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(July 2018) Featured Topic: The Swamp


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    RTR1243 commented

    My idea is a bog monster. It has a rare chance to spawn in the swamp biome. When it attacks you you get blindness for 10 seconds. It's drops sticks ,vines ,and lily pads. It's rare drop would be swamp ruin map (i'll go into that in another comment. It's texture would be like a player skin with the wood texture but overgrown with vines and rotted because it's sat in the swamp most of it's life. Next comment swamp ruins.

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    millerfamMV commented

    One word: BIRDS! Lots more birds.

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    Nhguav55 commented

    I would want to change oak trees into Willow Trees, having a dark gray bark with a grayish-brown plank color. And instead of dropping apples, it drops Medicinal leaves that could be eaten for a small amount of regeneration.

    The medicinal leaves could be brewed into Potion of Anti-Venom that gives you the effect of Venom Resistance, which will protect you from poison and/or Wither for an amount of time.

    It could also be used into Willow armor that provides the same armor as leather armor, but when all 4 armor pieces are fully equipped, gives Venom Resistance.


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    RTR1243 commented

    Ok so yesterday I commented about a bog monster ,and I said that it's rare drop would be a swamp ruin map. This would help you find a swamp ruin because you could find without it but it's harder. A swamp ruin would be like a dungeon. It would contain traps like from a jungle temple and mob spawners from strongholds. It would be made of lots of mossy stone and mossy cobblestone bog monsters would have a better chance to spawn ,but it can not drop a swamp ruin map if it spawns in the swamp ruins the loot of the ruin would be emeralds ,diamonds ,and maybe swamp crystal. I think the swamp crystal would be the only thing I don't think will make it if you even think about adding this. The swamp crystal would give you immunity to bog monsters ,witches ,and slimes. It would also give you infinite regeneration (witch) ,jump boost (slimes) ,and any mob that hits you will get poison. The swamp crystal only works in the swamp. Well I'm done finally. I don't know what i'll post next maybe willow trees.

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    New MOB: Bigfoot.
    New Status: Bad Smell (Unable to eat FOOD or drink POTION within area of effect)
    New Crafting Item: Big Foot Hair (Maybe used in potions? armor?)
    New Block Covering: Bigfoot Tracks (Like Right-clicking with a Shovel or and Axe: Leaves tracks on various ground types)

    Bigfoot does NOT like Endermen.
    Bigfoot sometimes spawns with a Black Panther (cat variant) as a pet.

    Bigfoot is not hostile unless it has Baby Bigfoot. or unless attacked.
    Bigfoot has random trades.

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    vasile9999 commented

    What ‘bout vampires.

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    vasile9999 commented

    Will-o’the wisp should be a neutral undead mob which would spawn at night and attack players that destroy lanterns,which would spawn in swamps and be picked up.they will light up your way if held in the offhand or mainhand.Abandoned shacks will also generate.They would look like witch huts,but missing cauldrons,a bit bigger and with vines and cobwebs all over them.There would also be 2-5 spiders with invisibility or strength two.The wisp will follow players that hold jack o’ lanterns.if a player leads a wisp to an abandoned house and kills the spiders,cobwebs and vines,the wisp rewards the player a lantern(they have durrability)



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    BareTuna commented

    I like Samuel Novak’s Idea of a new wood type for the swamp.

    (Here’s the quote)

    Like many of the other biomes, the swamp should have it's own kind of item or blocks that exclusively spawn in it. Just like haw many biomes spawn a certain kind of tree, like the dark oak forest has dark oak, and how the jungle has jungle wood, the swamp should also have a respective wood type, like possibly, "Swamp wood". This wood could sorta have a dark bark with a kind of a murky dark green in it, also the leaves would be similar to it.

    In addition to this, it would be cool to see the swamp have petrified logs with the same texture as Novak’s idea of the “Swamp wood”. I think it would fit in well, and make sense mainly because as of the unexplained appearance of the “Petrified Wood” (old type of oak slab that acted as a stone slab) on the Java version. This idea would make sense for newer players who don’t understand why petrified wood is a thing in the game, and make petrified wood obtainable.

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    TonyMillerLee commented

    I remember seeing the impossible spawning requirement of Giant mob; maybe give it a twist and make it spawns in swamp with certain condition along with that dark muddy swamp water? It could also be designed into a biome-based boss like elder guardian or mini boss like evoker. 

    I feel like it should have loots that’s treasure-enchantment related. Anybody wants an area-mining enchantment? When you dig a block, the blocks around it will break, too. The chain of thought was from “giant’s pickaxe” when I played Twilight Forrest Mod and the enchantment from Tofu Craft Mod. 

    To make it balanced, it can be exclusive from efficiency enchantment. An area digging vs. fast digging sort of thing?

    same as shovel, too. 

    Maybe it will directly drop enchanted books? Has a pool of its own drops, maybe?