chest, 5 leather in a minecart shape, and 2 string at the corners. It could be opened by a certain hotkey and have 9  or 18 slots. When taken off they still hold things. Shulker boxes can also be placed in them

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    I like the idea, as long as they're not exactly like shulker boxes. Shulker boxes aren't availvable until you kill the Ender Dragon (the end). Backpacks should be a cheaper version of the Shulker Box.

    How Would the backpack be made?: 

    I think backpacks should be made in a crafting table with leather all around a chest (center)

    How would it work?: 

    Just so that the backpack isn't overpowered. I think for one, No backpacks in backpacks. and two, Only use one or two (one in the chestplate slot and one in your off hand) but if you change your off hand slot, the backpack falls (same with chestplate unless you switch it to offhand and vise versa) on the floor as a block, and the shape of it depends how much stuff is inside it (18 slots total/ 2 rows) and depending on how much is inside the backpack the shape of it is different from flat-very full) creators can choose how it works. and same for whenever you put it on the chestplate slot


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    But we have shulker boxes

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    Punkinator71 commented

    I believe that backpacks should take up the chest piece slot in the armor like the elytra, and would have a double chest of storage, but you can't put shulker boxes nor other backpacks into it. and you can't put backpacks into a shulker box.

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    Isaac Blauert commented

    As long as they're not to broken, I think only one per player with an extra row and is equal to leather armor, but can't break

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    I think this idea would be excellent! It makes extra storage was easier than finding a dungeon, going to the end and finding shulkers! It would also be cool if we could dye them certain colors, a lot of support from me.

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    Shalker boxes cope with the work of a backpack.

    I don't think this is a good idea.

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    please add to the bedrock mode!!!

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    Lunar WolfTN commented

    I love this idea since this may be a lot easier to get then a shulker

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    Although backpacks are an interesting idea, I feel like having more inventory space available before you even fight the Ender Dragon is a bit too powerful. Inventory space in Minecraft is precious and should be treated like it. Shulker boxes already give such IMMENSE power to the playing to be able to carry almost another full inventory space worth of items, and being able to do that in the beginning of the game is too overpowered.

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    8 leather and chest for 9 spaces. Place open and break with everything still inside. Dye with 16 colors of dye or use plain leather color

    These are detaildetails if these get put in but i am on the fence about adding them in


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    Ppl have been asking for this for years!!!

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    David S commented

    I recently fired up Minecraft and started playing again; my last sign in was in 2015.

    Now when you mine, your inventory fills up with cobblestone, diorite, and andesite. You create slabs, stairs, doors, fences, out of 5+ different wood types and each variation takes up a space. And so on. I spend more time having to managing inventory than I did four years ago. I get it; there should be a reasonable limit to what your starting character can carry, and Minecraft is generous in that it uses slots and not weight.

    Many commented about shulker boxes. Fine if your character is powerful enough to have slain the Enderdragon, traveled to End cities, etc. But I'm on a brand new Survival worlds, and am a lot like a new user to the game.

    There's few mid-level options for expanding your inventory, and a backpack sounds like a great solution.

    • Craft it out of leather and other mid-level items already in the game.
    • Move the recipe book over and put the backpack slot next to the shield.
    • Only give 9 more slots.
    • Maybe restrict the types of items that can be in the backpack (tools only?)
    • Only let the player equip one.
    • Unequipping the backpack drops the contents in that row(?)
    • Don't even show it on the player model as we don't need to conflict with a cape or elytra.

    Mojang can certainly come up with a balanced implementation. This seems like a good fit in Minecraft's game world, and long overdue.

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    Ray Fox-wolf commented

    @MacchuPicchu96 yea but shulker boxes are hard to get in survival, so the backpack would be helpful for peoplr who havent been to the end yet

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    Backpacks can add new inventory space as well as fashion and design for the player

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    LouDude929 commented

    In part of a greater fix of the game's progression, the backpack should add 9 slots of player inventory not previously included- maybe the players inventory is only initially the hotbar , and the inventory itself was made from 3 backpacks, for example.

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    Jove Rogers commented

    Aaron Haughton has a point, and I really agree with LouDude929 about changing up our base game! I thought the player already _has_ a backpack, guys, and it's 27 slots big...

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    Can the backpacks hold anything?

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    JaxSpades commented

    “But what about Shulker Boxes???”

    Why not both?

    For balance, backpacks could be half the inventory space and have durability, still allowing for early game mining sessions. Durability might wear down based on total items stored over time, or something. Shulker boxes then are a full inventory and can be broken and keep their inventory, allowing them to be used in redstone systems, like on HermitCraft, and do not have any durability, making them better and more late game.

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    Leather doesn't make too much, so this might have a new use, and add an adventure element. I think it should have a relatively small inventory.

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    RockoTime commented

    You should be able to dye them different colors also

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    welluuw commented

    we need these because shulker boxes you get in the end game and these would be nice in like early game

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    MurphyRages commented

    i want to see this happen

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    Samuel Bryson commented

    Well I think the backpack is a great idea!
    First of all, we all know that shulker boxes work well. But because of their rarity (get to The End>kill the Ender dragon>use enderpearl on portal>navigate the outer islands without getting lost/find End city>kill shulkers>put two shulker shells above and below a center chest on the crafting table=shulker box), most players can’t actually make and use them UNTIL YOU BEAT THE GAME.
    Second, a backpack could be made of more common materials like wool/leather and string, and could be worn in the chestplate slot. This way you could have more slots (maybe 6-12) at the cost of better defense/elytra (I don’t know if I spelled that right). Most players don’t even get elytra till late in their world, so this wouldn’t be too much of a problem.
    Third, any items/blocks left in the backpack when it’s taken off will be dropped from the players inventory.
    Also we don’t need to dye the backpacks.