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    Genosis1979 commented

    I recently subscribed to the 10 person realm so my wife and our two children old enough to play can all play together cross-platform. After realizing we cannot see each other's houses from a distance, it feels very claustrophobic compared to standard view distances. My PC renders 80 chunks, so the difference is very jarring. I find myself putting the game down more often being frustrated with this limitation, or worse: downloading the realm to play locally when I play by myself, then uploading when my wife or one of the kids load up the Nintendo Switch to log on to the realm so we can play together.

    If it is not feasible to offer higher view distances of a standard realm server, a higher performance server for a premium subscription would be considered. (Don't be greedy here, despite "working as intended", it "feels" broken with the distance being so short.) 

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    kaiserkiwi commented

    It's so frustrating. On Xbox the Maximum Setting is 22 Chunks (even on One X, but that's another story) but the Reals are just 10 or 12 chunks. If I play my world local I can easily see a whole NPC village out of the window of my house. On a Realm I can't even see the other end of a village, if I stand on one side. This is just hilarious for 4€ a month.

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    Prommy76 commented

    Its horrible.  As an alternative i have set up an own server, BUT we can't join them with our XBOX ONE!!!!   Please change the view-distance!  we even can't see own buildings completly!!   Minimum chunks should be 22!    Thanks a lot. 

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    Warrelium commented

    My realm is only simulating in a 4 chunk radius and this is really unacceptable for $7 a month. This is the only option I have for an always available server to play with my family that has Nintendo Switches and you need to provide a better service or I will not renew the realms subscription. It takes 1 session for us to out-build the simulation radius on a fresh world.

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    Hokie716 commented

    I will be canceling my realm until the render distance is a minimum of 40 to 50 chunks. the whole immersions is gone from it being so small.

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