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    MacchuPicchu96 commented

    Sounds really hard to implement with not a lot of benefit tbh. Not a great idea.

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    Kiawa commented

    they should also crash along shores too

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    Trigonaut001 commented

    The wave could be an entity, rather than a block, similar to how a shulker behaves like a block with a dynamic hitbox. I think this would be a great addition. Realistically, the kind of waves which crash on shores aren't noticeable in deep water, so they should spawn near coasts rather than out at sea.

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    DestroyerltRBLX commented

    Waves do sound like a great feature to add, but can you give us a reason why to add it?

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    frawddigger commented

    I like this idea. I have recently built some large ships and would like to have waves around them rather than a calm surface.

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    freddygameryt70 commented

    If this get's added Mumbo will be making some CRAZY farms!

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    Calvin Pittman commented

    I would love to see that and just a thought randomly stuff can brought in by the waves ( Nautilus shell, Trident, sea grass, etc.) That would be a good addition to Minecraft.

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    MoreorLessio commented

    Then you could grab a boat and make a like surf board thing!

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    Honkitha commented

    If a mod can do this, then just download the mods

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    Shyhitmanwolf commented

    I love dangerous situations in game, maybe during a storm at sea the water tries to pull you under, just to add more caution about these things that get boring sometimes

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    Krystian laubach commented

    i think that this idea is really cool, and that it could be added since we've just had the aquatic update, except that the update is already out, and it would kinda be too late

    and also, it would probably need a TON of coding from the MC team

    but anyway, nice idea!

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    Christopher Poet commented

    Honestly, i feel like this would be nice but not really doing anything significant to the game. And considering how minecraft works, not practical. Going to have to say this one is not a great idea mate. Sorry. 

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    SliminoDomino commented

    There are Low waves look at the boats at the Sea they are moving up and down.

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