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Ambient sounds (was: More ambiant sounds)

under review


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    Bird Bay Bird commented
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    Glowing blocks like glowstone and sea lanterns could emit a constant hum like flourescent lights, though with a more "fantasy" type feel for the prior ones (redstone lamps would sound more mechanical)

    Many solid blocks placed in large quantities should randomly creak, with motion such as footsteps, nearby water, or any (theoretical) wind, prompting the sound more often. These would include planks, ice, and metal blocks, each with their own sounds. Darkness may also play into this, making dark structures feel more rundown and well-maintained homes feel more stable.

    Loose sediment-type blocks (such as sand or gravel) could play the sound of them shifting/crumbling occasionally, with unstable ceilings making a near-constant stream of these sounds. I think one of the Nether biomes do this, but it doesn't actually care about what blocks are there.

    Stationary water could make some noise too, less so than flowing water, but it still exists. If a body is large enough, a separate "ocean ambience" loop would play and there could be waves heard at the shoreline. Without sky exposure, water sounds would be more stagnant.

    I think there's a lot that can be done with making the world be represented aurally, just by taking a look at each thing and figuring out what sounds they'd make, just because of how there's always motion. This isn't even taking into account creature ambience, which would make the world feel even more alive but would have to be represented visually.

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    daklo5129 commented
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    Sounds are very important. The nether is great and I can't leave it anymore because of the great sound design. In the overworld, the only sounds I hear is that of my tinnitus, and that is the true hell.

    I really hope the developers considers this and takes inspiration from the many comments here.

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    MortalQuinsye commented
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    Also a good feature with it, would be that ambiant sound have a separate sound slider so that minecraft players that don't like the new ambiant sounds and want te revert to a more silent minecraft can just turn it lower or off.