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(May/June 2018) Featured Topic: Underground!


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    I think it would be cool to add stone zombies, stone cave spiders, stone creepers in a cave like environment.   Maybe like a  26% chance of spawning in this cave environment.  .

    It would be nice to have rocks that are randomly spawned on the surface.  These rocks could be crafted from cobble stone. 

    Make a crafting recipe that you can jump and use your elytra, like a jump pad per se.



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    BookwormIV commented

    We should have miners helmets for when you are deep underground and you run out of torches you can use the helmet and still be able to see.

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    Hirorails1 commented

    Bioluminescent flora, rare larger (wider) caves, ore out croppings in caves, camouflage creepers and dynamic light when a torch is held in the off hand.


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    There could be some plants that can only be found in caves deep down. An example is a glowing mushroom that can be eaten and used as a light source. Another one is a variety of vines that can only be found in caves.

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    B1uePenDrag0n commented


    you could bring back the secret Friday updates, but do them monthly and each month introduce a new gemstone (for each birthstone) and maybe craft jewelry or other items from them

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    Cave fish. In cave water, have some pale, sightless fish. 

    Wall fungus. Works kinda like vines, stringy and faintly glowing.

    Stalactites, stalagmites and other structures real caves have.

    Giant crystals, like that one cave in Mexico.

    Buried treasure in caves.

    Wall marking showing where lost explorers have been (perhaps combined with the lost villager idea). 

    Since the ocean has music, maybe caves could now.

    Seconded biome-specific caves like ice caves, lava caves, jungle caves, etc 

    Biome: rotted land. Like a swamp on steroids. Eternally dark, ground mucky (soulsand?), blackened trees, phantoms live there, perhaps in aeries int he trees. 

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    Add more mobs that only spawn in caves
    More ores
    Torches in off-hand give off light
    Lanterns that give off more light
    New stone types
    Oil that can fuel lanterns and furnaces
    Deeper ravines
    Reinforced tools that take longer to break that can be crafted by adding iron to any tool
    The removal of minecarts with chests so minecarts can just always be able to carry loot.
    The ability to add lanterns to the fronts of minecarts.

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    pigcowsheep9 commented

    Add new cave biomes:

    Icy caves, Desert caves, etc.


    Add stalactites and stalagmites!!!


    Add caves to the End. Ores: "Ender ore"       |   "Shulker ore"

     Stats:    Pickaxe needed: diamond                |   iron

                                 Crafts: "Ender crystal"        |   Tools


    New nether ores: 

    All normal ores in a nether version (ore texture)


    New overworld ores: "Tin"     | "Titanium" | "Copper"| "Tungsten" | "Steel"

    stats: pickaxe needed: stone | iron           | wood      | stone          | iron

                             crafts: tools   | tools          | tool         | tools           | electrical stuff

    (anything saying tools includes armor)


    Add a miner helmet

    Add a miner villager profession (Blue robe)

    Add venomous webs (in cave spider nests)

    Add crystals, ruby, sapphire, topaz, etc.

    Add cavewater fish 

    Add cave vines and moss

    Add lost miner NPCs

    Add a little red streak to silverfish stones

    Add an "Ore luck" potion 

    Add new stone types. (like limestone) 

    Add glowing mushrooms

    Add cave villages

    Add echoing mob/player sounds

    Add scary water dripping sounds when a cave is under some water

    Add more cave sounds

    Re-add bedrock fog (the deeper, the less blocks you see)

    Make a new mob called "Undead demolition miners" to throw TNT and give the blindness effect

    Add more spawner types in dungeons. e.g. Witch spawner

    Add footstep sounds in the Abandoned mineshaft

    Add door creaking sounds in strongholds

    Add lanterns for mobile light

    Add more loot varieties in loot tables

    Make cave sounds more recent the lower you are

    Add cave trees

    Add nether trees

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    Darthsam0 commented

    Don't make Minecraft too different. Just add a few of the safer and more realistic comments. I've got some of my own.

    Add a few more k9's maybe. A fox, a husky, maybe just different types of wolf for different biomes.

    How about adding another type of ore. A metal you can use to make tools and armour. Try making diamond and iron a little more powerful and fit another ore in just below iron. Maybe copper, or lead.

    How about making it easier to get coloured text on signs and chat? It would make it a whole lot easier and would help players present their inner creativity

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    Rententee commented

    Bigger caves, you can't really appreciate what you can't see. They could have a big underground lakes with high ceilings.

    If we ever get better lighting, there could be lightly glowing rocks and mushrooms of different colors, to bring atmosphere. Would look cool in the cave lakes.

    If a mineshaft spawns next to a village it should connect with a stairway. Also there should be tnt to blow up in mineshafts.

    I don't know what they could be used for, but magnets are cool. Magnets, how do they work? Maybe as a redstone component? Messing with compasses? Making compasses?

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    new mineshafts that are run by the new npc called the miner that would be mining and making mineshafts and storing the resources in a storage room in the mineshaft untill used or traded in nearby Villages accessed by a minecart rail system built by the miner. The miner throws his extra ores at you to collect. The miner also smelts the ore automaticly and cant be breeded and cant be killed until after it has been given a stack of quartz.


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    Events, like suddenly all the lights go out...

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    Yummyjam04 commented

    My ideas:

    Make mob sounds echo in caves,

    Add more ores,

    add an "undead" miner inside abandoned mineshafts,

    Make lighting darker the deeper you go/ make it foggier the deeper you go,

    Add a super rare underground crystal biome that has crystal spikes coming out of the rocks that give you more ores than usual. Maybe make the spikes emit a little bit of light to make it look cooler.

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    i tought it might be cool if underground had worms moles etc.Some cave sistems full of stalactites.It could be drawings of ancients people and chest with ancients things.in Ice caves can be penguins.Like mineshafts inside the icecaves a room with an dinosaur egg. I do not say that mojang should add Dinosaurs,just Dinosaur egg.

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    princessbinas commented

    How about a new world being underground. It would be like Journey to the Center of the Earth, but with a huge Minecraft twist and touch. There would be entire underground set of biomes like Underground Forests and Jungles, new ores like nickle, platinum, silver, copper, lead, various gemstones, etc.

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    Players should be able to create alloys in furnaces, giving more useless stuff purpose (such as gold and iron being mixed for a pickaxe, faster mining and durability)

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    Yummyjam04 commented

    Add more to slimes. The slime is a very iconic mob that has been in game for a while but doesn't have many uses except Redstone, leads etc. Maybe different variants, some that glow, Maybe there's slime blocks that make it so you cant jump when standing on them, maybe move faster, I don't know. Just don't change their faces if you make more variants. it would crush my soul.

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    Yummyjam04 commented

    Cave spiders span in caves too. not just mineshafts.

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    AwsomeNzack commented

    Everyone loves finding ores while mining, but sometimes you can go ages without finding a singular thing. So, I suggest that smaller pockets of ores that appear more frequently, the number of ores corresponds to the rarity, Ex: Diamond, 1-2. Iron, 3-4. Lapis, 1-2 (Due to the amount they drop). Redstone, 1-2 (Due to the amount they drop). Coal, 3-4. and so on!

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    Ianator602 commented

    I think in would be very cool to have a giant cave in minecraft that you could find that would have dinosaurs fossils. And some where in this giant open cave there could be a large deep hole. And when you jumped in it would take you back in time to the prehistoric era. And there could be prehistoric creatures, plants, and volcanoes. Almost like a new demention. Just as a little addition you could have it so you have to through a clock into the hole first.

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    FilthyPredut commented

    Underground rivers, with hostile and underground vegetation, just like those pockets of flowers and grass that you sometimes find underground.Mostly new types of caves should be added, since mining feels boring and more like a chore since you need it for progression and it's not as cool as exploring or building.

    (off topic content and excessive spacing removed ~nb)

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    AwsomeNzack commented

    Danger in Minecraft can be very fun to avoid, and though it can be infuriating when you die, no one likes when you get so powerful you can't die, so I suggest heated caves. These caves appear more dangerous as you descend into the earth (the things I am about to suggest will appear more frequently). These slightly rare caves have small pockets of lava around, pouring out of the walls of the cave, and streaming from the roof of the cave (maybe not the last one, or at least have it be rare). Magma blocks can appear around the lava pockets. Maybe even different variations of mobs, Ex: Heated Zombie: %50 chance to set player on fire upon hit, they do %5 more damage and have %5 more health. These mobs take reduced Knockback, as if they are stuck in molten stone/ore/whatever. The skeleton variations of these mobs have arrows that will also have a %50 chance to set the player on fire. In these caves there could be molten stone/ores, they have a slightly orange/red tint and deal damage as if they are magma blocks.

    Or, on them flip-side: Frozen Caves, the mobs for these take %20 less Knockback, are %15 slower, as if they are so cold they can barely move, they give you slowness upon hit, and when the creeper variations explode, they give the lingering effect of slowness around them, and the skeletons have slowness arrows. When you have been in these caves for to long, you will get slowness, and eventually nausea, and then finally, poison until you leave the caves.

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    DarkDragonH2O commented

    How about new mobs like cavefish and salamanders. Another thing that could be quarries and or underground rivers that contain new mobs like isopods. One last thing that could be added would be miner's cap which is a helmet that has a light on it that can be activated by sneaking.

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    I hope to inspire you.

    One more thing,I completely understand if you decline this suggestion it's more like a mod but I just wanted to suggest!

     My suggestion is a time stone,time ore,time sword,and time helm,ect.If you do take this suggestion into consideration I think the stone,ect should allow you to bend the laws of time and space.Basically I am suggesting a magical stone allowing dimension breaching and time travel.


                 P.s Most understanding

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    SurgicalASH5 commented

    Make bedrock actually breakable. And add a magma core that rises up when you break it. And that will make volcanos.

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    AwsomeNzack commented

    This suggestion is a little out there, but give it a chance. I suggest that to add another element if danger to caves, "stone mobs" can be added. These mobs are another variation of normal mobs, that take %10 less knockback, deal %10 more damage, and have the equivalent to resistance 1, without actually giving them the effect. These mobs have a slight gray-ish tint to them, and slightly blend into the walls. This part of the suggestion is also a pushing it a little, but when this variation of creepers explode, they have a %50 chance to create a small amount of stone around the area of the explosion. The stone mob variation of the skeleton can act like a stray, and have slowness arrows, but like the other stone variations, they have a %20 slowness effect (again, without the actual effect). The zombies have a %20 chance to give you slowness 2. That is all.

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    Littlemonk25 commented

    I'm sure the minecraft community would enjoy having a better use for emeralds, like an emerald set, and dungeons spawning slightly more often, due to many players never going to the end, or finding a dungeon at all.

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    Tenderloin345 commented

    How about some form of underground ruins? For example, there could be a structure under the ground, such as a stone house, and you could to some extent tell their location because the amount of gravel could increase, indicating something possibly having sunk to the ground. They could have specific loot. The structures and caves could also be somewhat biome specific, such as a jungle cave full of plants.

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    Noah Decker commented


    • The underground valley should be a new biome that is somewhat rare and should look like the surface and should have sone form of giant orb on the ceiling of the cave that gives of light and has some uses.


    • The giant orb should be made of some new kind of glowing ore that could craft some kind of knew item like a knew weapon that is a staff that shoots out orbs of light that harm any mob that it hits but is very powerful against the undead 
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    Tenderloin345 commented

    Perhaps more cave variations? not biome specific, but real life caves such as lava tubes. Perhaps decorative crystals, such as fluorite or selenite like the cave of crystals.