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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.



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    All of these people complaining that "it's the same as a shulker box" I'd have to disagree. Shulker boxes are an end game item you can carry multiples of that has to be placed down to use and can be wired with hoppers and redstone. A backpack would be an early game equipable item that straight up expands your invetory and reqires manual imput since it can't be placed. In addition, any player can open a shulker box, making it good for team projects, while a backpack would be a more personal thing. Shulker boxes are an upgraded chest, backpacks would be an upgraded inventory. You can only have one backpack, you can have up to 36 shulker boxes. Seems like a fair trade.


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    PoptartLemon commented

    MacchuPicchu96, they might be able to use the chestplate spot, and not take up inventory space. Maybe it can even have it's own slot.

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    lism losm commented

    (Cough cough SHULKER BOX cough cough)

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    Elle Johnson commented

    I feel having backpacks would be easier to access early on in the game rather than fighting to the end cities to get shulker boxes. Lots of potential for this idea. I'm going to throw in the idea of an ender backpack. Like a regular ender chest, where when crafted can hold all yo valuables and can be accessed from all ender backpacks only to the player, but the functionality of having a moveable chest that you can right click on in your hand and access stuff with ease. Would make survival building structures (like on hermitcraft) a lot easier. I do really like this idea of backpacks in minecraft.

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    LlamaLeMan commented

    Shulker boxes are good as backpacks. BUT they are not functional unless you have a pick to mine them up. If there was ANOTHER backpack option where you could view what items you had in them without placing it, that'd be a better option. Or a backpack that didn't need a specific tool to pick them up.

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    Im all in for that

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    Just add a upgrade inventory option with the xp you earn 

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    Mauzeroth commented

    I like this idea and agree that there should be something for early game. Shulker boxes are so end game many players won’t even see them in survival. Would like to see backpacks much earlier but with levels:
    -craft with leather, maybe sticks, and something like string and gives you 4 slots for basic
    -upgradeable versions in increments of two with rarer materials or enchantments with like 4-5 total levels with max inv +12 to +14
    -add a backpack slot and only get spaces if equipped
    -shows up in normal inv when equipped as slightly shaded slots
    -when backpack is unequipped items stay in and slots disappear
    -can access contents if placed on ground like a chest, so could have 100 of em if you want but store less and take more to make then chests
    -would allow you to store different travel packs
    -gives end game ability to have some more inv space to swap easy instead of the whole routine for dropping and picking up chests
    -the intent here is to allow you to grow inventory as you progress up to about a third of your basic inventory

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    I do agree with shulker boxes, but would make another alternative and cheaper way but stores less slots and can come in different colors... 

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    Mania NATION commented

    It's an awesome idea. To be able to access extra space while in the inventory, instead of placing a Shulker Box and opening it would be AWESOME and EFFICIENT. Also, being able to put multiple backpacks and Shulker Boxes in one (and being able to access it and Shulker Boxes) right from the same screen is a good idea of my own. Just to add some clarity and my own ideas to a highly voted feedback idea.

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    I love it

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    To craft it the recipe should be like a chest plus a saddle or a chest and some leather or wool.

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    Magefulrage commented

    Maybe have hunger be affected as well. If you have a backpack your hunger deleted a bit faster. Maybe have it dependant on how many items are in the backpack?

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    Honestly, there is shucker boxes for that but I do admit, backpacks would still be pretty cool, and you could put shucker boxes in those backpack. So basically, I voted for yes :D

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    TobyC420 commented

    This would be an amazing idea and I've wanted it for the majority of my time playing minecraft (almost 5 years). just another slot for elytras and backpacks would be amazing. And it has to be easily accessible in the ui. And the backpacks should have the storage capabilities as half of a chest.  

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    urbeatle commented

    Something definitely must be done about early game inventory without making ender chests/shulker boxes irrelevant.. Inventory size was set in stone when there were much, much fewer items in the game.

    What I'd like to see is a bag that effectively triples stack size for one item. Craft a bag, then one item in it to target that item (exact matches only.) The capacity of the bag is its durability.

    Hold the bag in main hand or offhand to automatically pick up and store the target item until the bag is full. Use the bag (right-click) to remove 1 item. Bows/crossbows can automatically draw from a bag (quiver) of arrows.

    Because the bag has durability, there could potentially be attacks that reduce durability, causing items to be lost. For example, being on fire may drop the durability of all bags carried by 1 every time a player takes damage.

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    Zekriumite commented

    If backpacks were to be added, I suggest a weight feature, that gradually increases the more items and the higher the stacks you put inside the bag. An empty bag only slows you down a bit, whilst a full bag would probably be like Slowness 2. I also suggest that horse leather is added to the game, and it is stronger than cow leather in terms of durability. All backpacks should only have 9 slots of space, as to not overthrow Shulker Boxes as the best inventory expander. Agreeing with Issak Plays15's idea, I think that the backpack's straps should wear sometimes, and you will need to repair it every so often.

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    kevin olson commented

    i like the idea of backpacks and i thought that there should be a slot just for them but that is just an idea

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    This would be a good idea

    an item that you can press use on while you are holding it to open  a 10-space inventory and full 3x3 crafting table.

    when you have it in your inventory a backpack overlay is displayed on your back

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    KunochiTurtle commented

    The Shulker Boxes are a great idea, (Maybe be able to put a lock or trap on them like the chests have) But how about a backpack? The idea I have is for some developer to create say 100 backpacks. Hide them in different biomes or even in the server games some of us play. For example, in a jungle biome, hide one backpack up in a Jungle tree, not visible to the player who is 'harvesting' the wood, but all of a sudden as they are axing the jungle wood, a sparkly item suddenly drops into their inventory without the player knowing. When they go into their inventory, they see the backpack. It can hold say 32 rows of items. And, as an added bonus, ten of the 100 hidden backpacks hold one of each diamond made item including armor. There could be a bonus applied to the diamond made items that are not normally created by the player. Say, an unbreakable code that would apply to the specific character for one calendar month. (not game month, but real time month). Then after the calendar month is up, the diamond items would be back to normal, as if the character created these items.

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    shulker boxes are nice but like i want something that you can open in your inventory. or some kind of way to add on to your inventory.

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    I agree with this

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    I had the same idea as this guy, and my post was deleted in order to keep everything neat, so I'm putting my post here instead. I've also made some edits to my original design, and will be going through why this idea is just as viable as the shulker, yes, I see all of you going on about the box:

    Description: The Backpack is an item worn in the chestplate armor slot, and offers an extended inventory. There are two backpack varients, a normal backpack, which has a reasonably similar size to that of a one block chest, and the large backpack, which is taller with the proportions of a large hiking chest: Tall, but skinny. There are also straps with silver buckles on the front of both.

    1. Type: Transportation (kinda) ok not really))
    2. Renewable: Yes
    3. Stackable: No

    Obtaining: Backpacks cannot be crafted, and instead must be obtained in the manners below.

    • Natural Generation: The same deal that saddles have, with the whole found in dungeon chests, but with the likelihood halved.
    • Fishing: Half the chance of being found by fishing as the saddle.
    • Trading: The cartographer will very rarely sell the backpack to travelers. He won't be needing it anymore now that he's done the mapping. This could also suggest the concept of cartographers being found by the player walking about with a backpack, mapping new lands. Cartographers will always be selling the large backpack. (Maybe name large backpack traveling backpack?)


    • Storage (normal):  When a backpack is placed into the chestplate slot, 1 more row (9 spaces) of inventory are added, slightly separated in order to distinguish the two inventories. These spaces are able to hold anything a normal inventory can, including shulker boxes and other backpacks. When a backpack is removed, all the contents of the extra row are moved into any available space in the inventory, and the rest is dumped onto the ground. Items in the backpack do not stay in the backpack when it is removed.
    • Storage (larger): When a backpack is placed into the chestplate slot, 2 more rows (18 spaces) of inventory are added, slightly separated in order to distinguish the two inventories. These spaces are able to hold anything a normal inventory can, including shulker boxes and other backpacks. When a backpack is removed, all the contents of the 2 extra rows are moved into any available space in the inventory, and the rest is dumped onto the ground. Items in the backpack do not stay in the backpack when it is removed. Arrows and other ammunition items can still be fired from within the backpack, but are loaded 25% slower. Hard to find them in such a big bag.

    In-Game Application: Alright, it's been said a million times: "The backpack is useless now that the shulker box is a thing." That is dead wrong. First of all, the shulker box and backpack are complete opposites in use. While shulker boxes can only be accessed by placing them on the ground, and not from the inventory, backpacks can only be used in the inventory, and only to extend the inventory. Couple that with the fact that shulkers and backpacks can be used together, it makes it that much LESS useless.

    Backpacks also solve the space problem for those who aren't that far along in their adventure to the end. The shulker is very much an end-game item, and backpacks take up the role of extra storage on demand in the early stages. Backpacks also cannot be called overpowered for the drastic increase in inventory space, as it takes up the most important armor slot. Finally, there's the big application other than travel: building. You thought making houses would be easier from the scaffolding, but what if you were able to hold 50% more blocks than you were before?

    For the last time, it's not useless. Shut up.

    Thank you for considering my suggestion, or in this case, input. More to come.

    I have been and will be reposting my other deleted takes on common ideas in the same way that I did here.

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    Hollow Moon commented

    I agree that shulker boxes fulfill the need for portable storage already despite being difficult to get. If a backpack were to be implemented, it should be an early game item only. Shulker boxes and ender chests should be the main goal for storage purposes. Backpacks could also allow infinite storage, which would be too OP. Of course, it could be made to not allow other backpacks or shulker boxes inside them.

    I think this would be a great idea if it was just made in balanced way.

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    It would be nice and convenient to open it at once instead of the Sherlock box

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    I think that Shulker box is hard to find, so a backpack could be a great idea.

    Eu acho que um baú Shulker é muito difícil de ser encontrado, por isso a mochila poderia ser interessante.

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    Ahmad543210 commented

    There are shulker boxes which are basically backpacks

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    Ela Jain commented

    this is a great way to get extra inventory and not have to risk your *** **** life in the end. love the idea. great thinking

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    Good os idea!