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(July 2018) Featured Topic: The Swamp


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    Here are some of the ideas we have currently elsewhere on the feedback site regarding swamps. If you don’t have any ideas right now, these might inspire you. 



    Graphics, effects, ambiance


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    Nox cgt commented

    Rust Sludge would be a new block that generates on the edges of ponds in Swamp biomes. This block would appear as an orange-colored Slime Block which slows the player's movement and could be smelted into Iron Nuggets.

    Or another option is to simply have Iron Ore blocks generate in small, infrequent clusters under the water; this would give another explanation for the Swamp's murky, brown water besides "it's just dirty water."

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    I agree on the crocs and think they should drop a kind of like skin you can craft into armour. I think there should be a special hostile mob that only spawns in swamps like a swamp monster that's covered in mud and is a variant of the zombie. It could drop mud balls (which can be thrown at others and mobs to give them blindness), and rotten flesh. I think mud balls could be crafted into a mud block which will cause you to sink when you stand on them. Crocs should drop meat. I think when you scoop swamp water into a bucket and you don't let the water go it turns to mud balls.

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    I think more life in the biome would be great!  Fish/Crustacean I associate with the Swamp are Trout, Bass, Carp, Bluegill, Catfish, Sunfish, Crawdads, and Eel.

    Kudos to the person who started the Alligator/Frogs/Heron thread.  That is exactly the #1 reptile, #1 amphibian, and #1 bird I think of when someone says "Swamp".  I also think of snakes, but those could also exist in forest biomes.

    As for the #1 mammal, I think of Beavers which would be a very cool addition to Minecraft.  An animal that gnaws at trees and builds damns.  However, that may be asking for a LOT out of a Minecraft entity.  Perhaps a muskrat would be better?  Or maybe even a Platypus!  That would be cool to see!  They lay eggs too ;)

    Speaking of eggs, a Turtle variant that spawns in swamps would be cool.  Like a Painted Turtle. 

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    Dead swamps would be a great rare biome.  There are a couple in my area that are spooky.  Nothing but dead trees in a pond of sludge.  Those are the creepiest swamps. 

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    Will-o-wisps would be an amazing feature to add.  This legendary "creature" is a known natural occurrence in swamps that has been documented. 

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    ChiliFrog149 commented

    In the swamps you guys should add a poisonous flower. This flower could give you poison when you eat it or to make it even more dangerous, it can poison you when you touch it. I think this flower should be deceptive. It should look really pretty but be extremely poisonous. Here are some flowers that are poisonous to ingest: The Lily of the valley could be a unique addition to minecraft.

    Another flower option is an aconitum. This flower was actually used to make poisoned arrows. So why not have it like that in Minecraft to?

    This last flower is actually poisonous to touch and ingest. It would add extra danger to the swamps biome. It's called a clematis. It 's extremely pretty and poisonous.

    These are just some of the flowers that I would love to see in minecraft.

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    Finding Mud in the swamp would be a cool idea! Or just creating it with coarse dirt, gravel and water bucket?? 

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    Nova, you mention the black poplar from my wood thread, but the bald cypress from the light gray list is another option for the swamp. =3


    I love those tall purple flowers.  They could be a two-tall flower that yields purple dye since no flower gives purple dye.

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    RorieDaWolf commented

    I really like the fog and Swamp animal ideas. They would really add something to the swamps that just isn't there. I have been playing for some time and I think swamps should be more interesting. I also think that you should be able to take and ride the alligators!

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    averycraft99 commented

    There could be a new tiny mob called the fly and it could attack for 1-1/2 damage. It could also fly sort of fast and make a buzzing sound when near by. Also it could drop 1 Xp point on death. It could spawn in the swamp biome. Also if you land on it you could squash it and it could make a squished  sound. I think it would make the swamp biome more interesting for the user.

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    Samuel Novak commented

    More elaborate swamp features

    Like many of the other biomes, the swamp should have it's own kind of item or blocks that exclusively spawn in it. Just like haw many biomes spawn a certain kind of tree, like the dark oak forest has dark oak, and how the jungle has jungle wood, the swamp should also have a respective wood type, like possibly, "Swamp wood". This wood could sorta have a dark bark with a kind of a murky dark green in it, also the leaves would be similar to it.

    Another feature could include mobs that are also exclusive to the swamp. Again, how other biomes have their own mobs- like strays, polar bears, husks, etc.- the swamp should also have a special mob. For example, their could be a mob- the "Lurker"- that stays near water a wanders slowly, even though it prefers the water because going on land in daylight would mean that it would catch fire, it can go on land other wise. This would also be an "undead" monster.

    What I think would be better for the swamp is if it had more blocks and mobs that really make the swamp special. Basically it should just be more elaborate, like some of the other biomes.

    A more simpler idea is that there should be different variants of the swamp, like possibly " swampy forest", you get the idea. 


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    i like it 

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    I think there should be crows in swamps that drop crow feathers and meat.

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    There should be a rare swamp dragon that spawns in as a boss battle!!! And when you defeat it, a swamp dragon egg appears and you can hatch it, tame it, then ride it!!! And if you left clicked while riding it, it would shoot a ball that creates a bunch of swamp monsters. Swap monsters were mentioned by Preston Bar*** at the top of the page.

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    Dmanboos1941 commented

    We need biome specific grass blocks that can be gathered with silk touch. EX- swamp grass, plains grass, jungle grass, etc. Also we need to be able to get different types of water like swamp water, ocean water, or regular water from rivers, streams, and lakes

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    Samuel Novak commented

    +Dmanboos1941 What would be the use of different types of water, would it have a specific look regardless of the biome? Would they give potion effects effects? The concept might be cool but it wouldn't really have much of a use. The water is a good start, but the idea might need a little more work.

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    Captain Kcaz commented

    They should add ogres to minecraft, ogres spawn in swamps and are mostly neutral. Similar to the zombie pigmen and the dolphin, if you attack one ogre, the rest of the ogres nearby will also attack you. The Ogres however are always hostile during the night or an eclipse, so stay away from swamps at night time. The Ogres also have massive knockback to their attacks and will raise their arms similarly to an iron golem and knock you back about 10 blocks away from them. When killed the Ogre will sometimes drop emeralds or chain mail armor.

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    Captain Kcaz commented

    In the swamp, I think the sky should be greener and darker, to add to the disgusting feeling of swamps.

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    Here are some ideas for swamps

    Cranes: Cranes would be an animal (it is an actual animal) that would live in small groups and would be about 2 blocks tall. They will drop some feathers when killed. They will be partially in 1 block high water but they can go on land. There will be a baby which will just float in the water and unlike most mobs, it will just stay flat on the surface when swimming instead of bobbing up and down constantly.

    Crocodiles/Alligators: They will be a little less than 1 block tall, and will be 3-5 blocks long, depending on age (babies will be 3 and adults will be 5). The babies will be neutral, and the adults will be hostile when a player is in range. They will sometimes attack by staying still and waiting for its victim to enter the water. They will occasionally come on land for a while.

    Flowered Lilypads: When placing lilypads, there will be a 70% chance of it to spawn with a small flower on it. When destroyed, it will drop the lilypad and a lotus flower. The flower can then be placed on other lilypads.

    Expanded Swamps: Bodies of water in swamps aren't really big. They should be expanded to have a large radius of a bout 60, if not, more.

    Mangrove Trees: A new type of wood which exclusively grows in the swamps. It's bark will be like acacia but more light gray-ish. The planks will be something between jungle and acacia. It will obviously come in stairs, slabs, fences, doors, striped wood, etc. They will mostly generate partially submerged by the swamp water, and will be mostly 2x2, though it can come in 1 block forms too.

    Sea Otters: They will be cute little animals that will come in groups, mostly swimming by the surface. They will play with floating items just like dolphins, but when a player comes within a radius of lets say, 10 blocks, they will swim away like in real life. They can come on land but they prefer staying in the water.

    I made a post about this, so vote it and comment about it for more ideas.

    (link to duplicate post removed, if the ideas are here they don't need a new thread ~nb)

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    I think there should be special ores in swamps. e.g. Murkite ;). It could be found in y=12 to y=9. It could be used for weapons, tools, and armour. It could have a special enchantment (you can name that one) that make the Murkite sword do extra damage to swamp mobs. And a full set of Murkite armour would make it easier to see through the fog.

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    If torches will give off light in hand in the future, and possibly in the hands of mobs, it would be cool mixing this with the idea of fog in swamps.  The swamp could have zombies that spawn carrying light-giving torches to lure the player towards them.

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    Drowned should spawn more frequently in swamps.

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    I think the swamps could use a loot chest for the witch’s huts. Instead of just having a cauldron, a cake, a brewing stand, and a crafting table, we could also have a chest. Also, swamps could have fallen witch’s huts which would be rare and they too could have a loot chest. Each would have the same loot table.

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    StarKittychu commented

    Oh! I have more!

    • Bushes with flowers
    • Cranes ( bird)
    • frog
    • toad
    • Tadpoles
    • Beavers
    • Snakes (live on the shores of the swamp)
    • Dragonflies
    • Muskrats
    • Ducks (In rivers and lakes too)

    :) These should be added, too!

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    StarKittychu commented

    Oh! Otters?

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    StarKittychu commented

    And mud blocks?

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    mercy langley commented

    What about birds like storks, egrits, and owls? They all live in the swamp

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    DroiidKJ 84 commented

    These are some ideas that occurred to me in relation to the swamps and other ideas in this thread that I liked.(crocodiles,fog,lily flower)
    *New Biomes:Wetlands and Mangrove Swamps.
    *New mobs:Fireflies,Ducks and Crocodiles.
    *New Blocks:,Mud,Mangrove Log,Mangrove Leaves,Magrove Planks and variant(stair,slab,fence,etc), Mangrove Sapling ,Bulrush Plant and Lily Pad Flower.
    *New Items:Mud Ball, Crocodile Scales, Raw duck, Projectile Resistance Potion.
    *Swamp fog.
    *New music for the swamp.

    -Ducks can float in the water and they can also fly!
    -Fireflies appear in swamps at night and can drop 0-1 glowstone.
    -Cocodriles crawl on the ground, swim in the swampy waters and can give you a strong bite.
    -Mud balls can be thrown like snowballs, but these will obstruct the player's visibility for a few seconds.
    -Wetlands will spawn even more slimes.
    -Mangrove trees are generated in Mangrove Swamps,wasn't obvious?
    -The projectile resistance potion reduces much of the damage received from arrows or tridents, but doesn't cancel the knockback.
    -Crocodile scales is necessary to elaborate the Projectile Resistance Potion.
    -Lily pad flower is generated in all types of swamps except in mangrove swamps.

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    I like the Jack o' Lantern idea, and the frogs and herons.

    Perhaps there could also be firefly particles at night? Maybe they could appear in most biomes at different moon phases or something, but always appear in swamps. This wouldn't really serve much of a practical purpose, but rather, be more of a nice atmospheric detail.