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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.



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    Mip Pim commented

    Instead of an Item, we should have a more limited starting inventory, like, 18 slots when you spawn, and you can upgrade you inventory with leather, iron, gold, diamond, and then nether star, to add 9 slots each time.

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    Emiltrolpl2 commented

    Back pack is good idea for minecraft... it will be easy to make and it will be useful

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    superluig164 commented

    Backpacks should be an item you place in your chest slot.  They replace any chest armor you have but give you 9 additional inventory slots to use (displayed off to the right in the inventory screen) You can't place backpacks inside other backpacks.  What I can see is a few different crafting recipes to make stronger backpacks, for example:

    From left to right, top to bottom - string, blank, string, leather, blank, leather, leather, wood, leather

    Above would be the crafting recipe for a weak bag.  This would give you say, 3 extra slots.  Then, you can craft a backpack with a cobblestone base.  This bag would allow for 6 slots.  And so on, amounting to:

    Wood: Weak backpack, 3 slots.

    Stone: Modest backpack, 6 slots.

    Iron: Strong backpack, 9 slots.  (most common.)

    Gold: Golden backpack, 15 slots (half a chest) but low durability, see below.

    Diamond: Very Strong backpack, full chest of slots.

    Durability: So to help balance the use of backpacks, each time you add items to a backpack, its durability goes down.  Perhaps 1 durability level per stack (that is, 100% of items in a slot, so a minecart or other single-slot item counts as 1 stack).  Then, the durabilities can be tiered similar to picks, swords, etc, so wood is the lowest, stone is higher, iron is higher, diamond is highest, and gold is very low (like wood) but also very strong.  

    Another solution would be to choose one of these, so either have backpacks that last forever with different sizes, or backpacks that all have the same size (perhaps 12 slots or so) but last different amounts of time based on their strength.

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    In Minecraft, shulker boxes are a sort of a backpack in the game but I prefer consider it as a "pocket storage block". The add of the backpack as we know from the mods would make the shulker box quite useless, so I nerfed the idea into this concept.

    I think that the backpack should be more like a "bag" that fills one armor slot (on the head as a bag hanging from the neck, on the body as a pouch and on the leg slots as two pockets on the belt like villagers) giving  9 more inventory slots each bag, giving a max of 27 extra slots if you choose to renounce the armor.

    This feature gives utility for the start of a survival, but the choice between "more armor" and "more inventory" won't make shulcker boxes obsolete.

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    I love that. When I Minecraft pocket edition is updated 

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    PantherNomad commented

    I have a better Idea than backpacks. Lot bags that have only 9 Inventory slots. They fit the world better and great for early gamers. It will not take away from the usefulness of chest or shulker boxes. They also could be dyed. Being able to be place in shulker box would be great to for after end players. It could be crafted with leather string and Iron. Or could be something you get from trading with villagers. I think this would be great and help everyone out.

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    Ethan Wild commented

    It should add one more row of inventory, bit take up the chestplate slot

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    Eturnel commented

    I would love to have backpacks in the game because it would help with inventory so much.

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    Backpacks could hold a certain amount of items instead of a certain amount of stacks. That would make it a functionally different type of inventory. Allowing for a bunch of different items to be placed inside, where the players inventory would mostly hold larger stacks of things. This sounds like it would most likely be used to hold tools and weapons, and could be visually represented on the player in this way.

    Had a bit of a brainwave, you could also add a tool belt that cycles tools through the offhand. Not a terribly fleshed out idea, but its out there now.

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    Blue Tron commented

    Back packs, Finally! Backpacks are a good idea for moving items on the move, I can't say how many times I've been full on loot and can't bring it back to home base, in mods I've always had a backpack on me, think of it this way, with backpacks you can explore further, loot deeper, and be the best you possibly can

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    Patrick Keyes commented

    This is how backpacks should work, you craft them with a chest in the center slot and leather surrounding it. The backpack is dyeable of course. Then you put the backpack in a slot like the armor slots (but not like the elytras) then when you put it in the new backpack slot, your inventory doubles like a double chest. Then if you take backpack off before you remove items from the new inventory slots, they drop (like if you broke a chest)

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    Ro5in commented

    But what is the advantage of shulker boxes if backpacks would become implemented?
    Nobody would use these boxes anymore because they are much more expensive and you have to place them if you want to take something out of it…

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    Ro5in commented

    What if you need shulker boxes and leather/iron/gold/… to craft backpacks?

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    Buddermarcos commented

    To be honest it would be great to have some extra room for your Inventory especially when you go mining or cave exploring and it would feel amazing to get it from a biome then looking for a portal underground in a mineshaft and to find a huge building and to kill enemies to make just one chest to hold in your inventory and then most likely die and lose all of it so I would suggest backpacks in a certain bioam that you would usually spawn in

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    AmissMass15 commented

    You say that shulker boxes would defeat the point, but just having a couple more slots for items would be nice, and it could be balanced out a bit by taking up a space in your equipment, like your Elytra does. Shulker boxes have the same amount of space as a box does, so having maybe just one row in the backpack would be nice for those long trips. Plus, they could make it so that it doesn't despawn as quickly as your other items, or not at all, so you could keep it for holding onto key items.This could have it place itself on the block it landed on instead of free floating.

    Plus, imagine finding them out in the open, either randomly generated or because a fellow player dropped it during combat with other players or mobs. It would make for a fun event and make for some dynamic situations, on top of making the world feel more lived in.

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    hcdfoxy396 commented

    While reading through the discussion, I noticed a lot of shulker boxes being mentioned. While it would overthrow the whole backpack idea, it has an important flaw to point out.

    It's a late game item, unavailable until you reach the end cities after the end dragon. The back pack, like a few people in the discussion already mentioned, would be a great early game item.

    And to fix the overpowered possibility of a backpack, make it useless unless you are wearing the backpack. Any more backpacks in the inventory would not add on to inventory space.

    And speaking of space, I personally believe an extra row or two of space would be reasonable.

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    I love the idea of backpacks, Especially while your mining and you can carry all those ores and cobblestone and what not, backpacks would be amazing to have!

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    GALAXMONSTER commented

    this would be a great idea......

    You could use your backpack as extra storage and have an unique animation for it, also it would be cool to have a sleeping bag in the backpack for long travel and your backpack should be able to act as a mini furnace that you can use on mining expeditions and the backpack would 

    provide light due to this. ALL THIS IDEAS COME FROM THE CRAZY CRAFT MOD.

    most devices cant run this mod, but everyone loves this part of the mod.

     Nevertheless even if my ideas are not used still add backpacks to minecraft and make sure to add it in bedrock edition 

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    ViciousCities commented

    Backpacks are a good, cool idea. I actually would love to have this in the game. It'll actually help us with carrying shulker boxes, too, as well, I hope? Probably not, though. But either way, I support this idea! :D

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    Tuxedo6000 commented

    I feel like backpack could be a worthy addition for early game to mid game requiring a few pieces of leather and 2 leeds. BUT it does conflict with Shulker Boxes, One work around could be that the back pack is worn (not just as a visual aspect) in its own slot in the inventory like the shield OR for balancing reasons could be worn only without chest armor taking up that slot in the inventory, possibly a mix of both.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Now to the issue of infinite storage. I feel that backpacks would only add and extra 3x3 cube of extra base inventory squares when worn. Any other time the backpack can be placed to open like a chest with the same amount of space previously stated. ABOVE ALL NO BACKPACKS CAN BE PLACED INSIDE OTHER BACKPACKS.The backpacks would behave differently than normal chests, this helps remidy the issue of infinate space.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Finally this could offer neat visual things to our characters like capes or the wings I forget how to spell. BUT none the less there could be different colors, backpacks with weapon slots that show the weapon outside the pack in a holster, even maybe the pack could be upgraded to become an ender pack that connects back to an ender chest of your choice transporting goods back to your house if you ventured to far out.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      All in all backpacks could offer a bit more depth to how we carry things throughout our adventures and creates new avenues towards adventuring farther into the depths of the world. I hope this comment clears up a bit of the confusion and adds a few more ideas to the mix.


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    Backpacks should be easy to craft but it should has the same room as a shulker box but you can make it without going to the end city

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    Because shulker boxes already exist, and they're late game items, I think many can agree that backpacks could definitely be a fairly early game item. Because of that though, they should only be able to hold a single extra row of inventory space, and can be worn if the player chooses. I assume they wouldn't be able to hold other backpacks because that would defeat the purpose of limited space in early gameplay.

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    Tony4FrHost10 commented

    Craft backpacks is ok, but only if you can only wear one and only 9 to a maximum of 27 slots more in the inventory

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    I think that backpacks are needed, to provide better survival like experience. If you think about surviving in any kind of environment there's no way to do that without some movable storage with easy accessibility. Because of that, I think we also need some pouch like storage providing fast access.

    To keep the balance it should be limited, the best way to do that is by adding armor-like spaces for that type of objects.

    It may unlock spaces in standard inventory, but if we think about variations then an additional window witch open by Right-clicking a storage item will be best.

    Of course, some standard error handling like preventing putting backpacks in each other, and allowing only a certain amount of storage objects in Eq.

    Suggested crafting:
    9xLether with a hole in the middle or dye for color -> Backpack
    4xLether in corner -> Pouch

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    I think backpacks would be a great idea! Although some people disagree because of shulker boxes, you have to take into mind that shulker boxes are only obtainable by killing skulkers in the end. Backpacks would be a great addition to inventory space when we don’t have the materials to go to the end. Backpacks should be the same size of the inventory, minus the hotbar, so that it is limited to the size of a shulker box, still making the shulker box greater in size and space than the backpack. (:

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    So in order for backpacks to ever be a balanced thing in the game I think it should only be able to hold items and not blocks because if it holds anything then it would be a better shulker box and there would be no need for them (besides maps). They could be crafted using 4 pieces of leather, (t-shape with no middle) and than (in the middle) whatever color dye. The backpacks could also be required to be put into your off-hand and cannot go into your inventory but when put in offhand it looks like its on your back. The backpacks could be stored onto an armor stand giving more use to the armor stand in survival since the backpacks would be unable to be put in inventories or fit in chests.

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    Flames115 commented

    I thick that shulker box should be craft first then the bag next craft is 4 leather 1 shulker box and 2 leads then you have now a bag ;)

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    Amir Beraha commented

    Normal chest - stores items in one block area (items won't stay in chest when crafted out)

    Trapped chest - same as normal but gives redstone signal

    Ender chest - one chest in multiple areas

    Shulker box - like chest but doesn't drop items when crafted and still holds them in

    Backpack - doesn't act like a block but rather an item only, so when right clicking while holding it, it will open it like a chest that you hold

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    @ThornlessPort83 Completely agreed.

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    Thats the whole point of shulker chest