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Seasons for most biomes

under review


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    Leeli Igiby commented
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    I do really really like this idea and I also like some the ideas from the comments.

    I think though that this should be a world maybe kind of like time, where you could type commands such as " /season set [winter/summer/fall/spring] " and you could type "/gamerule doseasoncycle [true/false]"  so if you want t changing seasons you  an changing seasons, and if you want it to just be one particular season you can set it to that season and turn off the seasons cycle. :)

    I also Agree with those of you saying one season should last about three moon cycles (which I didn't even realize were a thing in the game).

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    One moon phase would be great for bedrock, because that is how long the day counter goes for before it is reset.

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    bana na08 commented
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    This is a good idea.  It would be nice to see more variety in the plants and environment.


    Also how do I change my profile picture

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    Yes!! I was about to ask for this and saw this in "related" 

    this would make such a cool update since the game can get boring sometimes for players who survival all the time.

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    Also @WindingTheRopes, I agree with everything in your comment except that maybe the Dehydration, Overheating, Frostbite and Freezing shouldn't be so harsh, and maybe give the player more time. This is important because for new players who make a survival world they might not be prepared for changes in season and might not know what they need for the next season. This could put a lot of new players in a position where they don't have the materials to stop the effects of don't know how to. 

    Otherwise, I really hope this gets out in an update! If it does I'll be so happy! :)

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    Pumaplayssd commented
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    My question is.... why exclude deserts and cold biomes? They go through the most radical changes of all of the biomes. Take for example the super blooms in Anza Borrego, or the chane from frozen tundra to a lush green plain!

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    TrenkazPlays commented
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    DjIsEpic commented
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    Yeah I'd love to see winter in a desert! 

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    Instead of excluding hot and cold biomes, they can have seasons too. Cold biomes can have a dark season and a light season, and hot biomes can have a wet season (complete with flooding) and a dry season!

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    Viftie Stuff commented
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    Here's a comment I already wrote under an AntVenom's Video

    "To throw my ideas in the box:
    First of all, to give it a little bit of realism, we should seperate between "seasonable" and "unseasonable" biomes. Areas like the jungle, deserts, mesas, snow plains, oceans an stuff like that are actually consistent in real life. Yes, african jungles, asian deserts and the poles (okay, except the poles) acutally have seasons but they aren't as notable as seasons in countries like the USA, Germany or the UK. Plains, forests, mountains and all the other biomes are "seasonable". That means that they change in roughly a three-month-cycle.
    The compromise of starting with Spring actually is pretty good. Having a lot of flowers spreadingall over the lanf actually would be very pretty and you could farm plants every year without having to worry about the limitations of that resource. Having like cold flowers in snow biomes or cactees blooming would be cool too (yeah, I just denied seasons in these biomes but I'm talking about the big stuff there like snowfall). Spring would also be perfect to fix the (at least in my point of view) ugly grass color of the plains and make it more green. Animals start to come out in Spring and start... "watching the braking bed"...
    Summer would be even more colorful and brighter than spring with having the sun shining. More animals are starting to come out and fill the land. We could even add glaciers in normal mountains/extreme mountains that melt in Summer. Standing in the sun with an iron helmet for too long would be bad of course, so let's add a random, not too often appearing, nausea effect if this happens.
    In Fall, leaves starting to change their color to more brown- and red-ish tones. The grass around the trees also is full of a podzol-like structure and a leaf particle (like in the better foliage mod) start fallin off. Mushrooms start to grow and witches get more active. Also, the weather is changing and we'll get a lot rains and storms. All kind of animals are preparing - as well as you are - for the winter.
    Now, we are going into the REAL surviving-aspect (okay, not really). The trees still would have snowy treetops but just because I have no Idea how to let minecraft trees look good without leaves. Winter is very cold so it's hard to let your plants grow and it's almost impssible to find animals for your meals, so you have to prepare in Fall. Lakes are freezing and snow is falling down to leave a layer of snow (to give you the real feeling of winter "^". Also, stairs and slabs would need to work with snow). Swimming in icy water gives you a frosting effect, slows your movement and kills you slowly and painfully. Leaving your house without a cozy leather armor let's you shake so it's harder to look around. Having Villagers changin their clothes would actually be really cool. Integrating them to the features of the hard winter could bring warehouses into the villages to store food.
    While the warm biomes aren't affected that much, cold biomes could get very dangerous. Letting you freeze to death (without swimming in water) and summoning snowstorms (that actually could contain a great boss) makes you either avoid these biomes in winter stepping into them for the right challenge. But igloos still keep you warm. In these cold biomes, snow could actually layer by itself like if you would put snow on top of each other, to create snowy hills and to make it harder to walk.
    In general, it also would be really cool if there's a chance of having torches getting turned off by the weather. But you could turn them back on with a lighter. To avoid this, you rather should craft lanterns to lighten your way through the heavy blizzards of the snowy plains.
    Caves - just like in real life - are warm in winter and cold in summer. Actually, they would stay at one specific temperature because there neither is a sun to warm it up, nor coulds to keep the sun away.

    (I'm very sorry for potential grammatical mistakes, my English kinda rosted over time)




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    CorePaladin commented
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    An alternative idea might be to have a "base biome" parameter for all biomes and have them all shift down or up daily by a "variable" state which follows a sin curve or similar. This would allow automatic foliage color change as well as slow transitions between seasons instead of suddenly waking up one day and all the leaves are suddenly red. It would also allow for specific weather events like heat waves or blizzards by suddenly shifting the temperature greatly.

    We might do well to add a separate humidity in addition to the existing temperature parameter, but this may be unnecessary.

    All that is left to do is add a spring and/or autumn-style leaf texture for deciduous trees and cacti.

    Rain and the "warm/dry" status melt fallen snow but not player-placed snow, kind of like leaves. Work in some way to wither saplings into dead bushes under specific but avoidable conditions.

    Set an established Minecraft year of 100 or so days, or something which can keep snow height in snow biomes relatively stable.

    Be able to affect seasons in cheats.

    In any case, it is important to make sure the changes are mostly aesthetic.

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    bdm68 . commented
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    The addition of seasons would be desirable, but this raises some questions that should be considered.

    • What would be the effects of seasons on a world?
    • How would seasons affect the growth of crops and the breeding of animals?
    • What would be the seasonal effects in each biome, if any?
    • Would seasons have any detrimental effects on the player?
    • What changes would be required to the Minecraft weather model?
    • How long would seasons last? What would be the length of the seasonal year?
    • Are seasons tied to the moon cycle?
    • Would this include modifications to the behaviour of the sun and moon so seasons have a visual indication?
    • Would new items be added to aid the tracking of seasons such as a calendar item?
    • Would seasons be optional per world?
    • Can seasons be controlled by game rules?

    Effects on crops and animals

    Seasonal effects have been discussed in depth by others so I'll touch on this lightly.

    I expect a prominent part of seasons would be differences in crop growing speed and the breeding of animals. Animals might breed more easily in spring, such as a shorter breeding cooldown, better chances of multiple births (twin lambs, litters of pigs) or higher chances of chicks from eggs. Breeding cooldown could be longer in winter. Crop plots go dormant in winter: they grow clops slowly and they don't dry out.

    Effect on the player

    I don't expect any detrimental effects on the player, except incidental effects. Example: Blizzards could have reduced visibility (as low as 2 chunks) but the cold won't actually harm the player.

    Weather model

    Overhauling the weather model would be required. Apart from snow/rain depending on the time of the year, other changes would be required. Biome-dependent rain in specific seasons: Jungles could get more rain in wet seasons, deserts could get rain in summer from storms. Savannahs could get wet seasons that turn them green. Overcast weather could be added as a separate weather type instead of just being the manifestation of rain in deserts.

    Length of the year

    This needs some discussion. Some people have put out their ideas for the season length without any explanation and this isn't convincing. Why must seasons have a particular length? 24 hours of gameplay give 72 Minecraft days. How many seasons would pass in that time?

    I think it's a bad idea to have short seasonal year lengths. Eight or 10 days for a season is too short. A player could go mining underground for a few hours and miss multiple seasons before they resurface.

    It is also a very bad idea to tie the seasons to real-world months. Not only does that give a year is that too long (potentially thousands of days), it also fails to consider that not everyone experiences the same seasons at the same time of year. In some parts of the world, October is a spring month. In others, it's in the dry or wet season.

    Finally, all months and seasons should be the same length. Why complicate things needlessly?

    So what would be a reasonable year length? Some possible ideas:

    • one Minecraft seasonal month = 1 lunar month (8 days), 12 seasonal months per year. This gives seasons of 24 days and a Minecraft year of 96 days. This is the shortest year length that is plausible.
    • one Minecraft seasonal month = 24 days, one season = 72 days, a year = 288 days. This allows players to log on to a server once a day and log in during a different season. (Ignoring beds.)
    • One seasonal month = 32 days, a season = 96 days, one year = 384 days. This is the closest approximation to the 365-day year that preserves Minecraft's tendency to use powers of 2 to count things. This is perhaps the longest plausible year length.

    All of these have seasonal months that are multiples of 8, to match the current lunar cycle. However, the lunar cycle can be changed.

    Sun and Moon

    In the real world, the seasons are driven by the length of the day and the height of the sun. This could be incorporated into Minecraft with the sun taking a tilted path across the sky and the sun having a different altitude in the sky over a year. The Minecraft world could have a "latitude" that controls the motion of the sun. The sun could pass to the north or the south, and high world latitudes could allow the midnight sun to occur at midsummer. This would give a visual indication of the seasons by the motion of the sun. Players may have a lot of fun tracking this and building their version of Stonehenge.

    The moon would also need to follow the same path as the sun. Not only does this mean the moon would have a tilted path too, this implies that the moon may need to be altered so it's correctly placed in the sky in relation to the sun at all times. Crescent moons would be near the sun, and only full moons would be opposite the sun.

    The moon cycle need not remain at eight days. It can be altered if desired.

    Would eclipses occur?

    New items

    If seasons are added, it may require the addition of a calendar item. This would be similar to a clock item except for seasons.

    A similar item for tracking the moon phases may be helpful too.

    Game rules

    Seasons should be controlled by a small set of game rules. It should be possible to turn them on or off and configure various parameters.


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    AlterWolfy commented
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    I Think if biomes with grass rain, biomes with snow snow. Than i think a cool addition would be sandstorms in deserts. I Like how Mojang made husks a mob for the desert but the desert could still use an update. a sandstorm would be the perfect addition. it would not harm the player but make it harder to see. It could have a coo, looking effect and maybe if a player was to put on a pumpkin the player would be able to see better. Thats just my thoughts on what they should add.

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    kazgruta26 commented
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    All these ideas seem really but i am wondering how terrain generation performance would be affected mainly in the lag issues. To much of a drastic change (going from one season to the other) could drastically improve performance. The change would need to happen gradually.

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    Redtopz85 commented
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    Certain biomes should only have one or two seasons, while others have all four seasons.

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    I would love this area of changes because for me since I'm in the military I love seeing new changes in the season based on where I'm stationed at. This is something for my buddies and colleagues to see since they have kids that love playing minecraft. Seasons should be based on where your location is based upon the the months like make it a year or a calendar in the game where each month is like real life like summer or winter. This can truly make minecraft for all ages knowing since time is at the essence but the seasons are there to know you would freeze to death in real life LOL. So Mojang, look into the minds of all your creators and see what you can do, this will Change gamers for a very long time.

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    RoyalLam12345 commented
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    Agree on this. MY eyes wouldn't just stare at the boring greens in the world. I NEED CHANGE!

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    They could add Seasons and Natural Disasters at the same time! It could be called the seasons and natural disasters update!

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    Maybe this could only happen if you enable it at the beginning when you're creating your world, or it could be just like 1,000 blocks from your spawn point there aren't stations to simulate the equator and to give some players who don't want to face seasons an option.

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    Ro5in commented
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    I like the idea but the problem is that all biomes would be the same if it would be snowing everywhere…

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    Epicbuttercat commented
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    Seasons would make the atmosphere feel just so nice and give everything an amazing change.

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    Saltysee commented
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    I would like seasons as well as on thing I have to do Is layer snow all over my world for winter and that is just too laggy and takes too long so having seasons in the game would be great.

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    It should be toggleable for people that don’t want it

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    @TortugaOnline or they could make a calendar year much like one in real-life that counts Minecraft days as well as making it able to be toggled

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    Quinten Mazza commented
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    I thought of this idea also and here is how I would implement it in a logical way: 

    • The seasons will include summer, fall, winter, and spring in that order
    • Seasons would occur across all biomes excluding desert, jungle, snowy plains, ice pillars, and oceans. (At least what I can think of off the top of my head, add more biomes that would make sense if you want to) 
    • The use of seasons would be toggleable in world creation
    • Each season would last three moon cycles
    • The main feature of a seasonal update would be the leaf blocks changing colors (due to being a major part of how people recognize what season it is in the real world and would create a major atmospheric effect) 

    Here are particular ideas for each specific season. (Any excluded thing would remain normal as in the same as Minecraft without seasons, anything with "(maybe)" following it means doesn't have to be included in the game but would fit in nicely)


    • Game temperature would be higher
    • Less rain (maybe) 
    • Longer days (maybe)
    • Crops will have a lower tick speed (due to the raised temperature, maybe)


    • Leaf blocks (excluding spruce) will turn into colors of yellow, orange, and red depending on the tree
    • Leaf blocks (excluding spruce) will have a falling leaves particle effect under them (maybe)
    • Leaf blocks (excluding spruce) would have another texture that is more transparent (have fewer leaves, maybe)


    • Game temperature would be lower
    • Leaf blocks (excluding spruce) would have a texture of dead branches and would only drop sticks
    • Or leaf blocks (excluding spruce) would change to the color white
    • Spruce leaf blocks would change to the color white
    • It would snow instead of rain (due to lower temperature) 
    • It would snow more often resulting in snow-covered ground and keeping it covered (maybe)
    • White leaf blocks would have a snowfall particle effect under them (maybe)
    • Water sources have a chance of turning into ice blocks (maybe)
    • Shorter days (maybe) 
    • Crops will have a lower tick speed (due to the lowered temperature, maybe)


    • Certain leaf blocks (excluding spruce) would change to the colors of pink or white to represent blossoms (maybe)
    • Leaf blocks (excluding spruce) would have another texture that is more transparent (have fewer leaves, maybe)
    • Rains more often (maybe)

    These ideas would be most of the main features of a seasonal update or could just be a small add on to another type of update. These ideas are only my opinion of what should be included. I just feel this would be the most logical approach for an update that includes seasons and its details. Feel free to comment on more ideas that would make sense if you have any. I would like to see them. :) 

    (Sorry about the long post, just want it all out there)

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    During the autumn, dead leaf layers could appear under trees as they lose their leaves. These dead leaf layer blocks would act pretty much like snow layers, but be dead leaves instead.

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    I think this should be the next update. The player should have the option to enable or disable seasons when creating or editing a world. A cool idea for creative role play worlds would be letting the player choose the length of each season. Spring should be very green. At the start of spring all the plants (including trees) should be recovering from winter but towards the end of spring plant life should be flourishing. Some trees in spring should be pink. Summer should make the grass a brighter tint of green than spring and still have plant life but no pink trees. Crops should grow best in spring and summer. Autumn should make all the trees leaves go brown, orange and gold over the course of days. Spruce trees should remain dark green. At the end of autumn there should be not a lot of leaves left on the trees. The grass should be more yellow in autumn. Winter should make farming hard or impossible without bone meal. The grass should be a cold blue/green and some lakes and rivers should freeze. Some animal could hibernate. There should be no leaves left on trees (except spruce trees). Hail stones could be a new weather type and it could snow sometimes as well. (In spring it should rain a lot). The Jungle, Savannah, desert and snowy biomes should not be effected by seasons, crop growth in snowy biomes should be slow. Jungles biomes should make crops grow at the normal speed. Please add seasons to the game.

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    I've always wanted seasons in Minecraft. You could make it so that, depending on the difficulty level, it would change the number of crop drops/growth speed And make animals need more food to breed

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    leondsl commented
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    Game would start at spring. Achievements:

    achievement for reaching day 2 in spring: "a fresh start"

    achievement for reaching summer "it´s getting hot"

    achievement for reaching fall: "winter is coming ..."

    achievement for reaching winter: "a whole year, and many to pass ..."

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    Calendar crafted from one clock and 4 sheets of paper to represent the 4 different seasons.  Could be mounted on the wall. This would help to better keep track of when you are in any given season.  This would help when planning for seasonable tasks (farming, harvesting, fishing).  If seasons are tied to moon phases, the various phases could be indicated on the calendar.