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  • 1 vote

    new cowmen mob

    sis we have pigman in the nether in a diffract dimension cowmen roam!
  • 9 votes

    1 Baby Wolf: 2 Owners (Shared Ownership)

    the title is kinda strange but this is a quick suggestion: what if player 1's wolf and player 2's wolf breed, how it works in game as i write this comment, the first to make the wolf sit up owns it...
  • 2 votes

    Ender Dragon Fight Ideas/ Improvements

    The Ender Dragon should have more abilities. It could shoot purple fireballs that explode and create blue or purple fire which would deal more damage and it should also have a roaring attack where ...
  • 5 votes

    Rats And Rat King

    Rats Should Be Added To Minecraft. They Should Scavenge for Food Incuding: Berries Food Items Food in Chests(Rarely) Turtle Eggs Ostrich Eggs (If Added) Ect. And Carry It All Back To An Undergrou...
  • 4 votes

    Sand Temple Guardians

    The Sand Temple Guardian Would Carry A Long Stick And Be Sort Of Like A Iron Golem, But More Sand And A Different Model It Would Look... It Would Block Players From Entering The Temple. It Would M...
  • 0 votes


    He’s friendly gives you one piece of iron becomes your friend his name is Sammy He’s a black monster has twice the health of the end or Dragon And he small
  • 4 votes

    Ender Fox

    A fox but no back legs and three tails along with big wings from the Ender Dragon and two horns and four ears. Seven hearts and how much damage when it attacks is a heart and a half. Also will spa...
  • 2 votes

    The Mantis Shrimp and the Mach Punch Potion

    Mantis Shrimp are truly extraordinary creatures. They lived around 400 million years ago and they have the strongest punch of any animal. I would really hope to have this creature be added in game ...
  • 5 votes

    Polar behaviour should be more interesting, (revised and improved)

    Polar bears, I feel are quite a neglected mob, outshined by mobs like the arctic fox, dolphin or panda (which are amazing mobs). Here’s how better behaviour in my opinion could work: Dominance rat...
  • 2 votes

    Phobetor, King of Nightmares

    For as diverse as the overworld is compared to the other two dimensions, it seems strange that it only have the elder guardian as a boss, I propose we have a second air based boss, called Phobetor....
  • 2 votes

    Nice mobs

    There should be extreamly Rare nice mobs that won’t atack at all not even if you attack them and they kill all bad mobs    
  • 2 votes

    The ender dragon

    Make the ender dragon more realistic. A dragon would not flap harder to stay in place, it would perch and turn towards the player more realistically. And making the ender dragon black when the enti...
  • 1 vote

    (Sea mob) Rajiformes

    Minecraft is a game that from its version 1.13 implemented improvements to the ocean. Adding fish, algae, seagrass, turtles, dolphins, etc. Today I come to propose a new mob the rajiformes: It is f...
  • 2 votes

    Less aggressive wolves

    So wolves chase after foxes correct. But in real life they are mostly territorial, make it so wolves will stay in a specific area as there territory and then they only chase them out of it.
  • 7 votes

    Add red husk in red mesa

    Red husk spawns in mesa biomes red husk gives poison effetc here texture red husk  [outside link removed ~ admin]
  • 2 votes


    A  creature that will stay in garden that is fenced and  protect you from a  angered wolf   
  • 2 votes


    A non flying bird   
  • 0 votes

    Bone warrior

    This skeleton have full set of iron armor he got dagger and a big bow the mob will spawn at night in a abandoned house it will attack you with a dagger if you are close or if you are kinda far he w...
  • 0 votes

    (Java Parity) Dolphins New To Play With Items On Bedrock

    In the Update Aquatic, Dolphins were given the ability to play with the items given to them in the water. However, this ability only made it to Minecraft: Java Edition and the Legacy Console versio...
  • 8 votes

    Fennec foxes

    Well, we’re getting foxes, right? Red and arctic ones? But what about fennec foxes? That’s a whole new story. Fennec foxes are the smallest foxes ever, so they should be way smaller than red and ar...
  • 4 votes

    Sunfish Addition

    I’m aware that Mojang added over 2000 types of fish into Minecraft but I would like to see a creature that is abnormal. I give you the Sunfish:   Sunfish Health: Unknown Info: The Sunfish is a gian...
  • 1 vote


    A monster that does not do any damage and is just a friendly pink ball of fur
  • 5 votes


    In my opinion in mountain or extreme hills biomes to less animals, so I got the idea to add a new one: the chamois. The chamois would be a neutral mob climbing around at cliffs (it should jump two ...
  • 5 votes


    a flying animal that if you kill it you get a egg and you hatch that egg wyverns are rideable and once u hatch it it’s yours  
  • 2 votes


    As I played Minecraft for the past 5 years, I noticed that not a lot of people care about the desert biome. For me, I think that the desert just needs more mobs to gain popularity, and maybe they c...
  • 1 vote

    Nethermor! the idea of a new mob

    anthropomorphic crows inhabiting the nether. description: mob growth as enderman two-layer texture: the first layer is the body; space instead of head; the second layer is a skull with empty eye s...
  • 4 votes


    Rhinos should be new mobs that spawn in the savannah biome. They drop 1-2 horns (baby drops nothing like all baby mobs) which can be used to make a scythe. They are like neutral, like polar bears. ...
  • 3 votes

    Desert crabs

    Crabs would spawn in desserts and will only attack the player if the player attacks them. Crabs have a greedy sense similar to foxes and will steal your valuables, also crabs will attack zombies, ...
  • 0 votes

    phantoms need a prey to feed on

    The phantom need a prey to kill and feed  and  because the phantom in my opinion is not a great mob so i came up with an idea that can  help it do better. This mob needs something that can benefit ...
  • 0 votes

    Additional Endgame Content

    There aren't very many interesting mob encounters. The only cool one I've seen is the four skeleton horsemen which is extremely rare but if you have diamond gear they are not much of a challenge to...