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    LordVeximus commented

    i was going to post on this but have anteaters instead of the meerkats

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    ERRxR 418 commented

    as a builder, this is a huge NO... bugs are cool, but please DO NOT add termites or other destructive mobs... i know how to turn off mob griefing, but this would just be so inconvenient and frustrating to deal with...

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    paulyapra2 commented

    I think its a bad idea it might end up annoying like Phantoms. We voted for Phantoms and the community pretty much regret it

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    Matthulhu1975 commented

    It's a strange idea but don't call them termites or model then strictly after these household pests. If they are going to be a destructive feature then make them a fantasy creature.

    Additionally if they are going to eat wood then have a given "strain" only prefer a certain wood type. So if you find a critter colony eating the oak out of your house, you could replace the lost oak with birch or dark oak until you're sure you've wiped out the infestation. Or if they prefer the birch, it's time to build out of spruce or whatever else is handy. (Otherwise building anything stationary out of wood might be seen as impractical when stone or dirt may be more plentiful locally).

    coarse dirt and any kind of stone should stop them cold. And just for purposes of avoiding unnecessary frustration, these critters should have no interest in fences, gates, ladders, chests, tables, doors, etc.

    But if you can harvest them and cook them, you could make them into a food item or an alternative food source for chickens.

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    I hate termites they broke so many of my homes when I was playing with orespawn 

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    We should allow termites!!! And they should drop blocks when they destroy wood so you can fix everything!!!

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    Hotp44 commented

    Honestly this is a terrible idea. I hate it so much, I'll probably become a creeper...

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    Maybe what termites could do to wood is make it more vulnerable to damage, for instance creepers blowing up or just hitting it, or even standing on a termite-infested wood block would make it crumble. 

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    DwanyeJimson commented

    I think that the termite nests should be pretty large considering the biggest termite colony in the world is bigger than the United Kingdom.

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    Val Cow commented

    I don’t really like the idea of having an infestation in my house. All that work for nothing? If this does eventually become apart of minecraft, then I would hope it would be a rare experience.

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    Hopefully they add this soon

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    Sniper King commented

    I like it - but they shouldn't be allowed to infest trees because that would be beyond annoying - especially if you have a tree farm. Maybe don't let them do too much damage to villages either.

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    RoyalRex2 commented

    I like the way termite mounds look, though I don't like the destructive capabilities of the mob described here. When I first heard about these, I thought that the mounds might grow like bamboo, and rather than having a mob come from them they would have termite-like particles crawling on them. You would be able to collect insect items from them that you could feed to insectivorous mobs.

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    StopMo Gamer commented

    Please don't add this it would be so annoying cuz i live in a village in my world