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Ambient sounds (was: More ambiant sounds)

under review


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    Ditto. I believe that Minecraft just sounds a bit to silent ...  The birds would be a great addition, since us humans are so used to hearing them... Minecraft just doesn’t sound natural without them.

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    Im going to add to this and say that when at beaches you should be able to hear waves crashing against the sand

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    gigilagirafe2 commented

    Merci cela ma beaucoup aider.

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    Bird  chirping would be very cool

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    vinidalvino commented

    They must do it. As of it would make more intereresting and immersive experience like skyrim is.

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    Guiwy88 commented

    Maybe they should also add a wind ambiant sound in the void to make it more scarier

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    avari six commented

    @SpanCarton9158 Excellent ideas! But with biome-specific sounds, I see some difficulty implementing them. The main thing for me is that if a user mines away or completely changes the biome, the sounds should stop, or change accordingly. For instance, if you remove all the grass, trees, and plants from a forest biome to build a giant swimming pool, there should not be cricket noises heard there anymore. So I would add to your idea that these noises must check for a logical source of the sound. Crickets would be easy - just check for a grass block, say.

    Possible sources for some of the biome-specific sounds you mentioned:

    • Crickets - sourced from a grass block in a forest.
    • Insects (like cicadas) - a leaf block in swamp biome.
    • Frogs - grass block or a lily pad, next to water in swamp biomes.
    • Rockfall - stone on a slope in a mountain biome.
    • Ice creaking - large mass of ice (3x3x3) in a biome where water freezes.
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    Owen Keillor commented

    Every noise made in a cave should be more echoey.

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    CycloneDusk commented

    This feedback is basically, "MAKE THE DYNAMIC SURROUNDINGS MOD VANILLA" - and I believe this would be good for the game... if modders didn't do it better than the official devs ever would.


    WOULD, not COULD. I have no doubts as to Mojang's skill and talent. However, their TIME is so essential, I think it would be better to put it toward other areas and just let the modding community handle this one. This is a cosmetic things; it's especially good for modding. Mechanical stuff is what needs Mojang attention.

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    ZexTaseZ1 commented

    Nice Idea!!
    Please Add This Idea Mojang!!

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    skugi2017 commented

    They should also stop playing the scary cave sounds when im not in a cave XD

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    Imagine ecko in caves when you walk and dripping water aounds

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    Hc bffv

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    DeeZeeX FR commented

    Great idea we always need that soet of things to make the experience better !

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    DankyoRatokaD commented

    In caves everything should echo!

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    Sunsprint commented

    More can be done with this; lightning bugs spawning at night in forests and swamps as particles flashing in and out. (Perhaps you can catch them with a bottle to get a lightning bug light source?). Owls hooting at night, eagles/raptors screeching during the day, songbirds chirping in the early morning, crows cawing at dusk, frogs croaking through the night in swamps and whatnot, crickets making a chirping noise. Wildlife in just the form of audio could be really nice, and would add a lot of atmosphere to an otherwise dead-quiet game.

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    HazieHawk13 commented

    Can we get Ambient sounds in Bedrock Edition please?

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    DarkComet742 commented

    What if every few seconds, the game checks for 3 things

    • -Time of day
    • -Biome
    • -Surroundings (cave walls, trees, water streams)

    Then applies certain ambient noises

    A few examples include:

    The surface of a swamp during night, having crickets and frog croaking.

    The peak of a mountain during day, having ambient wind noises and occasional bird crowing.

    A large ravine, having very reverberated noises, and a few cave chimes.

    The end, having ambient bass in the background, with the occasional flicker.

    A flower forest during day, having chirping birds and swaying leaves.

    A roofed forest during night, with swaying leaves and owl calls.

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    Takashishiful commented

    Deserts could have the sounds of hawks and cicadas, forests could have birds and wind in trees like you said, swamps could have frogs, and of course there should be night time variants too.

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    jeb330 commented

    I would love to hear Birds in the back ground during the day and crickets at night. Maybe even other insect noises during the day and night. It would make the world feel more alive.

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    Ambient sounds must be produced by actual mobs. Birds!

    You see... When you walking in a real forest you hear birds singing.

    There are some mods that add those kind of sounds, but they are “fake” because they are not produced by actual mobs in the game.

    i suggest to add different kind of birds for different biomes with unique sounds. Some of them might be common for multiple biomes, but some are unique. So each biomes will sound different.

    Great example are cave bats.

    I suggest: woodpecker, cuckoo, nightingale, owl, seagull

    It will make Minecraft world more "alive"

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    That's all cool, but having a sound that reguards non-existing animals would be weird (I'm talking about birds)

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    RegnevaAvR commented

    There are 2 mods I always look for when I update to a new version of Minecraft. Shaders, and Dynamic Surroundings. Ambient changes to Minecraft make it pretty much a whole new game compared to Vanilla. Birds chirping away in forests, the echos of player's steps in caves, the sounds of a waterfall when standing next to it... it's the little things that can change so much.

    Definitely agree with this being added to the game.

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    Guilherm456 commented

    Excelent idea! It would make playing hours much more natural and smooth

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    birds chirping in the distance in the forests would be insane.

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    Mr Keitel commented

    I think more ambient and realistic sounds would make minecraft 100% times better like hearing a water fall from the distance and actual wind sounds going throught the leaves.When your in a forest it actually feels lively not quiet and desolate like it is now. For all editions this improvement can be made for bedrock and java 

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    mista bojjob commented

    I had this exact same idea today!

    perhaps to start off with they can do something simple like wind when you're outside and deep rumbles when you're in a cave

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    Sl33pDealer commented

    Cricket sounds at night would be especially cool

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    DunclubDuncan commented

    I can hear it now, and I'd love to have this at least optional. I'd absolutely use this.

    • Grass/Foliage rustling from wind in plains and trees
    • Wind howling up in the mountains and at night
    • Pebbles and dust echoing in caves
    • Souls calling and lava rumbling in the Nether
    • All the above being suppressed if not silenced in structures either generated or built by Players
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    issac garland commented

    Don't forget the wildlife ambiance as well, to help with some of the dead silence of Minecraft I think maybe little songbird noises or bugs or maybe even wind rustling through trees. Adding passive songbird and tiny bugs as mobs would also be a cool idea they wouldn't do anything in particular just add life and sound to the game (maybe the songbirds could be tamable no effects with them though, they would just look nice and sound nice)