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  • 4 votes

    Summon items

    /summon item {itemname}, {count}, {coordinates}
  • 2 votes

    Resize Clouds

    With this command you can resize clouds example: /clouds {Size} {Count} {Color}
  • 1 vote


    I want a command that can blow up our world
  • 2 votes

    Console Commands

    Minecraft commonds is a must have feature to console versions (specifically ps4 edition because it's the only console version of Minecraft that hasn't been discontinued)
  • 1 vote

    Animation command

    Add command for animation, like this: "/anim (target(@p, @a, @e, ...)) (animation name) (repeat(0,1,2,3,...)) (duration)"
  • 1 vote

    Update /fill and /clone

    Currently on Java Minecraft, the /fill and /clone command are in a perfect state, excellent for building big scale projects, but on Bedrock Minecraft, the commands are lacking a major functionality...
  • 3 votes

    /team modify <team> chatRules

    /team modify <team> chatRules global /team modify <team> chatRules onlyWithTeam /team modify <team> chatRules onlyWithoutTeam /team modify <team> chatRules onlySpecificT...
  • 7 votes

    Auto building Items from Pictures - New command/(block)

    We need a command/(block) that you take a picture of a building (in real life) and it would build it automatically this would be cool if you wanted to build a city or anything else and for other th...
  • 0 votes


    I think this would be a great command for those experienced players on PC and Bedrock Edition as I have played Minecraft since 2011. Now here is why I think this would be a great command to add.Tha...
  • 4 votes

    /outline (Playername) (colour)

    I think this would be good for finding players when you are far away from them. It deactivates when you go near the player or teleport to them, or they teleport to you or go near you. Please give m...
  • 3 votes

    Wand/wooden axe

    If you use /wand it will give you an axe.this axe creates coordination for you rather than having to get coordinations and wasting time.to use the wand/axe tap the blocks for their coordinates than...
  • 5 votes

    UndeadBurns Gamerule

    There should be a gamerule called UndeadBurns. All it does is tells the game whether or not undead mobs burn in daylight. It's set to True by default, can only be changed with cheats on, and does n...
  • 0 votes

    paste command

    paste copies the recent block you placed
  • 1 vote

    /gamerule doThaw

    This would be a command which is automatically set to true, however when it is set to false snow and ice would never melt. I get this could cause problems with frost Walker completely covering the ...
  • 4 votes

    Bring back 1.12 command platform.

    1.12 has a better and easier command platform.
  • 3 votes

    /up graphics

    This command will allow you to have better graphics!/up graphics 1 will give a mountain view around you /up graphics 2 will give you up graphics 1 effects and make leaves move and grass, basically ...
  • 3 votes

    Command /fly

    With the command he can fly in surviel  
  • 5 votes

    /tp @s spawn

    tp's you to the spawn (you could also make @a or @e...)
  • 0 votes

    /gamerule attackSpeed false

    A gamerule that can disable attack speed (which is since 1.19).
  • 4 votes

    /vision (can see what mobs see)

    The /vision command allows the player to see what other mobs could see. To make it easier to understand when a player types /vision endermen the player can see what an Enderman sees. The list can g...
  • 6 votes

    I wish there's an /explode ~ ~ ~ command

    The explode command do an explosion and the size of the explosion is by the command adjustable. Example: /explode ~ ~10 ~ {Size:10} The size one is the size of a nromal tnt explosion and the size t...
  • 1 vote

    Commands used without cheats enabled

    You have added some commands usable without cheats enabled. Fire enabled and show coordinates come to mind. At the very least scoreboard should be added to this list. Take a look at all of them. An...
  • 1 vote

    /sleep [time seconds]

    Can make a time lapse, so you don't need huge redstone repeaters machines!
  • 3 votes

    /schedule add/get/set/putoff/remove <schedulename> <time> <command>

    A schedule can be seen as a thread, when there's a name, time and command. Each schedule can be bonded in a player as well as the whole world. For example: /schedule add custom:my_schedule 10s kil...
  • 2 votes

    /effect give @s speed forever

    "/effect give" a forever effect.
  • 8 votes

    Server Commands for Realms

    So. I own a Realm, and when people mess up, I would like to ban them. But, you can't ban people on Realms, so you have to uninvite them, which is annoying because you have to invite them again afte...
  • 0 votes

    Make subtitles show up without a title having to be on screen

    If you run: /title @s subtitle "cool subtitle"no subtitle will appear. It will only appear if you run:/title @s title "cool title"So a subtitle only shows when a title is on scr...
  • 9 votes

    Bookmarking Commands

    The / button in chat is pretty useless. It offers a faster way to enter only a select few commands and they aren't particularly long or complex ones either. It would be much more useful and conveni...
  • 1 vote

    /openLuckyBlock (PE kreativ Modus)

    Man sollte in der PE Edition im kreativmodus noch den Befehl OpenLuckyBlock einfügen.
  • 3 votes

    Player data should contain the position of the last block a player placed

    This is a small change that would allow creation of custom multiblock structures within datapacks a whole lot easier.