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Seasons for most biomes

under review


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    Saltysee commented

    I would like seasons as well as on thing I have to do Is layer snow all over my world for winter and that is just too laggy and takes too long so having seasons in the game would be great.

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    It should be toggleable for people that don’t want it

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    @TortugaOnline or they could make a calendar year much like one in real-life that counts Minecraft days as well as making it able to be toggled

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    Quinten Mazza commented

    I thought of this idea also and here is how I would implement it in a logical way: 

    • The seasons will include summer, fall, winter, and spring in that order
    • Seasons would occur across all biomes excluding desert, jungle, snowy plains, ice pillars, and oceans. (At least what I can think of off the top of my head, add more biomes that would make sense if you want to) 
    • The use of seasons would be toggleable in world creation
    • Each season would last three moon cycles
    • The main feature of a seasonal update would be the leaf blocks changing colors (due to being a major part of how people recognize what season it is in the real world and would create a major atmospheric effect) 

    Here are particular ideas for each specific season. (Any excluded thing would remain normal as in the same as Minecraft without seasons, anything with "(maybe)" following it means doesn't have to be included in the game but would fit in nicely)


    • Game temperature would be higher
    • Less rain (maybe) 
    • Longer days (maybe)
    • Crops will have a lower tick speed (due to the raised temperature, maybe)


    • Leaf blocks (excluding spruce) will turn into colors of yellow, orange, and red depending on the tree
    • Leaf blocks (excluding spruce) will have a falling leaves particle effect under them (maybe)
    • Leaf blocks (excluding spruce) would have another texture that is more transparent (have fewer leaves, maybe)


    • Game temperature would be lower
    • Leaf blocks (excluding spruce) would have a texture of dead branches and would only drop sticks
    • Or leaf blocks (excluding spruce) would change to the color white
    • Spruce leaf blocks would change to the color white
    • It would snow instead of rain (due to lower temperature) 
    • It would snow more often resulting in snow-covered ground and keeping it covered (maybe)
    • White leaf blocks would have a snowfall particle effect under them (maybe)
    • Water sources have a chance of turning into ice blocks (maybe)
    • Shorter days (maybe) 
    • Crops will have a lower tick speed (due to the lowered temperature, maybe)


    • Certain leaf blocks (excluding spruce) would change to the colors of pink or white to represent blossoms (maybe)
    • Leaf blocks (excluding spruce) would have another texture that is more transparent (have fewer leaves, maybe)
    • Rains more often (maybe)

    These ideas would be most of the main features of a seasonal update or could just be a small add on to another type of update. These ideas are only my opinion of what should be included. I just feel this would be the most logical approach for an update that includes seasons and its details. Feel free to comment on more ideas that would make sense if you have any. I would like to see them. :) 

    (Sorry about the long post, just want it all out there)

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    During the autumn, dead leaf layers could appear under trees as they lose their leaves. These dead leaf layer blocks would act pretty much like snow layers, but be dead leaves instead.

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    I think this should be the next update. The player should have the option to enable or disable seasons when creating or editing a world. A cool idea for creative role play worlds would be letting the player choose the length of each season. Spring should be very green. At the start of spring all the plants (including trees) should be recovering from winter but towards the end of spring plant life should be flourishing. Some trees in spring should be pink. Summer should make the grass a brighter tint of green than spring and still have plant life but no pink trees. Crops should grow best in spring and summer. Autumn should make all the trees leaves go brown, orange and gold over the course of days. Spruce trees should remain dark green. At the end of autumn there should be not a lot of leaves left on the trees. The grass should be more yellow in autumn. Winter should make farming hard or impossible without bone meal. The grass should be a cold blue/green and some lakes and rivers should freeze. Some animal could hibernate. There should be no leaves left on trees (except spruce trees). Hail stones could be a new weather type and it could snow sometimes as well. (In spring it should rain a lot). The Jungle, Savannah, desert and snowy biomes should not be effected by seasons, crop growth in snowy biomes should be slow. Jungles biomes should make crops grow at the normal speed. Please add seasons to the game.

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    I've always wanted seasons in Minecraft. You could make it so that, depending on the difficulty level, it would change the number of crop drops/growth speed And make animals need more food to breed

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    leondsl commented

    Game would start at spring. Achievements:

    achievement for reaching day 2 in spring: "a fresh start"

    achievement for reaching summer "it´s getting hot"

    achievement for reaching fall: "winter is coming ..."

    achievement for reaching winter: "a whole year, and many to pass ..."

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    These are all great ideas!

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    FuManchuuuu commented



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    Calendar crafted from one clock and 4 sheets of paper to represent the 4 different seasons.  Could be mounted on the wall. This would help to better keep track of when you are in any given season.  This would help when planning for seasonable tasks (farming, harvesting, fishing).  If seasons are tied to moon phases, the various phases could be indicated on the calendar.

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    Smarthoowen commented

    Very nice idea. Maybe like in real life the seasons could change slowly.

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    I like your idea, it makes the minecraft more realistic

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    Tito10star commented

    We need this!!!!

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    Mr Llama12345 commented

    Yes, yes, YES! I always wanted this! But it would be a toggle thing then.

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    andrew lee commented

    I super agree!!!!!

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    I feel like this would be a cool addition to minecraft. Maybe during spring it can rain, during summer fires can spread faster, during autunm the leaves are orange, and during winter thge leaves are white and every biome has the properties of a snow biome.

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    I love this idea! I propose that every 50-60 days in Minecraft, there would be a new season. I say 50-60 days because you need time to gather crops and build houses. If the player wants, they should be able to turn off seasons in the world settings. It shouldnt change gameplay too much, and should be fun!

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    BruhItzDerpyYT i feel like that would be too long. Maybe you could set how long the seasons change in the world setting, ore somthing like that.


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    titpoulet84 commented

    it would be ideal because if we do not find an arctic biome less than 5000 blocks is terrible, but if it has seasons we can find snow faster so I say yes for that

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    in the fall, the leaves fall of the trees. then, in the spring, the leaves grow back.

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    amrtarek ct commented

    From my veiw point it could be better if a new season comes at evert time the phase become full

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    Why not a biome that has seasons that way you don't have to have seasons when you don't want to

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    I think one moon cycle would be far too quick, seasons take a long time to occur, you could get used to one season and 8 in game days later and guess what?! It's fall now, I think a season should last for around 4 cycles, stardew valley is structured this way and the system works well. I also don't think seasonal shift should be immediate but gradual instead.

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    In deserts. it should be very hot with no rain in summer but winter, it would be very cold. When it snows in other biomes, there should be a 25-50% chance of snow in deserts,

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    skye king commented


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    Mr Llama12345 commented

    Yes yes yes! And it would be a toggle thing in world options

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    Adding different colors for the trees and tree leaves would be nice. When you start a world you could chose what season you start off in.

    Winter: whites and.blues, crops are unable to grow, and animals die for food supply, snow

    Spring: light green, crops start to grow, animals are gathered, more rain falls

    Summer: normal colors of minecraft,.crops at there peak, less rain falls

    Fall: red, orange, yellow, green, crops start to die, animals are harvested for meat, the leaves fall onto the ground

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    Something cool to add to this whole seasons thing, is if the music changes based on the season.

    Here's how I think it should go if this is ever implemented

    Spring/fall=same music that is played in survival (volume alpha)

    Summer=volume beta music like what's played in creative mode

    Winter=volume beta music like ki, flake, and Kyoto (like what was played in the holiday Mash up pack on console if anyone remembers that)

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    FluffyFox4x commented