How can we improve the existing moving creatures of Minecraft? Show us your coolest fantasy creatures. We are very interested in ideas that are unique and not just lists of mobs!

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    Nova "inkycatz" Barlow commented

    As termites were announced separately, we can keep the discussion on termites here, and meerkats there. There's a marked difference between how termites work, and a side comment what meerkats eat.

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    Bilbo Baggins commented


    Termites were suggested in the comments section.  Maybe you could elaborate there.

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    ThugPug 43 commented

    To start things off, I do think meercats should play a part in ridding yourself of termites easier, but I do have some of my own ideas on how the termites themselves should work.

    I think termites should be mainly a texture with a structure that occasionally spawns a mob. I imagine having the termites' nest be a mini structure, like the desert wells. In my opinion, the nest should have nest blocks (with an animated texture) and one center that's called the nest core. If the core is intact, the nest will spawn one termite mob every few minutes (if the chunk is loaded). The termite mob will seek out any wood block by wandering randomly unless it's within 15 blocks of a wood block (except crafting tables, those shouldn't count in my opinion). When within 15 blocks of a wood-based block, the termite will head to it. Upon reaching the block the termite will, like a silverfish, hop into the block. That will give the block an infestation value, exactly like cracks in turtle eggs. The higher the value the more termites will be visible on the block. The termite mobs won't actually be crawling and it would be an animated texture (as it looked like in the video). Over time the infestation increases and there's a decent chance it will spread to adjacent wood blocks, much like grass but in all directions. Once it reaches a certain infestation level (I suggest 5) the block will disappear. No termites will reappear (unlike silverfish) as it can logically assumed that the termites spread to the adjacent blocks. If the block is broken before it is completely destroyed, then it will drop termites based on the infestation level (level 1 drops none/1, level 2 drops 2/3, etc.), and those termites will be purely hostile and will not attempt to spread to wood blocks, kind of like the fixation of a wolf after you hit it.

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    Mark Abernathy commented

    Termites would certainly have to affect wood in some way, which could be problem if a Termite Block is placed near a structure.


    Perhaps it would be wiser for Termite Blocks not to be capable of being picked up.  The only way to infest a house is to plant a row of trees from the house to the Termites so they slowly infest each tree until they hit the house.

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    승헌 전 commented

    Adding termites as mob would cause some lag, and spawning lesser termite mobs would not look so nice, I suggest them being somewhat vine/redstone dust like block those stick on walls and floors or tile entities with animated textures, and spreading in shortest distance towards wood plank blocks or vertically placed wood blocks
    Termite mounds being some spawning block that spawns termite nearby, and growing into specific shape if the space is full enough and open
    When breaked they wil drop lots of termite items, maybe used for taming meerkats or riding ostrich?

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    dinosbreath commented

    Ok i get them being small but how small are they because i think it would be weird if they're not as big or half the size of an endermite just because it would weird that termites would reflect there real world size when mobs like spiders,sliverfish,and endermites are may times larger than there normal size( consitering most mites like the ones the endermite is basted on are nearly microsocpic) now if the termites are set and you can change the size of them some thing you could do is make other termites like soligers, kings, and queens bigger but that's just my idea. anyway i hope this is helpful. also termites have a king and a queen and if one dies another termite takes it's place. i think that it should be in there to.

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    Ahmed Khalaf commented

    اجعلوا النمل الابيض يروض بطريقة ما واجعلوه يقطع الشجر فيسقط الخشب اليك وهذا سيوفر الكثير من العناء

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    dinosbreath commented

    this is the google translated version of the coment above for convenance. hope this helps. also i think white ants means termites.

    Make the white ants tame in a way and make it cut the trees will fall wood to you and this will save a lot of trouble.

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    RepairedSatyr31 commented

    i hate termites :p

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    Ahmad Ashraf commented

    I think is better than creeper

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    TenableMedal88 commented

    Will they eat your hous?


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    锡淳 张 commented


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    HandledFish4076 commented

    i dont like termites

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    AWESOMeOCELOT66 commented

    I don't exactly know what to say... it would be cool but Igotta admit:kinda gross

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    PlatonicMink437 commented

    if termites are added there should be a way of preventing termites for builders and such.


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    LindolfoDias commented

    Termites should work like the silverfishes, in wooden blocks instead. Have a similar hitbox and spawn in their own nest structure. But they should reproduce when an infested wooden block is broken, spawning two termites.

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    TheAlphaWolf810 commented

    if they add termites they should make it so theirs a setting like how you can turn on and off fire spreads you can turn termites on and off as well thats my opinion

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    Arseniy Lankin commented

    Зачем это полная фигня термины в маинкрафт?

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    ToughMantis528 commented

    I don't know about the rest but I think that once there are enough termites gathered together within a number of blocks, the blocks will start releasing termite alates, which will fly in search within a specific range for specific wood blocks, such as wood planks to not decimate entire forests and jungles - to add a touch of realism to them

    Oh and maybe if there's a block of inedible substance ( brick walls?) between two wood blocks the termites will construct termite tunnels, which will slowly spread at night, like real termites also do.

    I also think a that if a termite mound is nearby the logs of  any trees that a player breaks with have a slight chance of naturally spawning a few termites because certain species of termites live in tree bark


    Thanks. :D

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    Coral0357 commented

    I think termites are a great idea! They can lead to all kinds of bugs and insects. Soon we could have ants, butterflies (cocoons on trees, and caterpillars), and ladybugs!

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    Николай Репиков commented

    Ну чо за говно

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    UptownGosling99 commented

    How about instead of having another mob that will destroy player creations we don't do that.

    A better option to improve game play would be to add an option in vanila that prevents mobs from destroying stuff. Like the mob griefing command except for non creative mode players.

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    LindolfoDias commented

    Termites should also infest dirt, coarse dirt and farmland (making it grow crops faster while raining) and destroy leaves and crops. They are not just destructive but natural architects, there could be a structure like a giant mound or an underground maze gallery with organic tunnels, rooms full of termites, with mushroom farms etc.

    And a society divided into castes of Worker, Soldier, Queen, King and Nymphs

    Worker: a neutral termite and the most common, all termites nearby will attack you if you hit one;

    Soldier: aggressive, bigger and tougher than the worker, all termites nearby will attack you if a Soldier hit you;

    Queen and King: boss-like termites, agressive, can fly, only generate in the Queens Cell and spawn soldiers when battling you;

    Nymph: is a Termite Egg dropped for defeating both Queen and King, hatches faster when workers take care of it. When hatched spawns a Nymph that grows up into a new Queen who fight you (some say the offspring is stronger than the parents).

    Termites could drop:


    Termite Meat, it heals 1 point of hunger and 0.8 of saturation.

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    Lisa Griffin commented

    Termites could go into wood, making it rotten so it breaks easily and when broken they come out like silverfish

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    JaguarDoesntknw commented

    Oh heck no

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    RetroXZ / commented


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    Copeland Ahaus commented

    Mabye once a block is infested when they find one, if a player, mob, item, or other entity is on it, it will break.

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    LikaLarukuToo commented

    Just make sure they're disabled in Creative mode.

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    Mighty Odinson7 commented

    Its kind of a silly idea that we can't attack it with a sword or anything. Your basically telling us our wooden houses and wooden creations would fall before our eyes and there is nothing we can do about it unless we have a meerkat? Maybe we could attack them but give them slightly more health points than silverfish to keep the concept fun?

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    honeybunny300 commented

    Nice idea if mogang adds this it will be awesome 🦗