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Ambient sounds (was: More ambiant sounds)

under review


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    Il me semble avoir lu quelque part que le jeu n'a pas moyen de savoir quand tu es dans une caverne, rendant la troisième idée impossible...ai-je tort?

    Les sons de vent, par contre, ça, ça me dit bien

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    aypiman commented

    The blocks in the caves are different they are "minecraft:cave air". Sorry for my english.

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    Vladu11 commented

    This needs to be added! Great idea!

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    MrS4nsN0m commented

    Best update theme ever !!! Add this Mojang pls

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    Gaellyx commented

    Add ambient sound will allow an incredible immersion in the adventure Minecraft, it will be a very good update.I hope they will add it

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    agrastiOs commented

    Yes! Please port the cave noises from Java edition to Minecraft Bedrock.

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    MarbleRain26 commented

    maybe a special block could be used to make some of the ambient sounds (like birds chirping, wave sounds or waterfall sounds) as an alternative if the full idea isn't able to be implemented.

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    KeaneDaddy commented

    Waterfall sounds too!!

    They were unused after all

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    KingPopcornYT commented

    maybe each biome gets there own sounds, for example jungle biome has all kind of different birds chirping and like animals sounds.

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    i think the cave sounds are super unnerving already! they definitely keep me ON MY TOES whenever i'm mining!! man, some of them are really... ...horrifying. especially when you know theres mobs nearby. 

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    Hyrum Dickson commented

    Ambient sounds would also add a lot to the experience of exploring structures!

    • Nether Fortress- More spooky sounds
    • Woodland Mansion- Eerie sounds
    • Desert/Jungle Temple- Mystic Choir Chords
    • Village- Talking ambiance
    • etc.....
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    ya bird is a good idea

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    Mc Rat commented

    Nether Ambiance

    Like vibrations / earthquakes at times, and distant Ghast cries echoing

    End Ambiance

    Endermen noises in the distance, and Shulker noises if you're near an End City. End could have a constant ominous humming background noise.

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    Fantastic idea!

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    文昭 张 commented

    The second idea could go further. While the winds blowing, trees, grasses and flowers should swing tenderly as they are in the real world, not only in forests, in order to build the atmosphere in Minecraft. Therefore, winds should blow everywhere. It’s applicable as you see what happens upon the kelp.

    Once I saw someone posted some ideas about ambient mobs, however, they are tend to be not interactive for players and no loots for them. On the other hand, I think that birds should join the game like parrots and the creatures underwater and also have thousands of colors.

    But the third idea is to make cave adventure more scary, though it isn’t mysterious as the caves should be. So it’s not required to be proposed.

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    theddylacroix commented

    Mettre les son en mode echo quand on est dans une grotte ou des grande pièce 


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    Decibone commented

    -Wave sounds when near the ocean
    -Cricket sounds in the night
    -Owl sounds

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    BancingDare commented

    It wouldn’t have to be much either but the overworld really needs an ambiance overhaul. It gets kind of Erie in the game with this silent world. Sound adds a lot of deapth, and it wouldn’t have to be anything huge, just like some light wind blowing through trees and stuff, but nothing too overpowering. Just enough to make it more inviting.

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    or like an a2 on a piano would suffice, I had to make a long, long mod for 1.13.2 to make more  ambient sounds.

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    Atomic Gaming commented

    Mojang should make at least 1 ambient sound for every biome so it could be so immersive

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    Redtopz85 commented

    More Ambience Please!

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    Cincibilis commented

    Extreme Hills:
    *light wind (under snowline)
    *bees buzz (under snowline)
    *crickets chirping (during night and just under snowline)
    *strong freezing wind (above snowline)

    *light wind (maybe?)

    *annoying mosquito sound (not too often)
    *different kind of insects flying and "chirping"
    *snake sounds
    *rustling bushes
    *savannah bird sounds (day)

    *tropical bird sounds
    *rustling bushes
    *frog sounds
    *wind blows through leaves sound
    *different kind of insects flying and "chirping"
    *annoying mosquito sound
    *waterdrop sound

    *annoying mosquito sound
    *different kind of insects flying and "chirping"
    *frog sounds
    *raven sounds (day)
    *swamp water
    *sound of a bubble rising in water

    *light wind
    *rustling grass (like an animal moved)
    *bees buzz (day)
    *crickets chirping (night)

    *rustling grass
    *wind blows through leaves sound
    *normal birds (day)
    *owl sounds (night)
    *howling wolves (night)

    Flower Forest:
    *same as forests
    *bees buzz (day)
    *crickets chirping (night)

    Cold Taiga:
    *light wind
    *owl sounds (night)

    *strong freezing wind

    If close to ocean biome:
    *Waves sound

    If close to river biome:
    *flowing water sound

    If close to water:
    *random splash sound (like a fish eating something on the surface)

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    LikaLarukuToo commented

    I genuinely don't know if this is even possible in procedurally generated areas. 


    Crashing waves & seagulls when close enough to the water. 

    Strong wind & crumbling rock when traveling high enough.

    Echoy water dripping in caves.

    Wind chimes in villages.

    Strong wind & vultures in the desert.

    Rustling leaves & birds in the forests.

    Splashing fish & rapids near rivers.

    Bubbly muffled sounds under water.

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    Pierre Chiron commented

    it would have to add more music too

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    volrix005 commented


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    LikaLarukuToo commented

    Ocean waves & seagull cries on the beach. 

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    Pierre Chiron commented

    music and stressful sounds in Stronghold

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    Wind sounds at high altitudes/specific wind sounds for different biomes

    Birdsong in the morning

    Crickets in forests at night

    Fish splashing

    Frogs and insects in swamp biomes

    Rockfall sounds in mountain biomes

    Bushes/ferns rustling in taiga (could be incorporated with foxes)

    Ice creaking in iceberg oceans and tundra biomes

    Dripping water in caves

    Frankly every biome should have a set of unique sounds. It would be nice to have some kind of indicator when you move from one biome to another.

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    PeachCona commented

    I really want them to add this, but please make it an option to turn on/off on settings. Some people might not want this and I don't want them to stop playing because of this.

    I my self would really like it. I almost never play minecraft with out a playlist I made on youtube of different biome sounds.
    I just makes such a difference to play with ambient sounds, makes the game seem more alive.

    If you never tried it, just get a video of some nature sounds, like this one "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2G8LAiHSCAs" and play around a bit in a tree biome, it makes such a difference.

    Also for caves, i use this one "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ2GanJIGbk" the dripping sounds with echo make it so much more immersive.

    I know there are some mods with this, but with every update, mods stop working, 

    I really hope they add this to the game in the next update. Regardless of how much new things they put it, the game always feels dead to me with out any ambient sounds. To me its important that the game feels alive.

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    Blast Burner commented

    Why not?