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    Ich möchte den Befehl /team in Bedrock Editon damit ich Admin vor dem Spielernamen anzeigen kann.
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    Выживание на планетах
  • 2 votes

    Better Repeating Command Blocks

    Just before writing this post I was playing with command block and was just thinking if we could get an option in repeating command block to go slower. I know that it would be impossible to make th...
  • 1 vote

    Safety Regarding Repeating Command Blocks

    What is the most dangerous thing in Minecraft? Is it the creeper? Could it possibly be the skeleton? Could it be someone on your server who likes to prank people with TNT? Nope.   You can repair th...
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    If the scores are greater than the number the command blocks works becuase it only works with equals
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    Expand on /fill

    Some blocks can’t be used for /fill. For big projects or other builds it would be important to add more blocks for /fill. Blocks like coloured concrete e.g light_grey_concrete and lots more.
  • 3 votes

    A /name command

    This would be a command that names an entitie. An example for the command structure would be: /name [target] [name]
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    dye command

    there should be a "/dye" command, like the "/enchant" command but for dying items
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    Add a command where you can fill different types of concerete

    Please may you add a command where you can fill different types of concrete, right now in pocket edition you can only fill the one colour, white, would you be able to add one for light gray please....
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    Add components from java edition to pocket edition

    Mcpe is in the lack of creativity,cuz there are a lot of components and commands that java edition has,but pocket edition doesnt have!for example:op lvl enchantments,lore for items,The Unbreakable ...
  • 2 votes

    Disable/Enable Individual Mob Grief

    It's rather annoying when all you want to do is keep creepers from exploding and endermen from snatching your precious grass blocks, only to find out that stopping them with the mobGriefing command...
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    Just type "/kill" to kill yourself like in 1.12
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    /foreplayerchat would make it so when you type /forceplayerchat [username] [command or chat] it would force them to say it
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    Rename Comand

    I feel that /rename should be a command so you don't have to use an anvil. for example "/rename @a test" which would rename the item that you are holding.    
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    Min and Max scoreboard specifiers in Minecraft Bedrock edition

    When you want to test for a players score using the /effect command, you can use @p[scores={level=1}] to test if the players level is 1, but its not possible to test for a minimum or maximum level....
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    please add the /entitydata command too minecraft pe!

    i want that for map making too programm mobs!
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    add new commands, please

    in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, there are also people who want to create something with the help of command blocks, but for Bedrock Edition and Pocket Edition there are no commands that exist in Java...
  • 4 votes

    Improve execute if data

    So, now execute if data only has one use: checking if NBT tag exists, and thats useful, but not that much. Here is my idea of improving it: You can check if NBT tag exists(or has a value) like prev...
  • 1 vote

    /Kill entity

    /kill (entity name) when you type /kill then a mob name then it kills all of that mob
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    Owner List

    Use /ownerlist to see all the commands possible
  • 6 votes

    /name command

    It’s annoying to have to get a name tag, get an anvil, and name something in a pinch, so why not have a /name command? It’ll be SO much easier.
  • 2 votes

    /data should be able to change multiple targets

    In 1.12, /entitydata was able to change the data of multiple entities at a time. In 1.13, it was replaced with /data, which was okay, but the ability to target multiple entities disappeared.
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    improvement on the /fill command and new command /brush

    There should be an improvement the /fill command with sub features such as /fill sphere, /fill circle, /fill cube, etc then add the size radius then the type of block e.g. /fill sphere 10 dirt, so ...
  • 2 votes

    Split up Motion tag so it lines up with Rotation

    Right now, the Motion tag is like so: "[x, y, z] which is not very handy for finding out or easily changing how fast an entity is moving in a certain direction. Also can't you par it with the ...
  • 1 vote

    (Feature Request) Add Negative Potion Effects

    Add negative effect amplifiers to potion effects when using the /effect command you should be able to use negative amplifiers.Please do a review on this idea because I think it will indeed help map...
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    Geometrical commands

    If you put 3 coordinates it will make a triangle, and if 4 coordinates a square etc...
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    Adding content beneath scoreboard

    /scorboard objectives add_to (name of scoreboard) (add something to say underneath the scoreboard) So once you put the appearance of the scoreboard then after that it’s just names, but this allows ...
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    Maps and Commands

    I would really like to be able to access to the Map data such as: Coordinate Zoom Level Markers list type ? (for example, is it a treasure map, then the outline should be draw even if the map have...