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    (Start Here) What is this category about?

    What is considered a humanoid? Humanoids are Mobs that walk on two feet and walk and somewhat act like a Human. This category is for feedback regarding the following mobs, and suggestions that fall...
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    You can use shears to shear off vines from an iron golem

    Those vines look weird can I shave them off to collect them
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    os aldeões poderiam ter um alçapão em suas casas, o que levaria a uma caverna secreta para escapar dos pilotos quando tocasse a campainha.
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    Pillager Patrols Spawn

    Pillagers' spawning during the day is really annoying in my opinion. I didn't even know I had started building my base close enough to a village for them to spawn and now I'm getting attacked almos...
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    Villagers should be able to ride horses. It would be great if say a village was at war with another village and they have this massive horse and calvary charging towards each other that would be ep...
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    Illusioner could be apart of the Witches family

    Illusioners should very rarely spawn within the Witch Huts as illusioners do kind of use magic to make duplicates of themselves. Illusioners already do hold some type of crossbow (or bow), which co...
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    Villager disign

    In the game we have the villagers with their jobs and everything else! So it would be nice to add another villager to the game: Villager desingn! As for the new villagers' skins, it can be a vile r...
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    Jeweler Villager

    (New Villager profession: The jeweler sell diamonds) - Diamonds are forever... :D ... but not in Minecraft. :(( Farming Diamonds at Minecraft is always a dream at the moment... :-/ One of lots evo...
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    Iron Golems on Villages

    As a showing idea for new players, now that villages are being updated, and that pillagers and raids have been added, I believe that utilizing maybe the new jigsaw blocks, one Iron Golem should alw...
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    Wither rose impovements

    I feel like the wither skeleton and wither rose doesn't do much, so I had an idea that when a skeleton walks over a wither rose it could turn into a wither skeleton.
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    Witch Trading

    what if witches wont attack you when wearing a pumpkin head and let you trade with them for potions and ingredients. the logic behind this is that the pumpkin head can be like an occult mask symbol...
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    Witches Buff Illagers in Raids

    We know witches are in raids, but they only attack the player. They should buff up other Illagers by giving them potion with positive effects. For example, giving regeneration to an Illager Beast. ...
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    Villageri esiliati dall'villaggio perché gli hanno traditi . usano la balestra per difendersi, si muovono in gruppo , attacano indipendentemente dall' essere attacati per primi , non bruciano al so...
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    Dwillager (Dwarf Villagers) with concept art Dwillagers, Hillagers, or what ever you wish to call them live deep in mountain biome. Their mineshafts are massive and they can be heard mining in the deep dark. ...
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    If village has a Blacksmith, it should also have an Iron Golem

    Iron golems are so rare (if not impossible) to spawn along with the Village: I think, if a village has a Blacksmith, it should also have an Iron Golem. This would be a pretty balanced solution I th...
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    Planting Carrots & Villagers

    When a villager collect a carrot garden, the villager plant wheat instead of carrots again. It's normal? I suggest to made the villager plant carrots again, in this case.
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    Village starting

    one thing that annoys me is how you have to find a village. Ok, It's easy to do. Look up /locate village. Done. But, sometimes you want to have a village where you are. So, my suggestion is that wh...
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    Zombies & Pickaxes

    Zombies spawning in mineshafts more likely to hold pickaxes And maybe shovels too
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    Pillagers & Crystals

    the pillagers will be able to shoot the crystals and break them.
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    Improving Endermen AI

    I think the enderman is in need of an upgrade. I’m thinking they should be able to CARRY the player until it teleports twice. This would make the enderman scarier.
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    Pillager Pyromaniac! (For Raids)

    Holds a torch. Pyromaniacs have their own light level. They set structures ablaze with an audible flint and steel sound. Drop flint and steel or torches when killed.
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    Pillager Engineers!

    During raids Pillager engineers destroy obstacles the player my create or build bridges. Drop pick axe.
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    Pillager Sapper!

    During raids a Pillager Sapper will carry a block of TNT to blow up any obstacles the player may create. Fun bonus would be shooting the sapper with a flaming arrow making him explode. Otherwise ...
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    Illager Trainee: A Way of Adding Factions

    I really like the idea of taking sides with either the Villagers or Illagers. Here's an idea I had for having a way of taking sides. The Illager trainee is a block and a half tall and wields a wood...
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    Snowmen heads

    Every one loves to shear pumpkin heads and reveal their glorious face but then you can't put it back on the snowman so the alternative is that we can hide their faces by right clicking them with pu...
  • 2 votes

    The Pigmen

    Have you ever wondered where Zombie Pigmen come from? Well, their name implies that there are regular Pigmen in the Nether too. Pigmen would be a neutral mob that spawns in the Nether. You would fi...
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    Villager can open iron doors

    In the new raids vindicators can spawn and break down doors. So this could save loads of villagers if players put the door in.
  • 3 votes

    Change and Separate Witches, Illagers, and Pillagers

    Witches, Pillagers, and Illagers all are hostile varients of villagers. But not all of them look like they should associate with each other. Witches don't look interested in raiding villages and I ...
  • 1 vote

    Make Vindicator AI as good as the Pillager AI

    I tested around with the Pillagers and they have a really fantastic AI (with some minor issues, but one of the best AIs in minecraft so far). They can spot the player from far away and will give hi...
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    Dark soul villager

    It is rare to find a soul villager in the nether because lots of them are in the overworld. Soul villagers lurk in the night and gose in it's cave in the day. At night,it is a bad idea to go outsid...