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(May/June 2018) Featured Topic: Underground!


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    AwsomeNzack commented

    This suggestion adds to the ambiance of caves. Sound is a big part of MC, so I suggest a echo to mobs in caves, this may be complicated to code, but I suggest the sounds of mobs and water and things should echo around the caves. The sound gets quieter around corners, and louder but more indistinct in ravines and larger caves. This should be an option, so you could go: Options > Music & Sounds > "Ambient Echo". Or, maybe even a new tab: Options > Music & Sounds > Ambience > "Echo". (I'm not sure where these settings would be ob BR, I play Java :))

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    IcePower139 commented

    There should be a new ore called the Phosphophyllite 

    A rare item that is rarer than a diamond and u can craft a Phosphophyllite Sword, Phosphophyllite Pickaxe, Phosphophyllite Axe, Phosphophyllite Hoe, Phosphophyllite Shovel, Phosphophyllite Armor, Phosphophyllite Blocks, and with the Phosphophyllite Pickaxe u can mine ores like Topaz and the strongest ore Fluorite ;]FluoriteTopazPhosphophyllite

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    XxMCPiplupxX commented

     Make the other biomes have different wood type mineshafts. Like the Mesa right now has dark oak mineshafts. Have the other biomes like a birch forest have the corresponding wood type
     Have bigger scale caves and more ores like amethyst, rubies, sapphire, copper, silver, tin, and pearls. Make even more ore types that can only be found rarely in certain biomes like the emeralds we have right now. Make sapphires and pearls only to be found in oceans and rivers. Make more ores in the nether like an ore called nethernite which when crafted into armor grants fire resistance and when crafted into tools grants fire aspect. Make wither skeletons drop charred bones and make a new mob that only spawns in the nether's deep lava oceans and drops an ingredient for a new Nether bow.
    Make a new Mob that is neutral and fly's around in the end and drops ender dust which can be crafted into ender pearls.

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    cupojoesandrs commented

    Ok, 2 suggestions:


    1. Vines generate inside (or at the opening) of caves. Caves seem like the type of place that are dank and and can only support low levels of life (ex: there are mushrooms and a few occurrences of grass/flowers). Vines seem like they are a perfect addition to the cave ambient. Imagine: vines flowing down the sides of a lava-lit ravine, or walking through a dark cave that has vines hanging down from the ceiling and walls. It could also provide a tougher challenge for battling mobs. Vine growth could occur in caves under a certain biome or in chunks that are special (slime chunks, chunks with structures in them, etc.) but only in one of these scenarios, not all. 


    2. Some villages spawn with a small quarry, but very rarely. These could spawn around the outer edges of a village and have something like a crane that leads straight down to a random(?) elevation (The crane is a structure made of blocks, NOT a suggestion for a machine that works like a crane. The size of the quarry would be something around 3*3 to 4*4, but the shape could vary. I don't know if it would be possible to do so, but the quarry could lead down to a mineshaft if the village is in range of one. Torches would be more abundant in the mineshaft closer the the quarry opening and become less abundant as the distance increases. 

    I don't know if these are plausible enough to work, but I though it might be an idea.

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    HeyItsMeHaven commented

    I think that there should be underground biomes like an overgrown biome with trees and grass, or maybe like a gold mine with gold blocks and ores everywhere! And more ores!!! I think that things like this would make the game more alive!

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    As many other suggested I believe there should be more ore's these ore's would be Copper, Tin, Aluminum, Steel, Silver

    I believe we should focus on the biomes make them better more realistic.

    Villagers should also be able to give you quests.

    Caves toward bedrock should be darker and a new oxygen system should be set in place so when your down to low you eventually start taking damage from the air being to thin

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    AwsomeNzack commented

    This suggestion isn't about gameplay, but a visual/ambient addition. This is a small addition, but would be pretty pleasing. I suggest that different types of stone, not like the difference from stone to Andesite, but just a small texture difference. Maybe even small things like pebbles could be added, that don't add any thing, but just look cool. I don't like those the best, but it could look very nice if implemented correctly

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    AwsomeNzack commented

    I suggest that underground ruins should be added, like small lost civilizations. these ruins could hold extreme riches, but also dangerous traps. Along with these buildings, a new mob could come around, like a lost explorer, who would be represented by a type of villager, or maybe these civilizations are still running, with "cave villagers", who have underground and treasure related trades. These civilizations may somewhat resemble villages, but are made with stone and cobblestone, and other underground minerals, but are broken down, like how in my first idea the residents left or died out, or like my second idea, but these "cave villagers" are not able to preserve the village, due to lack of resources. These cave villagers should have different outfits and professions then normal villagers. Maybe these lost villages could have new crops, maybe variations of the normal crops in Minecraft. Lastly, they could have containers buried around the lost villages, with letters or notes from the villagers, just to add more depth to the adventure.

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    ForgeLogical commented

    Since this is about the underground, I think it would be cool to have an undead miner that would be rare to find and could spawn as a Zombie or Skeleton Varient and when killed would drop Iron, Stone varents, or gold. Perhaps they could have a rare drop like a miners helmet that gives you night vision when underground.

    One other feature I think would be cool would have more slime varients like Blue Slimes, Red Slimes, and the other 13 colors. plus we could have colored slime blocks made with the colored slime balls that the Slimes drop.

    Finally have a new structure in the village like a mine shaft or underground structure like dwarf hut where you can find a dwarf and he trades for Iron, Gold, Diamonds, and Emeralds.

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    thelambz commented

    The caves of Minecraft are pretty bland. I think that the caves underground should represent the biomes that they're underneath. 

    For example, the caves under the Jungle would have vines, unique items, and even large underground chasms with lakes. (I'm kinda thinking of Terria style here) The ice caves would be, you know, icy. 

    And that would go for all the biomes.


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    Hi mojang, I want so you can add the following things into caves and ravines. I want so you guys add amethyst, copper, marble, jade, bronze, silver, topaz, rubies, sapphire, pearls and amber. I was thinking you can find amethyst can be found in some parts in the end realm. Amber can be found in the nether (like quartz) the rest can be found in caves and ravines.

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    Breezepaw commented

    We need an end-game piston that can break blocks!!! (auto cobble farm) But it should be very end game (ex nether star + dragon head + redstone or something) so that people can get cobble easily but still have to go mining for ores.

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    I was thinking of new ores, like copper, silver, tin, etc. And maybe some "exotic" ores, like ruby, sapphire, diamonds of different colors, (which are at lower levels, depending on the color, which means the original diamonds might have to be a bit higher), and more. Add some armor and tools/weapons to emeralds and, hopefully, for these new ores as well. Now that I think about it, this is more for general things to do with the ores, but, I think we're good...…..


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    You should create mobs which specifically spawns in caves.  Something like the “Underground Slime” could be nice.  You could also add underground villages which relies to torches for their crops to grow.  You should also add something like an underground mansion could be really nice and dark.  The Illusionist could be nice to add in this area.  Adding underground biomes could be nice as well in which only specific items could be gain in these biomes.  This goes for ores as well.

    Lava chambers

    This is a possibility in which magma stones, obsidian, ores, and of course lava are common.  This will be a quick source of important items.

    Undergeound Ravine

    We heard of ravines above ground and in the ocean, so why not add them underground.  Like the ravines above, they will have a high possibility for ores to spawn.  Just image digging underground for long periods of time with nothing but stone then you come across this thing. 

    These are some ideas in my mind in which you guys may like.

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    How about a few new pickaxes and armor *cough cough* Emeralds, I would also love some new different underground biomes (Glowing Mushroom, Enchanted etc.) It could also include a few new mobs like Glowing Mushroom Zombies and Glowing Mooshrooms. Thank you for reading this.

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    scoobacca commented

    What I think would be cool is if you guys added a new enchantment that would be added to picks and shovels called "Digger" that is almost as rare as the "Mending" enchantment and it would mine out a flat 3x3 area. It would be so much easier mining big chunks of stone underground to make bases and such.

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    JoeShrop commented

    Dear Mojang/Microsoft Team:

     I will suggest Emerald Armor and Emerald Tools. This new addition will be 110% the Defence of the Iron Armor. It will be better than Iron but worse than Diamond. The special part is the durability. Unlike Gold Armor, It will be more durable than Diamond Armor. Also, The Emerald Armor should be easily enchantable.

                                                                          -Sincirely, superbaconbro!! 

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    SawBoy000 commented

    I think you should add massive cave systems with a few massive rooms and maybe normal or slightly bigger normal caves connecting the big rooms some leading to a dead ends. Also around the caves and big rooms ores spawn slightly more and maybe a new really rare ore slightly better than diamond. Oh also make these systems kinda rare and spawn sorta low in the world. P.S I don’t think Mojang or if Mojang is reading this will want stuff better than diamond but they might just want more durability, or better enchantments like gold. P.S.2 Also it could also be able to craft a special item like gold can craft golden apples.

    Edit: Also maybe add tougher mobs or more mobs (edit of the edit) A crazy idea is maybe have the caves radioactive and radioactive ore (the powerful ore), because it is radioactive you will take some damage over time and powerful radioactive moves (just a crazy idea).

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    every one wants to have bath in riches and no treasure bath is complete without pearls, rubies, gold, silver, diamonds, amethyst, topaz, emeralds, sapphires, iron

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    I play the window 10 version should make it were you can move the mob spawners to new location.

    Also make similar to terraria to where you use the same character on different save files and what ever you have 

    in your inventory can be transferred to another saved file 

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    How about crystals in caves which would not drop but if you use a silk touch diamond pickaxe it will drop and can be used as a great fuel source and is problably much better than lava buckets and etc. also crystals should spawn in reasonable clusters and can be found in very deep caves.

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    JetEngine342 commented

    I have a few suggestions, and they are pretty big ideas, so you might not add them,

    I think, it is time to bring the MINE back into Minecraft,  as many others do, so I suggest you add just a few more ores and material types. For instance, 3 I think are good and their suggested strengths are: The ruby, the ruby should be as durable as the iron pickaxe, mabey more or less, but it should mine as fast as gold, no armour for this tool. It could mine up to emeralds. Their would be other tools, and they should be just like the pickaxe. Also you should add titanium, it would be quite durable, (it is 1 of the strongest metals in the world) but it should mine things up to emerald, yet mine really slowly. I think it should have a +20 armour, and it would have other tools as well. One more material, is a sort of dark quartz, like in the quark mod, (YOU SHOULD CHECK THAT OUT :D) if you check out that page you should see the description of it. I am not done with the topic of the mines though, I think you need way better minecarts. Minecarts should be able to connect, with like a chain item crafted from iron, and it should be able to hold up to 16 items in side it itself without a chest. Also better, more fluent turns. The way you would get the items in is by throwing them at the minecart, and to get them out, by right-clicking. Also I think a rare thing to spawn in mineshafts should be like a storage, it should have a 1/900 chance of spawning, because it would hold so many precious items, along with so many mobs. Items like emeralds, diamonds, and even a few treasure maps mabey? I dont know. But another thing. Kinda off topic but.. a /nickname command built into the game. self explanitory. Thank you for taking the time to read this whomevery you may be,




    [email deleted - never put your email address in posts, thank you ~nb]

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    ender ore: it would be rare and at 32Y and lower you have to smelt it but it gives you a ender pearl it would be dark green and not near water

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    You should add some explored caves that have torches and chests that have ore and the deeper the explored caves are the better ores you will find in chests also a side idea is a railway to travel through the caves

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    You should make magma blocks spawn near lava in caves and also near obsidian...

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    Id recommend adding stalactites and stalagmites do give the caves a more realistic feel, if your close to water or deep down in the caves to add the sound of dripping water

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    knolleo02 commented

    An underground village where there are unique buildings, villagers, items and maybe a special defense system like the iron golem but better since there will be constant mob spawns in the village and even if lighting is implemented mobs from adjacent caves could wander in. It could be lit by special luminescent plants that could be acquired by taking them from the village or trading. They could be craftable into special lamps and torches that have a farther range than their normal counterparts and would be a higher Kelvin (3100k-6500k) 

    It would be so cool to stumble across a cavern. Luminous vines dangling from the ceiling and filled with villagers and special golem variants. To put a more solid image in your head imagine any night scene from the movie Avatar and put it underground.

    For those of you who don't know what Kelvin is here's a link explaining it.  https://www.greenlighting.co.uk/blog/2017/06/28/colour-temperature-explained/ 

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    DCSJR big fan commented

    Ok, so what if for each biome, we got got a cave systems? Every single type of biome would have it's own cave system, including rare biomes like the mushroom biome or the badlands! Plus, even oceans could have caves in them to explore! For each different cave system in each biome, there could be new mobs made just for it! Like for instance, for the mushroom cave system, you could have mushroom zombie that could be a Zombie like mushroom creature that when attacks, it get you posioned. In Arctic Caves Polar bears could spawn down there, and also new mobs like the infected snow golem which could be an evil snowman that could deal damage to you by trowing snowballs at you! They could also have a rare chance of throwing a ice ball at you, making you be frozen for 60 seconds. For Desert caves, there could be mummies that spawn that can poison you and  could infect you with a virus when they attack. In village caves the could be miner villagers that can help you mine ores and undergound villager mine shafts and miner systems for you to explore with randomized loots that you would get if you went mining in a cave! Not only that but for every cave system their could be new versions of all ready existing mobs. For instance, there could be vampire bats, in which they turn into vampires, who can bite you and give you a virus that can affect you in various ways such as being dizzy, give you poison effects, or make you blind. It could vary and randomly generate the effects each time. Not only should there be new cave systems with different kinds of mobs in them in each biome...but every single kibd of cave system should have different kinds of plants, different rock formations,  ponds of water and even streams of lava. there could also be formations of Krast in these cavers. Natural Snow biome caves could be have glaciers made of ice, and could make it that much more of a challenge for players to head into these caves. Not only that but, it would be cool to add in different types of ores that are naturally found in caves such as dolomite, gypsum. Krasts in caves are mixtures of limestone, dolminte, catalite and gypsum, and each time you find these krasts in caves, you could get either one of these ores...sometimes ever all four at once. 

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    ClamproGD commented

    Splitting the nether into different temperatures just like what you did with the oceans! More ores(titanium, copper, tin, etc...). Making shulker bullets collectable like what you do for dragon's breath.

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    Kirbyshade commented

    I noticed a lot of people have already suggested new underground biomes and ores... but I still think it's a great idea. So here are some of my biome ideas.

    -Sandstone Caverns: much like the desert it would be sand/sandstone and have fossils and husks and the like.

    -Frozen Caves: it would be made of snow and ice like the overworld biomes and have ice variant mobs like zombies, skeletons, and spiders.

    -Overgrown Caves: It would be nice to see some greenery underground... creepers would also love that -.-

    -Glowing Caves: I'm not sure what it would be called, but it would also be cool to have glowing plants or mushrooms you could find underground. You could also then add a potion that makes you/mobs glow.

    -Crystal Caverns: A special place that is filled with gems and crystals maybe? If you could make ores spawn more often in Crystal Caverns then that would also be cool.

    Other than those biomes... Gems like ruby, sapphire, and topaz would be cool to go alongside emeralds... they would probably be mostly aesthetic by turning them into blocks, but maybe they could also be used to power beacons like iron, gold, diamond, and emerald... or maybe villagers will trade with any gem instead of just emeralds?