How can we improve the existing moving creatures of Minecraft? What are we missing? Please explain what your "new mob" is designed to do, and why it is needed. We are interested in ideas that are unique!

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    Nova "inkycatz" Barlow commented


    I spy meerkats!

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    Too obscure.

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    Mark Abernathy commented

    Congrats to lionmakerfan, and to fans of Meerkats!


    Bilbo:  Not obscure enough it would seem! :)


    I'm not sure what Meerkats could do in Minecraft.  I'm betting the developers have some ideas of their own.  However, I can't wait to see what they come up with for sounds. :3  Just listening to them on Youtube ... they are very very unique.

    They also eat insects:  Silverfish, Spiders, and Termites beware!

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    Nova "inkycatz" Barlow commented

    Mark Abernathy  - I didn't know that. Neat!

    On the plus side, now that we know what they eat, we can focus on other great things meerkats do in this thread, and hop over to the helpful termites thread started after MINECON to dig into the details of how termites work!

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    Mark Abernathy commented

    Thanks Nova!


    I think Meerkats also each a bunch of other things, but when I saw Insects on the wikipedia page  I thought it was a fun idea for minecraft insects to have a natural predator.  The only issue I can think of is that being in the Desert, they won't encounter Silverfish or Termites too often.


    (Perhaps if Meerkats spawned in both Desert and Savannah!)

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    Endereye13 commented

    Um this is off topic but I think you add dimension rifts that crack open into the over world spilling out monsters for you to fight 😆😆😆😆😆

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    승헌 전 commented

    Would be nice also adding scorpions to desert, and meerkats are maybe the only mob that can kill scorpion without being stung or damaged

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    Damion Kennedy commented

    Yeah they can eat insects anything bug on Minecraft

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    daniel shaughnessy commented

    I like the idea and have some suggestions 

    Meerkats can climb tree so if you're chasing one it makes it a bit harder as it can climb.

    Also they eat eggs so if spawned near turtle eggs they could destroy them.

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