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  • 762 votes

    Mob spawning needs to be more balanced on Minecraft

    Here are some of the community comments and observations made regarding mob spawning in Minecraft.  A balanced mob spawning system is needed with consistent spawning rules. This would mean that dur...
  • 367 votes

    (Updated) About the Mobs, Animals, and non-Humanoids Area

    If it moves in Minecraft we probably are collecting feedback about it here. One suggestion per post, please. (For example posts about Dogs = good vs posts about Dogs AND Cats at the same time = no...
  • 2 votes

    Deers in Minecraft

    Deers are cool and it would give me and my dad a good hunting trip and it could get people to use the bow and crossbow more often
  • 1 vote

    Skeletons Playing Dead

    Skeletons, when idle for a long time, should fall onto the ground like corpses. When a player gets too close they will rise from the ground and return to their regular routine.
  • 1 vote


    Ok so me and my friend where trying to mine underwater but sends the drowned zombie came out we can’t and it’s not fun anymore so could you do me a favor and take them out?
  • 1 vote


    Orcs are mobs that specifically spawn in Strongholds, as I feel like there's not enough of a challenge to get into the End. Strongholds should be a bit bigger, more like Nether fortresses in the Ne...
  • 2 votes


    Lindworms would be the second tile entity based mob in Minecraft-the first being the shulker. the lindworms would come out of lava pools and spawn in the end. they can cause slowness and poison eff...
  • 1 vote

    Pigs dropping leather

    As you probably know pigs are an animal that not worth breeding, its cost you carrots potatoes or beetroots which can be expansive if you didn't find a village.But the main problem is the cow, a mu...
  • 9 votes

    Spiders eyes change color depending on their hostility

    Spiders currently always have glowing red eyes. However, spiders aren't always hostile, as they are neutral to the player when in a light level of 12 or higher. In other words, if they're in a brig...
  • 12 votes

    Phantom size is tied to phases of the moon

    There is already a size modifier for phantoms - let's make use of it!
  • 2 votes

    (Nether, Hostile) Fire Cat Mob

    I have an idea for a new nether hostile mob that is a fire cat type of mob the mob could attack by jumping at the player and biting the player setting the player on fire.
  • 3 votes

    Dinnerbone Turtles

    I feel like it would be cool if there was a feature where turtles either somehow fall on their back or a turtle with a name that flips it upside down has a struggle animation or something of that n...
  • 1 vote

    A mob that only spawns twice naturally

    It does not need to be real, but it would be nice to have mobs that only spawn twice, they could be breeded obviously, but maybe the original 2 could be special in a way, maybe give you a buff when...
  • 3 votes

    Let players steal Wandering Trader Llamas

    I heard that in the latest update (1.14.1 Java), wandering trader llamas despawn with the trader, even if you lead them away/steal them. I don't like this at all. In fact, I don't think I've dislik...
  • 0 votes

    Zombies can break down iron doors.

    Zombies, and drowned can break down iron doors in hard mode. Can you remove this please? I don't know if this is a bug or not. I have only seen it happen in the nintendo switch version.
  • 2 votes

    Ride able Turtles with unique Saddle

    How has no one thought of deep sea transport before me I don't know, but a turtle that rides like a pig by using a saddle and a kelp stick sounds very interesting to me!
  • 2 votes

    Not Aquatic Villagers

    So I can't say this is the best idea, but i was working on a build, and wanted to use a form of villager type, but not a villager. Just a different race altogether. Similar to those of the Zora fro...
  • 3 votes


    In real life dogs and cats have litters. So it would be fun if dogs and cats had litters in Minecraft. Litter size Cats= 3-6 kittens Dogs= 4-12 puppies    Farm animals should be able to have twins....
  • 2 votes

    Breedable wolves 🐺

    If you were able to breed two untamed wolves
  • 5 votes

    Neutral ravagers in Savannah biomes

    It would be cool if there were wild, neutral non-tamable ravagers in Savannah biomes. they would represent populations of ravagers that were never domesticated by pillagers. their texture would be ...
  • 2 votes

    The Flourish: Antithesis of the Wither

    Does anyone remember the Friendly Wither from Java Edition 2.0? No? Well here's a picture of her to jog your memory. Remember now? Good, let's continue.  The Friendly Wither (Now called the Flouris...
  • 2 votes

    Mahi Mahi

    Mahi Mahi are new fish mobs that should be added to the regular Oceans and Deep Oceans to differentiate them from the other oceans (along with kelp patties and kelp forests). Mahi Mahi would be t...
  • 2 votes

    Iron golem aggression needs to be more balanced

    After spending days trading in a village without any problems, I accidentally hit a villager with an egg while right clicking to try to trade. As a result, all of the village's iron golems swarmed ...
  • 0 votes

    Ice Ender Creeper

    Ice Ender Creepers are hostile mobs in Minecraft: Story Mode. They are a hybrid of Endermen and Creeper. They spawn at snow biomes like polar bears like endermen they will only attack when you look...
  • 1 vote

    New Mini Boss Idea: The Nether King

    The Nether king would be found in bigger nether fortresses and would be a blaze variant (only found and killed once per nether fortress. He would be a boss that does blaze like things except to a n...
  • 0 votes


    add a Enderking in minecraft if you thought the Enderdragon was the king of the end your wrong the Enderking is the king of the end now he spawns as a boss when you defeat the Enderdragon he is rea...
  • 1 vote

    (Nether Boss) Lilith with it's own biome (Wither Cave).

    Nether really lacks mobs and specially a boss (the wither doesn't count), I think Lilith should be added. You could make her throw black particles at you that would give you the wither effect. Anot...
  • 0 votes

    Ravager's should sink like Iron Golems

    Ravagers seem to be creatures either made out of heavy materials by Pillagers or a heavily armoured creature that they use for raids. Shouldn't this weight mean they sink underwater the same way ir...
  • 0 votes

    Man made lakes, rivers or ocean will spawn fish

    I tried making a lake or river or whatever you wanna call it, basically a large body of water in hopes that Fish would spawn in it but it didn’t work because it can’t be a man made lake, it has to ...
  • 2 votes

    Llamas should be able to carry more tools than just Chests

    Having Llamas able to carry chests for transporting items is cool, but what if you could have a Llama carry a Crafting Table? Or your Furnace?  With the new Village and Pillage update a lot of new ...