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  • 5 votes

    /gamerule showentityshadows

    It is obvious what this does, it removes the shadow under a mob or player if set to false
  • 8 votes

    Enchants can be upgraded using /enchant

    I was thinking you could make it so that /enchant uses similar behaviour as /effect. If an item has Efficiency 2 for example, you can put Efficiency 3 on it as an upgrade. As of now, it will report...
  • 9 votes

    load custom structures by command

    Minecraft 1.13.1/2 command proposal There should be a command like "/structure" that has some subcommands for example: 1. "/structure blocks load custom:name x y z include_entities=t...
  • 7 votes

    Cloudy/not cloudy

    Each day has a randomized amount of clouds, some days are clear, some are completely covered in clouds. This could be adjusted using a command like /cloudy 0 for no clouds and /cloudy 10 for a sky ...
  • 7 votes

    PhantomSpawnTime Gamerule

    I think phantoms are pretty dang awesome, but I know some people don't like them, so I propose that a new gamerule could be added to turn off natural phantom spawning. It would go something like th...
  • 2 votes

    Target selector!

    We can have a new target selector in the square brackets [] ...for example, we have r,rm,rx,rxm,m,etc selectors.....but we could have another one- the "effect" selector, which selects the...
  • 5 votes

    Give command adjustment

    It's very annoying how your company will not let the app ‘Plug PE’ use the give command. It is very useful to players and unless you are willing to add in an efficient cheat command to Minecraft, w...
  • 30 votes

    Your Wolf Sending A Item To Another Player /wolfsend (item) (player)

    We need a way to send items to players far away and we could do this by doing the /wolfsend command. So the item your sending have to be a item you have right now and if you have a wolf do the comm...
  • 19 votes

    Summon multiple entities at once with /summon

    When ever I (and probably some of you) are making a map, you need to place lots of command blocks to summon a group of mobs (A zombie horde for example). Why not have an extension to the command /s...
  • 29 votes

    (Parity) we need /seed

    we need /seed to be able to see the seed with out going to the settings  
  • 72 votes

    Add the /customcommand

    The /customcommand lets you create your own command and what the command does
  • 17 votes

    Creating items with Commands

    I would like a new command (or alteration to an old command) to when run, will drop an item of your choice onto the ground, or place them in chests instead of directly getting rid of it
  • 25 votes

    /replaceitem entity armor.head would work on mobs like the pig.

           A long time ago I was trying to make a car in minecraft. The original idea was I would get a donkey and put a block on it's head and make a custom block model for the block to turn it into a...
  • 31 votes

    Weather forecasts a rainbow

    You should be able to command a rainbow
  • 18 votes

    Bind command (was: Thors Stick)

    You would do /bind [playername] [command] and it would bind that command to the item the player is holding. Simple ;3  
  • 18 votes

    /command_block radius <blocks>

    This idea came to me while reading Scienovor16's post. I think that if you put a command block down, and put /command_block radias you can enter how many blocks it travels for. You would be able t...
  • 23 votes

    New /death effect true command

    Hi I’m MiffinMaker28 and I’m here to request an idea. Today I wanna talk about a new command that I think could really spice up map making and mini games. What I think should be added to the games ...
  • 21 votes

    /Clone in Minecraft Bedrock

    In Bedrock Edition, the "/clone ~~~ filtered move" Forces you to select a specific block with a specific value
  • 37 votes

    Custom Death Message Gamerule

    /CustomDeathMessage {BlockUpdate:Entity:Command} [Entity] . USAGE... /CustomDeathMessage /kill Command_block You died by a command_block OR /CustomDeathMessage Player Zombie You los...
  • 61 votes

    A /freeze command

    This command, in my opinion, would be a great addition for creative Minecraft, or building. What the /freeze command would do is freeze literally everything, from the moving textures to all mobs, b...
  • 19 votes

    /difficulty command should be able to be used in a world with cheats disabled

    This idea is pretty self-explanatory; that the /difficulty command should be able to be used in an anti-cheat world, where you can only use commands like /me, /seed, etc. It makes sense, because yo...
  • 34 votes

    Fly in Survival Mode with Cheats

    Make a command in Java Edition to be able to fly in survival mode like console with host privileges or 1.5 for bedrock with /ability @s,@p,@e,@r,@a mayfly true with education Edition option turned ...
  • 21 votes

    Attrition: extra-difficult survival gamerule! (Micro Ideas #4)

    Hello there! My name is MacchuPicchu96, and welcome to one of my many ideas for improving Minecraft! In this post, I would like to propose a new gamerule: /attrition. While playing survival Minecra...
  • 17 votes

    take off /setmaxplayers <num> off as a cheat

    are you guys able to take off the /setmaxplayers <num> as a cheat?
  • 6 votes

    /connectinterface (was: The Internet In Minecraft)

    /connectinterface --blockOnly--
  • 15 votes

    CanExplode and InfiniteSupply, and CanThrow NBT

    This is an NBTtag for tnt. It determines which blocks it can destroy. Any blocks not mentioned on the list will be ineffected. ALSO! Any block with the InfiniteSupply tag will give the player a blo...
  • 16 votes

    Joke Command

    I got a bit bored and thought of a random and sort of fun command.  /joke will randomly tell a joke that has been altered to its Minecraft version. It would be a fun command to use all the time on ...
  • 6 votes

    transporter (used with /tp command) direction facing

    Can we please be given the option to select a direction when building or installing transporters/teleporters so that when we arrive at the "destination" we will be facing the direction ch...
  • 14 votes

    /moveslot command (moves the exact item from one slot to another)

    /moveslot would move the exact item (including quantity) from one slot to another. When you type /help moveslot you would be receive these messages: (I based these off the official outputs of /help...
  • 19 votes

    /nick <name> <newname> (<newskin(presets,common)>) (<chatcolour>) (<ping{bad/mid/high}>)

    There are many mods around the minecraft community that allow you to nick someone but almost all of them result in:   ~nicknamehere: message   another problem is they don't change skin and cape. Th...