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    Starz Munch commented

    I like this idea, it give Villager's more of a use then just trading

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    CloudierAgate05 commented

    I like the idea of Villagers giving simple quests like fetching items or exploring structures. I also have some more quest ideas:

    Priest gives you potion ingredients and you have to make it for him (requires the blaze rod Advancement)


    Cartographer gives you an empty map which you must fill for him.


    Any villager: Asks you to build an Iron Golem for the village. (Unlocked if a certain amount of villagers have died)


    Priest: Asks you to cure a Zombie Villager. 


    Butcher: Asks you to get 2 of the same animal in his pen.

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    Aban Sainz commented

    I think this has the same function as villager trades, the only difference being the villager doesn't ask you to get the items for him, therefore I don't think quests are a good idea, instead add more trades.

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    ZillionOwl9 commented

    This is an amazing idea

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    demonslayer688 commented

    I think quests could be random, walk up a village, they'll either ask you to find a specific item and trade it or go kill a mob, come back, talk to the same villager and they'll give you the item. every two times a villager restocks so do the quests so quests also have time limits.

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    UnbidRegent50 commented

    This is a very good idea. It can help entertain players who stroll into a village, and give the villagers more personality.

    Here is my idea for your quests:

    All-Profession Quests: Kill Zombie/Skeleton/Witch/Pillager/Slime, Craft Iron Golem, Loot Pillager Outpost (Map).

    Farmer's Quests: Craft Composter, Craft Hoe, Harvest Crops, Till Disturbed Farmland.

    Cleric's Quests: Enchant Item (Item, Lapis), Craft Enchanting Table, Slay 3-6 Zombies.

    Librarian's Quests: Enchant Book (Book, Lapis), Craft Lectern, Craft Bookshelf, Write Book (Book & Quill).

    Shepherd's Quests: Craft Shear, Milk 2-4 Cows, Shear 2-4 Sheep, Collect 3-6 Eggs.

    Fisherman's Quests: Craft Fishing Rod, Enchant Fishing Rod (Fishing Rod, Lapis), Collect 3-5 Cod, 2-4 Salmon, 1-2 Pufferfish, 1 Tropical Fish, Craft Barrel.

    Butcher's Quests: Craft Axe, Craft Lead, Slay 2-5 Chickens, 1-2 Cows, 1-3 Sheep, Breed 4-6 Animals.

    Armorer's Quests: Craft Armor, Craft Anvil, Collect 4-10 Iron, Enchant Armor (Armor, Lapis).

    Cartographer's Quests: Craft Map, Craft Compass, Fill Out Map (Map), Craft Cartography Table.

    Fletcher's Quests: Craft 12-28 Arrows, Craft Bow, Enchant Bow (Bow, Lapis), Gather 4-8 Flint, Sticks, Feathers.

    Weaponsmith's Quests: Craft Anvil, Craft Weapon, Enchant Weapon (Weapon, Lapis), Collect 3-7 Iron.

    Toolsmith's Quests: Craft Anvil, Craft Tool, Enchant Tool (Tool, Lapis), Collect 3-7 Iron.

    Leatherworker's Quests: Collect 3-6 Leather, Craft Banner, Craft Shield, Gather 7-10 Dyes (Any Type).

    Mason's Quests: Craft Stonecutter, Collect 16-32 Stone (Any Type), Use Stonecutter 3-5 Times.

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    Markustis1234 commented

    there could be a Quest board in the center of the Village.

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    Diamondlove4665 commented

    Your idea was awsome!! I want it in the game!

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    Nathaniel James Paragsa commented

    Magic items should be included, right??

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    StaunchImpala10 commented

    Good idea!!


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