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  • 55 votes

    (Start Here) What is this category about?

    What is considered a humanoid? Humanoids are Mobs that walk on two feet and walk and somewhat act like a Human. This category is for feedback regarding the following mobs, and suggestions that fall...
  • 1 vote

    Villager's stock should increase/decrease

    Villagers always have a fixed amount of trades you can trade before the trade runs out of stock. This sucks because in the current version, villagers cause large amounts of lag, and having more is ...
  • 1 vote

    Iron golems should be able to swim

    A lot of times in a village, especially in coastal villages, the iron golem gets stuck in water, and can never come back up. This sucks because not only is that golem useless at that point, it also...
  • 1 vote

    Garden golem

    A new hard working golem to live in villages and harvests and plants crops.  If you give it a hoe than you can tell it were to plant things and it will place them in chest.
  • 1 vote

    Villagers After Winning The Raid

    The villagers that survived would gather at the role-call area near the bell then jumps happily and throws items to the player. make it more alive
  • 4 votes

    Proposed iron golem spawning mechanics tweak.

    I propose a solution to iron farms being rather slow by adjusting a few mechanics, without changing the entire system. If one village can produce 200 ingots per hour, instead of 32, we could see 10...
  • 1 vote

    The Megalith Dimension Part 3b - Humanoid mobs

    A cave isn’t usually the most comfortable place to be in alone, so why not some humanoids?  Note that these can be subjected to change overtime 4.Illager Templar: a variant of the illager family, t...
  • 0 votes

    Smarter Zombie Villagers & Doors

    Zombie Villagers should be able to open doors without breaking them down.
  • 3 votes


    Trolls are bigger than iron golems and are hostile mobs.  They will some times spawn with a club and that will give them more attack strength.  Trolls can also smash blocks away with there clubs.
  • 0 votes

    Illusioner lost in the end

    An illusioner is a former evoker that is transformed by being near chorus plants(when spawned in evoked) and also lives in an end outpost and sometimes in an end city.
  • 2 votes

    Pillager roles/personalities or tactics

    Currently all Pillagers only shoot if you are about 6 blocks away from them. It's really close considering from how far skeletons can shoot you. I think Pillagers should have different randomly sel...
  • 2 votes

    wandering traders llama

    if you kill the wandering traders llama he will find a llama and it will get the llaa patern, and a leash.
  • 0 votes

    Bring back the discount trading

    One of the advancements is to cure a zombie villager, and if you do so then you will get a discount that stays there until you hit the villager which will make his prices go higher. In 1.14 through...
  • 2 votes

    Witches & wandering trader

    Make the wandering trader have the ability to turn into a witch when hit by lightning like its village couterparts.
  • 5 votes

    Villagers should always spawn as long as there is a village

    I think villagers should naturaly start to spawn in empty villages  so that you never have no villagers because they are special. They are the only npc in the game and are easily. Killed because th...
  • 3 votes

    When attacked Villagers alert nearby Iron Golems

    When a villager is attacked it would release particles into the air and any golems in a certain radius would be alerted to the presence of the hostile move. If there were multiple calls the golem ...
  • 1 vote

    Villagers hide in their houses for a while when their Golem gets slain

    Only if it gets killed by the player or hostile mobs. This of course would not include killing the golems with lava etc. The Villagers would be without a protector and so they would be too afraid t...
  • 0 votes

    Changes to when profession switches occur

    On many occasions I've found that villagers that I've been trading with for a while and working up their trade level will suddenly switch profession once they reach the Master trading level. This h...
  • 1 vote

    Village Joy System

    Raids are too “avoidable”, so there should be a way raids can happen on their own. I found an idea: The Joy System. This can be used for the chance a new illager, the Omen will spawn and go into a ...
  • 1 vote

    Diamond Trading with Villagers

    Right now, you can trade emeralds for an item or an item for emeralds. But what about diamonds? You might want to trade diamonds with villagers. But villagers seem like they don’t want it. Maps cou...
  • 3 votes

    Cured Zombie Villagers will give you a free item

    Cured zombie villagers should display their gratitude by dropping you a free item from their profession's item pool
  • 3 votes

    Trading Sucks

    OK. Villagers. We have all seen it. You have your emeralds, and you have found a village to trade at. You go to see what they are looking for, and it’s 6 emeralds and a fish. For 1 cooked fish.... ...
  • 2 votes

    End and Nether villager skins

    This would be very similar to how the jungle and swamp villager types exist even though swamp/jungle villages don't. Villagers in the nether/end would get a new skin. They would work the same as in...
  • 2 votes

    Farmer Villagers should take their hands out when harvesting

    Vindicators and Evokers use their hands, why don't Villagers? For example, Farmers should use their hands when they are harvesting crops and planting seeds.
  • 3 votes

    The Parodist. A mob worthy of fighting.

    It is not an Illager, It is not undead, It is The Parodist.   The Parodist is a mob similar to the player, which is why I thought of it in the first place.   Example pictures:
  • 1 vote

    Nerf Illagers on difficulty hard

    I've made a Minecraft world not too long ago which I wanted to play on hard. It worked out in the beginning, it actually worked well until the point where I started to save villages from pillagers....
  • 1 vote

    More Zombie Villagers

    If Husk touches a Villiger it will turn into Huck Villiger. same with drowned
  • 4 votes

    scattering creeper

    if a charged creeper gets hit by lightning it will become the scattering creeper, with red around it. when it explodes it has the power of a charged creeper, exept each of its legs will be scattere...
  • 0 votes

    Rain Invokers

    While your wandering the desert or other dry biome, you may come across a Rain Invoker. He has trades like a villager, but is extremely unique. For a certain amount of emeralds, you can make it rai...
  • 1 vote

    Secret Villager Trades

    What if villagers all had a random chance of accepting items that aren't on their list of trade offers? Of course, they'd correspond to their profession, but these secret trades would be rare deals...