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    I think this would be a great command for those experienced players on PC and Bedrock Edition as I have played Minecraft since 2011. Now here is why I think this would be a great command to add.Tha...
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    If the scores are greater than the number the command blocks works becuase it only works with equals
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    A /name command

    This would be a command that names an entitie. An example for the command structure would be: /name [target] [name]
  • 4 votes

    Add Size tag for every entity!

    Just add the size tag for every entity like Slime or phantom did, it will allow the creator change the size of the mob, please add this for ur creator!
  • 24 votes

    Tool Cool-down command

    /gamerule ToolCoolDown true/false
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    dye command

    there should be a "/dye" command, like the "/enchant" command but for dying items
  • 113 votes

    Add the /customcommand

    The /customcommand lets you create your own command and what the command does
  • 189 votes

    /setbiome, a command that enables you to change the biome of a specific area

    /setbiome ~ ~ ~ [biome] I think this command would be really useful for mapmaking, and provides an alternative to using worldedit and things like that. This would be super useful if you wanted to c...
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    Just type "/kill" to kill yourself like in 1.12
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    /foreplayerchat would make it so when you type /forceplayerchat [username] [command or chat] it would force them to say it
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    Split up Motion tag so it lines up with Rotation

    Right now, the Motion tag is like so: "[x, y, z] which is not very handy for finding out or easily changing how fast an entity is moving in a certain direction. Also can't you par it with the ...
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    /Kill entity

    /kill (entity name) when you type /kill then a mob name then it kills all of that mob
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    please add the /entitydata command too minecraft pe!

    i want that for map making too programm mobs!
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    Owner List

    Use /ownerlist to see all the commands possible
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    /name command

    It’s annoying to have to get a name tag, get an anvil, and name something in a pinch, so why not have a /name command? It’ll be SO much easier.
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    /data should be able to change multiple targets

    In 1.12, /entitydata was able to change the data of multiple entities at a time. In 1.13, it was replaced with /data, which was okay, but the ability to target multiple entities disappeared.
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    /see inventory [player name]

     Allows the user of the command to accss  the player's inventory for a better way to give player items. And if you chose my command can you inport the command in the minecraft where you can play wi...
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    (bedrock) allow colored concrete/powdered concrete to be spawned in

    there isn't a colored concrete name in the /give tab menu /give @p concrete_red doesn't exist only give @p concrete works and that is only the default concrete
  • 300 votes

    A Biome Locate Command

    What Is Really Annoying Sometimes If I Make A World And i Want A Mushroom Island, Mesa, Mega Taiga. Any Biome I Have To Fly Or Walk To Find It If You Could Make A Biome Locate Command Then That Wou...
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    Geometrical commands

    If you put 3 coordinates it will make a triangle, and if 4 coordinates a square etc...
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    Maps and Commands

    I would really like to be able to access to the Map data such as: Coordinate Zoom Level Markers list type ? (for example, is it a treasure map, then the outline should be draw even if the map have...
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    Marker tag for all entities

    It would be great to have entitys with no hitbox for mapmakers
  • 3 votes

    Xray for unlucky people

    So it its a cheat just like the coordinates feature. You have to access cheats to turn it on. When you do you get to pick any block to see, whether it be ore, lava, wood, etc. And when you do that ...
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    Allow servers to disable command overloads

    Allow servers to send a flag in the StartGamePacket that will allow us not to send any command overloads. We can do this current but it will still say [args: string] after the first argument is typ...
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    Structure build command: /build

    The build command will let you build natural generated structures anywhere! For example, if you do /build village 0 100 0, the command will create a village at 0 100 0. Sound cool? You can even do ...
  • 3 votes

    Damage Command

    For having command block-driven attacks do certain amounts of damage, our traditional methods are kind of weak. We can give the instant damage effect, but that’s in multiples of 4, and doesn’t work...
  • 4 votes

    (Java Parity) Missing scoreboard criteria in bedrock

    Please add the following missing scoreboard criteria to bedrock edition: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Scoreboard#Criteria Thank you!
  • 7 votes

    /gamemode creative or /gamemode 1

    In minecraft 1.13 they changed the console and how it works. With this new console update they changed the /gamemode 0-4 commands. Now you have to type out the entire word: /gamemode survival or /g...