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(Dimension) Sky lands

under review


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    You are talking about the Aether mod. It wouldn't be okay for Minecraft to have an entire rip-off update from an existing mod. Also, the End dimension is actually the sky. The end biome itself is called "sky".

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    Evan Diaz commented

    I think it would be cooler if the transportation to this dimension was a pedestal that has a beam shooting up into the sky. You know, just to mix it up a bit.

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    Mc Rat commented

    If they added "Aether" or sky dimension as the final dimension that'd be awesome. It'd look so beautiful and would be fun to explore and build to.

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    I think it would be better to get there by flying up past y=300 using elytra.

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    Blast Burner commented

    Bring back the Aether!

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    Blast Burner commented

    I want to ride newly textured Moa so bad and fight off Zephyrs so bad.

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    Try to contact the aether mod creators so you can work together. 


    Create your own verson of ''sky world'' or some other name ex: Like the end but there is actually something to do maybe dungeons with items at the end that drop from a boss where you can trade with an villager or other npc for weapons and armor.

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    They should add a dimension based on the aether but give credit to the original creator

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    This would be cool if the Aether was in Minecraft:PS4 Edition

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    Hello, I could definantly agree on this one. Due to it was once possible in minecraft. You have my vote!

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    LikeJdcc commented

    This dimension would definitely present itself as a better contrast to the already existing nether.

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    i find it a shame it wasn't added in during beta really. I always thought the idea of a dreamworld being really cool

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    I LOVED the Aether Mod when I was younger but it's not what I visioned as a "heaven"-like new dimension to the Minecraft world. I always thought it was weird that you could travel to the underworld/h-e-double hockey stick (nether) an travel to the abyss (The End) but you could never travel to a heavenly divine local above everything. If Mojang were to create a sky dimension (please please please do) I'd think they should create something at least somewhat unique and a bit away from the aether or at least in gameplay. I have a few ideas that I invite mojang to openly take from me for I just wanna see the game grow for the better :).

    My ideas:

    A Sky/Heaven-like dimension update with bosses.

    GOAL: Create a new explorable realm that is the COMPLETE opposite to the nether and end. You come here in preparation of entering the End by gathering unique loot and gear that can easily combat the End and perhaps even the Nether.

    *Enter this new sky/heaven/aether realm via either a portal OR (in my opinon more interestingly) by sleeping on a magical bed crafted by rare item and enter it via a dream sleeping in this bed. This sky heaven realm can also be seen as a dream realm.
    *Make this new realm have a wondrous, colorful, divine, peaceful aesthetic.
    *Little to NO hostile mobs except for bosses and their underlings.
    *New Peaceful Mobs such as Angels who act similar to villagers but instead trade you high value loot like diamonds and gold.
    *A new winged tameable horse-like mob: the Pegasus. Similar to horses in every way but they can glide and fly.
    *Lowered gravity, you should often feel like your floating in a wonderous colorful land.
    *New Holy Temples you can explore and acquire fancy loot. However there shouldn't be any risk of death for this is a peaceful realm, instead you should just solve puzzles and use your brain to navigate the maze-like design these temples could have. If you try to cheat and break the blocks in the temple before solving the puzzle, you should just teleport, outside the temple, back to the overworld as punishment.
    *New divine, anti-undead/ender enchantments for equipment and weapons. Perhaps an enchantment to summon LIGHTNING like Zeus.
    *Divine Weapons inspired by mythologies can be collected. Examples:
    *An Excalibur-Like Weapon, a Holy Sword that does additional damage to undead and ender creatures.
    *A Mjolnir-Like Weapon, a powerful hammer that when swung, shoots lightning.
    *A Golden Bow that does way more damage than a normal bow, perhaps does fire/lightning damage by default.
    *A staff that when used, heals you and non-hostile mobs/players around you (such as dogs and horses).
    *Be able to create a bed in this dimension. When you sleep in it, you go back to the overworld. If you didnt bring a bed with you to this new realm, you can create one there with wool from a peaceful animal and wood from the exotic trees there.
    *If it's a sky dimension, you should be able to fall off and sink to below the lands. Instead of going back to the overworld I propose two options: 1. Angels fly down and carry you back up. (It is a peaceful realm after all) or 2. you transport to a random location in the nether. Alternatively you could always never fall off and constantly float when not touching land and navigate the realm by slowly flying, crouch to descend and jump to ascend.
    *The Bosses (i think at least) should resemble mythical figures like maybe Zeus or Odin or an Archangel. They should be a very touch challenge.

    Much of these ideas (or at least I think) alter differently to the nether and end. for example;

    *You cant place beds in the Nether or End but you can in this realm.
    *The mobs of the Nether/End are hostile by nature or when provoked unlike the mobs of this realm.
    *There's always a constant threat of death and uneasiness with the Nether/End. You always have to be on your toes and wary of your surroundings. In this realm however, not an issue.
    *The Nether and the End have rather depressing atmospheres, looking depressing or menacing with harsh colors or in the case of the nether, not much color at all. More so washed out colors with a hint of purple lol. This realm however should look beautiful to the eyes. Exotic and full of color.

    These are just some ideas I had regarding this topic. I'd love to see something similar implemented. If you like this idea, upvote this topic. Thanks for reading ;) cant wait to see your responses.

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    Gerishio Gerishio unfortunately that sounds soo modded and I think that they won’t do that. Be maybe as another mod.

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    Mobfighter unless you elaborate idk what you mean

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    Sarebbe stra bello ❤️ ma potete aggiungere anche tipo.....maiali che hanno le ali oppure draghi domestici.Aspettavo tanto questo aggiornamento quindi perfavore mettilo🙏🙏🙏

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    A heavenly dimension can't just be a floating islands dimension. It needs to be unique. For example, the sky being eternally day sounds extremely boring so what I think is have some really cool and otherworldly objects in the sky, such as multiple moons, lots of stars, nebulae, black holes etc. Also the flora needs to be interesting (give it a bioluminescence at night). Massive crystals would be cool as well

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    cholula14 commented

    Hey good idea.


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    I think it's a brilliant idea. Considering there is already the Aether mod (which is pretty much only easily obtainable on pc), this would be awesome for console and pocket edition players to experience!

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    oop23 commented

    Good idee to add skyland dimension

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    Mr Llama12345 commented

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes I've always wanted this dude! Villages would be cool too!

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    Ty Voisine commented

    A new dimension would be cool. It would be nice if there was also a boss.

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    andrew lee commented

    thornlessport83, CatsAreExplosiv is not saying the ather mod

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    The Tenth Jew commented

    I think that you should be able to fly into this dimension using the Elytra. Perhaps when you reach an altitude greater than 512 in the Overworld, you fly into the Sky Dimension and when you fall out of the Sky Dimension, you reach a height of 512 in the Overworld. Additionally, It should have an inverse effect of the Nether: every block traveled in the Overworld would be the equivalent of 4 blocks traveled in the Sky Dimension.

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    TripleHERO454 commented

    A sky dimension would be great and maybe there you could take the dragon egg and if it is there long enough it will hatch a baby dragon for the player to make his own

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    Actually there are a few mods that already do this so it wouldn't be very something Mojang actually has incentive to add. I do agree that it would be cool for PE or for people who just can't download the mods but in the end I don't think it will happen.

    BTW the guardian is not actually classified as a boss.

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    it should be exactly like the mod

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    While the end is meant to be a "sky island" dimension, it has a very unique feel that would not make a separate island dimension feel repetitive, unless you copied the end itself. If you made this new dimension feel full of life, it would be worthwhile, even if it was inspired in structure by an already existing dimension.

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    Cpt hellman commented

    Instead of a, the player should only travel their while sleeping especially when other players aren't. Going there should also wip your inventory (but you get it back when you wake up, well rested)

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    CoolyJr1 commented

    I liked what Hayden Garcia had to say and agree with mostly everything, and would want to see these things in the game. I have a few more suggestions/disagreements though:

    The portal to enter this Skyland dimension should be made of a Purpur block since the Skyland dimension is really a privilege to be in and for defeating "The End." 

    I disagree that the Skylands should be harmless with only bosses/underlings; I say there should still be a constant risk in adventuring the biome, so maybe add monsters here.

    disagree that you can free-fly there. I like the idea of the present threat of falling off, so at the very least, I picture that when you fall off the skylands, you teleport to the over world. At this point, the player should have an elytra anyway.

    passive mob you find is a pegasus-like creature, or a dragon. Maybe you use chorus fruit to tame them to finally give chorus fruit another purpose. They could act like horses in terms of taming too. 

    To add another layer of creativity, the boss monster of this realm would be the Vex Boss or Vex Master. I'd like to see Vexes serve a bigger purpose as they seem random now. This Vex Boss would spawn upon entering the Skyland dimension, or you summon it, and it would be surrounded by Vexes. This mob should fly a lot, which could give a bigger purpose to finding an elytra in the end city before entering the Skylands.