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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things - these will be marked as spam and removed! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical/"sideways"/"upright"/"standing" slabs (yes, we see you).



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    Shulker boxes, in my opinion, already fulfill the need for more inventory space perfectly well. No support from me, sorry :(

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    Shulker boxes are amazing inventory space additions for late game, but you have to beat the ender dragon and find and fight end cities before you have access to them.

    Backpacks would be an early game item, and therefore would be limited.  Otherwise shulker boxes would essentially be replaced for every use that doesn’t involve automatically loading and unloading items.

    I suspect the OP is thinking of backpacks in the way a lot of mods do, where it’s an item in your inventory that you access and can then move items back and forth like you had accessed a chest.  But this method is usually over powered in mods, with the player able to carry as many as they can craft, and even with the ability to put bags inside of bags for infinite storage.  If Mojang were to do something similar it would need to be limited.  Definitely not allowing backpacks to be placed inside backpacks, and probably limiting the number you can carry to one or two.

    Some backpack mods have the ability to upgrade a basic backpack with items such as iron, gold, and diamond to increase storage, and I think this is reasonable, especially if you are only allowed one.

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    SpecialisToL commented
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    Not particularly fan of the idea, but if it were to be implemented in a balanced way, I'd suggest something like:

    • It is a chest slot item, you have to equip it to use it (so you give up chest armor to get extra storage). If you unequip, all items in it are removed to main inventory if you have space, or dropped if you don't.
    • Allows 9 extra inventory slots that expand the regular inventory.
    • Crafted with 6 pieces of leather and 2 pieces of string, arranged like a bag. 

    This makes it easy to craft (but you need to defeat spiders or explore for string). It is very different from shulker boxes, works directly as a inventory expansion, not like a storage. It comes with a trade off. It would work well for long mining/resource gathering sessions in safe areas, or holding on to resources for large building/crafting projects, again, in safe areas.


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    lAmNumbr7 commented
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    @macchupicchu96 Yes but the shulker box is basically just a cooler chest.. that has nothing to do with backpacks. I think backpacks are a neat idea. To be able to hold more inventory space while traveling would be cool in my opinion.

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    HiIAmGOLDEN commented
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    Backpacks are really crucial for early-game players. Shulker Boxes? You guys think their easy to obtain in survival? No they aren't, you have to go to the End for those, you have to beat the Ender Dragon to open up the portal to the outer islands and then find the End City. Shulkers spawn there and most of the time there are not enough shulkers to kill that will drop enough shells for a shulker box! A backpack could be crafted from a different kind of leather and a chest, but have 2/3 the storage the small chest offers. The backpack should not be required to be placed in order to open it, simply right-clicking while holding the backpack (or setting a default key to it) should open the backpack.

    The backpack should also have different varietes such as; Backpacks with crafting grids. These could be crafted by putting a crafting table on a backpack on a crafting table (you know what I mean).

    There should also be a backpack that has 2/3 the size of the large chest. This could be crafted with 2 small backpacks. (or maybe something else)

    Backpacks have really a lot of potential even though they're not a feature yet, but it would help a lot in adventuring.

    Also a player should have a special equipment slot for backpacks (a separate slot for backpacks and elytras would be awesome) so they could only have one backpack that can be opened with a hotkey at a time.

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    Dogez4Dayz commented
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    Eight pieces of leather in a circle with one chest in the middle.

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    Backpacks would never replace shulker boxes for mass storage.  Anyone who thinks so is imagining modded backpacks/satchels/bags which tend to have either a very large base size or an upgradeable size that ends up being very large.  They are also overpowered because you can carry as many as you like and they can be placed inside others of the same kind, essentially giving infinite storage.  I know Mojang wouldn't give us backpacks like that because they chose shulker boxes as an amazing late game storage solution.  They are very powerful, but also limited because they are hard to get and can't be placed inside other shulker boxes.


    The biggest reason to add them would be because the inventory size has not expanded in years despite the number of blocks that have been added.  Given the new rearrangement of the way blocks are labeled in the code, we're due for an avalanche of even more.  Carrying around a bunch of shulker boxes works for late game, but it is extremely frustrating before then, and it can still feel like you're juggling too many blocks with shulker boxes as a storage tool.  In some ways, shulker boxes make this even worse.  You have more blocks available overall, but you take up inventory slots by carrying around shulker boxes.

    One way that the backpack could work is a craftable item that is used and permanently expands your inventory space.  It can only be used once, however.  This prevents it from being a replacement for shulker boxes in any way because it does something completely different.

    Another way that would prevent them from replacing shulker boxes would be to have backpack item that is storage but would only allow one in your inventory at once.  That way you can't just use them instead of shulker boxes for mass transportation of items.  They would, instead, be very useful in conjunction with shulker boxes because you could put your shulker boxes in your backpack for semi-convenient access while keeping them from cluttering your inventory.  With the one in your inventory limitation, I would personally go with a small one (max 9 spaces?) craftable from mostly leather.  You would then upgrade it with rarer and rarer resources until it maybe had the room of a full chest, or maybe a bit more.

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    Please no... backpacks will largely defeat the purpose of shulker boxes. Just carry along a silk touch pickaxe, ender chest, and fill that chest with shulker boxes. You will basically have 972 more slots at a cost of 2 existing slots.

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    No, Jojoluvsanimals, the solution would not be to add a shulker box to the crafting recipe.  The entire point of the backpack is to have a limited early game inventory expansion option.  Adding a shulker box to the recipe would make it utterly worthless, as then we would have shulker boxes.

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    CrazyChick475 commented
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    I like the idea, but I have a few disagreements... SHULKER BOXES!!!! XD

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    I'd rather make backpack's storage a 1/3 of shulker box or a chest. Means you can only have 9 slot

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    We already have shulker boxes, but if it had to be added this is how it should go: A chest in the middle, 5 leather arranged like a mine cart, and 2 string in the top corners. You would need to sacrifice the item in the chest plate slot, and would only give you around 10 slots.

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    I keep coming back to the fact that the inventory hasn't expanded once (other than the single off-hand slot) since the game began, despite the staggering number of items that have been added.  I think a backpack would be most useful as a one-time use item that expands the base inventory by some reasonable amount.  After all, shulker boxes are only so useful when you can't fit your entire block palette for your build in your inventory at once.

    That way it serves its own purpose and isn't just an early-game and lesser version of a shulker box.

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    I totally agree. You can wear it replacing a chest plate and it will expand your inventory by one chest. There will be a new tab in the inventory section with the backpack icon. When you click on it, you will be accessing you pr items in the backpack. They will provide little protection. You can also place them on the ground, opening them like chests.

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    Jonah Miller commented
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    Like others have said, it could work really well if it had limited storage, like a third of a chest. They could limit it further by making it function like elytra where it takes the spot of the chestplate, allowing for only one useable backpack at once, while also reducing protection and making it impossible to use elytra, and make it impossible for the items to be stored inside the backpack while it's in your inventory.

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    I like your feedback. this can make minecraft is more like real life. good feedback!!!

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    UnlistedMonk commented
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    @Minecraft You know what is also useful for mining sessions or holding onto items for large builds, chest carts. But I forgot you took away furnace carts, for some reason. And now players are looking for alternate ways to transport items in infinite worlds. Let us mine like miners and build like crafters!

    Give players a real, workable, overworld transportation solution and they will use it!

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    All of these people complaining that "it's the same as a shulker box" I'd have to disagree. Shulker boxes are an end game item you can carry multiples of that has to be placed down to use and can be wired with hoppers and redstone. A backpack would be an early game equipable item that straight up expands your invetory and reqires manual imput since it can't be placed. In addition, any player can open a shulker box, making it good for team projects, while a backpack would be a more personal thing. Shulker boxes are an upgraded chest, backpacks would be an upgraded inventory. You can only have one backpack, you can have up to 36 shulker boxes. Seems like a fair trade.


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    Shulker boxes are like an end-game backpack. Not easy to get

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    A Gallipot commented
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    if you are going to have backpacks it should only have about 5 slots so that it doesn't replace enderchests and shulker boxes and can be available in the early game

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    What if the crafting recipe was 8 leather and a shulker box? Wouldn’t that solve all the problems? I don’t feel like the backpack should be an easy item because we already have chests and a pretty large inventory. But I do feel like you should be able to obtain it.

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    Elle Johnson commented
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    I feel having backpacks would be easier to access early on in the game rather than fighting to the end cities to get shulker boxes. Lots of potential for this idea. I'm going to throw in the idea of an ender backpack. Like a regular ender chest, where when crafted can hold all yo valuables and can be accessed from all ender backpacks only to the player, but the functionality of having a moveable chest that you can right click on in your hand and access stuff with ease. Would make survival building structures (like on hermitcraft) a lot easier. I do really like this idea of backpacks in minecraft.

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    MindBlown101 commented
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    But that makes shulker boxes practically useless. Sure it's great for early game but then there would be less use for the shulkef boxes. Besides it would feel like a.modded game rather than plain old vanilla Minecraft.

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    The crafting recipe could be a shoulder box with leather around it. And it could be something that you open while it’s in your inventory 

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    DansGirl8442 commented
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    yes please


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    LlamaLeMan commented
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    Shulker boxes are good as backpacks. BUT they are not functional unless you have a pick to mine them up. If there was ANOTHER backpack option where you could view what items you had in them without placing it, that'd be a better option. Or a backpack that didn't need a specific tool to pick them up.

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    Mania NATION commented
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    It's an awesome idea. To be able to access extra space while in the inventory, instead of placing a Shulker Box and opening it would be AWESOME and EFFICIENT. Also, being able to put multiple backpacks and Shulker Boxes in one (and being able to access it and Shulker Boxes) right from the same screen is a good idea of my own. Just to add some clarity and my own ideas to a highly voted feedback idea.

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    Dinorauria commented
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    If backpacks were ever going to be implemented they would have done it in 1.11 instead of the shulker box.


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    Only if it only has 5 inventory spaces

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    Mauzeroth commented
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    I like this idea and agree that there should be something for early game. Shulker boxes are so end game many players won’t even see them in survival. Would like to see backpacks much earlier but with levels:
    -craft with leather, maybe sticks, and something like string and gives you 4 slots for basic
    -upgradeable versions in increments of two with rarer materials or enchantments with like 4-5 total levels with max inv +12 to +14
    -add a backpack slot and only get spaces if equipped
    -shows up in normal inv when equipped as slightly shaded slots
    -when backpack is unequipped items stay in and slots disappear
    -can access contents if placed on ground like a chest, so could have 100 of em if you want but store less and take more to make then chests
    -would allow you to store different travel packs
    -gives end game ability to have some more inv space to swap easy instead of the whole routine for dropping and picking up chests
    -the intent here is to allow you to grow inventory as you progress up to about a third of your basic inventory