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    (Start Here) Unblock your creativity!

    Here are types of feedback posts you're likely to find in this area: suggestions for new types of blocks ways to improve existing tools new things that can be made from existing things (think diff...
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    Have different colour portals.  Allow it to glow purple as it already does if it is night time and a different colour if it is day time on the other side
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    Permet de voler et très dur à fabriquer à besoin d'essence qui se trouve en profondeurs
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    More Orbs with it's bottles

    We all know 1 orb type are XP orbs and they're green, mender, and gives Experience points. It's boring. It needs changes and mostly additions. Experience Orbs: Same thing, without mending (becaus...
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    Big Clocks

    Having big (placeable) clocks in Minecraft would be great for making clock towers (even if they were non-functional).
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    Apple picker for minecraft

    I think there should be a more reliable way to get apples. Apples come from trees when you mine them. But most of the time apples dont even drop. So, apples should be easier to get with some sorr o...
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    Dye Cobblestone

    We would combine cobblestone with whatever color dye you want the cobblestone to be for the recipe, the colors would be where the Moss is on Moss Cobblestone so the Dyed Cobblestone would look just...
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    More Mob Heads

    I think it would be cool if there was a head for almost all types of mobs. Also, you should be able to create your own head using your Minecraft skin. I think this would be cool for bedrock players...
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    ブロック・短剣・槍等の火打石の使い道を増やす。 個人的に火打石が余って余ってしょうがないです何か使い道が欲しい
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    Disabled Item Frames

    If a Item frame is powered by Redstone, it should be locked, that nobody could pick up the item, that is in the item frame
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    Cartography should be able to combine maps of different zoom levels.

    As long as the two maps have a "common area", it should be possible to combine the two maps so that the explored area from the map with the lower zoom level gets copied to the correspondi...
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    A pedestal to show Items, when they're placed on it. The items won't disappear. If the block is powered by Redstone, the item couldn't be picked up
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    Map should retain content when zoomed out.

    It doesn't make sense to me that a map loses its content when it is zoomed out. It should keep whatever area was already explored (at reduced size of course). That would make it clearer how map zoo...
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    Smithing Table functionality

    The way the smithing table works is kind of like a mix between the crafting table and the stonecutter. It has the basic 3x3 grid, along with three extra slots to the left, and a small box to the ri...
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    Furnace Speed

    This is bad. This is really bad. You slowed the furnaces down? Seriously? And you need a blast furnace to get it back to normal speed?? So food is stuck at this snail pace and you can't even keep t...
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    Nether Crystals - Respawn in the Nether

    Pictures never hurt.   Nether Crystals spawn atop thin towers of Nether bricks on the edges of land near lava oceans.   Players can link to a single Nether Crystal so they can choose to respawn her...
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    Crossbow Enchantments

    After messing about in the pre-release and snapshots, I think it would be a great idea for some of the boy enchantments to be added for the crossbow, such as infinity, power, strength, and flame. T...
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    rails should be cheaper or crafting recipe should give you more rails.

    i mean, rails are no longer usefull because horses are much more cheaper way for transport and you have freedom of movement. i think that rails should use nuggets in their recipe instead of ingots....
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    Brown Orchid

    As you may know, there is no brown flower in the game to make brown dye, you have to use cocoa beans to make brown dye, which is kinda pointless, so I looked up on google "brown flower" a...
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    Cast Iron Block

    I've always noticed that Hoppers, Cauldrons, Lanterns, and possibly even Smithing tables have a dark grey, metal texture. This texture would work well for a metal block that could have blocks, wall...
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    Sound recognizer

    This block recognise sounds of walking players or note blocks and other things like moving pistons. But different to the observer it will give a signal based on how loud the signal is and give a ou...
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    Flower Pot with Non-flower items

    Currently the flower pot is used to create a variety of visual effects in the game besides just being a decorative plant pot, but much of the detailing relies on the creator's imagination or explan...
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    Quartz Extractor

    So, I’ve been a bit annoyed on running into diorite. It’s just junk! It’s useless! But, it has quartz in it. So, what about a Quartz Extractor? It may or may not involve new blocks/items. It won’t ...
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    I feel as if mining needs more added. So I thought of plastic. It can be found near coal and when 9 shards are collected you can make blocks of them with these plastic blocks you can also dye them....
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    Dark Prismarine With Black Dye

    I feel like for consistency sake, the dark prismarine crafting recipe should use black dye, rather than the ink sack.
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    renewable string

    I will get to the point string is pretty hard to get most of the time i believe thier should be a easier way to get something so simple as string .That said i have two solutions ,the first is add s...
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    Hand cuffs

    With hand cuffs you can (for example) right click them on a skeleton disarming then and leaving them to drop their held item in this case their bow.
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    Food plates

    Ok so basically with a food plate you can take any food item already in game and if crafted with a plate grants you more food points.
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    Giving high tier hoes a use

    Currently, have a wooden hoe is not much worse than having a diamond hoe, they both do the job at almost the same efficiency. Besides the durability, different tiers of hoes are pretty much the sam...
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    Fireworks Have Their Own Color Design Depending on the Colored Explosion

    So basically the Firework item will have its own color design depending on what color the explosion creates. Here’s an example: If the Firework makes a purple colored explosion, then instead of the...