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Seasons for most biomes

under review


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    ItsBepisMan commented

    I think crop growth should be slowed down during Fall and spring, and the normal for summer. And then during winter, crops will not grow/will be drowned by snow, and mobs will not breed. That way players can realistically make use of food stores (such as the enormous amount of food me and my siblings have stored)

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    If this gets added there should be a button on world generation to toggle it, and converting old worlds would also give the same option

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    DrLysandre commented

    I like this, but during winter it will snow instead of rain.

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    Philip Playz commented

    This could be added to 1.15, 1.16, or 1.17. It's a genius idea. Honestly, I don't know why mojang never thought of it. Except if it's tied to a moon cycle,  the seasons will be much shorter,  since one moon cycle in minecraft is around 8 or 10 nights or something

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    Philip Playz commented

    I suggest that Specific plants grow during these seasons. For example, the only trees you might find in winter can be spruce trees, and other trees loose their leaves, or their leaves turn white.

    In spring, you can find cherry blossom trees, and double tall grass and flowers, because the weather is suitable for them. Trees start to grow leaves. White leaves change to green (this can be similar to the dirt turning into grass animation)

    In summer, there can be green grass, and small flowers like poppies and dandelions can grow. Also fruit trees.

    In fall, the tree colours change, and there can be particles to imitate falling leaves. It can be like falling snow that piles up under the tree, but with leaves instead.

    Also I think there should be a warmth bar. In winter if you stay out too much your warmth starts to reduce and if it gets to 0, then you start to loose hearts. Just like when underwater.

    In spring summer and fall, it reduces slowly. 

    A chestplate can imitate a winter jacket,  and keep your warmth up for a while. Like a turtle she'll let's you hold your breath longer.

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    This IS AMAZING 

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    I don’t think they should add seasons for most biomes simply because it would change the base game. It’s okay to have them in SOME biomes, but most 

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    Philip Playz commented

    I think that there should be a way to add snowmen, and not snow-golems to the game. Maybe to make a snowman, you would need snow, and a sheered pumpkin. and to make a snow-golem, you would need snow and a JACK O' LANTERN.

    Then we would have an option.

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    During the fall in certain biomes, the leaves of trees could changes colors!

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    Maybe the further North/South you go, the winter lasts longer, where as if you stay near the spawn east/west, summers would last longer!

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    there should a multiblock building called a greenhouse that should protect your crops

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    DarkComet742 commented

    I think it's possible. Minecraft already has a built-in temperature system for calculating snowfall, maybe as a start, the temperatures can rise and fall to simulate seasons?

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    ItzMike45 commented

    During winter, when it "thunder storms." it should be a blizzard. Stay too long outside without leather jackets, you'd slowly freeze to death and die! This would be kinda common, but hey, leather jackets would finally come in handy! 
    Wait, leather jackets would be useful? Whaattt?!?!

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    I think they should add this to biomes such as Plains and Taiga

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    AvidanCarrot commented

    Maybe it could be a world option. You could check a box to turn seasons on.

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    I support.  Excessively hot or cold biota will not change.  Only the neutral biome will have seasons. 

    The changes in the four seasons are data changes in temperature, which affects the growth rate of plants and animals. 

    Changes in the four seasons can also cause changes in vegetation: spring plants are mostly tender green, grass and flowers gradually appear; in summer, flowers will disappear, green plants will be denser and darker in color; autumn plants will turn yellow-green in color, eventually  It turns pale yellow(Maybe there will be some red?), and the grass gradually disappears; the winter leaves turn brown (like wood color) and white (white will occupy the majority), there will be no rain in winter, but snow, water will freeze.

    Moreover, the cyclical changes in the moon in Minecraft should be based on 30 game days (ie, one game month), and one season is about three game months.  I recommend every game day = 24 minutes in the real world.
    As an evergreen tree species, spruce trees are not affected by the four seasons.

    Is it a good idea to say that seasonal changes have caused changes in the skin of villagers?😁
    In fact, I suggest to join the apple tree, I have been thinking why the Oak Tree grows Apple?

    I think there can increase the difficulty, fun and more possibilities, and make the game full of changes.

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    I like this idea, and maybe it can be connected to holidays (one day thing) like snowing in christmas, and leaves decaying/falling/ changing color in halloween. and if people don't want it connected to real life dates, then they can have an option to take it off, and have it in minecraft days (every so and so minecraft days, changes season) 

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    I think [there's no seasons in minecraft] it's why players get bored to minecraft. You can build massive building or structure in minecraft, but no matter how long you build that the feeling always same always default season.

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    James Vaughan commented

    Some extra ideas for this suggestion:

    Extra winter ideas: Rain should change to snow and water should turn to ice, slimes spawn less, slimes are different color (still kind of green-ish but more blue), weather thunder happens less.

    Extra spring ideas: Bone meal works better, luck or unluck effects will be randomly applied to players (at levels 1-3) when the day starts and go away when the day ends.

    Extra summer ideas: Squids spawn more, distance from temples that guardians can spawn is increased, weather thunder happens more.

    Extra fall ideas: leaf particles which emit from leaves to show leaves falling off the leaf blocks, rains more, color of disc 13s found in fall are orange instead of yellow.

    Also a gamerule to disable seasons changing, a command to set the season, and the ability to choose which season you start in would also be good additions for this post.

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    Some Animal commented

    Jungles could have a monsoon season, where the water rises and it rains continuously.

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    This wpuld be so amazing!!!

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    I like the idea, but what about Mushroom biomes? would they be affected by seasons?

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    ERRxR 418 commented

    Yessss we need this!!!

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    RoboticEchoVI commented

    I think Winter would be nice, seeing it could have a little twist...

    Like, when the player is outside for too long they could have a bar(like the bubbles but this bar takes way longer to go down) and when the bar goes fully down they could maybe have an effect called "Frost" or something and the effect could slow them down due to the cold(It's kind of like slowness) and if the player wants to fill the bar back up they could stand near a campfire, stay indoors for a while or around any light source (though I think torches would take the longest.)



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    SnowSwxrd commented

    Add seasons that are based on the world clock and make it so that they change every 90 days in the game. Make it so that different mobs act certain ways during the different seasons. Maybe they wander less, or the spawn rates are lower in the winter when its snowy or cold out. 

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    Ramen Naruto commented

    There could be a temperate deciduous biome (with its own maple trees), and the only trees and grass that gets affected by the seasonal change are maple trees and the grass in these biomes. To be honest though, global seasons would be both cool and hard to implement.

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    djda9l commented

    Since this could become a rather big change for the gameplay, it could maybe be something you could toggle when creating the world ? 

    I love the thought about having a snow storm during the winter, which would leave different snow layers on the ground, making it harder to traverse the landscapes.

    Also crops could grow less, or maybe even not at all during winter, suddenly making it a task to prepare for winter. 

    Water lakes freeze, and days become shorter, making mobs spawn more.

    During summer, thing could grow with a higher multiplier, or maybe even give a bonus when harvesting.

    The amount of possibilities with a season addition are actually quite large. 

    However i think that such an addition might be too much of a change. Limiting it to a few/single biome might be the way to go? 

    I really like the idea though, and have played with mods that add this stuff in earlier versions of Minecraft where i loved it. Serene Seasons, and The Seasons Mod being two of them

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    Hannah Harvey commented

    There are probably going to be people who dislike this idea, so if its added, there should be a toggle, to where if they don't want this, it would be set as default. For this I'm saying that default is probably spring. Or have it so that you can pick what season it stays on for the whole time you're play (But can change if you so please). Then there would be the normal where it just changes as you go.

    I totally agree with the season idea, I think it will bring more life to minecraft, and be more fun to see it change.

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    BrinierBread5 commented

    There can be particles of falling leaves in autumn

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    This is a definite yes! Ohh this would be an amazing update! Can you imagine the possibilities!

    Summer would be like how it is now, with more stormy weather.

    Spring would bring trees that yield fruit! And cherry blossoms on trees! Grass would be more vibrant, flowers have a higher chance of growing and animals would spawn more (typically baby animals) and maybe bring rare trees with purple leaves that could be used for potions could be harmful or benign.

    Winter would have less sunny days, it could snow in any biome (except the desert,savanna,jungle, those types of places) crops and vegetation would slow down growing rapidly making survival very challenging and would bring a need of storing for the winter to prepare for the cold nights.

    Autumn would mean trees loose their fruit, cherry blossoms, and would brown and turn golden, bright red, and some trees would just have branches on them. Evergreens would stay green. Mushrooms have a higher chance of growing and rain would be more frequent.

     And in creative mode.. you could have access to more new blocks For map makers! I’m talking autumn leaves, autumn trees, spring trees, grass from different biomes. I.e spruce Forrest grass, jungle grass, that doesn’t Change no mater where you place it. That purple tree thing I was talking about earlier and it’s magical items. So many possibilities with this next possible update!