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(Dimension) Sky lands

under review


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    Maybe we could have Sky island as a new biome instead of dimension. These sky island can be found on vast ocean areas. Instead of finding little island while traveling through the ocean with your boat you could stumble across a stunning floating sky island biome that are at least In a fairly high coordinate floating around. Since we are having the Caves and cliff update we are going to be seeing extended world height being increased so it would be appropriate to have a Sky island biome floating again fairly high with new trees sapling called,”(community names suggestions)” and have the trees leaves to give off an aesthetic Vibe like a greenish cyan type of leaves. With the floating biome we could have new flowers with new animals that eats off from these new flower (but it wouldn't change the spectrum of adding new dye colors). The sky island biome will be rare to find on the existing biomes, but can be common to find them on the vast ocean areas. You use an elytra to fly your way up and explore the biome that’s above the clouds!

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    I like the idea of a Sky Dimension. This was something I have been wanting for a long time to be in vanilla Minecraft. Maybe build a portal but not like the Nether because it would be similar. The End portal frame doesn't resemble the Nether portal. I would like a Dimension opposite from the Nether since it was the original idea that never made it to the game. Hopefully, Mojang can revisit that idea of introducing an Aether like dimension in the future update. My ideas are that this is the only dimension where you can place a bed and they won't explode. The nether is spewing lava with lava seas, and the skyland would be the opposite from that. It would be water instead and falling down from the islands. I would like new types of ores, mobs and maybe dungeons to conquer and to defeat a boss to get a reward. 

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    ShiestGuy commented
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    Even though you are literally detailing the Aether Mod, this could actually be possible as the man who created the aether mod just recently got employed to mojang, so I wouldn't exactly be surprised if they actually add it to the game eventually. Of course, the ore is a terrible idea, that would be too grindy, and some of the aether mobs that kingbdogs made were a bit too op, so that would have to be nerfed or completely removed, but overall, having the aether in minecraft is actually semi-possible

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    Why a portal and some ore when you could use elytra and fireworks

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    DirtWorm2 commented
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    this place has to have it's own boss