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Realms Render Distance [Bedrock]

under review


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    Genosis1979 commented

    I recently subscribed to the 10 person realm so my wife and our two children old enough to play can all play together cross-platform. After realizing we cannot see each other's houses from a distance, it feels very claustrophobic compared to standard view distances. My PC renders 80 chunks, so the difference is very jarring. I find myself putting the game down more often being frustrated with this limitation, or worse: downloading the realm to play locally when I play by myself, then uploading when my wife or one of the kids load up the Nintendo Switch to log on to the realm so we can play together.

    If it is not feasible to offer higher view distances of a standard realm server, a higher performance server for a premium subscription would be considered. (Don't be greedy here, despite "working as intended", it "feels" broken with the distance being so short.) 

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    kaiserkiwi commented

    It's so frustrating. On Xbox the Maximum Setting is 22 Chunks (even on One X, but that's another story) but the Reals are just 10 or 12 chunks. If I play my world local I can easily see a whole NPC village out of the window of my house. On a Realm I can't even see the other end of a village, if I stand on one side. This is just hilarious for 4€ a month.

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    Prommy76 commented

    Its horrible.  As an alternative i have set up an own server, BUT we can't join them with our XBOX ONE!!!!   Please change the view-distance!  we even can't see own buildings completly!!   Minimum chunks should be 22!    Thanks a lot. 

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    Warrelium commented

    My realm is only simulating in a 4 chunk radius and this is really unacceptable for $7 a month. This is the only option I have for an always available server to play with my family that has Nintendo Switches and you need to provide a better service or I will not renew the realms subscription. It takes 1 session for us to out-build the simulation radius on a fresh world.

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    Hokie716 commented

    I will be canceling my realm until the render distance is a minimum of 40 to 50 chunks. the whole immersions is gone from it being so small.

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    Jonielle commented

    I play on Xbox one x and I would love better render distance and such. I wish I could choose in options to exclude low end devices from realms. 

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    Brutaldlux commented

    Exploring The End with the limited render distance is almost impossible. It's like wearing a pumkin!

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    DCDoerek commented

    It's just sad. Everytime I go back to local Play,I wanna stay there just for the View. but then I remember the other 7 Player on my 10 player realm. 

    Btw. with the 1.10 Update the performance got even worse, on XBOX-ONE X. 


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    Magefulrage commented

    I dropped my realm because of this as well. I can play on my Xbox with Max render distance no problem. Not interested in having (1) farms not working if they're not right next to me and (2) transportation systems completely unusable over relatively short distances. Not worth it for me because of this.

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    Epicbuttercat commented

    if the render distance would increase then realms would be amazing in my and other worlds but now i cannot see stuff that makes my places special from one place or anywhere like it would be there such as in my world it has a lake and not seing the lights across at the other houses is just really sad :c

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    GoGoSago commented

    I agree fully with this. Me and my friends switched from Java to Bedrock realms. We are generally happy with the switch, but the downgrade in render distance hits hard. I'd gladly pay double or triple for a greater render distance and other world options.

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    babykoala7168 commented

    Yeah, render distance is horrible... I build on a relatively large scale and it just kills the experience...

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    ShutterSondra commented

    So sad... Not being able to see everything you’ve built ruins the experience and makes spending the money for a realm feel like a waste. Hope they fix they render distance... until then, I’ll play with my friends, for free, in a local world.

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    Armageddon97 commented

    I'm ignorant as to how Realms is implemented, but idk why I can get a render distance of 80 chunks locally when my friend boots up the game and I join him but I can't change my personal render distance in a realm. Either way, for something they expect you to pay $84 a year for 10 chunks is abysmal. It's lower than the absolute minimum render distance it normally lets you select. You can't see what's right in front of your face. If the amount of people is a problem i'm sure they could dynamically scale the render distance based on the amount of people in a server at a given time, at the very least.

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    kaiserkiwi commented

    I sadly still see no improvements on this. 

    I recently renewed my Realm after I played a while locally. It's absurd how low the distance is. Especially if I play on my Notebook where I can easily increase it to 60 Chunks without any restriction. 

    I'm at a point were I would double the money I pay for the realm if I could get at least doubled viewing distance. I can't even see my whole city at this point.

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    elusivelint commented

    I would really like to see the draw distance improve on realms, I too download the current realm and play it straight off the Xbox one x and then replace it back on the realm when my kids want to play.

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    DriftrBoy7 commented

    The render distance on a realm is absurdly horrible! And in a local world I can see my entire damn world! Mojang fix your sh** glad I only pay 7.99 so my girlfriend and her 16 yr old brother and I can play together without issues and whenever she wants to hop on.

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    Please give players the choice of what they want their render distance to be. Some machines may only be able to handle up to 10, that's fine, they'll stay at 10. But those of us with beefier machines can handle the max so let us use it

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    GWelshNinja commented

    This realms render distance issue is a joke. I'm cancelling until it's at least bumped up to the 22 chunks the vanilla game already permits. Waste of money otherwise.

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    ztc0611 commented

    This is the only reason I don't have a bedrock realm. $8 a month for something with a 10 chunk view distance is an absolute travesty. When you're paying $96 a year (maybe even more if you have Xbox Live) to not even get 16 chunks, it's absolutely insane. 32 chunks should be the standard when this version of minecraft can easily pull 64 on many hardware configurations

    None of this would matter if you allowed ip connection on all platforms, but if you are gonna charge us like crazy for easy cross platform play, at least make it worth our while.

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    ClevererSnow9 commented

    This is seriously a problem for my friend and myself. We are working on a project which is very large. The low render distance means we can only see small sections at a time. This is very unfortunate because it makes viewing our project on a whole useless as you can only see 10 chunks ahead. This is especially annoying when you create a personal world and the render distance doubles. Please this needs to be fixed. Nothings changed since this post was made. Something has to be done!

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    GoatRenterGuy commented

    One of the best parts of Minecraft is building really big and cool structures, however this fundamental attribute of Minecraft is completely ruined by the 10 chunk render distance on realms. You can step back and have a look at your building because it’s just gray from the render distance being so short. And for paying $9 a month the render distance and lag is unacceptable. With Microsoft having Such a large stake in the cloud computing industry there is no excuse for this poor performance.

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    I will also cancel my subscription due to the very low render distance.

    Going to run my own server XD

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    It's a problem when I'm fighting the ender dragon, trying to shoot the beacons, but the cage around the beacon isn't rendering, leaving me puzzled until I get super close.
    Please fix this :(

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    D33kus commented

    This. Exploring feels very claustrophobic after playing single player at 80. Even a small increase to 16-20 would be nice.

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    DaveWhitch commented

    Please add no fix this. I refuse to believe these low settings are intentional. I mean even at 4 chunks rander distance on the same I can see further than I can when I play the map on a paid server. thats just insanity. Our town feels like Silent Hill. It's The Happenening in there! This also has other side effects like furnaces not burning items unless you are in the same chunk as them. mobs alive in the day time because they spawned at night but didn't burn during the day since no one was close enough to them to cause the chunk to load, etc

    I downloaded the official dedicated bedrock server program to host the world on my spare PC and it runs 100x better. Feels like Minecraft working as intended where the realm just feels broken. I'll have to use it instead but since you can't add a private server by ip on console all our xbox and switch players are locked out so if I want cross play support for a dedicated server I'm forced to pay for a broken version of the server and hinder everyone else experience, which I refuse to do. At 8 bucks a month I dont expect perfect but this is below sub par. Far below, and frankly doesn't deserve my money. Even if it did do one major thing right. Cross play. 


    TR:DL - Call me when you up the render distance to at least 8 chunks and I'll gladly pay for this service. Til then you're loosing customers here. A lot of them judging the number of google results I got on this topic

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    kpietsch70 commented

    I agree to this! 4 Chunks are a joke. If you buy something with redstone what is a little bit bigger it doesn't work anymore because the chunks are not loaded.

    I don't think unrealistic and know 50 chunks (800 blocks) are way too much and a normal player doesn't need this but a small improvement like 8 or 10 Chunks should do it for the most players.

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    Elandro Kaio commented

    Muito bem eu so o elandro

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    StasonJ commented

    I agree completely with what you're saying. It's just ridiculous coming from worlds that load much higher in chunks in single player. It's a shame that even paying the monthly fee doesn't give us access to a truly premium experience. I think Mojang and their team really needs to update this and give us more render distance! My worlds looks so beautiful in creative single player, but once I go on the realm, it's extremely confined. Like others have said, it's like wearing a pumpkin on your head. I can't see far at all. I know this could be better, and I hope it does.

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    CtrlAltDic commented

    I switched to Realms with my kids, and a month or so later, all of our complex farms and transports for items that we have worked on for a year now suddenly stopped working correctly. Hoppers 64 blocks away stopped hopping items (you can see the storage below and can see where the items stop), so all sorters stopped. All farms stopped until we are right on top of them. What is the point of such a complex game if the complexity is removed due to the 4 chunk limitation??? That is WAY to small.... Well,... we all stopped playing since we thought it was bug or update that caused the problem... It was quite the heartache... I didn't want to give up, so today i dug for hours until i realized WHY we are having this issue. I will be canceling my Realms subscription today unfortunately, and will blog about this with the hopes that it helps others understand why their worlds are broken in Realms. If you decide to increase the render distances, please let us know and we will happily resubscribe. Our world is at now risk living on a console with the Live Sync and we almost lost it once already due to sync issues...... ugh. What a letdown....